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Brandon mcinerney

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Rodriguez_Peter Brandon McInerney, el adolescente que asesinó a un compañero gay, se declara ... http://t.co/zHkL8c52

Marie_Sharp Brandon McInerney gets 21 years: School faulted in gay teen slaying http://t.co/cMW3vh1l

whatisreality RT @autostraddle: Brandon McInerney Will Go to Jail for 21 Years for Killing Larry King http://t.co/pWC1ktNW

ALotofNews1 New blog post : Brandon Mcinerney News & Updates http://t.co/F3nLEPL6

Bruce_Robbins Brandon McInerney, el adolescente que asesinó a un compañero gay, se declara ... http://t.co/LMdv8BDU

OUTspokenAU Teenager Brandon McInerney admits killing gay classmate http://t.co/qCzkWEXM

villagefilm Brandon McInerney pleads guilty in plea deal after the initial mistrial - he will serve a 21 year sentence, making him 38 when released

russwrightfla Brandon McInerney: Pleads Guilty In Murder Case Of Fellow Student, Larry King http://t.co/4KmjAOfQ via @huffingtonpost

awitinmusic Diana by Mak And The Dudes in Oldies But Goodies @ http://t.co/CGaNOkMJ #brandon mcinerney

VideonautTV ! http://t.co/TqIBvUis Teen Who Shot and Killed Gay Classmate Accepts Deal for 21 Years Behind Bars brandon mcinerney

worldtoknow Finally, some justice for Lawrence King. http://t.co/qD4IYBcM

chasedimock Brandon McInerney Finally Pleads Guilty, Free To Kill Again In 21 Years / Queerty http://t.co/LxF9uDkh via @queerty #queer #glbt

wocedraw ;) brandon mcinerney http://t.co/KZvZFE9z Roundup: Dothan beats Jeff Davis in boys basketball

Stephanyponac RT @MarieSharp: EO Green School shooting: Brandon McInerney pleads guility faces 21 years for Larry Kings death http:tcoamI1sw8o

freddierivera new blog post: Brandon McInerney gets 21 years: School faulted in gay teen slaying http://t.co/C8BfRl2M


Who heard about Lawrence King an openly gay student who was bullied & killed by another class mate? by S* E * X * Y* Shawn John Q: This video is 6 minutes and 3 seconds long, The trial for Brandon McInerney, the 15-year-old accused of gunning down openly gay classmate Lawrence King has been delayed. McInerney is charged with first-degree murder and a hate crime in the Feb. 12, 2008 slaying. McInerney allegedly shot King after his classmate—who was biracial, openly gay and sometimes wore makeup—gave him a Valentine Day's card. The prosecution says McInerney is a "racist skinhead" and the "execution-style" murder was premeditated click here to watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtTngLcKC5Y

A: I read about this and I hope McInerney is victimized in jail repeatedly. 25 to life, that's all

What are your thoughts about....??? by Cali Chick Q: the shooting of Lawerence King by Brandon McInerney at EO green??

A: Upsetting. It's even more sad that Lawrence asked his killer to be his Valentine, just days before he ended up murduring him.

If a 14 year old boy killed your child, what punishments, do you want him to face? by Cynical Q: Do you want the 14 year old boy to face death? Do you want him to spend 40 years of his life in prison? http://abcnews.go.com/US/eighth-grade-shooting-larry-king-brandon-mcinerney-boys/story?id=14666577

A: Sadly enough, i can really relate to this kid. I remember when i was 13, i was bullied, i was beat up, teased, and even shot with bb guns. I had so much anger because i felt hate towards my mom. I started writing satanic symbols and would draw everything upside down if it looked remotely satanic. I even wanted to steal a cops gun but i was already in Child Crisis. I ended up being bullied for 3 years until i stood for myself and got into fights. I'm 16 now, and now i know why this is wrong, but back then, if i had a gun, i would have killed everybody in my classroom excluding my one friend and then killed myself. then high school came, and i got beaten up by my supposed "friend" who was a senior, and i felt all that angry muster up i felt like exploding. I can understand why this kid did that. He should probably get a lighter sentence even though he killed someone and juvii/prison might make him worse. As far as it goes, if its true what i hear about prisoners, this one incident might make him to a ruthless killer instead of just an angry boy. So parole hearings are good. If he fails those, we all know it's already too late to save him

Is there a website or archive where I can find credible records/minutes of a trial? by Sarah Q: Specifically the trial of a Brandon McInerney. Help is appreciated!

A: Generally, no. Sometimes older cases make their way onto public internet libraries, but not this case. Contact Ventura County to find out what you need to do for a copy. They might even have an electronic version that can be emailed. I used to work for a company making court documents searchable through a common system. We are years away from being within a decade of current.

What do you think will be the outcome of the Brandon McInerney-Larry King case? by Atheist Sacrifice Q: I think in light of all the testimony so far and witness account that he will not be charged. Its just a very disturbing case because no one stepped in to assist these two kids. I dont blame one or the other, its just a very hard case, one boy is facing life in prison the other is dead, this could have all been avoided. I think they should let Brandon out and he should get the help he needs, they should not let him stay in prison because the school and its officials are in part responsible for this, and this will be a catalyst for reform and a lesson for all. http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-0811-gay-student-20110811,0,923167.story http://www.vcstar.com/news/2011/aug/12/mcinerney-was-routinely-abused-since-age-5-in/?partner=popular It is clear Brandon was not in the right state of mind because no normal kid would shoot another. Brandon should be set free and he needs to get the help he deserves.

