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"Buckwild": Nearby residents aren't wild about new MTV series
Melissa Whitman, who lived across the street from where the "Buckwild" gang resided during shooting last year, witnessed more than she probably wanted to see, especially as those nasty fights broke out. "I watched the producer actually talk to the lady ...

Buck-Wild for Buckwheat
Buck-Wild for Buckwheat. Gluten-free, earthy and versatile, this ingredient is becoming the darling of pastry chefs around the country. Just don't call it a grain. Article; Comments. more in Food & Drink | Find New $LINKTEXTFIND$ ». smaller; Larger ...

'Buckwild' premiere review: Loud, crude, and kind of lovable?
Buckwild premiered on Thursday night, preceded by the usual this-is-the-end-of-civilization condemnation/hype that greets any well-promoted MTV reality series featuring youthful humans. But after watching the two back-to-back initial episodes, I'd say ...

So, I Kind of Loved Buckwild. You Guys Mad?
If it seems like I'm being easy on this crowd, it's probably because although I certainly won't be taking an F150 for a high-speed spin through forest puddles anytime soon, parts of Buckwild were downright cool. Yeah, I said it. And I'm standing by it ...

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Kendra_Byrd Kinda late but who watched buckwild last night and absolutely loved it? #FaveShow

KimberlyGonza3 RT @emilyalfaras07: I want to be friends with the people from buckwild they do craziest stuff

goudeaux_ RT @zachary_jerome: I would party w/ the people on Buckwild!

MTV_Anna RT @ghoward2013: @MTV_Anna you are the shit and my favoritest one on buckwild, i relate to you so much!

LittleK___ gonna watch BuckWild, bbl ..

btphoto Am I the only one who finds MTVs new show #buckwild mildly entertaining? #mtv

agodonnell1114 RT @Ashley_shea22: Buckwild #sofunny

jordyn_coan RT @kmilla502: I want a group of friends like the kids on buckwild #wishfulthinking

astibler_24 RT @Kayleigh_B15: My brothers friend is cousins with ALL the people on Buckwild😂😂😂 #OhGawwd

zayitbemmelx3 RT @_ayoooskylar: The black lady on buckwild>>>

jessie_hoaglund Love the new Shie buckwild

Tyler_Caniff #BUCKWILD is awesome . @MTV

MagenField You know why they call me candycane? Because its trick-or-treat allll year 'round. #buckwild

Magee143 RT @gawthrop5: BUCKWILD SPOILER ALERT: Cara will sleep with all the guys. I've already seen this episode in high school.


Overprotective parents:the upbringing of achild will most likely be bad or good?give details of someone u know? by Norah Q: over-protective parents: are they good parents to have growing up or not so good? do you know a person or maybe yourself who was overprotected by parents and ended up feeling like they have been missing out on life? or a person who is now buckwild due to parents being overprotective? or do you know some people with overprotective parents who are doing well and appreciate their parent over-protectiveness

A: I feel having an over protective parent/ parents is beneficial:) I'm going to use my self as an example, I just turned 17 and my whole life I have lived in practically a cage. I wasn't allowed to talk to, hug, etc boys until I was in highschool. Then I was allowed to have a boyfriend. That meant he could come to my house and watch tv in the living room or I could go to the movies with him and friends, my mom or dad had to drop me off. I wasn't allowed to wear makeup until 8th grade graduation, no makeup not even eye shadow. I wasn't allowed to get in a vehicle with a teen driver until I turned 17. Those are just a few things, at times I felt annoyed, like my parents didn't trust me but now my privledges mean more to me. Sometimes teens do rebel but im not one of them. I really appreciate how stern my parents were and sometimes still are.

Where can I get some Montana Spraycans around santa monica Blvd. or around that place? by Tony M Q: I want to know because I'm doing a painting and I want to make it look real nice if you could please help me thanks.

A: Buckwild 12800 Venice Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90066 Phone: 310-381-2449 if not there, definitely here... 33 THIRD 5111 West Pico Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90019 Phone: 310-694-3460 http://33third.com/

Is there any other real Hip-Hop producers that are like J Dilla and Apollo Brown? by Q: I like the Jazzy type beats and the samples. Or any good ones from Detroit cause it seems like there the only ones that are doing the Beats like this.

