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Bring one direction to greece

One Direction Has In-flight Date With Lucky Fans
Some lucky ladies got to take the flight of a lifetime. They got to join One Direction on a private jet from London to Manchester as winners of a charity contest. The UK Boy band One Direction helped to raise £50000 ($78000) for Flying Start - British ...

One Direction's Harry Styles was pursued by Sophie Anderton
The One Direction singer went to London club Jalouse on Wednesday night and as soon as the 35-year-old model-and-TV star - who appeared on British reality show 'I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out of Here!' - spotted Harry, 18, she decided she wanted to get ...

One Direction's Niall hosts lively BBQ in London
One Direction's Niall Horan's nighttime barbecue has won him no new new fans among his London neighbors. ... If there was one thing his neighbors wanted it was some moments of peace so they didn't have to be up all night. .... Estonia, Ethiopia ...

One Direction's Niall Horan gets ready to hit the road
One fifth of the UK's hottest pop boyband One Direction, Niall Horan is reportedly preparing to take his drivers test. Speaking to the Irish Sun, Niall's brother Greg Horan said “Niall is working on sorting out his driver's licence in London and then ...

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onedirectionsta RT @Joshsdrumstick: Bring One Direction To Greece ιχ λιμπε ντιχ χδ

NowIamHaunted RT @Antigoni98: vcka htan;p Bring One Direction To Greece

swiftcupcakess RT @LoveOur1DBoys: Bring One Direction To Greece with their girls of course! Perrie, Danielle and Eleanor :))))))

kikifan1 Bring One Direction To Greece shhhhhhhh apoliti isixia exei ;O

MariaSm03 RT @Kate1Dom: Bring One Direction To Greece πωωω απο εκει που δεν εβλεπα καθολου ολυμπιακους τωρα βλεπω καθε μερα ολη μεραα!! λοολ

nela_st Bring One Direction To Greece τραλαλαλαλα

Constantina1D Bring One Direction To Greece i want i want i want...

Marinia_greece Bring One Direction To Greece ntrinn ntrinn;p

ReneDiReCtIoNeR RT @PKonstantina: Bring One Direction To Greece LILO♥

Anastasia_Payne RT @Joshsdrumstick: Bring One Direction To Greece sto keli 33 sto koridalooooooooo

ilove_5_Angels RT @NefeliHoran: Bring One Direction To Greece Ρε γαμωτο με εχουν κανει follow κατι μαναρια. απαπαπαπα :'Ο

swiftcupcakess RT @ManItsBiebs: Bring One Direction To Greece , I'm brazilian,but i'm helping :)

IrisKorre @Antigoni98 ευχαριστωω =) χχ Bring One Direction To Greece

vicky_krz I'm Niall,I'm Harry,I'm zayn,I'm Liam and I'm Jennifer :p Bring One Direction To Greece


i need an A* in MEDIA? by Q: MEDIA iv done an evaluation for my magazine and this is it but my teatcher sais that it wouldnt get an A star im 13 but i realy need help to get an A* any help PLEASE READ REALY IMPORTANT For the front cover of my magazine I have chosen a bold blue title, I chose blue because blue connotes amazement and loyalty, I thought that a loyalty colour was good for the magazine because dogs are very loyal and the colour stands out against my background, which is of my dog coco, I picked this picture because I have a series of other pictures and the backgrounds are suitable for a spring theme, because there are lots of leaves in the background, which suggests it is spring, also the picture itself is what would be considered as cute because the dog looks like she is winking, the picture brings some originality to the magazine itself. I have chosen Adam Sandler as a front cover story because he is well known to a wide age range of people as an actor, because he is well known as a famous actor and lots of people would want to read his story making them want to buy the magazine. For my other front cover story I have chosen a dog named sausage who is a Greek riot dog and is known all over Greece for standing up to the police and sticking up for the protesters, I thought that people would want to see this story because it is relevant for this type of magazine. At the top of my front cover I put “free dog collar inside!” I put this at the top because its out of the way and doesn’t distract my target audience from the actual magazine, making the writing white makes it stand out so although people don’t get distracted they will still notice it to buy this magazine for the free dog collar. For the contents page I have chosen red numbers because they stand out from the background and the numbers are a little bit bigger than the writing because I wanted to make it clear to my target audience so they know what is on what page, and they don’t get confused this is genera t magazines to not confuse their audience. For the writing itself on the contents page I have mad the writing white this stands out against the background and the colour goes well with the red numbers and it is easy to read. At the bottom of the contents page I have added “and more juicy stories inside!” putting this at the bottom makes people read it and want to read on. For the background I have taken a picture of my dog standing on grass, I also threw some leaves in her direction while taking the picture so it gives the impression that she’s running, this picture is relevant to the magazine because you can still read all the writing that’s on top of the picture and the photo is original. For my double page spread I have chosen a story about a woman who survived cancer because of her dog, using a story that could of involved death attracts an audience because it makes them sympathetic towards the women they are reading about and makes them want to keep on reading. I have chosen a picture of the women and her dog because they are the main characters of this particular story, I have used two text boxes and in one of them the writing is black which stands out against the white background, I chose a white background because in the picture the women has a black and white dog and the couch she is sitting on is grey and black, grey is the colour in between black and white so I thought that choosing a white background with black writing was good because the contrast is good and easy to read, I have done the same for the second text box, with a black background and white writing, using these colours makes the magazine look a bit classier and these colours also relate to the photo. For my advert I have chosen a pet day care called “Primo Pet Services” this advert would be useful to my target audience because the magazine is aimed at pet lovers and dog owners, so this advert would also attract an audience because it’s of some use to them. I thought the colours on the advert would go well with my magazine because blue is the colour of loyalty which is a colour I used often on my magazine because dogs are loyal and it can relate to dogs, the colour is commonly used for bedrooms because it can calm people down, it is mostly used for baby’s bedrooms which is good because my target audience will probably have a family because most families in the UK are complete with a dog. if anyones still reading ill thank anyone who answers in advance =)

