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British record

Grainger and Watkins smash Olympic record as British rowers make waves at ...
But it will not all be plain sailing for the British four, after their main rivals Australia set a new Olympic record of 5:47.06 as they dominated their heat earlier in the day. "We did what we could achieve. There are definitely a few points that we ...

Gareth Evans targets weightlifting British record on Olympic debut
Evans, originally from Holyhead, is the only Welshman competing for Great Britain in the weightlifting. The 26-year-old represented Wales at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and will compete in the 69kg class in London. "There are one or two British records ...

Injury kills the Olympic dream of marathon world record holder Paula Radcliffe
“The British Olympic Association and UK Athletics announced this afternoon that marathon athlete Paula Radcliffe is being withdrawn from Team GB due to medical reasons,” a statement on the website read. “Radcliffe has been suffering with a foot problem ...

British Scullers Set Olympic Record In Women's Rowing
British Scullers Set Olympic Record In Women's Rowing. E-MAIL · SHARE. FONT-SIZE. 7/30/2012 5:58 AM ET (RTTNews) - British women's double scullers set an Olympic rowing record in London on Monday. Katherine Grainger and Anna Watkins clocked ...

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BenCotty Although all jokes aside, 18 year old Zoe Smith just got the British record. Fair play #London2012

flyingbr123 RT @bendirs1: New British record of 121kg for Zoe Smith in the clean and jerk! Fabulous stuff from the Londoner, can't ask for much more than that

naaddiiaaah RT @MillzChainB: Weddddddd she just destroyed it...18 years old...121kg new British record

Milloy11 RT @mightyscoop: 18 year old Zoe Smith has just lifted a British record of 121kg in the Weighlifting!

petestopford Zoe Smith clean and jerks a British record, lifting seriously impressive weights. Olympics boxing is awesome. Not fussed about the horses..

1290banana RT @bendirs1: New British record of 121kg for Zoe Smith in the clean and jerk! Fabulous stuff from the Londoner, can't ask for much more than that

richswainson @ZoePabloSmith Fantastic getting the British record. Superstar!

Steph_Hearn RT @bendirs1: New British record of 121kg for Zoe Smith in the clean and jerk! Fabulous stuff from the Londoner, can't ask for much more than that

ManLykTony @ZoePabloSmith Well done on ur PB an the British record #TEAMGB doin us proud

howeij RT @AndyMangan9: Just watched a British world record there...! 18 years of age! What a future she has got..!

thomasdisley Come on Zoe Smith breaking the British record! Congratulations! #TeamGB

rodox12 @zoePablosmith well done new British record

Dhiren3 RT @bendirs1: New British record of 121kg for Zoe Smith in the clean and jerk! Fabulous stuff from the Londoner, can't ask for much more than that

JakeeEvans RT @AndyMangan9: Just watched a British world record there...! 18 years of age! What a future she has got..!

Widnesone well done @ZoePabloSmith british record great effort


A record 164,635 people were granted British citizenship last year. Can we cope with the influx? by A J Q:

A: no we shouldnt let them all in we dont invade their country so they shouldnt invade ours

Can you find the recording of the British Empire Exhibition closing speech? by Q: The British Empire Exhibition was in 1924 till 1925, with the closing speech delivered by the future King George VI. His rather catastrophic performance was depicted in the film King's speech by Colin Firth. If you can find a recording of the speech, I would be most grateful.

A: According to the British Library's spoken word recording curator Stephen Cleary, this speech almost certainly does not exist in recorded form.

Is there a place online where I can find British Parliamentary Records? by JillyBeans Q: We have the LexisNexis congressional database to find bills, committee hearings, and floor testimonies. Does British Parliament have something similar that I can search? I looked around their website but couldn't really find anything.

