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Born free

Romney woos Kid Rock, landing rocker-rapper and 'Born Free' for last rally ...
The GOP presidential candidate, after all, begins and ends almost every event with Kid Rock's song “Born Free.” So Romney's people reached out to Kid Rock's people. The answer came back: The rocker-rapper, famous for songs like “Bawitdaba” and “Cowboy ...

Kid Rock performs 'Born Free' for Mitt Romney campaign stop: Watch it here
“I'm happy to introduce a son of Detroit,” the Republican contender said to his audience. “A friend, a guy who makes great music, who introduces me by DVD everywhere I go: Kid Rock!” The long-haired musician and his band then ran through “Born Free,” ...

Romney campaigns in Puerto Rican style, says he supports statehood if they want it
Gone were the rusty factories, introductions to campaign theme song "Born Free," and even the "thanks you guys" greetings. In their place instead were seaside vistas, a 12-piece Latin band and an electronic remix of "Let's Get Ready to Rumble" as Mitt ...

New Poets, Old Tricks: Edie Rhoads releases debut poetry collection
The Burlington Free Press prints birth announcements of any child born in Vermont or to Vermont... Poet Edie Rhoads with daughter Amina, 5 months, and her car Ruthie at home in Burlington on Thursday March 15, 2012. / GLENN RUSSELL, Free Press ...

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Shantiydjtk RT @jamesbaldonaza: Romney woos Kid Rock landing rocker-rapper and Born Free for last rally … http:tcoMo6QOpMh

brendenKidd @montsxo yeah but it's funny because I know someone who actually has "Born Free" tattooed across his chest lol

montsxo @brendenKidd getting "Born Free..... Now I'm Expensive" across mine

brendenKidd Getting "Born Free" tattooed across my chest cuz #YOLO

news9_reviews NEWS : Romney woos Kid Rock, landing rocker-rapper and 'Born Free' for last rally … http://t.co/01DMimx5

doctoroswald RT @thankyou16teen: Man was born free, and he is everywhere in chains. Those who think themselves the masters of others are indeed greater slaves than they.

Shravana #honestyhour Middle East in my heart. All were always intended to be born free and live free w/o having to fight 4 it, let alone die 4 it.

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ElinaWhalan2174 Baruch Spinoza~ If men were born free they would so long as they remained free form no conception of good and evil.

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random_memory Romney woos Kid Rock, landing rocker-rapper and ' Born Free ' for last rally ... http://t.co/FRufILJi #bornfree

barbecuetips #news : Romney woos Kid Rock, landing rocker-rapper and 'Born Free' for last rally ... http://t.co/HDL3B1E7

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How Can I Abbreviate "Born Free"? by For What It's Worth... Q: I was thinking on put on my license plate Born Free...i think its a really good phrase...but i can only use 7 characters....so i was wondering how would it be better understood in 7 letters... BRNFREE...BORNFRE....BRNFR33...any ideas...or any phrases i could use...thanks...cheers

A: BORN333 ?

Anyone know the name of the lioness in the movie Born Free? by mackie Q: Just got a sweet honey colored female kitten from our local shelter and want to name her after the lioness in this movie but can not remember her name.

A: Elsa

Exactly what is this song 'Born Free' by MIA about? by Chu4Lyfe Q: I hear it's banned from YouTube in the United States, I also am a little lazy and dont feel like looking it up somewhere else lol, so anyone mind telling me what the song and the video is about? Thanks much!

A: Take a look here: http://www.songmeanings.net/

Born Free Bottles and Avent nipples? by born2run Q: I use Avent bottles but want to switch my little one to Born Free Bottles (BPA Free). I've read that the Born Free nipples tend to collapse. So, I'm hoping to use my Avent nipples with the Born Free Bottles. Does anyone have experience with this? Good? Bad?

Do you believe all children are born guilty or all children are born myth free? by Mudcat Q: And which is the more positive outlook on life?

A: They are born myth-free. They have to be taught to believe they are inherently bad and have to be "saved". Talk about abuse of the psyche.

is the born free music video real? by Q: i recently got done watching the m.i.a born free music video is it real killing all of the gingers?

A: probably not

Baby bottles - different between Evenflo and Born Free - BPA free? by dal Q: I was just at Babies R Us looking at the feeding bottles, I found Evenflo and Born Free glass bottle is BPA free, however, the price between the two is way different. Born Free bottle is about 10.99 and Evenflo only 5.99. Does anyone know why so much the difference? which brand is better?

