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Brian jones

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mertakkan2 Horror Hospital [VHS]: In swinging '70s London, Jason (Robin Askwith), a Brian Jones doppelgänger, grows weary of the rock scene and ...

jobejho Brian jones RIP 27

armandopalafoxc de la sección "qué hubiera pasado si?..." ...Bonzo, Bon Scott y Brian Jones no se hubieran ahogado en alcohol....

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GiuliaRavanini fiz uns desenhos muuito fodas do david bowie e do brian jones,mais tarde vou fazer do jimmy page s2 e do keef

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Cabeca135 Sou tipo o brian jones da minha banda né u.u

VaultDF RT @SociedadForever: I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/q6v0MHhb Los Weeds - Brian Jones

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Chanelqlu Bart's Rant (feat. Aaron Jones (Guizouki) & Brian Rice (Percussion)): http://t.co/5HaQRqft

Jon_wizard » UK’s Brian Gerrish: David Cameron Has Committed ‘Treason’ Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind! - http://t.co/bwwbopJH

Viictor_eS cabelo do brian jones --'

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What Guitarist took more hits of LSD Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd Or Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones? by Richard V Q:

A: Syd Barrett he went crazy from it

Is brian jones of the rolling stones ambidextrous? by Ronkun Q: most of pictures on the net show him playing right hand guitar but there are allegations he also played left handed?

Do you believe Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones was murdered? by Angel Lee Q: Do you believe it was murder, accident or suicide? Please explain your answer.

A: i believe the contractor doing his pool job admitted in a death bed confession that his death was a result of infighting among the work crew and brian. you can go to garrypatterson.com and find all kinds of interesting little tidbits about the early deaths of some of rocks pioneers.

was Brian Jones a valuable member of the Rolling Stones or was he the Sid Vicious of the band? by Karla Q: did he write any songs or anything?

A: Mick and Keith won't let anyone else contribute to the songwriting, ever. Brian's contributions were in the many rich sounds and textures he brought to many Stones songs.

What plans are there to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Brian Jones' death? by Diamondhairdan Q: Its next year (1969 - 2009) so presumably the fan club will be doing something? (Obviously the Stones wont!)

A: Oh, the Stones might. Jones was iconic for them. "The blond one." But historically, he was minor, so maybe no big plans.

Would you compare what happened with Brian Jones with what happened to Syd Barrett? by My Intentions Were To Offend Q: They have no freaking idea what happened to Brian Jones last time I checked. I think it was either drowning, murder, or suicide. I personally don't think it was suicide. I not sold on murder either.

A: Errr Barrett died of cancer in 2006, Jones drowned in 1969.. not really no.

Did Brian Jones of The Rolling Stones play the Sitar live on stage? by Edward C Q: Or did he use it strictly as a studio instrument? I have seen two performances of Paint it Black, one on Ed Sullivan, I believe, and the other was from Ready, Steady, Go. Brian sat Indian style dressed in all white with his sitar. Both of the performances sounded like the studio track, but I believe one of them sounds like Mick's vocals are live, dubbed over the studio track. Either way, I have never seen any other footage of him playing it before.

A: Yes he did, I was just watching that yessterday, wierd how things happen.

Who will be better for the remainder of the season, Adam Jones or Brian Roberts? by Avi P Q: In a fantasy baseball, rotisserie league i am trying to decide if i should drop adam jones and add roberts, i already have polanco a my 2b and a complete outfield, but i think roberts is better than polanco and at the same time, roberts can always get injured again and i dont wanna drop polanco, but on the other hand i want adam jones in case one of my outfielders gets injured, should i drop adam jones for brian roberts?

A: I would. 2B is a much more shallow position in Fantasy and even if one of your outfielders get injured you can probs fill it better than you could fill a 2B position especially since SOMEONE will pick up Roberts since he is a Fantasy BEAST at his position. Jones is just average in OF. DO IT!!!

How important was Brian Jones to the early sound of the Rolling Stones? by OctopusGuy Q: Brian Jones founded the Rolling Stones, and could master virtually any instrument he picked up- from guitar to Sitar to flute.... But alchoholism, drug busts and clashing egos with Mick jagger resulted in Brian being kicked out of the band, shortly before his death. Today some people downplay Brian Jones's relevance, suggesting he really didnt add anything to the sound.How important -or unimportant-was Brian jones to the Rolling Stones sound? What did the Rolling Stones lose once Brian died?

A: The Stones lost a founder member. Brian Jones was certainly a talented musician however like you listed he was unable to avoid some of the temptations that come along with this Rock 'N Roll lifestyle and so didn't get to see the fruits of his labour.

Has Brian Jones family ever tried to have the case of his death reopened? by Sweet Sue Ohio Q: Brian was the original bass player for The Rolling Stones. Seems to me he died under very suspicious circumstances in 1967. With all the modern day testing techniques, they could find out exactly what happened. It would require exhuming him. But the finding might put to rest the theories, of his being poisoned, beat to death, did he really accidentally drown, was he held under water?

A: Not as far as I know - there were allegations two years ago but the suspect was long dead so the police have not proceeded.

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