A: apollo brown tzarizm the alchemist dj muggs jon phonics (uk) rza eligh ski beatz oddisee madlib hi-tek diamond d black milk buckwild illmind stoupe jake one nottz jr & ph7 kon sci kev brown count bass d statick selectah big k.r.i.t. taebeast j-live al'tarba jnyce a-plus kutmasta kurt dan the automator dj rob swift chemo (uk) beat butcha (uk) maker DC the MIDI alien verb-t (uk) 4th disciple damu the fudgemunk no i.d. prince paul large professor exile dj shadow dj lord ron ide dj khalil ant (atmosphere) bk-one shingo suzuki lord gamma beat junkies kero one tommy tee

Where is Prince Paul on your GOAT producers list? by bonniethon (puirt a buel) Q: I have him at 4 because of the quality of the albums he's been involved in and the variety he's shown in his work, both in the beats and the types of artists he's worked with. What about you guys? BQ: Favourite Prince Paul beat?

A: Between Paul and Pete Rock it’s really a tie for my favorite producers. I’d put him at #5 on my goat list, for his work with Stetsasonic, 3 classic albums with De La Soul, Six feet deep, and a prince among thieves; he’s got one of the best production discographies. You don’t know what you’re going to get when you listen to a prince paul beat, all you know is the beat's going to be funky and drums are going to be slammin'. Most producers that are considered “experimental” fail horribly at actually being funky or soulful (what hip-hop production should be all about), and they really don’t know how to reach out and touch people with their music, but like Mech said, he actually succeeds most of the time, balancing being funky, soulful and experimental. GOATS 1. DJ Premier 2. Marley Marl 3. Pete Rock 4. D.I.T.C (Buckwild, Showbiz, Lord Finesse, Diamond D) 5. Prince Paul 6. RZA 7. Large Pro 8. Q-Tip 9. Hank Shocklee and The Bomb Squad 10. Dr. Dre Personal Favorites 1. Prince Paul/ Pete Rock (a tie) 2. DJ Premier 3. J-Dilla 4. Madlib 5. Large Pro 6. Q-Tip 7. Buckwild 8. RZA 9. Da Beatminerz 10. K-Def BQ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fGOBnWs7RY

Which song instrumental should I record a rap off of? by ( Aliens ) Q: Anything works, it has to be RAP and Hip-Hop instrumentals. Provide as much songs as you want.

A: DJ Muggs - Third World Buckwild - Time's Up Necro - Glenwood Projects RZA - Assassination Day Pete Rock - Sneakers Peanut Butter Wolf - Wanna Be A Star Havoc - Shook Ones Pt II Erick Sermon - Keep It Real DJ Premier - The Enemy 7L - Watch Me The Alchemist - Thug Muzik Thomax - Crystal Stair Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind - The Apostole's Creed

who is more gangsta,Ice or buckwild from I love money 2? by hotreez718 Q: both of them are from the hood Im assuming and they both talk and act black.which one would you say is more gangsta?

A: LOL... neither one of them come close to being half gangsta! Lmao! funny question though :-)

Spending a couple of days in New Orleans, What should I be sure to see? by dan-e Q: We are landing on a Saturday afternoon, and our cruise ship leaves on Monday Afternoon. Any thoughts on where to go, what to see, things to do. Even where is the best place for our hotel ( we haven't selected one yet, and don't know if it should be near the cruise port or airport.) any thoughts would be useful.

A: Yea go on the Tours. Go on the fairy its free. Their are no tourist spots close to the Airports in New Orleans at all. When You arrive in new orleans, Its gonna take you about 30min. before you get to a city in a cab or whatever ride you'll take. Arriving in the city first thing you'll see is the Famous Superdome. which is on your left side its pretty HUGE so you can't miss it but pay attention carefully. Hotels, tourist areas are all in one area. Be sure to take a walk down the river walk & listen to some smooth jazz and drink a new orleans daqari. Also take a walk in the french quarters its my favorite place. Visit Bourbon street and get buckwild. and have a goooood time...

What is the best beat to freestyle to? by smoketillicroak Q: I like to freestyle to the instrumentals from real talk - the outlawz, black n yellow - wiz khalifa, tell the truth - immortal technique, and we do it for fun pt. 2 - tha joker. What's yall's favorites?