A: I used the playtex bag bottles they was great and she did not have alot of gas and did not spit up and then i switched bottles for a week and well went straight back as she would not stop spitting up but my sister used the glass bottles and my nephew was great on them never spit up

I am thinking about switching from Dr. Browns bottles to Born Free bottles. I am wondering if anyone has made by Neena K Q: this switch? My daughter is 7 months old and has acid reflux. We really like the Dr. Browns bottles but worried about BPA. I am unable to find glass Dr. Browns bottles?

A: My 7 month old also has acid reflux and 2 days ago I just switched from Doc Browns to Born Free. I actually like them better. But her acid reflux hasnt changed or gotten worse from the bottle switch. I would do it if I were you. My baby did just fine and now our bottles are BPA free.

Man is born free but everywhere is in chains? by Q: spoken by french philosopher Rousseau , but what does he mean by this statement? come on yahooers i know somebody knows something.. i just need a easy understandable explanation TY

A: Well, everyone interprets things differently. My interpretation would be this.... We are born free, but there are always restrictions of some sort where ever we go on earth, like laws. Hopefully this helps a little...lol. =)

What is the Christian version of the 12 days of Christmas that says "a child born to set the world free"? by Q: I'm trying to find the song that I've heard on Christian radio stations for many years but I don't know the artist or title. It's a humorous parody of the 12 days of Christmas but the line that stands out is, "a child born to set the world free". There's also a line about "5 shopping malls".

A: 12 Days Of Christmas Keith Wonderboy Johnson On the first day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, He gave me the victory.Verse 2On the second day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, two shoutin' shoes and He gave me the victory.Verse 3On the third day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, three prayin' preachers, two shoutin' shoes,and He gave me the victory.Verse 4 On the fourth day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, four mighty missionaries,three prayin' preachers, two shoutin' shoes,and He gave me the victory.Verse 5On the fifth day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, five songs to sing, four mighty missionaries,three prayin' preachers, two shoutin' shoes,and He gave me the victory.Verse 6On the sixth day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me,six musicians playing,five songs to sing, four mighty missionaries,three prayin' preachers, two shoutin' shoes,and He gave me the victory.Verse 7On the seventh day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, seven days of praying,six musicians playing,five songs to sing, four mighty missionaries,three prayin' preachers, two shoutin' shoes,and He gave me the victory.Verse 8On the eighth day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, eight angels watching,seven days of praying,six musicians playing,five songs to sing, four mighty missionaries,three prayin' preachers, two shoutin' shoes,and He gave me the victory.Verse 9On the ninth day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, nine wise deacons,eight angels watching,seven days of praying,six musicians playing,five songs to sing, four mighty missionaries,three prayin' preachers, two shoutin' shoes,and He gave me the victory.Verse 10On the tenth day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, ten voices harmonizing,nine wise deacons,eight angels watching,seven days of praying,six musicians playing,five songs to sing, four mighty missionaries,three prayin' preachers, two shoutin' shoes,and He gave me the victory.Verse 11On the eleventh day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, eleven willing workers,ten voices harmonizing,nine wise deacons,eight angels watching,seven days of praying,six musicians playing,five songs to sing, four mighty missionaries,three prayin' preachers, two shoutin' shoes,and He gave me the victory.Verse 12On the twelfth day of Christmas, Jesus gave to me, twelve months to lift Him,eleven willing workers,ten voices harmonizing,nine wise deacons,eight angels watching,seven days of praying,six musicians playing,five songs to sing, four mighty missionaries,three prayin' preachers, two shoutin' shoes,and He gave me the victory

What artist sings that song: "Born Free" that they've been playing during the MLB Postseason? by matthewfein Q:

A: Kid Rock from his new album "Born Free" which is being released in November.

What does this quote mean? "Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains"? by crq307 Q: I want to know some examples of this and what it means. Also its validity.

A: This quote is the opening line of Jacque Rousseau's "Social Contract." He is saying that men are naturally free (that is, they enter the world as free beings) but are then enslaved by civil society. The social contract is basically the laws and institutions that men create to live civily with one another; but sometimes in a civil society we surrender too much personal freedom. You have to decide for yourself whether the statement is valid.

