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Captain america

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valpalopogous RT @AleBedoya17: Here's Captain America @BocaBoca3 n Jig on their GQ swag!!! http://t.co/ysvB5Mi7

X_tina_sandoval I wanna see Captain America!

LifeofaMombie I scored iron man, captain America and Optimus prime costumes for $15 total!!! #target #costumes #70%off

abbytoir Was it just me or did Captain America remind anyone else of Mars Attacks?

Hawkar_ Captain America

natasciaX Cosa c'è di meglio di una bella tazza di tè verde fumante, cantuccini fatti in casa e Captain America alla tv?!

iM7mmad I am watching Captain America: The First Avenger. http://t.co/Rw0eONcW

ohshititskayla Watching captain america with my dad, jake and daniel

thomasvente I unlocked the Captain America: The First Avenger on DVD and Blu-ray sticker on @GetGlue! http://t.co/G1MfDznD

thomasvente I'm watching Captain America: The First Avenger (116 others checked-in) http://t.co/4rAXAI0Y @GetGlue @Marvel

Shahzal Decided to watch Captain America The First Avenger, Will play dota after that.

audreydays i just stuffed my fat face at La Pila, listening to MC Hammer on our way to watch Captain America, #lifesgoood. :)

Marisolstice_ my dad bought captain america!

ahmadJ070 @tayfuntje captain america? is ie leuk??

thisbemekari Currently watching Captain America w/ the cousins!(:


How can I make a Captain America costume in time for October 27th with cheap supplies? by P-Torb Q: I would like to be Captain America for Halloween, and I am going to a Halloween party on the 27th, and I would also like to have the costume ready by then.

A: Try these: Blue leggings: http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?cod10=36273977&tp=11227&tskay=3FD17CD7 Blue shirt: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/rubbish-long-sleeve-crewneck-tee-juniors/3187307?origin=category&cm_ven=Linkshare&cm_cat=partner&cm_pla=10&cm_ite=1&siteId=J84DHJLQkR4-uVv84sKApuVDX68ltz3aAg or http://www.lordandtaylor.com/eng/Men-Shirts-Tees-Long_Sleeved_Classic_Fit_Crewneck_Shirt-lordandtaylor/198716/?utm_source=GAN&utm_medium=Affiliates&utm_term=na&tag=GAN&ctcampaign=221&utm_campaign=ShopStyle.com&utm_content=Ban&cm_mmc=Affiliate-_-GAN-_-ShopStyle.com-_-Primary Cut the white star in a piece of paper or white fabric that you may have at home (a hold t-shirt that you don't wear anymore) and glue it in the chest of the t-shirt :) Red and white gloves: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11974534&utm_source=GAN&camp=affiliate_k108283&ganpid=ShopStyle.com&ganlid=Primary&utm_medium=ShopStyle.com&utm_campaign=Primary&utm_term=Ban and http://www.mackage.com/shop/index.php?menuby=fab&langue=en&devise=USD&genre=F&coll=FW11&cat=gloves&dets=AYAMA&detsc=7&pg=0&utm_medium=cj&utm_campaign=cj&utm_source=cj http://www.zappos.com/product/7837351/color/105?utm_source=shopstyle Or you can buy the costume online ;) http://www.costumecity.com/captainamerica17.html http://www.costumecity.com/captainamerica18.html http://www.costumecity.com/captainamerica5.html http://www.costumecity.com/captainamerica19.html Good luck, Ade :)

I want to start reading captain america comics? by volcom21 Q: I want to know more about captain america. I want to be able to understand everything and i dont know where to start. which do you suggest i start reading first?

A: If you want to start from the beginning, this is a good place http://www.marvelmasterworks.com/gacap_mm01.html This is his early Avengers days http://www.marvelmasterworks.com/avg_mm01.html both cover his origin and his rediscovery in the 60's

How much would a 15 year old captain america comic be worth? by GLUK Q: i have this old captain america comic it says it costs 1.25 on the cover how much would it be worth today?

