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Cain velasquez

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GlesgaKnow Watched the Junior Dos Santos vs Cain Velasquez fight. Very happy to see Cain get KO'd! where is his "Brown Pride" now? JDS was A+ #UFC #FOX

Rasy619 Junior dos Santos Defeats Cain Velasquez for UFC Title - http://t.co/cR0XANqp http://t.co/W5FvLDUd

harounsiladjan cain velasquez lost? WTF? #ufc

magdalenablankl ! UFC on FOX: What a Loss Would Mean to Cain Velasquez http://t.co/GTJ51BUM cain velasquez

bellathorsenGZZ UFC on FOX: What a Loss Would Mean to Cain Velasquez http://t.co/y9Wy5s5K cain velasquez

ROCIOcpg cain velasquez Is Wrestling Killing the Excitement in MMA? http://t.co/BbgQcyTx

senamaltieAHLP http://t.co/DH3L7721 :O cain velasquez UFC on FOX: What a Loss Would Mean to Cain Velasquez

lucillaburgyZTG http://t.co/BqGd1RKu UFC on FOX: What a Loss Would Mean to Cain Velasquez cain velasquez

MARIAixu ;O Is Wrestling Killing the Excitement in MMA? cain velasquez http://t.co/gxfhowMH

RAMONoqv Is Wrestling Killing the Excitement in MMA? cain velasquez . http://t.co/C09VIJWU

OEsporteNet Júnior Cigano já está na arena para ‘guerra’ diante de Cain Velásquez http://t.co/9ZF25S7Z #OEsporteNet

MannyMercado RT @WWERealTalk: Fun Fact: @RealJackSwagger beat UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez in college TWICE! I wouldn't mess with Swagger. @WWE #Raw #Smackdown

manola_gabriela RT @aronsalles: agr deixa eu ver a luta do #cigano com o Cain Velásquez ! pelo q eu to sabendo o Cain num guento nem o primeiro minuto ! aoweioawioawe

1mazar UFC on Fox: Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos live results: After that fight, a unanimous decision victory ov... http://t.co/nH2IQrZK

rperezrepr RT @kibeloco: Galvão no UFC: "Partiu, bateu, acaboooou! É teeeeeetra... plééégico! http://t.co/BTCiWZba (@_Pavan_)


What channel is cain velasquez vs junior dos santos going to be on? by Samuel Flores Q: I know its on fox but exactly what channel? I live in los angeles and fox here is on channel 11. So is it going to be on channel 11 sombody please help I want to tune in and watch this fight

A: Wrong section dummy.

what can you say about the cain velasquez victory over brock lesnar? by Miguel Santos Q: i thought brock was the more athletic, faster, bigger guy and then cain shred him into pieces. how did that happen?

A: Well more athletic why because he has alot of muscles remember Cain was all time division 2 wrestler so he also is athlethic speed well Brock ran at him of course he would look faster lol and bigger hell yeah he is but Cain can strike unlike Brock who Arms are so big that I think he can strike but seriously it was a good fight people finally see the real Brock lesnar an overrated fighter and way to hyped I know he brings money to the table his contract is twice of any other fighter in the ufc example anderson silva, GSP and many top fighters dana is gonna try to get Brock another title shot soon so that Brock can be worth what he's getting paid

Do any of you think Cain Velasquez can ever be the heavyweight champion? by Guillermo Q: Well im a big fan of Cain, maybe because he is from my home town and also because he is really good. Well do any of you think he could beat Brock Lesnar?

A: Lesnar does not deserve the Heavyweight title and with young heavyweights like Junior Dos Santos, Jon Jones and especially Cain Velaquez is in real trouble soon. The heavyweight division has became stacked and find it hard to believe any fighter will hold the belt for longer then 3 fights.

When will CAIN VELASQUEZ fight again in the UFC ? by Luis J Q: I just want to know if anyone knows when will CAIN VELASQUEZ would fight again in the UFC ??? I know his last fight was against Minotauro noguera and he won a 1st round TKO.

A: Danna white says he fight the winner of the shane carwin fight. So cain will fight shawn carwin, carwin wins 1st round TKO

what time is the cain velasquez vs brock lesnar match? by sdzuzu Q: I know it will not be showing forst. Can I get the lineup and what time is the main event at cain velasquez vs brock lesnar? Thanks

A: 7 :00 PM ET/PST The best and most reliable website to watch UFC Live Streams is Cameldog ( www.cameldog.net.) They have free HD live streams, Sopcast, TVU, and VLC streams to watch every UFC event. What's best, is THERE ARE NO STUPID SURVEYS, NO FEES, NOTHING. All the other sites posted on Yahoo Answers are scams just looking for traffic and "surveys" I've watched every MMA event for the last year on Cameldog. Just go to www.cameldog.net, register, go to the UFC 121 Thread and links will be posted free and updated in real time.

Is Frank Mir stylistically a bad match up for Cain Velasquez? by Hondy Q: I think Mir has better striking. Sure wrestling goes to Cain, but Mir can submit Velasquez with ease.

A: I agree completely. Mir just has to be worried about speed. And also if Frank does not finish it. In a 5 round fight, he will get KO'd or lose a decision if its not over by the 3rd maybe 4th.

UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez vs junior dos Santos on fox November 12th? by americasfavoritethug Q: Junior dos Santos- has wins over cro crop, Roy Nelson, and Shane Carwin. Cain Velasquez, the heavyweight champion who whooped on Brock lesner. Oh and not to mention he is 9-0 with 8 wins by knockout! And it's free on fox. how will this affect the pay per view sales of pacquiao vs Marquez 3?

A: Cro cop? he aint even good he was good back in japan but in UFC? no he is getting whooped in UFC shane carwin i think is his best win brock lestnar has a glass chin i think Cain would win against junior by KO / TKO and i think brock will lose against overeem

Would you prefer to see a rematch between Lesner and Carwin or let Cain Velasquez get his shot for the title? by James Q: I think Cain Velasquez deserves to get his title shot. But I would not mind seeing a rematch later on.

A: As much as I think Brock Lesnar would destroy Cain Velasquez, I think Cain deserves the shot. Cain doesn't even hit 265 (which is a huge disadvantage facing a guy that cuts pounds in the double digits to hit 265). Every fighter deserves a shot to prove himself (as long as it is worthy) and I think Cain has certainly earned his right for a title shot. Cain has climbed the ladder high enough to land a title shot and the UFC has restrained him to fight recently for the sake of getting a shot at the heavyweight title. I think it'd be a shame if the UFC didn't give Cain the next shot at Brock Lesnar.

Is Cain Velasquez the most difficult challenge to JDS take the UFC title? by Pimpolho Rechonchudo Q: Is Cain Velasquez the most diffficult challenge Junior Dos Santos ever faced in his carreer?

A: I think Cain can beat him. He is much more technical than anybody Dos Santos has fought. He doesn't have that one punch KO like Carwin does so he relies on his speed, technique, wrestling and cardio. Dos Santos, though to be honest, is possibly Cain's biggest challenge because Dos Santos is pretty much a stand up version of Cain. he's got speed, technique and cardio. As for the people who say Cain has a shot if he can take him down, I disagree. He didn't need to take Lesnar down and he made him look like an amateur sans his wrestling.

Where online can i buy a Cain Velasquez ufc 99 walkout tee? Ive looked everywhere and cant find one!? by Laura Q: My husband is a huge cain velasquez fan and i cant find his UFC 99 walkout tee anywhere online! Ive tried ebay and some ufc sites but no luck...please help!

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