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Broken Hearts

Killer disease leaves trail of broken hearts
IT is a killer that strikes quickly and often fatally. Meningococcal disease - an infection that favours the young - usually starts with flu-like symptoms but can take a life within hours.

Can We Repair a Broken Heart?
I am not sure how to get over a broken heart, for what is a broken heart but a deep swelling in your body that remains void where an unconditional accepting love once filled it?

'Broken heart syndrome' protects the heart from adrenaline overload
A condition that temporarily causes heart failure in people who experience severe stress might actually protect the heart from very high levels of adrenaline, according to a new study published in the journal Circulation. The research provides the ...

Brits' hearts broken as Federer wins his seventh Wimbledon title
Wimbledon, England • A Grand Slam title drought did indeed end in Sunday's historic and riveting Wimbledon final, only it was Roger Federer's lengthy-for-him gap between trophies that came to a close, rather than Britain's 76-year wait for a homegrown ...

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ameliaeight [email protected]: If you love someone, tell him because broken hearts are mostly caused by unspoken words.” HEY u babes read it, I win : P

Sabreenah if you love someone, tell them. because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken. <3 #quotes

PreciousD0ll RT @yshuaib2: Broken hearts hurt more than broken bones

Jorge_Kimbrough I don't like my closest female friends being in relationships. They deserve the top notch but always get their hearts broken by fuckboys

yshuaib2 Broken hearts hurt more than broken bones

NTFULIN Throw Away Your Broken Hearts this sunday and~~~~Buy New\ SANBONANI...

Gorgeous_NeCole RT @Drakee_YMCMB: Apologies won't fix broken hearts.

juny423 http://t.co/MUFqA7A4

juny423 http://t.co/nIJGRwJH

CallMeToriiii RT @TaraaLyynn: and all the good girls, are home with broken hearts. </3

Pooh_Babiee RT @iBattsMiiLashes: A real relationship involves big smiles, lots of laughs, sleepless nights, broken hearts, plenty of tears, PAIN & LOVE. Not a Glass slipper.

juny423 http://t.co/QAQwdAlr

KSR_GGYoona if you love someone put their name in a circle, not a heart, because hearts can be broken but circles go on forever!


Quotes about broken hearts and lost love? by clloe Q: I need quotes to make me feel better about a broken heart. You could just give me a web site. Thanks a lot! :)

A: Its better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all.

looking for a cell phone signature for broken hearts? by Q: looking for a cute cell phone signature. i need my ex to know i still love her, and i want to get back together.

A: Just get in touch & tell her that. Don't use a text signature, other people don't want to know that...

Can you think of any songs about broken hearts that are more fun than serious and sad? by Steelers Q: Like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tQC3uqp1Sc8 Ok No one is answering maybe the details above were misleading, the song doesn't have to be old school it can be any song?? That's a good one!

A: Puddle Of Mudd She Hates Me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYE4CVhVkhw

what are some songs about love and broken hearts? by Q: Some love songs about true love or breaking up but still in love with that person.

A: Chances - Five For Fighting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lf2IqQ9SvmA Dying - Five For Fighting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEp4Agedhds February Song - Josh Groban http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzk09LOxszc&ob=av2e Faithfully - Journey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMD8hBsA-RI&ob=av2n

In your opinion, have too many broken hearts fallen in the river? by Q: Have too many lonely souls drifted out to sea?

A: Sry, your *pic is just too funny.

Is there a way to cure broken hearts? by codeman7865 Q: me and my friend like these two sister. he has a chance with one and i have a chance with the other. He got to his loves heart and i was heartbroken. AS u can say rejected by the one i liked. i just cant handle it. Shes like the best person i ve ever met. Will there be later on a chance for me to get her.

A: we'll you need to find out if she really doesn't feel for you and if she doesn't then you can never give up on true love. LOVE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL!

Why do we have dreams about the ones who broken our hearts? by Q: I've been having dreams about the guy who broke my heart. Why? It's not like, I'm attracted to him anymore. Someone help.

A: Maybe because your semi-conscious mind still remembers him, and wants to tell you not to do that same mistake again.

What do people mean by "Broken heart" when we don't have love hearts in the human body? by Your Buddy Q: sounds like a pretty dumb question. But is this heart psychological ? Cause I don't think it belongs to the circulatory system if you get what I mean.