A: definitely Shook Ones, or you could try Wanna Be A Star (Peanut Butter Wolf), Assassination Day (RZA), Thug Muzik (The Alchemist), Times Up (Buckwild) and The Enemy (DJ Premier)

What's this song about the singer breaking up or whatever then using all the guy's money? by Emily Q: I heard this song on the radio, and I can barely remember the lyrics. I vaguely remember a part somewhat like "Look who spent the money" or "lOkk who has the money now." Something like that. If you can help, I will seriously be thrilled. It's driving me insane!

A: hit em up style (oops) by blu cantrell Hit 'Em Up Style lyrics: While he was schemeing I was beamin in the Beamer just beamin Can't believe that I caught my man cheatin' So I found another way to make him pay for it all So I went To Neiman-Marcus on a shopping spree And on the way I grabbed Soley and Mia And as the cash box rang I thought everything away (Oops) There goes the dreams we used to say (oops) There goes the time we spent away (oops) There goes the love I had but you cheated on me And thats worth that now (oops) There goes the house we made a home (oops) There goes you'll never leave me alone For all the lies you told This is what you owe Hey Ladies When your man wanna get buckwild Just go back and Hit 'Em Up Style Put your hands on his cash And spend it to the last dime For all the hard times Oh When you go then everything goes From the crib to the ride and the clothes So you better let him know that If he messed up you gotta hit em up While he was braggin I was coming down the hill and just draggin All his pictures and his clothes in the bag and Sold everything else till there was just nothin left And I paid All the bills about a month too late It's a shame we have to play these games The love we had just fades away, away (Oops) There goes the dreams we used to say (oops) There goes the time we spent away (oops) There goes the love I had but you cheated on me And thats worth that now (oops) There goes the house we made a home (oops) There goes you'll never leave me alone For all the lies you told This is what you owe Hey Ladies When your man wanna get buckwild Just go back and Hit 'Em Up Style Put your hands on his cash And spend it to the last dime For all the hard times Oh When you go then everything goes From the crib to the ride and the clothes So you better let him know that If he messed up you gotta hit em up [Repeat 1x] All of the dreams you sold Left me out in the cold What happened to the days when we used to trust each other And all of the things I sold Will take you until you get old To get 'em back without me Cuz a marriage is better than money you see Hey Ladies When your man wanna get buckwild Just go back and Hit 'Em Up Style Put your hands on his cash And spend it to the last dime For all the hard times Oh When you go then everything goes From the crib to the ride and the clothes So you better let him know that If he messed up you gotta hit em up

How to make my hilly backyard look nice? by Choco Ghirahim Q: I recently bought a house in the suburbs. Though the backyard is huge, it has very little flat land since most of the land is occupied by a large hill. My property ends at the top of the hill. The hill's not very tall or steep but it's covered in somewhat large trees. What can I do with it?

A: It depends on the type of climate you live in. I live in a more arid climate, so I see lots of people who have hills decorate them with a nice, consistent rock landscape with xerophilic (desert-type) plants like cacti or other succulents. I have seen people let their hills go buckwild, but it seems like you don't want that. You could go native (plant native plants) that work well with runoff drainage from a hill. Certain weeds are attractive and require low maintenance. If you live in a moist environment, ground cover is excellent. Moss works well for flat land, but it can also grow on hilly regions if it gets constant moisture. This, again, may be more difficult on a hilly landscape. Better ground cover would be a type of succulent (such as ice plant) that looks like it has thin leaves rather than a succulent appearance. Succulents like this work well in a beach environment as well, where the climate is salty and more harsh. Moist environments can tolerate a lot of types of groundcover. You can do ivy for groundcover too, but watch out for rodents and snakes. Did you ever try grass, too? How about turf grass? As long as it gets adequate moisture (less than most grasses), it can grow beautifully. Don't try little seasonal flowers or other finicky plants. They'll definitely die on hilly landscapes.

