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Branson missouri

EF2 tornado strikes Branson, Missouri, overnight; it was on ground for 20 miles
(CNN) -- Officials in the resort city of Branson, Missouri, were relieved an EF2 tornado, which damaged some of its marquee musical theaters, struck before the prime tourist season began. They said Wednesday the town was still open for business, ...

Branson, Missouri, Harveyville, Kansas and other Midwest towns affected by ...
(CNN) -- Pounding rain and swirling, destructive winds raking several Plains states killed a woman in Missouri overnight and injured at least nine people in Kansas, authorities said Wednesday. Lamont Swanson, coroner of Dallas County, Missouri, ...

Injuries, Damages Confirmed in Branson, Missouri
(Branson, Kimberling City, MO)--There are reports of widespread damage in Stone and Taney Counties this morning after a possible tornado moved from Kimberling City through Branson, Missouri overnight. There are about a dozen confirmed injuries, ...

Branson Missouri tornado hits country music attractions
Storms raged through Kentucky and neighboring Missouri early Wednesday morning causing damage and injuries in its impact. In Branson, Missouri, a tornado hit Tuesday night. Over 30 people were injured in the town. John Moore spoke with KY 3 News on the ...

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peerdgihattie RT @Lynelloxgcf: RT @TinaHarrison: Storms damage Branson kill at least nine in Illinois Missouri http:tcoMlpxwNpa

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Lynelloxgcf RT @TinaHarrison: Storms damage Branson kill at least nine in Illinois Missouri http:tcoMlpxwNpa

DollieNyhus :P branson missouri http://t.co/DR1ZqNbo Tornado severely damages Branson, Mo., resort for music lovers

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HermanHarper EF2 tornado strikes Branson, Missouri, overnight; it was on ground for 20 miles http://t.co/rmKNzpTk

Ethel_Carr Storms damage Branson, kill at least nine in Illinois, Missouri http://t.co/iaTK77WK

Tina_Harrison Storms damage Branson, kill at least nine in Illinois, Missouri http://t.co/MlpxwNpa

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SusanBlack4 EF2 tornado strikes Branson, Missouri, overnight; it was on ground for 20 miles http://t.co/9L9XedaR

Angelus1701 CNN Latest: Resort city of Branson takes a direct hit from tornado: Officials in the resort city of Branson,... http://t.co/ryx0NsUu

HotelArr Twisters rip through Midwest, South, killing 12; Branson theater district gets ...: As sirens blared, Derrick Wa... http://t.co/V8b02uk3


What are some "must see" things in Branson, Missouri? by Shari S Q: We are going in December with relatives and a three year old. What are some really fun things to do and see? Thanks

A: Uh, NOTHING! That's my personal opinion. But my uncle has a house up there and when relatives visit, they all go to see Yakov. You won't miss the signs!

Could someone tell me about Silver Dollar City in Branson,Missouri? by Shari S Q: We have a four year old and are planning a trip there at Thanksgiving time. Would the four year old enjoy it, and what about adults? Is there alot to do there? Is it a full day pass time? Thanks

A: I go there almost every week! It's an awesome theme park. Ther are rides for every age. There are many roller coasters, water rides, gentle rides, etc. I reccomend it for famalies. You can buy a full day pass.

where is the 70 + room haunted mansion in branson missouri? by *Babygirl* Q: i've searched the web and i'm finding nothing, it is supposed to be the scareist one in the branson area. where is it located, and how much are tickets?

A: http://www.thehauntedadventure.com/Menus/home.html I have to assume that this is what you are looking for. If not, it's better than the other answer you got!

Has anyone been to the bodies exhibit in Branson Missouri? by Tatt3rT0t Q: I am asking because our class was deciding to head there at the end of the year. What was the most exciting part and was it awesome or was it crappy? Please tell me what it is like. I am 14 years old

A: Are you talking about the exhibit with real human bodies on display? If so, I went to the same thing but in another city and I loved it. There are soo many cool things to see, and the talk about the human body in a lot of different ways. It is definitely worth going to, it's not crappy at all.

Are there any leisurely drives on mountainous roads around Branson Missouri? by iamlsu Q: I am going on a trip there and would like the directions from downtown Branson.