A: Feelings like 'love' take place inside our hearts. A person who fell in love, and then lost his/her love will feel like a bomb blasting in ur heart, or like heart is soar for a long time...this feeling is called broken heart... and trust me... it certainly is not a nice feeling..:)

When the paths of life unfold in front of us, do we listen to silence and whispers of the broken hearts around? by Q: us? What is friendship if we can't jump into the same pool of tears with the ones we love?

A: WoW! What a beautiful deep question. Yes, what good is mankind if we can't cry for each other. Sharing tears, sharing pain together somehow is comforting..

whats the best love song for broken hearts? by BROWN Q: What is a good love song about two young people going thier seperate ways? Im sad, so i want it to be sad and i want t to remind me of him, i'd prefer a girl voice. Im 16 and just have all these memories.

A: omg! the trouble with love is--by kelly clarkson! best song for you! ... and also so sick--by neyo ... and also..... so sick--neyo throw it away--delta goodrem all by myself--jamie o neal all good things come to an end--nelly furtardo appologize--timbaland beacause of you-- kelly clarkson bleeding love--leona lewis breakeven--the script complicated--avril lavinge complicated--carolyn dawn johnson cry me a river--justin timberlake damaged--danity kane dont bother--shakira dont speak--no doubt **** it i dont want you back--eamon for the first time--the script hate that i love you--rihanna here with me--dido (a must aswell) here without you--3 doors down how do i breathe--mario how you remind me--nickleback i dont wanna miss a thing--aerosmith i hate myself for losing you--kelly clarkson i miss you--blink-182 i wanna be with you--mandy moore im with you--avril lavinge ( one of my favs) iris--goo goo dolls (fav song) irreplaceable--beyonce the last day on earth--kate miller love the way you lie--eminem my happy ending--avril lavinge my immortal--evanescense bring me to life--evanescence going under--evanescense together again--evanescense (she has alot coz shes emo/goth, i still love her songs like crazy) never again--kelly clarkson not pretty enough--kasey chambers numb--linkin park one and only--mariah carey pain--three days grace tears dont fall--bullet for my valentine right here waiting--richard marx savin me--nickleback say ok--vanessa hudgeons shadow--britany spears shake it off--mariah carey (the best) perfect for ya ;D too little to late--jojo un break my heart--toni braxton welcome to my life--simple plan when your gone--avril lavinge white flag--dido (THE BEST) 9 crimes--damien rice hope these helped.. thats all i can think of on the top of my head :D xxxx get better!! if u need a list of fun single songs i have lots of those to.. so when you have had a good cry.. contact me again.. i will get ya some songs to get back on your feet too ;D

What does the line "Broken hearts like promises are left for lesser knows" mean? by Hannah Q: It is from the song Hello Alone by Anberlin. I really love the song but I can't figure out what this one line means.

A: The closing lyric: "Broken hearts like [broken] promises are left for lesser knowns Is anybody out there? Alone! Alone! From a lesser known I'm here and there's hope, there's hope" In this closing lyric, the singer identifies herself as "a Lesser known", i.e. one who perceives herself an "unknown", and thus alone. Thus: the residue of broken hearts and broken promises are leftovers, served to those who feel alone. ------------ .

Do you think a non fiction book about mending broken hearts will sell? by yeah sure! Q: Do you think books in general about hurting young women will sell? they say young people dont buy books that arent twilight. What do you think?

A: Yes I think so. Think about it like this. When the girls fantasy about perfect men like Edward cullen dont pan out and they get their heart smashed by real men they will need something to help them. But honestly I think it would sell. You may want to market it towards parents and adults trying to help and understand young broken hearted women if you think teens wont go for it.

Do women get over loneliness and broken hearts any better or faster than men? by Photon Q: Women spend more time preparing. But are they any more successful at getting over them? @INTJ Loneliness and heartbreak are emotions. So your answer is contradictory. And your psychic adviser must be having an off day because I'm not poor.

A: Nope....we just hide the pain better, most of the time.

What are some songs about broken hearts & previous relationships? by ; Sparkles, Q: Preferably a male singing, any genre but a Rock/Pop/Emo would be nice too. Like, a song about how they used to be so good together, but things went wrong and he misses her.. you know those types of songs? thanks. x

A: I'm no expert in current rock or pop.. but if you're into classic/current metal ballads: Stryper: First Love Skid Row: I Remember You Dream Theater: Through Her Eyes (current) off the top of my head

Piano solo sheet music for "Trail of Broken Hearts" by Dragonforce? by Amyra Q: I'm looking for a piano solo version of "Trail of Broken Hearts." Not just the piano part, but something that includes chords, vocals, and some of the lead guitar solos. Does anyone have sheet music for something like that or a website where I might be able to find it? It looks like I might have to make up my own music, but it'll be much easier if someone already has. Thanks!

