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Cam newton

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JdrewSwagg @CVolcic_ peyton has 17 rushing tds for career. Cam newton has 7.. and peyton BARELY runs.. -__-. that's a dumb comparison. cam is better at

JMac1175 So I wonder who all still doubting Cam Newton?

peaceL0VEjt RT @_shirdkevia Lil Cam Newton:) my lil bro does his Thang!!! http://t.co/gLKCedjd

_shirdkevia Lil Cam Newton:) my lil bro does his Thang!!! http://t.co/roqFCSEB

ptychris NFL no importa esta semana porque cam newton no juega

30thst_Westmont to bad my eagles play 2mor.. o well jus gon watch Cam Newton.. so far best part about being down here

BedroomBully86 Hell yea @Mr_TruSmoker: Way Better RT @BedroomBully86: Andy Dalton might get ROTY only cuz Cincy winning thou Cam Newton numbers are better

Mr_TruSmoker Way Better RT @BedroomBully86: Andy Dalton might get ROOKIE of THE YEAR only cuz Cincy winning thou Cam Newton numbers are better

MPand4 Why does the NFC South have to be such a tough division? Cam Newton made it even tougher. Already thinking about next year #lovefootball

MikeyParsons1 RT @KingJames: Top 5 QB's 1.Aaron Rodgers 2. Tom Brady 3. Drew Brees 4. Mike Vick 5. Cam Newton

MontgomeryDuane Coming of Age: #CamNewton http://t.co/24uTLFTZ

mfeller94 @AJ_Snyder15 still cam newton....

GoGG_Go NFC South QB's 1) Drew Brees 2) Cam Newton 3) Matt Ryan 4) Josh Freeman @espn

SP_MADE Agenda for today... Breakfast.. Homework..clean up...watch my man cam newton.. See If Chanel gonna come over...#sunday

CuzzoDero I got cam newton.. Drew breeze.. Josh freeman then matt ryan.. In the order for the nfc south


What does everyone think of Cam Newton so far? by Britt Q: Don't answer if you're gonna be negitive tward my team. All I want is opinions of how the new Carolina Panthers quarterback, Cam Newton is doing so far. Once again please don't be negitive about my team. I don't do that to other people and I don't want it done to me. Thank you.

A: The guy is unreal. He still has a lot left to prove. But he has certainly raised some eyebrows across the league. He threw on the packers in week two... that was what really made me do a double take. We all knew how talented he is. But I wasn't sure how his first season would go... and if these first few weeks are any indication, he will have a stellar career.

How much of the FEMA money is Alabama planning to spend on the next Cam Newton? by Family Values Q: Cam Newton $180K Chizik - $1.8 Million Saban - $4 million They have 6 million to pay three people for amateur sports but demand FEMA money to pay for a natural disaster? The University is PART OF THE STATE GOVERNMENT!!!! Fees are just another word for "taxes" Public University makes it PART OF THE STATE!!!! Why are you guys so dumb?

A: Alabama doesnt pay Saban. The University does through fees.

How good is cam newton really? by vdog Q: I think cam newton is NFL ready but he's more like a Troy smith type of player ?

A: The hogs guy is dillusional(think I spelled that wrong).anyway he is not NFL ready now. Newton has an NFL ARM along with a quick delivery. Throw in his athleticism and in a few years he will be ready for the pros. Give it 2 or3 years after he is drafted

What is the deal with people not wanting to vote for Cam Newton to win the Heisman Trophy? by Christian B Q: Would they rather have LaMichael James(who got arrested before the season even started) win the award? Besides that, isn't the Heisman supposed to be given to the BEST PLAYER in college football? Last I checked, that was Cam Newton.

A: Because Cam Newton was charged with burglary, larceny, obstruction of justice, and purchased a stolen laptop. Also, he accepted money from Auburn. Gee! I have no idea why people wouldn't want to vote for him! P.S. They keep saying on ESPN the Heisman winner is supposed to have integrity. I don't think Cam Newton qualifies anymore, do you?

Buy or Sell: Cam Newton will be a bust if he is not picked in the late first round? by Asfdasfd Q: If Cam Newton goes in the Top 5 or even Top 10.. I can't see him getting better because generally the Top 10 teams suck and have nobody to help Newton who is experienced and knows how defenses work.

A: He will be a bust whether he's picked in the first or the last round. RT

Should I start starting Cam Newton in my Fantasy Football team? by G-FÖRC3 Q: I got Tom Brady as my starter but Cam Newton is doing really good. Should I trade Tom Brady for a different position and then start Cam Newton or trade Cam for someone else?

A: Try and Trade Cam (since he is a number 1 fantasy option) for someone like a receiver or a running back . You can get a really good player out of him.

If Cam Newton winds up in Denver will he start ahead of Tim Tebow? by Regina Q: Newton vs Tebow? If Denver takes Cam Newton in round one will he atart over Tebow? Forget Orton in this discussion. Who is a better Qb Tebow or Newton? And is Cam Newton really bigger than Tim Tebow?

A: TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW. And that's said from a non gator point of view. Cam Newton will crack under the pressure of the NFL and Tebow is already developing skills at an amazing pace so why change that?? He's already working with Elway, so they have their work set out in front of them, taking Scam over Tebow would mean starting from scratch. Tebow is a better qb by a landslide and he is 5 times bigger than Cam.

How much money does Cam Newton get for winning AP player of the year? by Nick Q: $180K for playing at Auburn + Whatever he demanded for winning the Heisman + Whatever he is demanding for winning AP player of the year. Cam Newton has to be very rich right now.

A: His dad's "church" gets a mysterious $5,000 bonus donation.

Cam Newton and his NFL potential, does he have what it takes to be great NFL quarterback? by Camron D Q: If you are an NFL GM would you take a chance on Cam Newton. He has things you cant coach, size, his running ablility, his great composure in the pocket and also off the field. He handled all the off the field distractions GREAT. Even if they are true or not he showed his mature side and I believe that he is a changed man for it.

A: He is the epitome of the "p" word (potential). He is big, he is strong, he is a helluvan athlete and though he is a one year wonder it was a helluva year. But unless an NFL team is supremely confident in the ability of their QB coaches he shouldn't be starting sooner than in a year or two. He has some issues with accuracy and touch which are glossed over by the gimmicky wide open offense he plays in, and though his mechanics aren't Tim Tebow-bad they could use some tweaking. But my biggest worry is that his passing success is mostly due to his threat as a runner. The offensive system he's in affords wide open passing lanes for him to throw into, and the respect defenses give his running ability open those lanes up even wider. Not only are NFL defenses faster and more talented than even those in the SEC but he also won't have those kind of passing lanes to take advantage of. But from what I can tell he looks like a hard worker and is no stranger to adversity. I'm usually not a fan of athlete/dual threat/run first QBs, but if he goes to the right situation and has a few things break his way he could be one of the first guys to break that mold since Donovan McNabb.

Is Cam Newton out to a worse start than Ryan Leaf? by PeteR Q: Ryan Leaf started his pro career with a 2-0 record. Cam Newton went 0-2 in his first two starts. Who will have a better career?

A: Cam newton had 422 and 437 passing yards in two first games has 3 Tds passing 1 rushing and 3 picks on a team that was 3-13 last year

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