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Carlos zambrano

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paranoidfanCHI Chicago Cubs Will Have Someone Watching Carlos Zambrano In Venezuela #cubs #mlb http://t.co/669Gt83m

blancoynegro10 #StPauli sin Carlos Zambrano, empató de local 2-2 ante el Furth por la fecha 14 de la #Bundesliga2


ninosk07 Hoy VII encuentro de ADORACIÓN Y ALABANZA !!!Plaza de toros Merida. 3pm con el sacerdote CARLOS ZAMBRANO !ven y activa mas tu FE con DIOS

JesusAtencio27 Mala mia con Carlos "El Toro" Zambrano. Ese tipo ta grande imaginense cuando agarra esas arrecheras. http://t.co/GttKP7CS

andreslopez1994 Vacilense esta foto con el Toro Carlos Zambrano http://t.co/hN2iKfLV

EltinguiPerez Otra victoria para el Magallanes, solos en la punta, record en la semana 2-2, mañana a por el toro carlos zambrano

DaYi33 RT @carloszambran Chequea mi videocolumna "Hablando Claro" sobre los nuevos importados del #Magallanes http://t.co/vToqQRCr

SigueLaLVBP Confirmado el Domingo, Carlos Zambrano (#Caribes) vs #Magallanes

oscarbarrios24 @MeridianoTV deberían transmitir el domingo si picha carlos zambrano.!!

FranciscoPerozo Mas Deportes: Crece expectativa por regreso del porteño Carlos Zambrano http://t.co/yksU9KQ9

Marty2634 @oguillenjr Do you think your Father will Convince Starting Pitcher Carlos Zambrano to join him on the Marlins next Season?

carloszambran Chequea mi videocolumna "Hablando Claro" sobre los nuevos importados del #Magallanes http://t.co/NCDcYJu4

melyblue14 El domingo desde el Estadio José Bernardo Pérez casa de los Navegantes del Magallanes debutará Carlos "El Toro" Zambrano.

CZambranoNews CARLOS ZAMBRANO ENTRENAMIENTO http://t.co/bNVjxAmO #Carlos_Zambrano #Carlos #ENTRENAMIENTO2


If Carlos Zambrano was on the Twins and got into a fight with Joe Mauer Who would win the fight? by Regina Q: If big mouth Zambrano was with the Twins and he got into the face of Joe Mauer what would happen? If the two fought. Who would win? And how would he win the fight?

A: For one, If Zambrano attacked Mauer, Every single minnesota Twins player would collectively kick the piss out of Zambrano. 1-1 i'd take Zambrano. He is fricking Crazy. He put Michael Barrett in the Hospital when they got in a fight.

What kind of season will Carlos Zambrano have this season? by Buffalo1 Q: If he can return to form, Zambrano, Dempster & Garza will give the Cubs a solid 1-2-3 at the top of their rotation.

A: As a Cubs fan, I see him having a decent year. Maybe 16 wins. I certainly don't see him doing as well as he did towards the end of the year last season.

Is there a chance that the cubs trade Carlos Zambrano at the end of the season? by cubbypride23 Q: I think its time that zambrano moved on from the cubs, but what teams(if there are any) would be interseted?

A: he stil has 4 years left on his contract and no team is willing to trade for him .. he always has 2 stints on the DL each year

Does anyone have a link to the Carlos Zambrano vs Mike Barrett fight? by Chicago85 Q: Im lookin for the video of Zambrano vs Barrett(cubs) video, anyone know where i can view it?

A: No but if you go to timekiller or you tube and type it in you should find it there.

When was the last time carlos zambrano wore the regular home/road jersey? by Ian B Q: I know carlos wore the regular home jersey on opening day and the regular road one at the all-star game but thats the only instances i can remember him not wearing the blue jersey.

A: King doesn't know what he's talking about..... that jersey has been around since Sammy Sosa was a Cub. I'm w/ you I can't think of many times he's wore either of the other jerseys......

Does anyone agree with that article that said that Carlos Zambrano is the most underrated pitcher? by Republican Buddhist Q: I heavily DISAGREE cause Carlos Zambrano isnt that good infact he has awful control, no dominant pitcher, he walks like 20 batters per game, he doesnt strike out that many hitters, he one time lost a game to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The most underrated pitcher is Josh Beckett and Curt Schilling and Im a Yankees fan.

A: Most underrated? Tell that to my fantasy roster. I have had him off and on the past 3 years. Does he have good stuff? Yes, he absolutely does. But, he is so inconsistent, that for every 1 Ace, say a game where he does pitch more than 5 innings, he has at LEAST 3 where his era is like 21.00 for the game. You are right, low ks, high bbbs, and not consistently dominant.

Psycho Carlos Zambrano finally showing his true colors? Is he bad for baseball? by Skidoctor 360 Q: Carlos Zambrano is melting down because the Cubs are expecting some leadership out of him due to his new monster contract. The problem: Carlos Zambrano is no leader! Thats right. I said it. Zambrano is a bully and a jerk and a crybaby. He's not a good example for young kids. He acts like a psycho every time he has a bad day. That ain't leadership!! Zambrano is the new John Rocker and he's gonna melt down and go away just like Rocker did.

A: Zambrano only goes nuts when he is having a really bad day or is provoked. Either way the guy cares about playing well and not letting his team down. We could do without the antics but his passion for the game is great.

How many games do you think that Carlos Zambrano should be suspended for? by staggmovie Q: How many games do you think that Carlos Zambrano should be suspended for? And how much money should he pay for his meltdown during the 7th inning today, and why do you think that he should be suspended for that many games, and why do you think that he should have to pay for that fine.

A: None, just a fine. It's not like he ran into the stands like Ron Artest in the NBA. That umpire needs some better eyes cause he was clearly out.

What does Carlos Zambrano have to do in order to impress Cubs fans? by barhoom Q: Alright we all know the Carlos Zambrano had one of the worst starts of the season, and many Cubs fans booed him. I don't think it was nice of them since he is now with the cubs for 5 more years. But what do you think Zambrano has to do in order to get back on track? Here are your options 1. Get a no-hitter 2. A shutout 3. Strike out at least 10 batters. 4. Allow no more than 3 runs 5. Just get the win Please choose one and explain.

A: how about all 5 of them???lol, jk. i think its not so much his fault, but the fans fault because no matter what, u should always be suppotive of ur team (players) no matter how much they suck. for example: the white sox have lost their great offensive mojo this year and i keep pulling for them (even when they loose 8 in a row). i would never boo my own team.

Carlos Zambrano? by Ian B Q: Is carlos zambrano the best all-around pitcher in baseball? He's the only starting pitcher who can help win ball games without really pitching well; a prime example was last night. Anyway he can pitch, he can hit (his avg. is .366) and he fields his position maybe second to only greg maddux. I might sound a little biased cuz im a cubs fan but i believe big z has a legit case here.

A: you have made some really good points..

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