A: Drive North around the lake as there are many great views. Stop along the way including a look at the fish hatchery

Is anyone thinking of going to Branson Missouri? by matthewdrenner Q: I'm thinking about going and I would like a resort with a lot of ammenities. I'm not too worried about price but I don't want to be right on the strip. Are there any good websites to find resorts on where I can get to their websites directly?

A: You might try the Thousand Hills Golf Resort. A few blocks off the strip with lots of amenities. www.thousandhills.com A different option - a very beautiful one - a few miles south of town, is the Big Cedar Lodge. www.big-cedar.com Another resort is Chateau on the Lake: Surrounded by the stunning Ozark Mountains, the Chateau is located at the junction of Highways 265 and 165, near Table Rock Dam and the Showboat Branson Belle. www.chateauonthelake.com

How many hours does it take to drive from Fort Worth to Branson Missouri? by Q:

A: 1. 7 hours 53 minsUS-75 N 454 miles 2. 8 hours 21 minsI-35 N and I-44 E 524 miles

What to do and where to stay in Branson, Missouri? by Cody M Q: Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I myself absolutley love history. The ages of the people going are my dad (58), mom (41), me (16), and two sisters (13 and 7). We would like things that fit the whole family well.

A: Here you go:http://www.branson.com/branson/ Enjoy your trip!

where are some places in branson Missouri to have a bachlorette party?/? by meggie Q: I am having a bachlorette party for someone in October. We will all be over 18. I don't know where to have it any ideas?

A: This previous Yahoo Question got a lot of great answers. You can check it out here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080306170246AAbcvnN For more help you might try contacting the Branson Convention and Visitors Bureau. Their website is... http://www.explorebranson.com

How is the drive from Branson, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois? by Liz Q: I was coming in from Texas and I came down some big hills. Will there be any long stretches of inclines?

A: somewhat hilly until you get near St. Louis on 44 then after that on 55 to Chicago not many hills unless you count overpasses The ride between Springfield IL and Chicago is pretty boring

Going to Branson Missouri soon. Any ideas of what shows would be good to see ? by Confucious Q: How is traffic this time of year ?

A: Go see the Dixie Stampede, Darren Romeo, Branson Belle Showboat.

Does one need a permit to be a street performer in Branson, Missouri? by Q: I am looking to do a job I once had in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and I would like to know what the rules in particular are for street performers in Branson.

A: No license required

Hotels in Branson missouri that are cheap? by lisha141 Q: My family and I are planning on going to Branson in July sometime and I was wondering what are some cheap but nice hotels around...

A: Better than hotels.com....Expedia.com is better. I've been to Branson MANY times. A good way to get CHEAP stay and show tickets is to sign up for a time-share sales presentation. Yeah, you gotta suffer through 2-hours of high-pressure sales tactics but hold your ground if your not interested and you'll still get your show tickets and cheap lodging. If that's not your cup of tea... Depending on where you want to go and do, EconoLodge Branson West is furthest from downtown Branson, but closer to Silver Dollar City. I paid less than $70/night...and it's not the greatest place either. Howard Johnsons is close to downtown without being on the strip. It's high on a hill near the wax museum. I stayed there in early June a few years ago and got a room for less than $80/night and was VERY nice. I heard Mountain Music Inn is nice too. My parents stay there a lot. The cheapest place to stay would be to camp out (pop up camper or tent) on Table Rock Lake at Baxter campgrounds. I grew up camping on the lake; as an adult, I stay in the hotels because I don't feel like hauling all my camping gear 4.5 hours just for two nights. As for restaurants...you can't go wrong with Ruby Tuesdays and Cracker Barrel. Dockers is a terrible place. My husband and I got sick on Thanksgiving food there. We later heard from many locals the place was bad. I think they were closed for good the last time I was in Branson Good luck and have fun.

What company owns the New Shanghai Circus in Branson, Missouri? by Q: When I went to see the show, I noticed that a video was played before the show. The video was advertising the company that owned the circus. I've been trying to find this video, ad need to know the name.

A: The Non-Stop Creativity Corporation! If your looking for for tickets contact me at [email protected] Or if you need anything else or have any other questions!

There is a motel in Branson, Missouri, that looks like a paddle boat or steamship. Does anyone know the name? by Georgie Girl Q: It's on the Strip in Branson and looks like and old ship, but it's a motel or hotel.

