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Brown dwarf

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Felicitashgm New Zealand Brown Dwarf Rabbit Pin 1": This is a new New Zealand Brown Dwarf Rabbit Pin 1" http://t.co/jsGcp0K5

BrownBagAllStar RT @DJ_Brace: @BrownBagAllStar - Psycho Dwarf 2011 ( @Beatnuts Tribute) Cuts by @DJ_Brace http://t.co/sflbYK5P #BraceCuts

ms_farmer_2_u Yet our other Dwarf African Frog, Chris Brown, is still alive & well. I'm considering buying another mate for him.

DJ_Brace @BrownBagAllStar - Psycho Dwarf 2011 ( @Beatnuts Tribute) Cuts by @DJ_Brace http://t.co/sflbYK5P #BraceCuts

SyddBby @TonioooR Niiiiiiiice! Lol I would be a brown dwarf, just because I've always thought that sounded hilariously wack.

TheFamousIAmos Prince. Purple Rain is on :) RT @Jayemel9: "@TheFamousIAmos: 3'5'' with brown eyes....smile like the sunrise :)"<dwarf?

Jayemel9 "@TheFamousIAmos: 3'5'' with brown eyes....smile like the sunrise :)"<dwarf?

jdoncbus Dwarf man said thy work shall be done. And now I'm freakin' out #ween #brown #boognish

davidgodsey #fact: a brown dwarf can have deuterium fusion

nadia858685 Red Dwarf - Series 5 [Region 2]: It's brown alert time all over again for Red Dwarf fans with the fifth season o... http://t.co/OHj7NhjE

UnRevealedTruth New post: Nibiru, Elenin, Brown Dwarf, Planet X | Things http://t.co/5rF1trPg

ian_livingstone @Ilcattivo No. It was brown and had a barbarian playing a boardgame with a space traveller. The illo also had a small White Dwarf in it .

Yurivxi Red Dwarf: It's brown alert time all over again for Red Dwarf fans with the fifth season of the much-loved U.K. ... http://t.co/2CYpSiVZ

EmeraldSUNrise7 @mrszikyung idk lol he was just white with brown spots XD I KNOW he wasn't a dwarf bunny tho.

thepoliticalcat RT @spacefuture: New brown dwarf G1.9+0.3 on CNN #space http://t.co/saWHNKX0


Liquid water on a planet revolving around a brown dwarf? by Infinity Q: Can tidal forces alone create enough heat on a planet revolving around a Brown Dwarf for liquid water to exist for billions of years? Tidal forces are responsible for the most volcanically active body in the solar system (Jupiter's moon Io). What if a planet much larger than Io, say twice the mass of Earth, was revolving around a Brown Dwarf 20 times the mass of Jupiter, at Jupiter/Io distance in a very eccentric orbit?

A: Well, it is possible. If it orbits close enough, it can be warm enough to exist in a liquid form. The close orbiting planet, at first would be too warm to sustain life, but as the star cools, it becomes more habitable, and in theory might be a better place for life than our own Earth.

Could a large Brown Dwarf have a habitable zone? by Tom Peterlin Q: Let's say you have a hypothetical brown dwarf of about 40-50 Jovian masses, that is actively fusing deuterium in its core, and has a particularily bright luminosity for its size. Could such a star possibly have a habitable zone warm enough for luquid water oceans (to counteract the heat transfer of a tidally locked world). Also, could there be sufficient rocky material for a terrestrial planet to form?

A: Because a planet in the hypothetical habitable zone would have to be very close in, it would suffer very strong tides. These would have multiple effects. In chronological order:: 1 the planet would suffer tidal (frictional) heating, just as Io does as the result of tides as it moves round Jupiter. These would probably lead to vulcanism, and the outgassing of all sorts of stuff, in a Venus-like way. 2 the tidal friction would slow the rotation of the planet (i.e. make its days longer), until its periods of rotation and revolution were locked together, probably leading to a moon-like situation, with one face permanently towards the brown dwarf, as you suggest. That would reduce habitability, because all the water would eventually freeze out on the dark side, along with other volatiles. In other words, within these particular circumstances, it seems very unlikely that liquid water would be able to effect the heat transfer you need. (I don't think you can mean 'to counteract' the heat transfer.) For these reasons, it seems unlikely that a remotely earth-like environment could result, don't you think?

How large does a gas giant have to be to to become a brown dwarf? by Tag Q: or how large is are brown dwarfs to begin with? what is the minimum size a star has to be to ignite?