A: Yes, here it is. http://www.parliament.uk/ Bills and legislation seems to be the relevant part And then there's this one called Parliamentary Publications that might be what you're looking for as well. http://www.parliament.uk/publications/index.cfm Hope it helps

Who hold the British Goalkeeping record for.....? by Tatty Q: Consecutive minutes without conceding a goal in all competitions? Everyone thinks it's Chris Woods with 1,196mins, well it's not!! Van Der Sar's record is just for league games, he has conceded goals, in the FA Cup (Spurs) and League Cup (Derby) in this current run. Charles Shaw of Celtic went at least 1,260 minutes in all competitions without conceding a goal; Raith Rovers 1-2 Celtic League Sat 13 Dec 1913 Raith Rovers scored sometime in the first half, so Shaw went at least 45mins of this game without conceding, he then went the following games (minutes) without conceding Celtic 0-0 Motherwell League Sat 20 Dec 1913 90 Ayr United 0-6 Celtic League Sat 27 Dec 1913 90 Celtic 4-0 Rangers League Thu 01 Jan 1914 90 Partick Thistle 0-0 Celtic League Sat 03 Jan 1914 90 Clyde 0-1 Celtic League Mon 05 Jan 1914 90 Celtic 4-0 Dumbarton League Sat 10 Jan 1914 90 Dundee 0-1 Celtic League Sat 17 Jan 1914 90 Celtic 1-0 Airdrieonians League Sat 24 Jan 1914 90 St Mirren 0-3 Celtic League Sat 31 Jan 1914 90 Clyde 0-0 Celtic Scottish Cup Sat 07 Feb 1914 90 Celtic 2-0 Clyde Scottish Cup Tue 10 Feb 1914 90 Celtic 3-0 Greenock Morton League Sat 14 Feb 1914 90 Forfar Athletic 0-5 Celtic Scottish Cup Sat 21 Feb 1914 90 Falkirk 1-0 Celtic League Sat 28 Feb 1914 45 Until Falkirk put one past him, sometime in the second half, so again he went at least 45mins of this game without conceding. Giving an overall total of AT LEAST 1,260 minutes. Even more outstanding, is that, until Raith scored against him he had gone the following games since Aberdeen, scored in the 2nd minute without conceding and about 900mins. Celtic 2-1AberdeenLeagueSat 04 Oct 191388 Aberdeen0-1CelticLeagueSat 11 Oct 191390 Celtic1-0DundeeLeagueSat 18 Oct 191390 Rangers0-2CelticLeagueSat 25 Oct 191390 Celtic4-0KilmarnockLeagueSat 01 Nov 191390 Queen's Park0-2CelticLeagueSat 08 Nov 191390 Dumbarton0-4CelticLeagueSat 15 Nov 191390 Celtic1-0HamiltonLeagueSat 22 Nov 191390 Airdrieonians0-1CelticLeagueSat 29 Nov 191390 Celtic3-0Third LanarkLeagueSat 06 Dec 191390 If only Raith hadn't scored (but they did), he would have went at least 2,203 mins in all comps and 1,933 mins in the league without conceding!! XX cc XX - That would be the 45mins, that made up the second half of the game. lol XX cc XX - Does the World Club Championship count for Van Der Sar, I wouldn't included. But even then Shaw is still ahead, as I think Van Der Sar is on 1,242. Victoria B - Do you not think I've tried to find the exact time! God women, never happy. The best I could get it, was to the half it was scored in, I couldn't find the exact minute, but this still allows us to assume an absolute MINIMUM! it could be higher. Margaret - Are those consecutive? I think not, as we would all have heard about this remarkable feat of goalkeeping.

A: Well done, why do people not take note?

How much a vintage record player with British royal seal costs? by smily_chick Q: Hi! I own an old record player..... I think its vintage since the person that gave it to me said it was from the 1980´s or 1970´s. Its a Dynatron player, the model says something like "Garras" but I cant really make out the letters. It has a British royal seal on it ....."by appointment to H.M. the Queen......" How much could it cost??? Im trying to sell it. Thanx so much to anyone that takes interest! :)

A: How does this relate to royalty? Why would a bunch of royalty "experts" know anything about the price of an old record player, made in the 80s, probably out of plastic, and worth nothing. Take it to an antique dealer.

Where can I find my grandfather's British Army WW2 records? by radiant_sacrifice Q: My grandfather, who is still living in Australia, would like me to try to find his war records. He served in the British Army of the Rhine (B.A.O.R) in World War 2 and I have basically all the information about him (his number, battery, regiment, etc), but I can't find a comprehensive site for finding his record or any information about his regiment. Any suggestions?