A: Try www.sheetmusicplus.com if they don't have it, then it's just not gettable

In the book Where the Broken Hearts Still Beats by Carolyn Meyer how old is Lucy? by Ellanor Q: My question pretty much states it all please help (: oh! and can anybody send me links to a site that says how this book is historically correct?

A: Google it.

What are some boy and girl duets that are about love or broken hearts? by KamKam Q: Examples: Miley&Nick-Before the storm Colbie&Jason- Lucky Do you know anymore?

A: two is better than one - boys like girls/taylor swift. <3

How does dragonforce play the intro to the trail of broken hearts? by king cobra Q: Im talking about the part before the keyboards come in

A: On a computer.

Does God care when our hearts are broken by romantic love? by Q: I know God cares when are hearts are broken (and that's including by romantic love, too). But I just mean, does God feel our pain and have sympathy for us. Or does he look at it like, "You made that person an idol!" while shakes his finger at us. My heart has been broken over lost love for many years now, and I feel like God is angry at me because of it.

A: God is not angry with you, he feels your pain. He gave us the ability to love, and free will. Stay strong, love will come around again - God or no

Why must our children play in the streets with broken hearts and faded dreams? by Q: Just look to the rainbow, you will see, sun will shine till eternity

A: Because we in the US waged a ridiculous war on some middle eastern people that is misguided and it is costing our children their financial future.

Poll: Do you sometimes feel the urge to mend all the broken hearts in the world? by Q: And then you realize your bottle is empty and you need to open up another one.

A: I feel the opposite, actually. I just love seeing people mad. I'll say or do literally anything, whether I mean it or not to get that reaction.

How many broken hearts are out there.. WHY? by Q: I notice that lately a lot of people are heart broken. There are a lot of ppl who are still in love with their ex's. There are people who love someone thatdoesn'tt love them back. There are people who have been crushed emotionally. Why are there soo many broken hearts out there?

A: I believe the world is full of wolves in sheep custom, full of people who think that Love is a game, but some a very few don't want to play, take it seriously and get hurt. I still want a sheep although all I've get so far are wolves.

Any Broken hearts song for Being in love with my best friend? by Q: I'm in love with my best friend.But I don't know if I should tell her. I'm confuse if what will I choose, our friendship or should i tell her. It really hurts like hell. Please can someone give me a song that will fit my situation?

A: if u love her then go tell her!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i had the same situation as you,but i told her and we have been going out since we were 12. if she is really your bestfriend then even if she rejects you u guys will still be bestfriends. and try animal from neon trees or when i come around from greenday. and dont be hesitent.if u r nothing good will come from it....trust me.do it tonight or tomorrow just say i love you or do u want go out with me? hope i helped!!!! Andrew O

Why do people enjoy having broken hearts? by Q: I've been told over and over that people want to be with someone who's nice. I see relationships break apart, and it makes both people feel terrible. Weeks or even days later, they get back together, only to break up again after noticing the same problem. Those same people always go for others reminding them of the last person, just to break up for the same reason. They never go for something new, and then they always complain about having problems. It seems that they find it entertaining rather than frustrating.

A: People enjoy having broken hearts because they see "broken" situations as nothing to them. In other words, these situations don't affect these people as much. They move on as usual Good luck!

Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river, too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea? by John M (back 2 my abnormal self) Q: Is communicate the problem to the answer? Do you feel like a part of you is dyin'?

A: Too many broken hearts have fallen in the river Too many lonely souls have drifted out to sea You lay your bets and then you pay the price The things we do for love (the things we do for love) Communication is the problem to the answer You’ve got her number and your hand is on the phone The weather’s turned and all the lines are down The things we do for love (the things we do for love) Like walking in the rain and the snow When there’s nowhere to go When you’re feeling like a part of you is dying And you’re looking for the answer in her eyes You think you're gonna break up Then she says she wants to make up Ooh, you make me love you Ooh, you’ve got a way Ooh, you had me crawling on the floor (solo) Like walking in the rain and the snow When there’s nowhere to go And you’re feeling like a part of you is dying And you’re looking for the answer in her eyes You think you're gonna break up Then she says she wants to make up Ooh, you make me love you Ooh, you’ve got a way Ooh, you had me crawling on the floor A compromise would surely help the situation Agree to disagree, but disagree to part When after all it’s just a compromise Of the things we do for love (the things we do for love) the things we do for love (the things we do for love) the things we do for love (the things we do for love)

What happens to our bodys when our hearts get broken? by Q: Like why does it hurt our hearts whats actually happening inside our bodys when someone breaks up with us where is the emotion coming from like when we break our leg the pain is coming from our leg where is the pain from our heart comign from is its not broken? why do emotions hurt?