Do You Remember The Song "Hit 'Em Up Style" By Blu Cantrell? by James Blake For President! Q: What a funny, classic early 2000's song. Ha ha I heard it on the radio today and recalled that I used to have the funnest time singing it! My favorite lyric is "Hey Ladies, When your men wanna get buckwild Just go back and Hit 'Em Up Style" Those are like the only words I know! Do you remember or like this song?

A: Yes i remember n i still like it!! I love when she says ":while he was scheming, i was beaming in the beamer just beaming" LOL

Does anyone else think that Buckwild should have gone home? by Candice ( $uper Bail Agent) Q:

A: Yes I am HAPPY she is gone! I was so happy when TaylorMade & the rest of them got a backbone. Entertainer and his lil followers got together like they ran the house and they would decide on everyone leaving. I thought it was a game! Happy they started playing because I was about to stop watching.

RHH: Where do you rank Buckwild on the all-time greatest producers list? by willsting8 Q: For some reason, I feel like no one ever talks about him on here. The dude is a sick producer and had plenty of gems in the 90's and is still making great stuff. BQ: Favorite beats by him?

A: You're absolutely right, he's so underrated, definately on of the best producers of the 90's. I'd put him in the top 20. My favorite beats by him would be on the OC Word...Life cd.

What's the name of the song on the Dallas (TNT) and Buckwild (MTV) commercials? by Elizabeth Walsh Q: No lyrics or anything, but I love the feel of it. Been searching for about a half hour...

Did our economic crisis start when the gasoline went up in price? by Everette Q: The gas started going up in February of 2005. The highest levels were during the passed 4 summers.

A: That's about right, actually. The only way the two are intertwined is the absence of regulations, the slashing of employee wages, and the basic disregard for taxpayers wallets when commodity prices skyrocketed. The government let the free market run buckwild, and now we have this. WOohoo. Jim Cramer also predicted this in 2006. He said the banks would go first. He was right, and of course Rush Limbaugh called him an idiot....hahahaha

What happened to "Starr" from starr and bucwild? by jasondharrison Q: What happened to make him lose his job? Will "starr" from the star and buckwild radio show get his job back soon?

A: HERE IS THE STORY: http://www.allhiphop.com/hiphopnews/?ID=5665

Who else thinks that Myammee should have beatdown Buckwild for pouring that water on her? by Candice ( $uper Bail Agent) Q:

A: yes a wish she d bang her @ss but den she would a got kick off so i guess she right not to..but am so glad buckwild got kicked off and how she got kicked off was even more hilarious lol

Who do you want to win I love Money 2? by blue eyed girl Q: I would like to see Buckwild win. Yeah Bonez and PRancer would probably put good use to the money.

A: Well I think that whoever needs the money the most should win, but it seems that the cast this season don't need the money at all. But I'll say that I want Prancer, Myammee, Buddah, or Bonez to win.

Why is Becky Buckwild such a character? by Kim S Q: I really don't like who she's trying so hard to be.

A: UGH I cant stand becky "buckwild" shes trying so hard to act and talk ghetto, but the funniest thing is she is such a lil b*tch when it comes down to it, remember on FOL2 how she cried and tried to eliminate herself because she was so scared of NY lol ya real bad a** she is! Her gap toothed trailor park face is so fugly, I hope she gets eliminated soon!

do you think becky buckwild is jealous of prancer, miami, and ice? by tam tam (college girl) Q: I think Becky is an insecure, bully who is jealous of those three because she knows they are prettier than she is and don't have ugly gaps in their teeth like she does.

A: Uhhhhh, those three gals are all hotter than Buckwild. While I'm at it they hotter than Saaphyrie, leilene, frenchie, any chick on ILuvMoney 2. Haters!

Does Becky Buckwild make you cringe or do you think she is gangsta? by miss tonya Q: I want to hurt her!

A: OH I really can't stand her! I haven't been watching I Love Money lately but I hope shes gone. I'm sorry I'm sure she's a wonderful person, but her voice and wanna be "gangsta" attitude annoys me to no end.

Should buckwild and sapharri have a show? by ~me~ Q: I think they should have a love show together looking for 2 men for the 2 of the them called"Buckphari Love" lol no idk what would you call it would you watch it?