A: Try consulting the British Ambassy in Washington DC for help

Which British Team Has the Worst Record in the Champions League? by T Q: Since the Competition Began Group Stages im the real T numpties .check the dates

A: See that Peter in Family Guy? that's you, that is.

Did the British Empire keep records of names of African soldiers / porters it used during the first world war? by elvin Q: Did the British Empire keep records of names of African soldiers / porters it used during the first world war? I am interested because my great grand father never came back from that war and I was wondering whether there are archives that can be searched for information. Perhaps to find out where he was deployed?

A: The British have a tendency to keep records on everything, myself inculded, and are very good at keeping those records. Anybody who received a wage would have a record, and a military record. They also kept records on who to notify in case of death or injury. Not all records survive though, but its surprising how many do. There has also been an attempt to provide retospective information. For example some people have documented and archived names from crosses and cemetrys - so it might be possible to find where he might be buried as well I have just Google'd "Tracing WW1 Soldiers" and it brings up several good places to start: www.firstworldwar.bham.ac.uk/features/Researching%20Great%20War% www.greatwar.co.uk/westfront/resources/trace.htm www.bbc.co.uk/history/trail/familyhistory/military_records/tracing_records_01.shtml - www.durham.gov.uk/dli/usp.nsf/pws/dli_DLI+-+World+War+1 - You need to work methodically, like a detective, following lines of enquiry otherwise you can get overwhelmed. Don't expect a quick result.

Where would I find online records of British naval war records from the revolutionary war? by Bravo410 Q: I'm looking for records of ships sank by the British during the revolutionary war. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A: Perhaps you can get the answers you seek by asking your questions in the United Kingdom Yahoo Answers site, a link to which is located at the bottom of this page.

I'm British, no criminal record... how do I emigrate to the USA (South Carolina)? by Catriona Q: I want to leave the UK, bored here... I spun my globe and landed on South Carolina, I'm looking forward to some nice weather... I don't have any criminal record, I'm young and healthy and I have a degree in wildlife conservation.

A: Congratulations on wanting to come to America legally. Thank you and welcome! I would start with the local American Embassy. If they don't have the answer then they should be able to point you in the right direction. Again, welcome!

I have felony conviction on my record. My wife is British. Would I have trouble entering the U.K. ? by Jake Quest Q: Also, can I still get British residency? I am U.S. citizen.

A: Maybe... Martha Stewart did.

can you get in the british army with a criminal record? by Q: i have an interview next friday (19th november) and really hope this don't matter my case hasn't been dealt with yea but will b on December the 8th shall this go against my chances

A: A link to the United Kingdom Yahoo Answers is located at the bottom of this page.

What are some famous british olympic records? by Q: I need any type of olympic records but they have to be british

A: Sir Steve Redgrave 5 Consecutive Gold Medals Rowing Coxless Fours Hopefully lighting the flame in London 2012!!

can you get a british virgin islands work permit if you have a criminal record? by scott p Q:

A: let me also add to the above,answers clearance certificates requirements,no depending on offence. No,if your a felony,[convited of major incidencies] you cannot travel to another country plus your rights are taken away to vote. That would fall under US law though if your citizen of that country. For more info click on the linb below http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/cis/cis_1079.html The BVI's also has a strict customs now a days.

What was the first British rock record to reach #1 in the U.S.? by john h Q:

A: Telstar by the Tornadoes

Free websites for searching British birth deaths and marriages? by Michelle Q: Looking for a website where I can search British records for free. I've only found ones where you have to pay. Thanks!

A: This is the only one that I know of that is free to use, it's not brilliant though, so be warned, they only have partial records. http://www.freebmd.org.uk/

Driving Record in British Columbia? by paperjinx Q: How could I obtain my driving history in British Columbia from ICBC while I am stayed in Hong Kong ? Due to the course I am decided to buy a vehicle in Hong Kong and I think I may have the discount from the insurance agent there if I can show them my good driving record, although I have checked it myself from the web-site www.icbc.com, unfortunately, there is nothing concerned about this. Should there be anyone knows what the best way to do, please let me know

A: You could always revert back to the old days,try writing a letter requesting the information from ICBC.