A: I don't know the name of the motel but its sooo cool lookin!!!

What are some kid friendly resorts to stay at in Branson, Missouri? by Q: What is the resort like & what attractions is it near?

A: Westgate Branson Woods Resort: http://www.wgbransonwoods.com/resort-overview.htm

What are some great local restaurants in Branson, Missouri? by Sara Q: Anywhere on Highway 76 is fine.

A: It really depends on what type of food you are looking for. A good site, that has many personal critiques, is at the link attached. Based on my experience, it you have a choice of a show or a dinner/show, go for the show alone and pick a restaurant recommended by the web site reviewers for a ,separate, good meal.

Where is the best place to take a leak in Branson Missouri? by MIND THE GAP Q: Can anyone recommend a radiator shop where I can take a leak?

A: I have never ever ever been to Missouri, but I, for some odd reason, have looked online for you. Which you could have done, by the way. There are two Branson Muffler and Radiator Service places in Branson. I'm not sure how much I can tell you without breaking the rules on here, but, sheesh, follow the link, click on "find businessess" then type in "radiator" or "bransom muffler" or something.

Have you been to Branson Missouri and what did you like best about it? by Dee Q: I am going ther on vacation in July and I haven't been there for 27 years and I'm sure it has changed alot.

A: The sign that said "you are now leaving Branson." They're building it up all the time and with some good, cheap and some mediocre to bad music shows. Still hilly. They've brought in some palm trees, like they're going to live up there. If you get bored, just run up U.S. 65 to Springfield. There you'll find the original Bass Pro Shop, Chinese restaurants on every corner and a couple of cheesy malls. Not too bad if you excuse the accent which is like fingernails on a chalk board.

What are some good outdoor locations (parks etc) near Branson Missouri for a small wedding? by Melody W Q: My fiance and I are working from a small budget and planning a simple backyard kind of ceremony next year and are looking for good locations in and around the Branson Missouri or Harrison Arkansas area. We're thinking something like a state park or lake setting. Can anyone give us some ideas?

A: Tyler Bend State Park is one of the most beautiful places I can think of in that area. Either of these links should get you more info.

How cold does it get in Branson Missouri early November? by sunshine&summertime! Q: Too cold to swim?

A: yes- too cold to swim. It will be highs in 60s lows in high 40's. I went at Thanksgiving one year and it was sleeting.

Whats a good time of year to visit Branson Missouri? by Holly S Q: Planning a vacation for next year. Dont want it to be too hot but not too cold either and definetly dont want to be snowed in. Maybe fall weather. When is the best time of year to go?

A: I have never been there, but did ask others too. I was told after labor day, the crowds are lower, (school started) and the wx is nice, And things go on sale b/c the tourist season is 'over'. I planned on going last fall, but got tix to LAS instead.

Me and some buddys are going to Branson Missouri for a bowling tournamnet? by jcfuqua Q: next weekend. Are there any good Irish Pubs or bars in town. I would like to find something Low Key. Maybe a sports bar or something like on Cheers. Any ideas?

A: Oh man... I know there are a few bars there, but I dont remember the names of them. Most of them are fairly low key - at least the ones I have been to I would term as low key. But I'm not sure about Irish Pubs. I havent seen one there. We went to Branson with my entire family - LOTS of kids. The older kids and a few adults NEEDED to get out during the week. We joked that there had to be good bars there for the Dads that were forced to go to Silver Dollar City with their families.

Is there a place in branson missouri to whitewater raft ? by BOOBOO Q: Nothing to steep, or scary and not to rough either.... tell me where an when its open or give me the site or something....i cant find nothing but the water park...we want to raft if its available to do in branson.

A: No white water rafting.

What is generally the cheapest airport for flying to Branson, Missouri? by Elisabeth W Q: I'm flying from New York City for Thanksgiving and I am willing to drive from the airport up to 2.5 hours if it will save me a bundle.

A: I looked on Mapquest, and both the Tulsa and Kansas City airports are more than 3 hours away (KC is actually closer to 4 hours away). The route from the Tulsa Airport to Branson on Mapquest was primarily on interstate highways, and the route seemed to go a little out of the way (from Tulsa up to Springfield, then back down to Branson). Before you rule out flying into Tulsa entirely, you might want to calculate the mileage and driving time on the following route... US 412 East from Tulsa to near Harrison, Arkansas, then US 65 North to Branson. It seems to be mostly a 2 lane road, so it may well be over 2.5 hours driving. The upside of Tulsa and KC is that both airports have service on Southwest, which keeps airfares more competitive. But the Springfield Airport is served by American, Delta, United and Northwest, so there is a decent amount of competition there too.

