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Cape cod

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expired_data I mean, who loves Insane Clown Posse that much? I wonder if Cape Cod is their main market. Luckily, the Nieces have better taste in music.

stltoday Personal collections make Cape Cod special http://t.co/fR1wxLwg

Mavismw833 A Sierra Club Naturalist's Guide to the Middle Atlantic Coast : Cape Hatteras to Cape Cod (Sierra Club Naturalis... http://t.co/A5PpTYqC

marshsutherland Having a Cape Cod Reuben for lunch (@ Hemisphere) [pic]: http://t.co/3xcE2i5J

Karah_Maria @KJfromtheIE those damn Cape Cod #purestruggle tweets from last night! I'm cracking up at them right now, lmmfao! I don't remember any of it

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bohemianunicorn Sjunger dom Louis Vuitton i Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa av vampire weekend?

tahiisha Sun chips or cape cod chips?! I'm talking life struggles right now

thatweirdguy Heading to Cape Cod for the weekend to close up and wintering #sadtweet #ihatewinter

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RubyBeagle @Hooperthebeagle Cape Cod fun in the winter as well? Hope so!

Hooperthebeagle @RubyBeagle some day Dad going to put done pictures up of some of my adventures he has in the pc :-) Cape Cod can be fun in the summer!

capecodband http://t.co/V0ozRtS7


Anyone from Cape cod, are there any streets or communities that light up there houses? by Sara D Q: Iv recently moved to cape cod and usually around christmas time we like to drive by the houses that are all lit up. Are there any neighborhoods or communities or streets on cape cod that have this? ALSO, are there any Jewish delis on cape cod? Thanks!

A: First, I don't know about any Jewish delis. Second, depending on which town you're in, you can usually just find a neighborhood nearby where most people decorate their houses. It's usually a good idea to try the downtown area, which is almost always decorated.

How long does it take to get to cape cod from boston by train? by Messy Q: My family is going on a vacation to falmouth, Cape Cod. I can only get of work one day to go visit and hang out. How long would it take to take the blue line in? Or are there any other faster options?

A: You can't get there by train. The options are to either drive or take a bus.

What are true period colors for a cape cod house? by hokie4life62 Q: I am buying a cape cod house and want to paint it to look like an orginal. Any ideas? I'd like to paint it similar to how it would have been painted in 17th century New England.

A: In the 17th century most houses were not painted. In new England they would be covered with cedar shingles or clapboards and allowed to weather and turn gray. If you want a classic look for your cape, Cabot makes several shades of gray stain, cape cod gray, driftwood gray, dune gray, etc. Pick one of them for the siding and paint the trim white and your house will have a look I think you will like. I like Cabot ProVT stain for the siding and Cabot Finish for the trim. Do the doors in a nice blue, check Benjamin Moore's historical colors, and your house will look really sharp.

how do you make it to the cape cod baseball league? by dewe Q: I am going into high school and am very serious about baseball, i heard that the cape cod league is the place to be for HS baseball players. How do u get selected to play there, serious answers plz! Cape Cod High School Classic

A: Cape Cod league is for college players and you must be invited or live on the Cape and make the cut. Players must be amateurs and for many this is the first time they will use wooden bats.

Where can I find a good Cape Cod investment real estate agent? by Jon J Q: I am from out of town and I am looking at purchasing some investment properties in Cape Cod, MA that I can rent out to tourists. The rental business seems to be doing very well in Cape Cod.

A: This is kind of weird that I ran into this question, but my wife and I just closed on a property near the beach in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We used a company that actually specialized in finding vacation homes and investment properties. I think they also do the New Hampshire lake regions and Rhode Island. If I remember correctly the name was My Destination Realty or it may have just been Destination Realty. http://www.mydestinationrealty.com/

How do I start planning a Cape Cod vacation? by stephanie e Q: I'd like to visit Cape Cod this Summer. I will be with my two young children (ages 2, 6), and my husband. I've never been there. Can anyone recommend any lodging, restaurants, activities that are family friendly and won't break the bank? Also, are there any specific towns that you recommend? Thanks!!!

A: Hi, you can find a hotel between Falmouth and Dennis that will be great for families. Hyannis and Yarmouth probably have the most activities for kids and parents as well as the biggest selection of hotels. It is peak season but the economy is still struggling so I'm sure you'll find a hotel. There are many on RT 28, the main road between Hyannis and Dennis. Mini-golf is a big attraction and there is a great pirate themed course in Yarmouth right on RT 28. There are many cute ice cream shops along RT 28 as well. The beaches are just south of RT 28. West Dennis beach is great for families. Also, see if you can do a day-trip on the ferry to Martha's Vineyard. It's a very special place. The ferry ride is short, about 45 mins and it very scenic. The Vineyard is a one-of-a-kind place and has to be experienced to understand. I lived on the Cape and have taken our family to the Vineyard many times. We have personal photos and tips in the site in the source below. Have Fun !

Cape Cod advice. What's the best family destination in Cape Cod and the best way to get there? by James E Q: I'm planning on taking a family vacation to Cape Cod in July and need some information. We're from Ohio and have never been to the Cape. I have 3 young girls 13, 10, & 8. We plan on flying into Boston, spending a day in Boston doing the Freedom Trail walk and catching a baseball game then heading to the Cape the next morning. Any advice on where to go, how to get there, where to stay, good swimming beaches...etc. Moderate budget.

A: The trip from Boston to Cape Cod is only 1-11/2 hours, about 80 miles. You need to book a place to stay before you go. Cape Cod is very crowded in July, and you don't want to be looking for lodging. Our favorite is Ocean Edge Resort in Brewster. They have 3 outdoor and 2 indoor pools, private beach on Cape Cod bay, a couple of different restaurants, golf, tennis, they are right on the bike trail and they rent bikes. You can get 1, 2, or 3 bedroom villas. We are a family of 5 and have squeezed into a 1 bedroom, but the two bedroom is much better. Brewster is a great location, kind of central to everything. For more information on beaches and things to do visit http://www.best-of-cape-cod.com

How can I find a map of a cape cod park where schools go to by cape cod bay, and the rail trail? by magiccumbito Q: I went to it last year in 8th grade and is a nice park, right on the beach of Cape Cod, by the cape cod rail trail, and the cape cod bay?, they have some cabins to stay there.

A: Call the school you went to when you were there, or the bus company who drove you. They may have some record. I hope this helps. See what you are describing sounds like alot of places on the cape.

cape cod?!?!?!?!!? by ♥Rawr?♥ Q: From being on yahoo answers i came across a message that said that cape cod was " preppy" i have friends who have a house there ( the mum is american) could someone please enlighten me into the world of preppiness? thanks

A: Cape Cod is not preppy =)

Cape Cod?? by Sara Q: Where is Cape Cod found?? I know that you go whale watching there but i dont know what state it is in?

A: southeastern Massachusetts, its a nice place.

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