At which 1781 battle did the Patriots record a sound victory against the British by outsmarting them, ultimate? by Q:

A: Either Gettysburg or perhaps the Battle of 73 Easting. Or was it Kursk? One of those 3.

Is there any record that a member of the British Royals including her Majesty singing? by Q:

A: In the normal sense I don't know of any but there may be some, as in. All the way to the Bank

is it possible to be british citizen if you have bad credit record histroy? by hgfhgjnbjhvgfdsxcbvnvb Q: i wana apply to be british citizen if i borrowed money money and i havent paid am i eligable to become british?/ please help

A: Bad credit record history is not the critereion not to become British citizen.

I am a british mum to 2 kids in detroit, I dont have guardianship. I want their birth records. Can I get it? by ploplat Q: I am already Identified on their birth certificates but for legal reasons, I am unable to obtain the records from the guardians. But if I can prove who I am through my british records will it be accessible to me?

Can a British independent band be financially successful without a big record deal? by Q:

A: yes I think.....

British Army Officer with criminal record? by Q: I have a reprimand for "Posession of offensive weapon". Will this affect me from becoming an officer in the army.

A: Perhaps you can get the answers you seek by asking your questions in the United Kingdom Yahoo!Answers site, a link to which is located near the bottom of this page.

British Citizenship And Criminal Record Check? by Q: I'm applying for British Citizenship and just checking if they do any kind of Criminal record check back home? If yes what kind of check they do? do they check with respective embassy in the UK, or check with Police authorities back home? Tx

A: Yes they check all government agencies that hold records such records includes, State and County Records, Nationwide Criminal Records, Over 300 Million Criminal Files, State Inmate Database, Sex Offender, Database Arrests, Convictions, Misdemeanors, Felonies and DUI's Neighbors and Relatives Marital Status and Aliases Death Index and Date of Birth Police Records Background Criminal Records. The reason for that checking is if a person is in good standing. Anyway you can your own records online Hope this a big help! God bless!

Joining the British Army / Royal Navy with a Criminal Record? by capkol32 Q: I was accused of assault and carrying an offensive weapon, and I'm due to appear in magistrates courts next month. If I got a criminal record, would this stop me from joining the British Army or Royal Navy?

A: Yes, and it is not waiverable.

music industry, can a british person sign to an american record label? by kobeo9 Q: if a british person, moved to the usa to pursue their music career, could they be signed to an american label e.g. def jam or would they have to be signed to a british label and crack the uk first? i'm just curious, thanks for any answers.

A: Dude. have you heard of The Beatles? =D After they came to the US, they actually made their own record label, Apple.

has anyone seen the terrible record of the british lions in the southern hemisphere? by Marsattack Q: they hardly ever win, unless its against australia.

A: Yea its these other teams they play focusing on injuring the players...then when they get to the All Blacks there in bits...did you see what happened to O'Driscol last time...tag team dumped and they fucked up his shoulder...a dump tackle is imprssive if one guy can dump another guy...but any two guys can lift one other guy to dump tackle him...its not impressive...just dirty...Also these guys are an all star team...and have very little time to get used to playing with each other...anyone who plays team sports knows that no matter how good a team of excellent players are...if they play a team of players not quite as good as them who have been playing together for years...the guys that know each other will win cuz they work together better...

can i criminal record be cleared at the age of 18 in British Columbiaa? by Sunny G Q: i got caught yesterday at the age of 15 for shop lifting from super store with the sum of $286.00 the police give me a choice to go to jail or join a program and help out at superstore i choose the program.the security lady said something about my Record being cleared after 2 years is that true also can you tell my about criminal records

A: It won't be permanently cleared, no.