A: I AM EDITING MY ANSWER, but leaving the original below the dotted line. "Captain America"s from 1995 are worth essentially nothing. I misstated below - that was for a *1986* issue, which would be circa 25 years old, not 15. Apologies. ------------- The only Captain America issue I've found that's from that time with a cover price of $1.25 is Annual #8. It has Wolverine on the cover. *IF* it's in Mint condition, it could be worth up to $38. If that's not the issue you have you probably have one from circa 1992-94, and those are listed around $2.50 - essentially worthless. You could find those in a dealer's 25 cent bin. For future reference, rather than telling the price on the comic just say what issue # it is (and the exact month/year it was published would be good too). It's a lot easier to search that way.

Where is a good place to start reading the Captain America comics? by John Q: I just recently started getting into comics and I really wanna start getting into Captain America, since he was my favorite superhero from the cartoons. My friend, who is an avid Marvel comic book read but not really a Captain America fan, said I should read Captain America Omnibus, Vol. 1 and Captain America #615.1 to get caught up. Do you think these are good for getting caught up on the story?

A: Captain America just got a new #1 this week. It was my first time reading Captain America and I had no problem with it. Still I heard Brubaker did an awesome job on the last volume, so I'll get around to reading that when I get a chance.

How is Captain America still fighting crime? by Beavis Q: My understanding of Captain America is he got his powers during world war 2. So if he was 18 in world war 2 he would be at least 68, because we didn't enter the war until 1942. So how is he able to keep up with Spiderman, and The X men?

A: Yeah, he was frozen for many years, plus the super-soldier serum keeps him young. In "House of M" we saw an age-appropriate Steve Rogers, a decrepit old man.

What was the name on the tombstone that captain america is standing in front of? by Sexy R Q: There is a picture of Captain America standing in front of a tombstone and I cannot remember the name of the soldier. Can anyone help me please? Steve Rogers is Captain America.... I am needing the name on the Tombstone that Captain America is standing in front of on the cover of a comic book

A: Steve Rogers? Yes, Steve Rogers was Captain America, but he died in the Civil War series.

How come for the new captain America they can't use Nazis but instead hydra? by James Q: I always wondered from seeing the captain America trailer how come the movie has the Americans fighting hydra and not the Nazis. In the captain America comics, cap fought Nazis but here why does he fight hydra, this supposed to be a world war 2 movie shouldn't Nazis be in it for him to fight and not hydra. After all fighting Nazis is more accurate to the comics instead of hydra. So why hydra and not Nazis?

A: I think you'll find he fights Nazis in WW2 and then gets revived and fights Hydra in modern time.

I want to start reading Captain America comics. Can anyone tell me a good place to start? by IceDirector Q: I have read a majority of what is out there for the Spider Man universe and want to move on to another one of my favorites: Captain America. What are some good starting series to read of Captain America?

A: Definitely check out Avengers Disassembled, which led to the downfall of the Avengers. New Avengers springs up before the Civil War arc and Captain America: Winter Soldier Vol. 1 & 2. They are all written and drawn beautifully. Also, it is available in Hardcover and Paperback form. The story is quite modern and it leads to the death of the original Captain America, Civil War and New Captain America story arcs.

*****CAPTAIN AMERICA*****? by nangy_12 Q: This question concerns the Captain America movie (2011). Im getting so tired of these "fanboys" just sitting there downing each and everyone someone suggest should play Captain America. They are all livivg in a fantasy world they want a 100% perfect Steve Rogers/Captain America they use age as the most common reason someone should not CAP...........but yeah Robert Downey Jr. is in his 40s in Ironman he looked not a day over 27 its called make up people. They trash people like Brad Pitt because he's "too big a star to play CAP" WTF RDJ and Edward Norton are big in hollywood people bearly complain about them. I think Cap should not be played by some 24 year old stud if he has no fame at all maybe a unknown 30 year old just because in the avengers movie u dont want to see someone who cant hold there own lead a team with RDJ and Sam Jackson what yall think? And yes i am a fan!

A: they should just have some new up and comer

Captain America? by Marcelino V Q: Where can I find a good Captain America for MUGEN?

A: Try Marvel vs Capcom. I think there was Captain America in that game.

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