Where is the best and cheapest place to stay in Branson Missouri? by ReedFan Q: We are taking our 3 kids at the end of July. Thanks Okay I'll change the questions, out of the cheaper places to stay...which one is the best. By cheaper I mean under $70 a night.

A: Best and cheapest are two different things. Which is most important?

How old do you have to be to rent a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom condo in branson missouri? by Q: Im 19 but i was looking online and one said you have to be at least 21 do they all have to be at least 21? Please help!

A: Not an expert on this, but I'm pretty sure it varies according to property management for that location. I recall renting a hotel room there while under 21/over 18, at least. I believe that possession of a credit card is a greater priority. Instead of a credit card, you should be able to use a "check card" (Visa or MasterCard branded debit card), but keep in mind they will put a reserve charge equal to at least the full amount of your stay from the get go, perhaps more to cover expected incidentals, such as room service and PPV.

We are going to Branson Missouri at Christmas time. What is the weather like at that time of year? by Shari S Q: How cold does it get there in December and is it really a fun place to visit? We are so used to Disney World, and I know the two are no comparison, but is there anything there to interest a three and a half year old?

A: It will be cold and the trees will be brown and dormant as will the grass. The wind will most likely be blowing and the air will be very dry. Your skin will itch and your lips will be chapped. Not much for a 3 year old to do since all the outdoor stuff will be closed.

What is the best thing for families to do in Branson, Missouri? by Cortney R Q: I have three children ages 1,2,3. My husbands family lives in New Mexico and we live in Ohio, so we were going to meet halfway for vacation so my husbands Mom can see the grandkids. We want to get a vacation house for us all to rent and do so fun things while we are there. Where is the best place to stay there? I know there are lakes and Silver Dollar City but I know nothing about the area. Please help with whatever information you have.

A: Don't listen to Haywood. Branson is a wonderful vacation area for families of all age groups. It's been a while since I have visited the area, but there are tons of vacation time shares there. You could probably get a deal from anyone of those (free lodging or reduced price lodging), but the only catch is you will have to do the tour and the presentation. Of course, they will try to do the "hard" sell on you as well. Branson is located in the Ozark region of southwest Missouri. Silver Dollar is a fun place with tons of water rides, but given the age of your children, they might not get to ride on those rides. I can't remember if they had a special section for the toddler age group or not. I am sure they do. They have lots of vendors there that sell their hand made wares such as wrought iron goods and the confectionary store sells homemade salt water taffy. I think they even have people there who are making the taffy right on the premises. There are also shows in Branson by big time entertainers. You can take your kids on the Wacky Ducks. The Wacky Ducks are amphibious vehicles that were used during World War II. They can go on land and water. You get a tour of Branson and Table Rock Lake. Plus everyone on the ride gets a complimentary Wacky Quacker (its like a whistle that makes quacking sounds). It's fun going down the main drag in Branson and quacking at all of the tourist walking from shop to shop. The tourist get a big kick out of it as well as all of the passengers young and old. I included some links in the sources area for your perusal. I am excited for you and your family. I know that Grandma and Grandpa along with the Grand Kids will absolutely love Branson and all the beauty of the surrounding area. Haywood take a hike. If you can't contribute something positive, then don't contribute at all!

How to sell my timeshare in Branson Missouri? by kathyannage Q: I have a 2bd, 2ba timeshare we bought for around 10,000 and dont use at all. How can I get maybe even half that for it? We don't use and are not going to use, should I sell or would it be worth keeping for the kids?