Where can I find British Military Records for the Crimean War? by Q: I would like to know where I can find british records online for the Crimean War erea. I am looking for someone with an extremely popular name and I've been looking for these military records for about two years or more and still can't find anything. Please, I need some advice. Thanks

A: Findmypast (subscription site) has Chelsea Pensioners British Army Service Record 1760- 1913. http://www.findmypast.co.uk/chelsea-pensioners-service-records-collection-search-start.action Ancestry.com (subscription site) has UK, Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1949

What is the world record for spending a period of time at college? by bluenosesrule Q: What is the world record for time at college and the British record? I mean lots of different degrees

A: My cousin went to college in 1988 and she is still going NOW til this very day to pursue an undergraduate degree. She has been doing it for about two decades now and there is stopping her. She switches her majors too frequently.

Is it possible to get any kind of record to prove my father has got a British driving license? by Natalie N Q: He has lost his & is finding it very difficult to get a replacement because he is living in the gulf & hasn't lived at the address on the license for 25 years. He needs a document to prove he does have one inorder to get a new Emaratie licence. Please let my know if he can get a document & how. Thanks

A: Same place he would go to get a duplicate license if his wallet were stolen. They don't care about the home address but he was supposed to update that address in their system (Motor Vehicle Department) when he moved. It's not too late to do it now. I'd call a friend who lives in the same city to go to the office itself and get the required info. You can do it online but they are worried about fraud , especially in certain countries that are on the "watch" lists. Someday he will be going "home". Maybe now is the time. He can walk out with a new license in less than 1 hour.

to get british passport are they going to check your record? by Pari H Q: do they going to check and credit agency for my record or are they going to find anything?i have borrowed money four years ago and i havent paied them back the moany i borrowed is from bank, as loan and i couldnt pay them back. it was four years ago, are they going to check my record with credit agency, please iam dying for getiing 100 precent answer.

A: If you have any criminal warrants outstanding, they may arrest you. If you just owe other people money, then that is no reason not to issue you a passport, unless there is a chance that you may use it to defraud others.

The British government is considering a proposal to record all telephone conversation and E-mails? by Scouse Q: and also presumably answers for security purposes. How many of us are going to end up in prison or lose our jobs for expressing opinions contray to government policy?

A: They already do it to an extent. All email, text messages, phone calls, comunications of any sort is recorded if there is any 'key words' in them. Anything liking to terrorism, danger to the British public, anything that many or is undermining British military secrets, anything like that You wouldn't loose your job because we have the right to free speech. Otherwise the other political parties opposite to the one that is in powere would e locked up, as they show opposite oppinions to that of the government.

Is there any record that British spies infiltrated the Gestapo or the SS? by akaScully Q: I'm working on a story concept, and I can't figure out where to look or what questions to ask. I want to know if there are any indications that British SIS, SAS, MI6 or SOE agents managed to infiltrate the Gestapo or SS during World War II. Of especial interest would be if it happened in Vichy France. Alternately, can anyone suggest websites that might answer these questions?

A: The best success was inducing apprehended German agents to pass false radio information to Occupied Europe. This happened in most operational areas except the Far East. The reverse was attempted but with limited use or success. No successful penetration of the Gestapo or SS is known apart from usage of captured or stolen documents and operational plans. The best wartime exploits of Gestapo operations continues in present-day organization named Interpol. Vichy France was of some use in the North African Invasion but it failed to prevent hostilities between French Navy vessels and combined Allied Naval Forces. Only allied communication with French military command structure in Africa prevented additional conflict.

can you join british army with criminal record? by Shirley F Q: I am wanting to move to the UK and join the british army but i have recently been caught driving drunk. how will it affect me joining up?

A: It depends on how severe the crime was, I think. There could be some way to waiver you in, especially if you paid due fines/done due jail time. I mean, we're fairly desperate for military recruits at this time. So maybe..

If you have a criminal record, but you are British, are you not allowed to go to the USA or Canada? by Q: Will they not let you in no matter or what? Or is there a way of getting round it?