A: Technically from a spiritual sense, it is our spirit that is grieving. Our heart can physically hurt or have this nolling pain inside. Our minds consists of memories of why the person met so much to us, but even when our memories fail us our heart always remembers. It difficult to understand and explain. Its something God has instilled in our DNA; and is as difficult as trying to explain how the Trinity of God works and exists. That is what it means when you see that we are created in the image of God. We consist of a body (Christ), mind (Father), and Spirit (Holy Ghost). I hope I helped you a little. Nothing that can get rid of the pain except for time. Feel better.

What is a modern rock song for broken hearts? by Kayla Q: I want it to have a real meaning, like not some shallow B.S song. Please don't post shit and let it have real meaning with amazing music qualities and lyrics.

A: All Evanescence songs.

Punk Rock nail designs like skulls, broken hearts, checkered, black and pink-anyone have any pics of some? by davids_princess19 Q: i wanna get some done and i cant find any good ideas. i need some pics of like manicure with colored or designed tips, checkers, skulls, broken hearts, crowns, music notes, black and pink designs. please help.

A: try these... http://www.simsoverdrive.com/images/mts/nails11.jpg http://www.creativenaildesign.com/Style/images/nail-RockPunk-PianoKeys.jpg http://images.pingmag.jp/images/article/nail-art09.jpg http://www.popgadget.net/images/aimaginail-760351.jpg

Do girls get their hearts broken more often than guys? by LEO ღ Q: Is it just me or it's much easier for a girl to get her heart broken than for a guy? If you agree with me, why do you think that is? I think it's because us girls often make too big a deal out of many not so significant things/events. If don't agree, why not?

A: no, i think it gets more reported like on this site, or more attention, guys gets their hearts broken just as girls honey, and we dont show , but it hurts , we lay in bed at night wondering WTF went wrong, so guys do it as much as girls,

How many broken hearts do you have to endure before you become so jaded that you feel nothing inside? by Boɳɛs, Ɍεαpϋrr Ӄittεӊ Q: There are no additional details, just wanted to hear other people's thoughts on the matter.

A: Lucky number 3. No, each person deals differently, so the number varies. Even when hope is lost, many people still find a new love in the future.

Even guys who sleep around and cheat on girls - can they still get their own hearts broken by a girl? by TurnBackTime Q: What would break their hearts? If they view most girls as sexual objects? Not all, just the ones who probably do?

A: No one loves no one. Yes they can

Why do girls get their hearts broken more than guys? by Bricyboo Q: I have a big heart, and i've had my heart broken and i've been walked all over, called names, cheated on, etc..you name it...But I don't understand why girls always get their hearts broken more than guys do, and I don't understand why the guy doesn't give a crap about you or anything after its done and over...why?

A: it happens to us too but we dont whine and complain about it because we're guys and we don't express our emotions.

What is a good name for a song about broken hearts? by Chryssy<3 Q: I wrote a song about hearts that are broken beyond repair but have no name for it...Help!!!

A: "Song From a Broken Heart"

How Many Broken Hearts in the Audience Tonight? by Ed Smith Q: How many of you out there have had your heart truly broken? Not "Oh, god, the cute guy went with his girlfriend to the dance instead of me" broken heart, but really, truly, broken... to the point that it just feels like your entire life has shattered. Who has been there, and what's your story?

A: i have but it was my own stupid fault. have you heard the saying 'you never realise how much you care about someone untill they stop caring for you'...well thats soooo true for me .we were going out for about 3 months then i dumped him after a week we were going out agen cause he kept asking me then after another 2 months i dumped him agen ,this time he said i had broken his heart 2 many times and it was over 4 good. thats when i realised that i loved him and i didnt want to break up i cryed for hours and i found out 3 months later i was pregnant to him i know it was him because he was my first bf, kiss, and my first +ONLY guy i had sex with. he wants nothing to do with it.i still spend nights crying over him and it hurts so much just typing all this my eyes are watering. btw im 15 he turns 16 the day before its due!!