A: I think you really thought that project out really good and some of the things I really like about it is that the colors you chose like the blue for the dog story because it represents loyalty which dogs are very loyal.I also like the ways you made the reader stay focused and intrigued in reading the magazine by adding things like "Free dog collar" and like you said helps the readers not get distracted by not making it too bold and obvious.Again,the colors you chose for everything and the reasons why you chose them are seriously really impressing and you can tell you thought it out a lot.I like how you made the magazine try to target a certain audience,it's good because it wouldn't be that great if you didn't pick a certain crowd to grab attention to because that helps make the whole magazine better.I would definitely give you at least a B+ and I really think you deserve more then that!I really hope you get an A,your project is totally worthy of it!

what is the difference between israel and palestine ? by Q: The word "palestine/filistin" is not even an arabic word by origin !, ask any scholar how do you say palestinians in arabic!? there isn't a word called palestinians in arabic because there isn't such nation! arabs cant even pronounce the "P" in palestine since the "p" doesn't even exist in arabic ! they pronounce it "(B)alestine" or "(f)ilistin" the word palestine/filistin comes from a LATIN via GREEK via HEBREW word The Philistines (Hebrew פְלִשְׁתִּים, p'lishtim, lit. "invaders") from greece , Myceneans not- MUSLIM ARABs !! (so in hebrew the word "palestinians" lit means = INVADERS) the romans ( who changed the name from judea to syria-palestina) used the word to describe a -REGION- never a nation nor a country! after the victory of the british army over the turks the brits divided the land into 3 pieces, 2for the arabs one for the jews.(Transjordan was given to the "hashemite" from saudi arabia) the arabs rejected the UN 2 state solution. opened a holy "war 1948" against the israelites (7 countries VS 1 small israel) LOST land. and what do you know.. say hello to the EX-jordanians & egyptians =the "palestinians" gaza was egypt before israel won it in the "Six-Day War 67" and the west bank was jordan there were no "PALESTINIANS" back then! (ever wondered why the jordanian flag = hashemite flag, looks exactly like the fakestinian flag?) they say they lived there all along,,, well.... lets read together those reports from people who actually visited the holy land.... before 1900 shell we kids..?? "There is not a solitary village throughout its whole extent (valley of Jezreel, Galilea); not for thirty miles in either direction... One may ride ten miles hereabouts and not see ten human beings. For the sort of solitude to make one dreary, come to Galilee... Nazareth is forlorn... Jericho lies a mouldering ruin... Bethlehem and Bethany, in their poverty and humiliation... untenanted by any living creature. - Mark Twain, "The Innocents Abroad", 1867 - "There are many proofs, such as ancient ruins, broken aqueducts, and remains of old roads, which show that it has not always been so desolate as it seems now. In the portion of the plain between Mount Carmel and Jaffa one sees but rarely a village or other sights of human life. There some rude mills here which are turned by the stream. A ride of half an hour more brought us to the ruins .." - B. W. Johnson, in "Young Folks in Bible Lands": Chapter IV, 1892 - "The land in Palestine is lacking in people to till its fertile soil". - British archaeologist Thomas Shaw, mid-1700s - "Palestine is a ruined and desolate land". - Count Constantine François Volney, XVIII century French author and historian - "The country is in a considerable degree empty of inhabitants and therefore its greatest need is of a body of population". - James Finn, British Consul in 1857 - In 1844, William Thackeray writes about the road from Jaffa to Jerusalem: "Now the district is quite deserted, and you ride among what seem to be so many petrified waterfalls. We saw no animals moving among the stony brakes; scarcely even a dozen little birds in the whole course of the ride." In 1866, W.M. Thomson writes: "How melancholy is this utter desolation. Not a house, not a trace of inhabitants, not even shepherds, to relieve the dull monotony ... Much of the country through which we have been rambling for a week appears never to have been inhabited, or even cultivated; and there are other parts, you say, still more barren." In 1874, Reverend Samuel Manning wrote: "But where were the inhabitants? This fertile plain, which might support an immense population, is almost a solitude.... Day by day we were to learn afresh the lesson now forced upon us, that the denunciations of ancient prophecy have been fulfilled to the very letter -- "the land is left void and desolate and without inhabitants." (Jeremiah, ch.44 v.22) "The area was under populated and remained economically stagnant until the arrival of the first Zionist pioneers in the 1880's, who came to rebuild the Jewish land. The country had remained "The Holy Land" in the religious and historic consciousness of mankind, which associated it with the Bible and the history of the Jewish people. Jewish development of the country also attracted large numbers of other immigrants - both Jewish and Arab. - The report of the British Royal Commission, 1913 - -Ibn Khaldun (Arabic: أبو زيد ولي الدين عبد الرحمن بن محمد بن خلدون الحضرمي)- one of the most creditable Arab historians, in 1377 c.e. wrote: "Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel extended over 1400 years... It was the Jews who implanted the culture and customs of the permanent