A: In Canada, you are criminally inadmissible for entry if you have been convicted of a crime (which committed in Canada) is an indictable offense under the Canadian Criminal Code carrying a maximum sentence of two or more years -- or multiple crimes as part of the same offense whose combined sentence are more than two years. It doesn't matter what sentence you received in the UK or what it's maximum sentence is. You are also inadmissible if you have an outstanding warrant (of any kind) or you have been convicted of any crime and have not served your full sentence (i.e. parole, suspended sentence, etc.) A pardon removes the conviction from your record. Canadian Border Services and Citizenship and Immigration Canada have access to criminal and warrant information from most countries including Interpol. When CSB scans your passport, your record will pop up, and after asking a few questions to confirm that you are the same person, you'll be denied entry. There are ways around this. You can apply for rehabilitation at the Canadian embassy. You apply, pay a fee, and after five years of no further convictions, one offense on your record is marked as rehabilitated and won't prevent entry. Serious offenses (usually with a 10 year or more maximum sentence) may not be rehabilitated. The second option is to apply at the embassy on emergency or compassionate grounds. Typically, they'll want proof of a family death (death certificate), serious illness, etc. If granted, they'll issue a temporary residency visa (typically dated for a rather short period of time). The United States is somewhat similar. You may not enter with a conviction of any crime which in the United States would be a felony, plus a long list of "minor" offenses which still exclude entry (including drug, prostitution, etc.) It has its own system of waivers for possible entry of people with (minor) criminal records.

What were the British politicians' positions and comments on record about the Confederate States of America? by Q: Gossips, behind-the-door words are also welcome. What about the British monarch at the time?

A: Generally the British government withheld recognition from the CSA for a variety of reasons the most influential being the fact that Slavery was very unpopular in Great Britian at the time. As a result of this unpopularity diplomatic recognition received very little support in Parliament. There were times when the British Government flirted with the Confederacy (they sent a military observer to observe the Battle of Gettysburg) but the fact remains that besides the opinions of a select few British (the Prime Minister was somewhat pro-southern) Great Britain was staunchly pro-Union.

Will an American vinyl record work on a British turntable? by Q: I want to buy an imported American vinyl record from eBay, but I'm woried it might not work. The reason I'm worried is because I think I heard somewhere, that American vinyls play in the opposite directions as British ones.

A: Hehehe :) That's a great story, but not true. The only difference between UK and US vinyl just applies to 7" singles. The UK ones usually have a small hole, the US ones have a big fat hole so you may need an adapter: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/45_rpm_adapter

Who held the 1948 british long jump record..? by Tom Barnfield Q: in 1948 who held the british record for the long jump..?

A: Fanny Blankers-Koen, won four gold medals at the 1948 Summer Olympics in London

American LPs and british record players, help!? by Claire Mac Q: can an american LP be played on a british record player? im trying to buy my dad a record, and its only available in american, if i order it, will it work on his record player?

A: There is no format difference between American and British LPs. Assuming your looking at a 45 or 33 RPM record, you probably won't have any issues (if it's an older 78, then you'll need to see if your player will play at 78 RPM.)

How do you get a criminal record pardon in british columbia? by shade_under_water Q: Do you know how much it costs and where my first step would be?

A: You can probably get most things expunged with a dam good lawyer!!

Is it legal for an education board to record the number of non-British people using libraries? by Shanghai Joe Q: I worked part time for a few months at a library while I studied at university and was made to record the number of customers who looked "foreign" and also find out using their registration details which country they were from and mark them if they were non-British. Is that legal or even tolerant?

A: Sure, the library has a right to collect usage data. As long as they didn't use the information to deny them service, it's fine.

American Green card application with British criminal record? by Craig J Q: I would like to try and obtain an American Green Card, so i can move from England, UK, to the US. I have a criminal record though, Not paying for a rail ticket and swearing at the train inspector in England. I recieved a community service order 70 hours. Can anyone tell me if I would be banned from getting a green card or give me a link to a useful website where I can find this information.

A: the thing is how do you propose to actually get a green card?? or do you mean a visa to come and visit here. The main ban ones are drug and violence crimes, neither of which yours would come under.

Where can I buy a 110 volt , 60Hz to 220 volt, 50Hz converter for my British record player? by dogpye5 Q: I only need 100 Watts of that power.