A: If you are not going to use it the is not worth keeping it, if it's worth keeping it for your kids would only depend on the situation of if your kids would use it/afford it or not. If you want to sell it look for a mail box or a community bulletin board at your home resort, you can put a “For sale” sign. This will pressure the developer specially if they sell it for $20,000 USD and you offer it for $5,000. Sometimes on the fine print of some sale agreements says that the developer has the first right to buy if your place is ever sold. I have heard of developers paying the money (as long as is not too much) just to take the sign out. To resale or rent a timeshare is a hard task, the basic rule is not to pay money up-front, don’t be another victim of a scam. Unfortunately over 50% of people that really need to sell their timeshare falls for this resale scams where they charge money upfront and less than 10% of them use their only real option which is to post it or offer it trough free advertising options as much, and as many sites as they can (it is ok to pay a few dollars to post in a great place but no more that $20 to $30). Timeshares do not have resale value and in most situations you would take a loss in what you paid for, as they resale for less than $2000 USD. There are some free classified ads where you can start posting: http://timeshareownerscommunity.com/ http://craigslist.com http://ebay.com http://recycler.com/ http://usfreeads.com/ http://www.inetgiant.com/

what month is best to visit Branson, Missouri? by sillyone Q: When is a good time to visit Branson, Missouri that it's not so crowded.

A: May and June are good Months

What's the best way to spend time in BRANSON, Missouri? by TabbyCat Q: I am going to Branson, MO in this weekend with my boyfriend. Where should I go? What should I do? Where should I eat? Please leave your recommendations! Thanks.

A: I have visited Branson several times and my favourite things have been to visit the Silver Dollar City Theme Park http://www.silverdollarcity.com/ and Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede Dinner Show http://www.dixiestampede.com/branson.php

Does anyone know where to find Branson, Missouri coupons/ discounts for last week of this month? by csdel9 Q: My family is going on a vacation to Branson, MO on July 24. I am wanting to know where I can find any coupons or discounts. I know we want to visit titanic, ride the bumper boats and go carts, and shop at the tanger outlet center, and that big new mall by the bass pro shop. Any ideas would be great! Thanks in advance.

A: I think you should come to the Lake of the Ozarks instead. We have a lot more options then Branson when it comes to attractions. We have less music show, but more fun!!! You should visit the Lake of the Ozarks Missouri.... Conveniently located in the heart of Missouri, The Lake of the Ozarks is the Midwest's premier lake resort destination, offering world-class boating, golf, shopping and fishing, and a wide variety of lodging, restaurants, state parks, and other recreational activities to suit any budget and taste. Lake of the Ozarks vacations are defined by the Lake and its many waterfront accommodations, restaurants, and recreational and entertainment venues. We have it all family fun and crazy night life. www.EliteLakeOzarks.com

Heading to Branson, Missouri in a few weeks. Do you know of any free activites in the area? by I Got What U Need Q: We've already done the free Stone Hill Winery tour. If you have traveled to the area do you know of any free or cheap activities to do, especially that for children. Heading with a family of 8 so we would like to find some free things to do to help keep the expenses down. Thanks for your help!

A: Go out to the dam and take a free tour. Also there's a wonderful visitors center. We enjoyed the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery. They have trout, breeding stock, over two feet long. It's amusing to watch them be fed. A truck drives between the tanks, spewing out food and the fish follow the truck to the end of the tank. Some even jump uot of the tank, following the truck. All this is close togeather where Lake Taneycomo meets Table Rock Lake of highway 165/265. Drive up to Springfield and spend the day at Outdoor World. This is the original and very interesting. I'm not sure the museum is still free, they were enlarging it the last time I was there. Have lunch in Hemingways on the third floor, I believe. Ride the elevator up and enjoy the view. Enjoy

Will a 130,000 mile tahoe make it from tx to branson missouri? by Nando Q: My wife and I are planning to go to Branson Mo in December......the Tahoe is in pretty good condition i changed the spark plugs about 6 months ago and did other minor works on it. It is about 800 miles to Mo and 800 miles back to TX. What is your opinion should we try it or not?

A: well, only you know your vehicle, but if it's serviced properly, has the oil changed, etc, then I don't see why it shouldn't be fine. 130,000 isn't that much for the newer cars- they are built to go a long time!

Do tiger lilies grow wild in Branson, Missouri? by James and Jennifer G Q: I need some tiger lilies--I used to live about 3 hours from here and they grew wild everywhere--do they grow wild in branson as well, does anyone know where I can find some wild orange tiger lilies?