Can people REALLY die of broken hearts? by Love is a place in CaliFORNia Q: I've heard of a couple people in history that are supposed to have died of broken hearts, (eg, Catherine of Aragon) but is that even possible? I'm not saying that emotions don't have an impact on our physical health... I'm just curious to whether we can have such strong emotions that they like, kill us.

A: no,scientifically,it isnt possible.but,it can lead to depression and then suicide.

What do you think of this quote about broken hearts? by John C Q: "The sun would have long burnt out by the time I pick up all the pieces of my broken heart"

A: A classic metaphor of sorts, implying that their heart was struck so hard it did not simply break; it was crushed into more pieces than is conceivable to count in milennia, let alone in one lifetime. I do find it cliche, but that's not to say it isn't exactly what you (or whoever) is feeling. Cliches exist because they are universal, and I've simply never had my heart broken.

I need your help really bad with Broke Heart and sad songs about broken hearts? by Q: I am in love with this amazing guy and I thought he loved me back but he broke my heart!! I need help solving it and sad songs to listen to?

A: Natalie Imbruglia - Torn Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending Britney Spears - Out From Under All Saints - Never Ever Alanis Morissette - Ironic Air Supply - All Out of Love The Corrs - What Can I Do To Make You Love Me The All-American Rejects - It Ends Tonight Daniel Beddingfield - Nothing Hurts Like Love Enrique Iglesias - Do You Know Enrique Iglesias - Escape Lindsay Lohan - Over Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes Leona Lewis - Better In Time

What song is this "blinded by the silence of 1000 broken hearts"? by danceluver2525 Q: I was on iconator.com and I found a buddy icon that said "blinded by the silence of 1000 broken hearts". It said it's a song and now I want to hear it.

A: Green Day - Minority

Why do people have broken hearts? by Q: In the many years that I've been dating, its come to my attention that there shouldn't be any broken hearts. When two people break up, it should be just that, shouldn't it? Why feel the pain of loss? Why feel depressed when you could always go out and find somebody new?

A: Everyone knows that they will never have someone exactly like the person they are breaking up with. Sometimes breaking up doesn't end bitterly - in fact, many relationships end for really awful reasons, like moving or just differing personalities. It's only natural that they miss what they had with that person, because realistically, they will never have anything just like that again.

Where is it in the bible, saying God heals broken hearts? by Candy Q: Is there a particular story in the bible that talks about how God healed someones broken heart? Especially women.

A: Psalm 147:2-4 King James Version (KJV) 2The LORD doth build up Jerusalem: he gathereth together the outcasts of Israel. 3He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds. 4He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their name

Why do so many men stalk and kill women who have broken their hearts? by Vivi36 Q: I understand that a broken heart is painful, but there are too many women in this world to get crazy over one! Move on already and stop the madness!

A: im against killing all together however i don't think its mostly men to blame. I think its a problem with all humans. I think we should all stop the madnss and start loving each other. im also really high right now so i dont know.

tell me some rock songs about love or broken hearts? by Bunbury Q: I want some classic rock songs about love or broken hearts. Just classic rock please. I like led zeppelin, pink floyd, the doors, the beatles, and music like that any phsychadelic rock is fine but just classic rock please.

A: KISS has a great song called "I Still Love You" It's a really great song. Or Elvis Presley has a song called "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" Both very excellent songs!

How do you Make a broken heart sign? Like i know for a heart you do '♥'? by istillloveyou? Q: So lik eon facebook is there anyway you can make a heart that broke like you could like when you do this? ♥?

A: Have you ever seen one before? I don't think it's possible. Sorry to break the news. You can try to search for it on the search engines (such as: yahoo or google) but I doubt you'll find the heart that you are looking for. Good luck!

I need to find a song about teenage broken hearts? by Q: Title says it all pretty much. I'm looking for a song about teenage broken hearts for an english assesment?

A: From the Bottom of My Broken Heart - Britney Spears

How do I get the broken hearts for furdiburb? by Q: How do I get the broken hearts for furdiburb

A: Furdiburb's background is constantly changing - no two scenes are exactly the same. The sun and the moon travel across the sky based on real-time. You can enjoy this casual game in leisurely fashion. Or if you're up to the challenge, you can take Furdiburb on an adventure! What happens when you tilt your phone? What happens when you drop fruit on the ground? Furdiburb gets hungry and poops and is helpless to do anything about it. That's where you come in. But you get to choose - do you help take care of him or neglect him and laugh as he looks sad? If at any time you are unhappy with how Furdiburb is turning out, you can reset the app.