A: It would be cheaper to get a new record player. Most motors rely on the Hz when they drive the platter, so you'd have to find a power supply that would convert 110V, 60 Hz to 220V, 50Hz. Those are much more expensive than a 110V, 60Hz record player. Just converting from 110V to 220V probably won't do it.

Anyone know a place in Vancouver, British Columbia where i can record music? by iDot Q: I want to record music in Vancouver the city in British Columbia, Canada, but where can I?

A: Try the following: http://www.armourystudios.com/ http://www.sagarecording.com/ http://www.verticalstudios.ca/ http://www.penthouserecording.com/ http://winecellarmusic.com/index.html http://www.sosmusic.biz/ Good luck

Could a male with a British accent record 2 William Blake poems for me? by m'kyla Q: It is for a high school English assignment. If you could post the audio on Youtube or anywhere else that is accessible, I would be most appreciative! The poems are "The Divine Image" and "The Human Abstract." If you know of versions (recorded by the same person) that are already available online, that would work too.

A: For some reason, it's quite easy to find William Blake poems read by American men. You might have to pay a Brit.

which is the best website for free british vital record checking? by Q: hello every one i just want to check and confirm my british birth certificate can anyone tell me ? which is the easy and free way for checking vital record in britain. plz tell me truth not fake

A: Which country in the British Isles? The civil registration records for England and Wales are separate from the ones for Scotland and for Ireland. However, the publicly available indexes will only show the year and quarter in which your birth was registered together with the references necessary for ordering a birth certificate for the price of £9.25 minimum. http://freebmd.rootsweb.com/cgi/search.pl are transcribing the indexes to make them freely available online but they have only got up to the middle of the 20th century so far so, unless you are very much older than me, I doubt the entry for your birth is online yet. More recent indexes can be searched at Ancestry.co.uk which is available for free in UK libraries. However, as this question was asked on Y!A US I doubt you have access to the UK version of Ancestry. You would need to have someone who subscribes to Ancestry World Edition look this up for you. I don't advise posting your personal private details online for fear of identity theft. I suggest contacting your nearest Family History Centre run by the LDS Church and finding out if they have free access to the civil registration indexes. Scroll to the bottom of the page here http://www.familysearch.org/eng/default.asp and find out where the nearest one is. Note you will only be able to consult the birth index for free. Birth Certificates cost £9.25 when ordered online with full reference given http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentcitizensandrights/Registeringlifeevents/Familyhistoryandresearch/Birthmarriageanddeathcertificates/DG_175628

Whats the British record for the 60m sprint? by bozzi92 Q: i can sprint it in 7.4 sec, anyone know the british record thanks??

A: I do not know the british record persay but the wortld record for man and womens are as follows Men's Indoor 6.39 - Maurice Greene from USA in Atlanta, Georgia on 3/03/01 Women's Indoor 6.92 - Irina Privalova from Russian in Madrid, Spain on 2/09/95

What British record was broken the day Hamilton beat Rangers at Ibrox, in 1987 ? by No-one can stop us ! 53 ! Q: The day Adrian Sprott scored, in a Scottish Cup tie ? Genuine Q, folks ? T/Ally/Annemarie, the answer is NOT the most Rangers fans commiting suicide on the same day ! lol. Tell you what Chas, your not far wrong there. I can recall Chris Woods taking the applause while the game was being played, as the clock reached the point he had broken the record. An auld yin near me said it was bad luck. How right he was.....

A: Chris Woods' clean sheets record

Is it illegal for a newspaper (British) to secretly record videos and voice recordings? by corleone300 Q: Is it illegal for a newspaper (British) to secretly record videos and voice recordings without the person that they're setting up's consent? I'd like to know if it's illegal in both United Kingdom and United States

A: Yes. it is illegal to wire tapp any videos and even voice recordings. Since then it was actually prohibited in all of the countries in the world especially U.S. here in the Philippines because we are really sensitive in making illegal act such that of wire tapping prohibition was imposed. I advice you don't do such act because it can put you from danger. if you want you should ask permission on any of the personnel or news writer in the particular newspaper. So, better do an appropriate act in recording videos or any kind of recording because law prohibits it...Gudluck!

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