A: They do grow wild there. I see the orange ones every summer. Try looking near the river's edge in a few weeks, during bloom time. You can also find trumpet vine down there, but be advised -- it is really hard to keep under control!

does anyone know a good website to rent a cabin in branson missouri? by lena Q: i'm am wanting to go to branson on vacation but can't seem to find a good site that rents cabins.. my family is planning a vacation to branson and we're wanting to stay in a cabin or condo.. i haven't been able to find any good websites.. please please help if you have any info...

A: If you're planning on visiting Silver Dollar City, I would recommend 'The Wilderness.' They have log cabins and a campground and are right next door to Silver Dollar City (they are actually part of Silver Dollar City property): http://www.thewildernesslogcabins.com/ If you are going somewhere else or prefer to shop around, here is a listing of places to rent log cabins in Branson: http://www.explorebranson.com/lodging/category.php?cat=167

Would The Racial Demographics Of Branson, Missouri Scare Away Most Black Tourists? by Hey Snow Hey Oh Q: Branson is a whopping 94% White. For most Black people it would be extremely uncomfortable to be surrounded by that much Whiteness.

What is a must see attraction in Branson,Missouri? by taker1974 Q: Me,my girlfriend and our 3 year old aughter are traveling to Branson in a few weeks.I am not much of one for country music so we wont be visiting the shows or anything except for the Dixie Stampede.Is there anything else there that is good for a family and is a must see.We have planned to go to Silver Dollar City and Ride the Ducks.But what else is there that is really great to go to with a small child?

A: hi there,top link gives you an idea,the second link as them all!!prices included..lots of fun for the little one,just click on the high lights for info.. good luck and enjoy your trip.. http://www.bransontrain.com/ http://www.bransontourismcenter.com/attraction-schedule-2008.htm?gclid=CO6y-K3E-JICFQPclAodnVFJBw best regards pops.. PS this link as your restaurants.. http://bransonmo.areaguides.net/ypcyellowpg/restaurants.html?source=yp_google&s_kwcid=restaurants%20branson|1580851673 best regards pops..

Need some help deciding on whether to go to Branson, Missouri or Destin, Florida on vacation? by Jules Q: Branson is a 3 1/2 hour drive & Destin a 16 hour drive. Is Destin worth the drive or should we go to Branson?

A: well destin is really pretty other then hang out on the beach there really isnt anything to do on the other hand the opptions are endless in branson so if you want to be lazy and just hang out on the beach and ger sunburned got to destin but if you like to go out do stuff go to branson

What are some places young ppl can hangout & have a goodtime in Branson Missouri? by Q: Im 18 & my friends & i want to go to Branson for a fun getaway weekend after graduation. We really want to have a goodtime but do not know where the people our age like to go and hangout. Anyone got any tips or good places we could have fun? We love to dance, party, and mingle....:)

A: Well I'm 19 and I enjoyed Silver Dollar City its a theme park, there is also another theme park , but I'm not sure what its called, and Dixie Stampede, they have amazing food and a good show, if you get there early you can see the horses. If you are Christan there is the sight and sound theatre it was really neat, and there is six, its six brothers who are basically a band without instruments they make sounds with their mouths that sound like instruments. I could just go on and on.

How much does it cost to stay at the Big Cedar Lodge in Branson, Missouri? by mandarin Q: My boyfriend and some friends of ours are trying to plan a weekend away in Branson during the off season. Unfortunately I only have limited access to the internet on my phone right now, and cannot find the prices. Help! I need to figure out a budget! And just a range of the rates is good... The reason why we chose Big Cedar is because our friends have a coupon for their night there, and it would be nice if we could all be together.

A: Looks like the weekday rates at this time of year start at $81 a night for a room with 2 adults. Weekend rates start at $101. PS... Some rooms go for $1600 a night! Wow!!!

What time is it in Branson, Missouri right now and does it snow there at Christmas time? by ~CoUnTrY~ Q: We live were it rarely snows and we are going to Branson for Christmas this year! I was wondering if anyone knows if it snows there at Chritmas time and also does anyone know what time it is there right now! Thanks for all of ur help!

A: more possibly you could get ice for Christmas, central std time, maybe flurries, but not alot at all

When is the best time to visit Branson, Missouri for a family vacation? by jbrian24 Q: Me, my wife and our 8 year old daughter are planning on taking a vacation to Branson sometine in the upcoming months and I would like to know when the best times to visit are, are there any times to really avoid, and if there are any must see restaurants or attractions.