A: First a gass giant is a planet while a brown dwarf is not real it's a white dwarf. White dawfs are small. They apear when a star looses most of it's energy. It shrinks down to a white dwarf, this does not happen for larger stars. And finally stars don't ignite. This is a cool field of science, as are all sciences, and I hope that you will look into it more.

What is a good name for a Brown Dwarf rabbit? by Emily A Q: I have 2 dwarf rabbits one is black and white and one is brown and fluffy. I need names for both of them and it would be good if they went together. they are both girls

A: Nibbles Flufflebunny Hopscotch Lil' Bit Marshmallow Izzy Muffin Patches (For the black and white one) Pookie Lady Rabbitus Hopitus Furritus the Third Snickerdoodle Smudge Squiggles Bounce Flopsy* Mopsy* Cottontail* (the three starred names are Peter Rabbit's Sisters) Thumper (Bambi's friend) Dandelion Bluebell Patches Hopkins Snuggles Mittens Buttons Sweetpea Blackberry Brownie Bubbles Bunny Foo Foo Buttercup Butterscotch Hazelnut Honey Bunny Munchkin Peanut Skittles Sniffles Toffee Wiggles I hope these names help!!

Can a brown dwarf star enter our solar system? by Cody Q: There is some jerkoff prediction about a giant quake suppose to happen Sep. 26th based on the assumption that a star and a comet will align with the earth between our planet and the sun? I kinda figured that the sun was the only star in our solar system but I don't know anything about brown dwarfs.

A: The gas giant planet Jupiter is almost big enough to have become a brown dwarf star. There is no reason a brown dwarf star could not enter our solar system, but there are no stars (dwarf or otherwise) closer than Proxima Centauri, which is about 4.5 light years (25,000,000,000,000 miles) away and not heading this way.

How does a Main Sequence star turn into a Brown Dwarf? by xoxfreshpinay Q: Hello, I'm trying to do a project for astronomy but i'm not quite sure how a Brown Dwarf forms from a Main Sequence star. If you can help explain to me that would be great =)

A: As far as I know, a main sequence star never becomes a brown dwarf. A brown dwarf is a "failed" star since it never gained enough mass during its formation to fuse hydrogen into helium at its core. I suppose in a binary star system where a small main sequence star is losing mass to a companion white dwarf, then perhaps the main sequence star could lose enough mass where the hydrogen fusion would stop. This is just me speculating, I'm really not sure.

Is the brown dwarf discovered in april 2010 Nibiru? by Laura Lucas Q: I saw on Discovery News that a brown dwarf was found in April. It is around 10 light years away. Could this be Nibiru and does it pose any threat to Earth? How long would it take to get here if it's 10 lightyears away? If it or something else comes at Earth could it be blown up or knocked off of its course?

A: No. Nibiru is supposedly a planet in our Solar System, and this brown dwarf is well outside our Solar System. Even if it were travelling at the speed of light (which it isn't), it would take ten years to reach us.

How massive is the brown dwarf? by Jacque Q: Suppose you observe a binary system containing a main-sequence star and a brown dwarf. The orbital period of the system is 1 year, and the average separation of the system is 1 . You then measure the Doppler shifts of the spectral lines from the main-sequence star and the brown dwarf, finding that the orbital speed of the brown dwarf in the system is 21 times greater than that of the main-sequence star.

A: he's huge

What color would a planet's sky be if they are orbiting a brown dwarf stars? by Vincent Q: If a planet is orbiting a brown dwarf star, would its sky be black? If a palnet is orbiting a M or L star sky won't be black either, they still produce some blue light, just less in proportion. I don't know if brown dwarf star could make any blue light?

A: A brown dwarf is a star that is no longer actively fusing elements, all of the EM radiation emitted is due to residual heat. While the majority of the radiation will be in the infrared spectrum, black body radiation is composed of all wavelengths. A very low amount of the radiation from the brown dwarf will be in the visible range with the peak (of visible light) just above infrared. If the brown dwarf is fairly young and still hot enough, a planet could receive enough light in the red portion of the spectrum. The planets sky could be a very, very dim reddish color.

What is the luminosity of a brown dwarf whose radius is 1.8 solar radius and whose surface temperature is? by Regina Q: What is the luminosity, in solar units, of a brown dwarf whose radius is 1.8 solar radius and whose surface temperature is 700 K? ____ solar units

A: Luminosity= r^2(T/T_sun)^4 temp of sun is 5780 kelvin 1.8^2(700/5780)^4= 0.00069 L= 0.00069 L_sun so the star is only about 7/10,000ths of the luminosity of the sun

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