A: I love them both. I don't know if I'd nessicarily want it to be another love show, I'd love a show with just their daily lives, living together or something. But they're hilarious.

who thinks frank the entertainer from vh1 i love money 1/2 should have a show? by Dr.B Q: i think that loser shouldn't even have a show his not entertaining his just annoying and the biggest loser to ever been seen on television he dose not deserve a show if he does have a show they could call it "how a loser lives" and you may see his ugly girlfriend or what ever buckwild is on there that would be more annoying,

A: I agree with JYHoff. Even though I dont like the Entertainer, I would much rather see him get the money to move out of his parents home, then to see it handed to New York. Maybe once he gets out of his parents home he wont be on TV trying to get money, so he can stop annoying us lol.

Who's the odds on favorite to win I Love Money 2? by Time to change my name! Q: God help me, I'm actually rooting for Buckwild...LOL She makes me laugh, what can I say? :) Or Angelique, the french ho, her honesty is so refreshing..."I'm a pole dancer, I get naked.." LOL I'd love to see a woman win it twice in a row.

A: I'm rooting for Buckwild as well or Cali.

What did Buckwild whisper to 20 Pack right before he eliminated her? On I Love Money 2? by KiKi Q: When he called her up first she whispered something to him then he turned around and said her check was voided...to me it looked like she whispered something to him telling him to void her check or something. Does anybody know?

A: She said : When your ship is sinking you don't jump the **** off you stay on that ship and ride it.

RHH:What year do you think these producers were at their best? by 5™☆General☆™5(Liquid) Q: 1.RZA 2.Havoc 3.Q-Tip 4.DJ Premier 5.Hi-Tek 6.Buckwild 7.Dr.Dre 8.Timbaland 9.Diamond D 10.Prince Paul

what should i do for my 18thbirthday? by MONI Q: i dont wanna get all buckwild or anything but i wanna have a good time for my 18th bday, with my Boyfriend then later with family too, what should i do? any good ideas?

A: Keep it simple. A movie and lunch with your boyfriend and dinner with your family later.

Do you think Becky Buckwild and Saphyri should be ashamed of themselves? by Gabi ng Lagim Q: When I saw the fainting stunt that Saphyri pulled and how Becky went along with it I was laughing. They said they thought the group in the vault fell for it, but I could tell from all the reactions, that they weren't moved at all. Then Becky had the gall to get upset for being cast off? C'mon, she was doing a lot of underhanded tricks herself to get others cast off. Karma finally came back to bite her.

A: I can't stand either of them. So glad Becky is finally gone - I was hoping Saphyri would up and quit but of course she didn't. Both of them are nobodies trying way too hard to be noticed.

Who do you think will be the jury this season on I Love Money? by Miami Rez Q: I think Buckwild will be there..what do u think?

A: It will probably consist of Frank, Cali, Buckwild, 20 Pack, and the others that get eliminated from here, to the top 3.

RHH: What Hip Hop Act Has the Most Classic Albums? by Dick B Q: Excluding Wu-Tang, even though I don't think they have the most classic albums, each solo artist of the Wu is an act by itself to me. BQ: Rank D.I.T.C.'s members from favorite to least favorite. D.I.T.C.: Fat Joe, Big L, Showbiz, O.C., Buckwild, A.G., Diamond D, and Buckwild.

A: De La Soul is disputable - absolutely immaculate discography and their first three are indisputable for me, Stakes Is High is at least borderline... The Roots, Tribe, Boogie Down are all prominent aswell... OutKast have at least three - ATLiens, Aquemini and Stankonia... I usually don't take critics very seriously but they went crazy over Stankonia - and they were right to - excellent shit from start to finish - why some fans don't like it is beyond me... EPMD and UGK are up there aswell as far as I'm concerned... Jay-Z and arguably Common deserve a mention too... I'ma say De La Soul though - because few acts have ever gone on such a roll in the 90s... and if anyone mentions CunninLynguists I swear to god - yes they're great but let's not lose our heads... BQ: Lord Finesse O.C. Buckwild Diamond D Showbiz A.G Big L Fat Joe

Has anybody heard anything on Celph Titled and Buckwild's upcoming album? by Frank the Tank Q: Celph Titled's upcoming album Nineteen Ninety Now with every track produced by Buckwild. They released a single in March and I have not heard anything else. BQ: Celph Titled or Ill Bill

A: I wish. I know its probably gonna be crazy. BQ: Ill Bill is good and all that but personally I prefer Celph. He's got some catchy lines so I always get a laugh.

