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Buddy holly

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indiemods1927 Np: Buddy Holly - Weezer

WHJE_Music 91.3 is playing "Peggy Sue" by Holly, Buddy

ROCKIN6to6 Dearest - Buddy Holly

zopolengany > Fun and Funky http://t.co/hLvwAQsU

whatsonkroq Weezer - Buddy Holly

lopez582 this morning AMTV played Buddy Holly by weezer #throwBack

esravenn Ready for Buddy Holly ! :) http://t.co/306lKN7U

LandcnTanner #NowPlaying Buddy Holly--Weezer

Divorceddad2112 Nothing like Buddy Holly and beer at 1 AM.

ThatAmazon This Fajita from this stand on Buddy Holly>>>>>> #winning

Alex_gtzrocks I liked a @YouTube videofrom @Mathiasnitro3 http://t.co/RsrIUiYr Weezer - Buddy Holly *HD*

Androidiom Ciri khas lelaki yang PASTI bukan fotografer: Bawa kamera DSLR, topi baret, kacamata Buddy Holly, gemuk, jelek

alihenry85 Buddy holly watch out http://t.co/flvI0e8F

bluefenix #nowplaying Buddy Holly ~~ ♪♫ Peggy Sue ♫♪ #lastfm

benhugorznd RIP Buddy Holly always in my heart


What's the vh1 video with a band dressed in the fifties and the singer looks like Buddy Holly? by seth Q: They are out on some farm land and the singer is dissing a chick. The band kinda looks country but they Rock! In the video the Lead singer has the Buddy Holly look. this was on VH1 Jump Start in Dec/Feb. Who is this group? Can anyone help me?

A: Its Weezer and the song is Buddly Holly, Or atleast that ones set in the fifties and River is dressed like Buddy Holly

Is it true that Elvis lives on the moon with Buddy Holly? by Joshua H Q: I seriously heard that Elvis lives on the moon with Buddy Holly, and they share a studio apartment with some alcoholic hooker from Omaha Nebraska named Sally. If anybody else heard this, let me know.

A: I thought they were in Drain Oregon living side by side in a duplex selling t-shirts on eBay to make money. Haven't you heard that one.

What is the name of the song that Buddy Holly was singing at the end of La Bamba before they got on the plane? by Tommy B Q: It was when Ritchie Valens was talking in the phone and he was sweating and sounded sick. I think it was Buddy Holly who was playing at the show and Ritchie was behind the stage talking on a phone.

A: Buddy Holly is singing "Crying, Waiting, Hoping".

What do wikipedia mean by The Beatles were named after Buddy Holly? by Zoooeeeeee**) Q: I was reading wiki earlier, and it mentioned that they were named after Buddy Holly and a band called The Crickets. I understand The Crickets, but after Buddy Holly? What exactly do they mean by that?

A: Buddy Holly had the crickets. The Beatles came up with a name that had a musical term as well as an insect. It played homage to the band the Crickets

How big do you think Buddy Holly would have been if he didn't die young? by Dub D Q: My buddy is a big Elvis fan and tell him Buddy Holly would have been just as big if not bigger than Elvis. Elvis just stole songs from the black radio stations whereas Holly was one of the first to actually write his own music. I think Holly and his Tex-Mex style would have been more acceptable to the mainstream as well. Elvis definitely had a better look but Holly had a good look and a real talent.

A: I think Buddy is better than Elvis. He might have gotten as big but he wasn't as good looking and that might have held him back, sadly. :(

What are some music artists similar to Buddy Holly? by Kaylie Q: Hi. I am 15 and am really getting into music from the 1900's. My favorite artist is Buddy Holly. I also like Jerry Lewis and The Beatles. Can anyone recommend me some music? Thanks.

A: Great to see another 15 year old (or any teenager really) taking an interest in that era of music- 50's, 60's etc. I love Buddy Holly and most definitely The Beatles! Amazing they were, simply brilliant. Why don't you try Ritchie Valens? Not the same as Buddy or The Beatles but he had some great songs. He died in the same plane crash as Holly but I bet you knew that already. Ooh and what about Eddie Cochran and the King himself, Elvis Presley! :D And take a look at Chuck Berry. He was amazing! Hope this helped a bit! x

Where can I find Buddy Holly glasses for actual eyeglasses-use and not just fashion? by Michelle Q: I keep finding $10 ones and such, but I want Buddy Holly glasses for actual use with prescription lenses, not just for fashion's sake.

A: http://www.optical4less.com/plastic-eyeglasses/p113/ Those are great! Only 29$ for prescription glasses, I'm glad you asked as prescription glasses with style is sometimes hard to find. Well here you go.

bUDDY hOLLY...? by punky Q: Did Buddy Holly have a child that was born after he died?

A: No his wife was pregnant at the time of the plane crash, but she suffered a miscarriage.

Buddy Holly? by Gino Q: Name the actor who portrayed famed rocker; Buddy Holly in the movie biography. Also; the songs in the movie were not performed by Holly. Who sang them?

A: The one I saw was with Gary Busey. I think he may have sung the songs himself.

buddy holly? by <3 love <3 Q: ok in the weezer song what does buddy holly and mary tyler moore have to to with buddy holly i love the beginnig who agrres yes i know who buddy holly and mary tyler moore are i just dont what they have to do with each other

A: His girl looks like her, and he looks just like Buddy Holly. "Woo-ee-oo, I look just like Buddy Holly. Oh-Oh, and you're Mary Tyler Moore."

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