What are some good songs about broken hearts? by laelae Q: I have a broken heart right now. And to get some attention for it and maybe get the person who broke my hearts attention by singing a broken heart song at my school talent show. So please give me some songs.

A: My Heart - Paramore Last Summer - Lostprophets Thunder - Boys Like Girls

Broken Hearts? by STEVE T Q: when someone breaks your heart why do you let them have all your power, your soul .. your spirit yourself worth and your happyness and why dont you take it back, ITS YOUR CHOICE,, PAIN OR HAPPY

A: I think it is because most people are afraid change. They are afraid they wont find a new relationship. Good luck..

broken hearts? by me Q: Just how do you heal a heart that has been broken by everyone that you take a chance loving? Even when you try not to fall for them? I thought I was in control but now my heart is in pieces on the floor and I don't know that I can pick it up again.

A: Time heals it a little bit. In the meantime i cry in my car, cry on my keyboard, cry in my cereal, wait and wonder. Then I distract myself for a while. Every once in a while I go back to the sorrow while listening to sappy songs and know that i am not the only one in the world that feels that kind of pain, but I FEEL alone. It feels good to let it out every once in a while and each time I recover quicker and hurt a little less. In the end I am glad that I am able to love so hard and lucky to have had it. Some people never get to feel it. If you can be so hurt, you are capable of giving a lot of yourself. One day you will find the one who loves you forever and helps you forget the ones before although it doesn't feel like that right now. hang in there.

Broken-hearts........? by 1T'5 D4N13ll3, DUD3!!!! < Q: i wanted to know how many of u out there feel u can no longer move on???? has anyone broken ur heart so bad that u lost all confidence to move on??? my heart has just been broken and i just really need to know is there hope to find ur dream guy/girl?? im not having much luck =[

A: I've been broken-hearted once.. but I never had a boyfriend.. He was just my long-time crush, he was everything to me, he was my inspiration, but I didn't know he broke my heart.. slowly and unconsciously... I was deeply crushin' him within that quarter, within that day, He meant so good to me that I even would stare at him for so long.. He was one of my inspiration why I pursue studying.. In short, I really liked him. I didn't miss my chance when one of my classmate introduced him to me.. I fell head over heels for him and confessed I had a crush on him.. He bothered to add me in his Yahoo Messenger and I accepted it of course... We've been talking about something irrelevant... and for the rest of the days, he never talked to me again. I learned that he's been courting one of my classmates, the "class crush" and even danced with her in the celestial party. He totally broke my heart and I called it off to myself.. I would find someone who belong to me and love me for who I am not for who I wanna be. I learned my lesson that night. Never fall in love with a guy who never appreciate you. It will REALLY break your heart. ============The positive Side=============== For months, I've been so 'incomplete'. And then.. I was part of our team's Chess Team. I met other team players with the same event. We were playing with my classmates brother (and my friend) until one boy was watching and keep telling I was the best in chess. Everyday he would greet me, teach me techniques and he's like my best friend. I won the championship and he won the championship too. And now, he's been accompanying me everyday!! ============the advice============== Don't worry, you'll find your true one... Don't just cry over one guy, there are a lot of DECENT guys who wouldn't break your heart and love you for who you are. REMEMBER: AS LONG AS YOU LIVE, THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!! AND DON'T BELIEVE ON LUCKS, BELIEVE IN GOD. GOD GIVE US GOOD BLESSINGS. IF PROBLEM COMES, GOD WOULD GIVE US THE SOLUTIONS. AND ONE THING MORE.. A PERSON WITH A PRINCIPLE, A BRAVE ONE, ISN'T THE ONE WHO DOESN'T CRY... BUT SHEDS A TEAR FOR A MOMENT AND PICKS UP HIS SWORD TO FIGHT AGAIN. FORGIVE HIM AND FORGET. GOD BLESS... LIVE THE SUNNY SIDE OF YOUR LIFE. LIFE IS ONLY LIVED ONCE. :-)

Broken hearts?? by FY Q: Just out of curiosity... How many hearts have you broken? How many times has your own heart been broken? Do you think it's worse to break someone's heart or get yours broken?

A: My heart has been broken one time and one time only. Because it is broken, and a major piece of it still remains with the man who broke it, I cannot fully give my heart to anyone else. THerefore, it cannot be broken more than the first time.

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