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Brian Austin Green

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sweety0703 @90210Assistant wonder if it is Luke Perry, Jason Priestly, Brian Austin-Green, maybe Jennie Garth-Kelly visiting Silver, or DustinMilligan.

ArdeliaharleyS Housewives For Fun Brian Austin Green Desperate Housewives Hot Desperate Housewives The http://t.co/PUNeZXsU the real housewives of atl

StarTarotReader Brian Austin Green is particularly interesting. Today's tarot spread is almost eerie. http://t.co/6Xjjq88P

Megan_Fox_Foxy #meganfox Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green star in Robot Chicken: http://t.co/txmAG1ML... http://t.co/XLxB8v5R

Daisyandrewpiy Brian Austin Green Desperate Housewives Housewives Of Atlanta Sheree Housewives Of http://t.co/XfKcExk3 real housewives of atlanta lisa

NovajeanNW2 Brian Austin Green Desperate Housewives Desperate Housewives Orson Watch The Real Housewives O http://t.co/6mnaFQj7 housewives big poppa

scuttlebuttt That link was supposed to be a photo of Brian Austin Green. http://t.co/pOcsEZ7D not Brian Greene. http://t.co/8IvZkscY #failure

scuttlebuttt NPR should stop interviewing Brian Greene. And start interviewing Brian Green. http://t.co/crfr4kDR #hessohotrightnow

Nashava0gd Abc Desperate Housewives Season 5 Brian Austin Green Desperate Housewives Desperate Hou http://t.co/tl2zW023 housewives of atlanta candy

Leilaniloveiz6 Real Faux Housewives Blog Desperate Housewives 6 Brian Austin Green Desperate Hous http://t.co/faKpp8NP live stream desperate housewives

viperdayle @DaveNavarro but know she f**ks brian austin green everynight and that should make it easier for you #meganfoxispretty

six7six7 @DaveNavarro If Brian Austin Green isn't there, i say you go find out if they're in an open marriage. haha

MaruBean @joseisadeadman I swore it was actually Brian Austin Green.

joseisadeadman @MaruBean shit, it isn't? That'll teach me from taking fashion advice from Brian Austin Green again.

CTav This week : visited set of The Wedding Band in LA and saw Brian Austin Green. Next week: on the set of our Croatian soap Wind of Love.


Was the younger Brian Austin Green better looking than Brad Pitt in his prime? by Vlad Q: **Had to remove the http:// or else the question will not post if there are links** Brian - www.fanpix.net/picture-gallery/brian-austin-green-picture-16819335.htm brad pitt - www.popstarsplus.com/images/BradPittPicture.jpg ugh doesn't post either way.. well i guess you gals can always google them

A: I googled. :-) And, that's a toughie. I normally don't find Brad Pitt attractive, but in certain movies i think he's very good looking. Like Meet Joe Black. Brian Austin Green is good-looking..idk who i'd pick.. D: I think i rather pick Brian. Brad is full of himself, imo

Brian Austin Green song in Beverly Hills 90210? by Louis C Q: What is the song Brian Austin Green's character David Silver becomes briefly famous for in the series. It starts off: "baby it's you girl.." If someone can please show me a way to download it it'd be appreciated. Yeah.. Got it together. Where can i download that song at?

What is the name of the film where brian austin green has a restaurant? by Lisa Marie Q: its a film where theres a girl who is a journalist and they meet to make the interview, and she finds up they thay used to go to school together and he humiliated her so she wanted revenge bye making him fall in love with her and then dump him

A: This Time Around http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0363129/

Do you think Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green will get married? by amy g Q: And considering their large age difference, how did they meet? What the heck do they have to talk about besides sex?

A: no, they're constantly breaking up... i don't think they'll ever go through with it. but i disagree about the age thing. we (including you) don't know them so we can't judge their relationship. i'm sure they talk about more than sex. enough that they got engaged... i just don't think their gonna actually get married just cuz of how many times they've broken up. but who knows? i don't... but, i hope they do :) they're kinda cute together... and it's not our place to judge them.

Is Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green married or what? by kaitlinpaige♥ Q: I never realized she was engaged or married or anything, but I saw that she has a "Brian" tattoo for him. Are they still together? Married or what?

A: they are married~

What does Brian austin green has that Megan Fox want??? i mean he doesn't have nice abs or a nice face? by big Z Q: seriosly i mean i saw some pictures of brian austin green and i figured: he is not a famous actor,he doesn't have nice face,he doesn't have a nice body......so WHAT IS IT???? p.s:I WILL GIVE AWAT 10 POINTS!!!! thanks ;)

A: Nothing. I still believe he forced her to marry him or broke her down emotionally until she just turned into his puppet lol. It's really sad actually, She's a gorgeous 24 year old that's now saddled with a 38 year old man and his 8 year old son. She threw away her life... I'll honestly cry if he turns out to be a leach like Kevin Federline and turns Megan into a fat, Fried chicken eating, bare-foot and pregnant Britney Spears.

why did megan fox and brian austin green call off their first engagement? by Bill S Q: Is it a Christian reason, or possibly medical? Perhaps the timing was not right. What about the children, and other committments? Is there some gay agenda here?

Where can I fine the jacket that Brian Austin Green wears in The Sarah Connor Chronicles? by thachieve Q: My brother loves that jacket and I would like to get it for him for Christmas. Does anyone know the designer?

A: The jacket appears to be a M65(also known an M-1965) Field Jacket M65 Jacket http://www.surplusandadventure.com/images/product/main/m65-jacket_washed.jpg Derek's jacket http://thetvaddict.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/terminator_finale4.jpg Pretty much identical. You should be able to buy/order one from an Army Surplus store. Hope that helps.

What does Brian Austin Green have that everyone else wants? by StlYrFc Q: B. A. Green? Has he become good looking and successful, and I missed it? I don't get it. LOL I find the whole thing hilarious.

A: two words the he has that everybody else wants.....MEGAN FOX

Why is Brian Austin Green getting the babes? by TheErrandBoy Q: Brian Austin Green is ugly, not rich, not famous and old. Yet he gets the babes like Megan Fox, Vanessa Mecil.

A: he's rich enough...

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