A: What are you, his relative? First degree murder is what he'll get and what he deserves.

Was Brandon McInerney? by sailornaruto39 Q: Iam talking about the Lawrence king things mentioned here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E.O._Green_School_shooting I here that Brandon never bothered king but King insisted on sexually harrashing him and iam not talking about thing like "i love you" i mean ass grabbing and stuff and saying "i wanna fcuk you so hard,iam gonna lick that hole tonight" . Not that iam saying that killing someone because they said some dirty things to you.But if that is the case,it is more understandable why he shot him(not right but understandable)

A: His sentence will probably be mitigated downward because he was under duress, however he did kill the man, and in the eyes of the law he will be subject to punishment. It is a sad case.

Should Brandon McInerney be tried as an adult? by TattooMom <3's bEdward Q: I live in the county where Larry King was shot in an apparent hate crime because he was gay. Today I saw news vans all over and wondered what was happening -- well apparently the shooter's (whose pre-trial was to start today) dad was found dead. I am sure it'll be national news tonight. (It makes me sick how they play up the dad, but whatever) http://www.venturacountystar.com/news/2009/mar/18/mcinerney-found-dead/ The reason I ask about him being tried as an adult is because (and I don't know if it's because I am local therefor we get a bit more reporting on the whole story) I don't think he should. I think the kid needs mental help, and some reconditioning after the way he was raised. Here's a few facts (and please search the paper I linked for more info) that I don't see in national coverage: *Larry King was in Foster Care at the time he was murdered by Brandon. He was abandoned by his family and had a hard time coming out. *Brandon had told teachers that Larry was making passes at him and improperly touching him, although they did nothing about it. (I am not blaming the victim, I am saying this situation was becoming a time bomb ready to go off) *Sexual harassment is harassment no matter what the sex of the victims or perpetrators are. *Larry asked Brandon to go to a dance with him and taunted him in front of his friends the day before he was shot. *Brandon's father had already shot his wife (now ex) and Brandon knew about it. His mother survived, so could one draw a conclusion the boy had been taught shooting people is a way to handle difficult situations? *Brandon's father had threatened his sister with a gun, and told her that he would not only take her out, but the Oxnard police department too. *If one is raised in such violence, and taught that handling issues (despite the fact he DID ask for the teachers and the principals help and it was ignored) with a gun is "normal" should the parents not be held accountable? Especially when he is only 14? *The school district moved the principal out of the school and is trying to distance itself from any responsibility. I don't know if he qualifies for poster-boy for hate-crime. Both boys were in lose-lose situations, and it's a shame they crossed-paths AT ALL. Does 51 years in prison for a fourteen year old in this case seems too severe? Or should it be done to further the cause and make an example for punishment for hate crimes? I understand fully that Larry has no chance at life at all because Brandon took it. But should he bear the brunt of responsibility at only 14? I would like to hear your opinions. Please don't bash me too hard. Also know I come from a place where I actually had to pull my six year old son out of a public school here because he was being bullied so badly while the teachers, and especially, the principal would do nothing about it. Not teasing -- my kid was punched so hard in the back he bit through his tongue. He came home daily scraped, bruised, clothes ripped, etc. I actually filed a police report against the school. The principal then blamed my son for it, once she heard of the police report. I pulled my son out that day and since being in private school there has not been one single issue. Not one. Point: I take issue with the way local schools and the district is run. Thank you for your thoughts.

A: Adult. But, he needs some type of rehab/counseling & not just be thrown in jail. That won't help anything & will probably get this kid thrown into jail later in life for a more serious crime. He's still a kid, that true. But that just means that he can have a greater chance of the rehab/fear of gays addressed, instead of feeding upon that fear by sending him off to a regular jail. The role of the school & his parents also needs to be scrutinized. Anytime a child kills a classmate over a perceived rumor that the other student is gay, there is something that could've been done at home AND at school so this double tragedy could have been avoided.

Were Brandon McInerney (who killed a homosexual) actions biblically correct? by Questions Q: The bible says if a man should approach a man as he does a woman he should be killed. And Brandon McInerney, killed a homosexual for making advances towards him and being openly gay. He was 13 years old when he killed the other man, and he was given life in prison... (which is not supposed to be handed out to underage criminals) My personal opinon is that if you murder a nun you should get the death sentence, but if you kill a criminal, you should only get 5 or 6 years in jail and no more.

A: Yes his actions were correct. Had the victim not been gay, then he would have gotten a much lesser sentence. Dont make no sense to me neither.

If 14yo Brandon McInerney had complained? by BlackSunshine84 Q: that the 15yo gay student, Lawrence King, was sexually harassing him, how do you think his teacher and/or school admin would have reacted to his complaint?

A: They would have probably punished Brandon for not accepting gays. They are automatically entitled to special treatment ya know.

the Ventura County Star and Brandon McInerney? by Jaime Q: Two questions: Why did the Ventura County Star disable comments on nearly every Brandon McInerney article? Why is this newspaper being considered bias to the defense?

A: it could have crashed their servers or their ISP made them stop it so you could alway blame the isp and not the paper it could have been hacked could be another reason

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