A: WTF OMG! YOU ALREADY ASKED THIS QUESTION! Are you trying to prove a political point here or something? With a question as long as that, you ain't proving anything! But since this is the same question, I'll copy-paste the same answer I gave you: I'll make this simple; Palestine is currently an Arabic country, so it's real current name should be in the country's language, which is Arabic. In Arabic the country is called فلسطين (Filusteen). The English name doesn't matter here, and it doesn't matter if they call them INVADERS or not! They're ARABS, NOT AMERICANS OR BRITONS! If you want to know something about a name from a country, then look up the name in THEIR language, not English! Nowadays people are making the English language the basis for EVERYTHING! Present day English is probably one of the newest languages on Earth! Unlike present Arabic which is one of the oldest and unchanged languages.

Is George Soros a communist? by Q: He doesn't sound like one here. The current state of the global economy points clearly to a second depression, but billionaire George Soros says that we can avoid another “great depression” if we follow three steps. According to Forbes, the economic situation in Europe could lead to a depression around the globe. Both America and China are dependent on exporting goods to Europe. If Greece defaults and the purchase power of Europe drops, the effects could hit the United States hard. Soros writes at the Financial Times: “Three bold steps are needed. First, the governments of the eurozone must agree in principle on a new treaty creating a common treasury for the eurozone. In the meantime, the major banks must be put under the direction of the European Central Bank in exchange for a temporary guarantee and permanent recapitalization. Third, the ECB would enable countries such as Italy and Spain temporarily to refinance their debt at a very low cost.” According to Soros, these three steps would not solve the global economy, but they would “calm the markets” and give Europe some time to solve the debt problem. Soros writes that we’ve been “kicking the can down the road” for a long time now, and we are finally out of road. I believe that these steps would bring the acute phase of the euro crisis to an end by staunching its two main sources (weak banks and vulnerable sovereigns) and reassuring the markets that a longer-term solution is in sight.” What do you think of Soros plan? Is another depression avoidable?

A: Seeing how he funded the overthrow of communist regimes in the old soviet Union.. I pick "No" for 1000 Alex.

why am i unemployed and why is it do hard to live in greece when you are greek but cant speak greek.? by Q: im 30-somthing. i just moved to greece and i can barely order a meal with my poor language skills. of all dogs i brought a mexican chihuahua with me and the locals already want to barbeque it. when i go to the market the checkout girl throws my oreo cookies at me. when i get off the metro to ask for directions to the ministry of foreign affairs the guy at the book store who i asked for directions snarled at me while never leaving his eyes from the computer screen. i think i am invisible here. im alone in a city full of greeks. my wife is unemployed 2. we have that in common. thank god. my land lady smokes to much. the metro is expensive and to be honest i rarley pay. i went to the beach the other day and it was 40 degrees and yet 3 old men more than twice my age were swimming like i was watching the movie cacoon. they were in great shape. as i looked over my fat belly i noticed there 6 packs. i looked at my wifes face and then back down to my belly. what has happened to me. greek ladys are mean. then snarl at me when i try to say hello. even the old ones wont say hi. oh well. please share some ideas on how a person like me can get a job. its hard eating the same thing everyday just because you dont know how to order anything else. one day in the begining i ordered 3 different types of meat in one sentance and the cooks eyes popped out in a delusion state. its like ordering a big mac with mcnuggets on top. what would u do? im hungy.

A: I don't know about Greece, but here at home, when someone doesn't speak english, I get turned off. If you want to live in my country, you better learn the language. If I were you, I would either move or learn to speak greek. There is a good chance that your unemployed status has to do with not being able to speak the language.

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