A: Branson is busy nearly every time of the year but the best time to go would be in March/April. Its busy so the shows are still running, but not so crowded that you have stay in motel 8.

where is the best hotel/motel in/near Branson, Missouri? by Katie Q: My husband and I plan to visit the Branson, Missouri area in October and would like a moderately priced hotel not far from restaurants and attractions in the area, but also kind of secluded. Any suggestions?

A: Katie ... Yes, don't stay in a hotel in Branson -- stay at a Branson vacation rental. You'll be in a great place, and save some money in the process. For example: http://bit.ly/BransonVacationRentals Note that you can choose from a Studio, to 1 bedroom, 3 bedroom, 4+ bedrooms, etc. Or you may have noticed that there's a golf course or two in Branson -- find a Branson house on the golf course. Or near the attractions, by the Branson Silver Dollar City, with jacuzzi's, hot tubs, screened porches, pools, pet-friendly, with WIFI, secluded, condos, etc. The list goes on and on. Good luck, and I hope that helps. Mac

Any suggestions of fun things to do in Branson, Missouri? by uniquely_wired Q: I've never been and would like to have some suggestions for activities to do while in Branson, Missouri.

A: There are lots of Attractions, and Shows in Branson. A lot of it depends on your taste in entertainment. I would suggest researching what Branson has to offer at SavingMO.com

Does it snow in Branson Missouri at Christmas time? by Shari S Q: We live way down south where it very rarely ever snows. We are going to Branson Missouri for Christmas this year and hope to see snow. Does any one live there that can tell me what the chances are? Thanks. Our four year old would love to see the snow.

A: It snows in Branson, just not always at Christmas time. The year before last it did snow during the Christmas holiday, but the seasons are kinda off regarding the snow. Typically there is more snow during Jan/Feb than there is in Nov/Dec. It is almost November right now, and I wore a t-shirt today. The cold weather just hesitates a bit up here, but it is possible. YOu could probably go to weatherchannel.com and get a possible estimate for Branson during Christmas this year in comparisson to the previous years. Lots of luck, I hope your 4 year old gets to see snow, they do so enjoy it a bunch at that age

Does anyone know of a good/trusted place to board dogs in Branson Missouri? by Q: We have two little doggies that we are looking for a boarding place for a few days while visiting family. Does anyone know of a trusted and kind place in Branson Missouri? I did Google it, however I don't trust business advertisement to tell me whether I can trust them with our dogs or not. I perfer to hear from someone who has had experience.

A: Sorry, I don't know anything about that part of the country. You best search locally. Talk to Vets to see who they would recommend. Your local phone book may be of some help. Where have your friends left their dogs? Can you leave them with friends or family while you are gone? or have neighbors feed & walk while you are gone?

Are there any restaraunts in Branson,Missouri that we must go to? by taker1974 Q: Me,my girlfriend and our 3 year old aughter are going to Branson,Missouri in a few weeks for vacation.I was wondering if there are any must see restaurants that are there.I am always looking for good food in different places that we visit.

A: Cantina Laredo, I can recommend the food and the service. Very attentive from all the staff. Located at: 1001 Branson Landing Blvd, if you like authentic Mexican fare, you will love this place and it's suitable for children too. I found a very informative review for you: http://www.bransoncourier.com/issue-7/cantina_laredo_branson_restaurant_Mexican_gou-651.html

Branson Missouri? by beth ann Q: My friend and I are going to Branson Missouri and we are staying Thursday - Sunday and we were wanting to know from the people who have already been there what are some must see things that young girls would like? we are definately checking out Silver Dollar City & White Water Waterpark... what else is there to do? besides the obvious shopping...Thanks for all your help or suggestions!

A: We usually go 2 times each year. You must see Branson Landing. It's a the far end of 76. White Water is up to you. Branson's not really "known" for that -it's just something that's there. If you're looking for similar fun, you'll find bumper boats & mini golf everywhere. Silver Dollar City is great. Check out McFarlin's restaurant in the IMAX building. Be sure to ask for the table that rises, but don't tell your friends! See an IMAX movie. If you are planning to see a show, check our Pierce Arrow. Stop at the diner in the Grand Village. The waiters sing to you. Very cool & good food. There's so much to do, just don't get overwhelmed when you go! (We're going on Monday!)

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