Is anyone else tired of buckwild on I love Money? by TLC FO LIFE Q: I knew she was fake when she was first on flavor of love, but she's being bitchy now on I love money 2. She was all in prancer's face, her alliance with the green team is obvious, and she's just being really stubborn and childish. I wish like dat was on the show so she could make her cry again. Anyone else tired of her too?

A: haha i love that show! and yes, i deffinately am. especially of entertainer and buckwild's relationship. and her blue bangs are ugly! i like taylor made's alliance.

POLL: What type of people do you add as Contacts? by Will Vogue For Food Q: I only add transexuals as contacts. All of my contacts have had their surgery to become the other sex. So if you like them trannie sexuals as much as me, go over to my contacts list and go buckwild!! Geesh Rude much Rice?? I will cut you!

Ladies, what is your favorite 'after sex' snack? by William J Q: Do you raid the 'fridge' after a hot, passionate session? Or do you have a favorite snack that you always eat after a gettin' 'buckwild?'


Does anyone else name their fish? by Janet Q: I have a 30 gallon fishtank with 14 fish in it. They all have names. Their names are: Synyster Gates Bill Gates Gus Buckwild Yoyo Ma Zacky Vengence The Rev Bono, The Edge, Larry and Adam Ape and Phil Flapjacks [his friend Waffles just died. R.I.P. Waffles] So, anyone else do this too?

A: Oh how I wish I had more fish to name. My fishy is named Fish... I never really picked out a name. Well at first he was named Joe Bob Larry but that's pretty retarded But I do have a bunny named Jimmy!!! YAY GO THE REV!! Say hi to Gretchen/Gabey/Zacky for me!!!

Efficient way to discover exclusive old school hip hop? by Katrina Hogue Q: Only the greatest. Especially if it's simillar to the buckwild diggin in the crates album. I want to find more hip hop where the emcees are on that level. Any blogs, forums, available playlists to download, anything except pandora and last.fm because I already know of those and so far they've failed me! Thanks ahead of time:)

A: Check this dude out. He's constantly uploading tracks from artists you would probably never knew existed years ago. http://www.youtube.com/user/OGDonNinja Download the tracks using this site: http://www.youtube-mp3.org/

What's your Favorite member of the Original Jersey Shore & Why? by Skoolboy Q: Mines is between Snookie and "The Situation' because they both funny, honest and cooky. I love the drama. that's why I love Vh1, and Flavor of Love's *NEW YORK* Buckwild,Hottie and Like Dat.

A: I only like Sammy because she seems normal~

Do You Think MTV Will Ever Create A Reality TV Show That Depicts Nonwhite People In A Negative Light ? by Dean Q: So far MTV has only created reality tv shows that depicts Caucasians in a negative light, like it did with Italians in Jersey Shore and now with West Virginia Rednecks In Buckwild. Do you think MTV will ever do a reality show about ghetto Mexicans or African Americans ? [QUOTE]okay its just Entertainment typical of you white nationalists getting all mad over it[/QUOTE] Do you agree that in order to live in a perfect color blind kumbaya my lord utopia, all races should be depicted by the media in a negative, and not only just White people ?

A: wow. this is SO important. did you know that Y!Answers has different catagories ? I'm sure there's one for trash television.

who do you want to be sent home from i love money? by [email protected] the W!dows [email protected] B!tchez✪ Q: i want buckwild to go im so tired of her she trying to act like she is all tough because she got shaphyrii on her side. shaphyrii is still a ghetto trashy brawd she needs to go home to because charm school didnt work for her.

A: I HATE BECKY/BUCKWILD!!!! i want her to go home sooooo bad....so thinks shes so tough and bad but shes guna get sent home soon i hope!....i really thought that tailor made and his alliance had convinced "frenchie" ta send her home i was soooo pissd off...haha but other than her i want the entertainer and sapphyrhi ta go home.....i love that show!....lolz

what are new popular pharse that teams in the nfl and college say in there huddles? by heyhey Q: please if anyone knew of any way to help get our team fired up. something new and krunk and just something we can get buckwild to thanks

A: Just go back to the huddle screaming like a mad man looking at your team mates. Just let your emotions go and say whatever comes out of the dirty ass mouth........Walk back to the line of scrimage yelling some off the wall crazy ass [email protected] while looking at the opponent........That usually got me going.......got me going just sitting here thinking abou it.....

