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gamescentraluk LOOK: 12 Xbox 360 Games. Halo 3, Dirt, Call Of Duty 3, Nfs Carbon, Flatout Carnage http://t.co/gBdxa7qN

westyla4 @neil_ennis #saturdaybeers gonna go cause some #carnage?????

StartTheCarp @bad_kate absolute carnage...what was he thinking.

Chrissyfpa HJC CL-16 CARNAGE FLAT-BLACK/SILVER HELMET! MEDIUM/MD: NEW HJC CL-16 Helmet! Available in about 8 different colo... http://t.co/GRs3Quc3

CraigMurray8 BBC News - M5 shut as 'several people' die in 27-vehicle crash http://t.co/WV8wIiAX - Upload your phone footage of the carnage here...

UbeMumu RT @Plumbtifex: The Carnage in the North is pushing me to think someone's tweaking the Census figures... (Read between these lines over and over)

scaddistrict Now in District: An evening of hilarious “Carnage” http://t.co/5VqoZKFZ #SCAD #savff

electroweb My grandfather wasn't proud of having fought in the war. He saw nothing to be proud of in carnage and hate. He was a wonderful man.

sonpal @TonyAbbottMHR please help stop the human carnage in my occupied nation Tibet. How many of us must die before Australia will take any action

dozzerdj Big three points needed for @MerthyrTownFC to keep the run going then onto manchester for carnage with eric prydz

Matthew620 we done 100 beers 2 bottle of vodka 1 bottle of wine and a bottle of apple sours!! Absolute carnage!!! It got soo messy!!

ottomanh I'm watching Carnage (50 others checked-in) http://t.co/Bci8i1cv @GetGlue #Carnage

james_d_foster Had a sick night at Southampton carnage, now time to get to Manchester for #WHP! @ericprydz is going to kill it!

SOLO_MAJADLY I'm watching Carnage (49 others checked-in) http://t.co/UaFiqNuq @GetGlue #Carnage

sonpal @tonytheabbott please help stop the human carnage in my occupied nation Tibet. How many more should we die before the world will act? Please


Why does it take a horrible act of carnage for our country to come together? by Mac C Q: The Virginia Tech massacre reminds me of 9/11. It wasn' another country terrorizing us; however, it was, after all, carnage. Why would anyone need the type of gun he used? Something is wrong here. I have cried and prayed for the victims of Va Tech and the survivors, families and students. Everyone I have been in contact with can talk of nothing else and our country mourns AGAIN.

A: Don't worry, this "coming together" will be temporary, as it always is.

How do you unlock the characters Juggernaut,Carnage and Magneto on Marvel Universe Ulltimate Alliance 2,Wii? by WOLF Q: How do you unlock the characters Juggernaut,Carnage and Magneto on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 on the Wii console?

A: i have found ythis site maybe it can help you * enjoy

In the spiderman comics, what are all the stories behind the existence of venom, carnage and toxin? by Sharky126 Q: I've been starting to read the spiderman comics and I love venom and carnage. Then I heard of another similar character names Toxin. I just want to know what all the different stories there are behind the three of them. And if Toxin is even a real character in spiderman.

A: I actually read a wikipedia article on those three spider man characters. Toxin is like a symboite thinkg that spawned from caranage. I think Toxin is kind of a good guy, the toxin symbiote attached to a police officer or something I also think Toxin had some kind of comic book spin off. Carnage is in a way a child of Venom, because itssymbiote spawned from Venom. I also remember reading about Venom having other spawns, so Carnage kind of has brothers and sisters. Just go search it on wikipedia, I read about this stuff on wikipedia a long time ago when i was bored

What would be a better suit Spawn or Carnage? by Mike_Ex_Plus_Alpha Q: What kind of suit would you want more. Carnage's suit is awesome cause he can just make huge claws and swords and it looks awesome But spawns suit can do almost anything!

A: Spawn

What would happen if the Lizard bonded with the Carnage symbiote while in Lizard form? by NightWolf Q: if curt conners transformed into the Lizard and bonded with Carnage what do you think would happen?

A: It would be a match made in heaven.

When did Carnage recruit Abomination, Shriek, Screaming Mimi and Mysterio to escape Rykers? by SKAR Q: After the events of Maximum Carnage, (when Carnage is sent back to Rykers), according to Wikipedia, the following happened; "Shriek, who was still in league with Carnage, aided Carnage in taking over the island and recruiting villains like the Abomination, Mysterio, Screaming Mimi, and the Lizard. In the end, Carnage was thwarted once again by Spider-Man." When exactly did this happen, and in what issue?

A: It happened last year.

Is there anyway I could use carnage in marvel ultimate alliance 2 for free or without downloading? by the vj jon j Q: IS there any edition of marvel ultimate alliance where carnage is already playable there?

A: nope, and the download is no longer offered. Sorry but if you missed him you missed him. For what little it may be worth the 2nd game was no where near as good as the first. It really was slightly dissapointing and a big let down.

Who should play the character Carnage in an upcoming Spiderman or Venom film? by Brady W Q: I've always seen Carnage as Marvel's Joker. Bear in mind that there is more to an actor than looks. Please pick someone with the acting chops to play the part.

A: Guy Pearce or Paul Bettany

How to extend time limit on Carnage mode on Driver for iPhone? by Sunny D Q: This game doesn't have the cheat "freight train" that was so popular for the PC version. I want to bring this cheat back, albeit a different method. Since carnage mode is programmed in the game, then extending the mode to about 10 min (vs 1 min) would basically be the same thing. This would require some rather simple SSHing. The only issue is finding the file that corresponds to the time limit of the carnage mode. Any help?

A: Idek

Carnage??????? by RV Q: Is carnage a bad guy?

A: Carnage is supervillain and his ultimate goal is for a society based on murderous hedonism, with no law or moral order, and for people to have the freedom to do whatever they want, something uncommon among supervillains who mostly desire wealth, power or world domination.

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