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Care bears

Carrie Underwood records songs by Nashville songwriter Tom Shapiro
Fans, topically called CareBears, have been clamoring social media sites in angst over new music from the golden-voiced singer. Worry not, however! Underwood has been hard at work penning songs and recording for the new album, which promise to bring ...

Crocheted stuffed animals help cheer up abused children
Embracing Hope Project's goal "is to crochet or knit a teddy bear for the children in foster or protective care who are dealing with trauma due to physical, emotional and sexual abuse." Readers who are interested in participating in Project Embracing ...

Buy a 'Bear That Cares' for 'Toys For Tots' this holiday season
Theresa Reid and Christina White, supervisors at Palais Royal in Cleveland, show the Bears That Care that can be purchased for $6.98 each to benefit Toys For Tots. For each bear sold, Palais Royal will donate $1 for Toys for Tots. ...

Polar Bear Video Lands BBC in Hot Water
BBC's landmark “Frozen Planet” series has landed hot water over accusations that it faked a scene where a polar bear tenderly takes care of her newborn cubs. Instead of shooting it in the bears' sub zero Arctic habitat, which is where part of the ...

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caressnangel Them dolls was hot care bare too thm bears work keep you calm some reason i hate spend money if i can get it free i would

alondraasmiles RT @PimpUncleJoe: Skinny hoes are barbies & fat b*tches are care bears.

C_Gafford "He's a were-bear, cuz were-bears care." -Marcus

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iinasdf i wish they could just show the old ones again. like my little pony or the care bears and such

Haiden_Jeremy @Dylan_Micheal no. Care bears are evil beings plotting are demise. Watching with glee as we suffer #demented

Dylan_Micheal @Haiden_Jeremy im sick of it being a secret CARE BEARS ARE FUCKING EXTREME!!!!!!! YEAH FUCKING HARD ON!!!!!!

DanaDolphin @BradPaisley #depressingsitcoms "The I Don't Care Bears." (cartoon I know)

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Would anyone be intrested in buying my Care Bears? by Mary Phantom Q: I'm selling my entire collection of 200 Care Bears, from all genorations, and wondered if anyone would be interested. I have pictures of of them, names and details. Or, whare should I sell them, besides ebay?

A: do a web search for care bear collectors and see what you find. I don't know but others have found other collectors that way and been able to sell an intact collection for more than selling one or a few at a time on other collectables and toys

Why is Carley Simon on a float with Care Bears? by Ghost Face Q: Is she gay? The music is horrible, and the care bears are in rainbow colors. I dont know why it made me put in sports category.

A: you do know that you have the option of not putting the question where the "system" thinks it should be categorized.

Does anyone from Houston know where I can get Care Bears baby stuff? by evon06 Q: I need things for my theme, Care Bears, I'm having a girl and would like for help in finding stuff with this theme. I'm looking for things like baby clothes and diaper bag and any other things. I need things for my theme, Care Bears, I'm having a girl and would like for help in finding stuff with this theme. I'm looking for things like baby clothes and diaper bag and any other things. I've looked in Wal-Mart and E-bay but would like to know any stores in town.

A: I dont live where you are but if thiers a Angelas Baby Store down their then they probably have a few things. Also try the official care bear website-www.care-bears.com, they always have adds and pictures of the things you can buy of the website

My dad thinks Naughty Bear will make me be mean to my care bears? How should i convince him? by Josh Q: I told my dad about this new video game that is coming out for the Xbox 360 next week on Tuesday. It is called Naughty Bear. My dad thinks if i play Naughty Bear,I will be mean to my Care Bears. How can i convince my dad to buy me Naughty Bear for the Xbox 360 when it comes out next week on Tuesday,June 29,2010

A: Tell him he's over exaggerating. It's just a game.

Would there be world peace If we worshiped the care bears? by Chief MnMtoo Q: instead of Jesus,Moses,or Allah? Just saying cuz the care bears seem more logical then those 3, if you give it a fair debate.

A: what about their friends, the other animals? (you're stretching my memory too much for me to remember what they where called). would they be good as well or what? seems like the start of sects and cults already.

Is there a list of what Care Bears are worth? by jack512 Q: I have been collecting care bears since they came back out with them around 2003. I want to sell some on eBay, but have no idea what they are worth. Are there any websites that list what each care bear is worth?

A: Check some of the bookstores. I'm not sure, but they used to have books for barbies, bears, toys, etc. with the value of each. Check eBay for comparable care bears and just list a few to start with until you see how and if they sell. By the way, eBay is lowering their listing fees after the 20th of this month.

Do anyone know where I can get care bears baby shower items? by sweetlee725 Q: I am searching for care bears baby shower items because that is the theme my sister want for her shower. Do anyone know where can I get them at? Not birthday but babyshower

A: There are plenty of specialty on-line stores where you can get bear related items for a baby shower. Do a search on google for baby shower gifts and then search around the online stores. Only go with stores that have been around a few years.

care bears? by Jimmy G Q: im looking for the names of all care bears ive gottin some of them for my wife and we would like to kno the names of them ,so plz help us ty.

A: Good Luck Bear/Tenderheart Bear/Cheer Bear/Funshine Bear/Wish Bear/Bedtime Bear/Friend Bear/Share Bear/Love-A-Lot Bear/Grumpy Bear/Birthday Bear/Champ Bear/Laugh-A-Lot Bear/Harmony Bear/Do Your Best Bear/Take Care Bear/Thanks-A-Lot Bear/Daydream Bear/Secret Bear/True Heart Bear/Baby Hugs Bear/America Care Bear/Bashful Heart Bear/Surprise Bear/Smart Heart Bear/Heartsong Bear/Shine Bright Bear/Always There Bear/Sweet Dreams Bear/Super Star Bear/Amigo Bear

Care bears? by Ally Q: Me and a few friends really like care bears. But we can't like figure out who they are. The 'official' care bears website only had five. Do you guys know who all the care bears are and what they are like? (like lucky bear, cheer bear, harmony bear, etc.) Thanks!

A: Bedtime Birthday Cheer Friend Funshine TenderHeart Love-A-Lot Sharebear Secret You can see all at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Care_Bears

Care Bears? by pink_phish22 Q: I need "Care Bear" border wallpaper. I've been all over the internet, and can't seem to find what I am after. Any ideas or suggestions? I also need to find "rubber ducky" border wallpaper. Help...anyone?!?!?!? (kids, kids, kids)! :0)

A: Can be found here for care bear: http://www.domesticbin.com/IBS/SimpleCat/Product/asp/hierarchy/0502/product-id/25961939.html or in the alternative - print your own

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