Who do you like and hate most on I love money 2? by .::BIG::. .::red::. Q: I like the most- Myamme I hate the most- Buckwild (i actually liked her on FOL2 though) And I actually kind of like Tailor made on this show, I HATED him on ILNY2.

A: I like Tailer Made i HATE buckwild she is so fake and retarded and UGGLLYYYYY 20 pack is gay

Is gender studies the most packed section? by Eddie Q: I noticed a lotta ppl here are friendly and can get pretty buckwild at times... So you all love each other? Can I join

A: Nope. Try Polls and Surveys

How did you spend your saturday night? by Nick Q: i went buckwild doing homework and sitting here ! THUG LIFE what bout you?

A: Went to miami seaquarium in the day then after that me and my dad went and got 2 pepsi's and lotsa cookies and went home and dined on them while playing battleship!

what would Monique say if she saw her Charm School Graduates? by Jeanne Marie T Q: saphari is in jail and buckwild is worst than before. this proves that charm school does not work. leiline is worse too. it seems like those girls got worse than better.

A: Mo'Nique wouldn't say sh*t...she would beat the crap out of them....because lyk the saying goes "actions speaks louder than words"........

Who went home on I Love Money 2 last night? by Enjoi Q: I usually don't view the trainwreck of reality TV, but my friend and I were quite amused by it. I saw that 20 Pack didn't get sent home. It was between that guy Bonez and that wretched woman Buckwild. Also, does anyone else think that girl Prancer is pretty cute?

A: srry to say but bonez went home the french girl didnt want him to go home but the alliance thing keep 20 pack and bucky from going home 20 pack have to FRENCH KISS the french girl in order 2 stay.. so he kiss her and said her breath stink(lol) but next week the alliance going 2 in up broken somehow i cant wait

Can an injunction be filed in West Virginia for defamation? by WVU_2015 Q: Their is a new TV Show coming out on MTV called Buckwild chronicling the lives of a group of West Virginians. This normally wouldn't be such a problem, but just from there preview, they imply that West Virginians are unintelligent and uneducated rednecks, when in fact most aren't. I, as a West Virginian feel this is unrepresentative of West Virginians and will harm my reputation as West Virginian. Can an injunction be filed again MTV to prevent the airing of the show? Also following the injunction, could a lawsuit be filed on the premise of defamation. If so, would this be considered libel or slander? As of right now I don't plan to do anything, but should I decide to I don't wish to jump in head first only to be stopped mid-stride. Thanks! What if multiple people joined to make it class-action?

A: the first amendment does not allow for "prior restraint." At best, if the show stated that you personally were uneducated and unintelligent redneck, you would have a claim for damages after it went on the air. A statement that many people who live near you are uneducated, unintelligent rednecks does not give rise to a claim, especially if any of the people who live near you in fact are uneducated and unintelligent rednecks.

Who do you want to win on I Love Money 2? by ♀♀♥ Q: I honestly want Saaphyri or Buckwild to win (until Buckwild finally got eliminated). I want everybody's opinion on who they want to win, though.

A: i wanted buckwild too. but now i want 20. i just dont want to see tailor made or ice to win

How can I improve my long throw in baseball? by Anthony Q: Whenever we do long throws for school ball my throws either go really high or go buckwild. Anyone have any suggestions?

A: practice practice practice...i played minor league ball for a few years so i know what im talking about. i was a pitcher so long toss waas part of my daily routine to strengthen my arm. start short and you the same motion whether its a 10 foot throw or 200 ft throw. add the crow hop, and just make sure that that leading foot is pointing towards your target.

Is Frank the Entertainer making the same mistake again? by lickonsumhonee Q: Falling for Becky Buckwild. Or do you think he did the right thing sending home a stronger player?

A: I want someone from tailor Made's alliance to win. I can't stand Buckwild and her fake self, or Sapphyri. What happened to Sapphyri's attitude after she won Charm School? Isn't she acting the same way she did before she went to Charm School? One of them needs to go home. I think the Entertainer is stupid. If they have this alliance, wouldn't he want the strongest people in his alliance?? They've been loyal from the jump and now one of them is gone. On the other hand, it could benefit his team if one of them was gone. And that kiss was disgusting.

Anyone heard of Buckwild and yes it is really a new show? by Free Bird Q: I like to ask everyone has anyone heard of a upcoming reality show called Buckwild? It is based in West Virginia. Some Zealot US Senator called Joe Manchin has made some stupid big issue over it. It is suppose to appear in January 2013 on MTV. I for one think if no one likes the show then change the channel especially Senator Joe Manchin.

A: Yes heard of it- seen some online.

MTV Buckwild trailer MTV's 'Buckwild' Show Focuses on West Virginia, Upsets Senator Buckwild Trailer New MTV Show MTV's 'Buckwild': The 'Jersey Shore' of Appalachia Buckwild Trailer 1 (2013) HD - MTV - http://film-book.com BUCK WILD Official Trailer Celph Titled & Buckwild featuring FT & RA The Rugged Man - Mad Ammo (Official Video) HILLBILLY DELUXE GETS BUCK WILD AT DIRTY TURTLE PMPWORLDWIDE.COM - BUCKWILD flavor of love 2 buckwild BIG BUCK$ Mega Truck GOES BUCK WILD! OC & Buckwild - What I Represent [Lyrics] Buckwild TOP Special Ed - Lyrics (Buckwild Remix) (1995) [HQ] Channel Live Ft. KRS-One - Mad Izm (Buckwild Remix) Celph Titled & Buckwild Ft. Apathy, Ryu, and Esoteric - Swashbuckling *Lyrics 'Buckwild' Stars Not Fazed by Criticism Buck Wild | Happy Together | Zodiack Direction' 2010 Star & BuckWild - Bum Bitch (Hot.97 Morning Show) Mystidious Misfits - I Be (Buckwild Remix) Star & Buckwild - Thisis50 Interview bigbnag top & NBK gray - BUCKWILD Celph Titled & Buckwild - Styles Ain't Raw feat. Apathy & Chino XL (Nineteen Ninety Now) OC & Buckwild - What I Represent (1996) [HQ] Lord Finesse - Down for the Underground (Buckwild Production) (1998) [HQ] Gino Blak_I Get Love_Song Produced by Buckwild Wu-Tang FIGHT at ROCK THE BELLS !!!! TIM CAMERON GETTIN BUCK WILD ON SHOWTIME HILL Celph Titled & Buckwild - Swashbuckling (Feat. Apathy, Ryu & Esoteric) Artifacts - C'mon Wit' Da Git Down Rakim - Last Resort (Buckwild Production) (1995) [MUSIC VIDEO] Celph Titled & Buckwild ft. FT and RA the rugged man - Mad Ammo (2010) Muneshine - Lower Level (prod. Buckwild) (Official Video) Celph Titled & Buckwild - Miss Those Days M9 - Godz Ink Remix (Buckwild Tribute) Playaz Circle - U Can Believe It (Buckwild Instrumental) (2006) [HQ] Celph Titled & Buckwild - Miss Those Days - Music Video Buck Wild - Happy Together (The Turtles Cover) STAR AND BUCKWILD DASH FINALLY ON CAMERA AND GREEN LANTERN TEAM INVASION UNDENIABLE Tv Showbiz & AG - You Know Now (Buckwild Remix) [HQ] Beedie - Robert Marley (prod. Buckwild) Celph Titled Buckwild Ft. FT and RA The Rugged Man - Mad Ammo Lyrics Buckwild - Murder Season (Instrumental) Celph Titled & Buckwild - Step Correctly *Lyrics OC - Burn Me Slow (Buckwild Instrumental) (1998) [HQ] ANYTHING BUT MONDAY - Buckwild Scientifik - Downlo Ho (Buckwild Production) (1994) [HQ] Big L - MVP (Buckwild Remix) Celph Titled & Buckwild - Swashbuckling (Instrumental) Vinnie Paz - Eraserheads [Feat. Celph Titled] Prod. Buckwild
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