Men are born and remain free and equal in rights.Social distinctions may be founded only upon the general good? by Q: Men are born and remain free and equal in rights. (Okay, I understand that) *Social distinctions may be founded only upon the general good.* (What does the second phrase mean?)

What are the names of the three lions, Joy raises in the novel, Born Free? by TwinkieMan3 Q: also, what year did it take place, and where did it take place

A: Elsa was the female anyway dunno bout the two males though

Can Born Free bottles be turned into sippy cups using the Advent products? by S* Q:

A: I don't know if the advent products will work with them, but Born Free sells sippy cups.. you could use the Born Free products.

Examples of how "man is born free and everywhere he is in chains"? by Moriahhhh Q: This quote is about how although we are free we are enslaved by society. I'm writing an essay and need some examples, I have one about education and how we have to work from 9 to 5 to get income to survive.

Man is born free, and everywhere he is in shackles? by livelaughlove Q: Where is this found in the Constitution?

A: I don't think this is in the Constitution, it's a quote by Jean Jacques Rousseau.

What does “Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains” mean to you? by askerer Q: A passage from the works of Rousseau concerning political philosophy.

A: That someone famous made a contradictory statement trying to make a point about freedom and its loss.

animals are born free and they should stay like that? by xeo-pet Q: now, this is the given topic to us by our teacher, that me and my classmates should debate on. What would be the possible arguments should I state if I am on the opposition side?

A: leave them free, would you like to be torn away from your family (herd, pack, etc.)

Can Dr. brown bottle pieces work with other bottles such as born free? by startastic_mama Q: such as the nipple, tops and valves? I was thinking of getting the wide neck bottles but I am a little concerned about the BPA issues and hope I can use the pieces from the Dr. brown with the Born Free bottles or maybe other wide neck bottles. thanks

A: The Born Free bottles also have their own valve system. I tried it though for you just now! We have some 7 oz Born Free sippy cups and some 8 oz Dr. Brown's wide neck bottles and the valve system and nipple from the Dr. Brown's does fit on the Born Free cup (well the straw part of the valve was too long, but if you had the 9 oz Born Free bottles it would fit for sure).

What will comedians have to talk about if A Democrat is Pres? Are Dems just born free from error? by M CEE Q: Are they just so perfect that the watchdog groups will have nothing to do and Americans can finally just "relax", in the knowledge that we are safe and warm and that the "rest of the world" is finally pleased with us, and will let us alone? Will terrorists automatically stop attacking us? Will evil dictators suddenly feel bad about what they do? Will the whole world in essence, "Become Perfect"? It sure sounds that way!

A: Well, they could make fun of their sexual indiscretions, like they have for Clinton, Hart, etc. Or they could reveal the scandalous side of it all, like they did when so many of the Clintons friends ended up in jail or dead so that Clintons wouldn't be blamed for shady business deals. They could also make fun of their stupidity, like they did when Al Gore claimed to have invented the internet. It doesn't matter whether they are Democrat or Republican, the comedians will poke fun at and the press will scandalize them all. And I don't think there will be much relaxing, as most of us will have to work tremendously harder to pay for the higher taxes we will be paying to support things like social programs for unemployed Ukrainian-born plaster artists and contemporary art using urine as the medium of choice. And I also don't think terrorist will stop attacking us. If fact, we will be an even easier target because our borders won't be protected and they know we'll just slap their hand and try to rehabilitate them if they try.

What are the meanings behind the saying "Men are born free and Everywhere they are in chains"? by Tayy Q: Does the imply that there are different meanings of freedom? what are the philosophical and social implications behind this? It is from The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau, tell me what you think :)

A: when we are born, we have no rules, no guidelines. in essence, we are free of all judgement. yet everywhere we go as we grow up, we are told what to do, what to eat, how to live, etc. in society, we are bound by laws and guidelines and if we dare faulter, we are chastised and punished. we basically are bound by governments, parents, and peers opinions and rules.

Born free bottles nipples question for 9 month old? by Madilyn's mommy Q: I use variable flow nipples and my daughter chokes. Should I buy stage 2 medium or stage 3 fast instead?

A: if your daughter is choking when she eats then you need a low stage nipple. like the 2. my 2 month old is on the stage one the mediums make her choke.

Tommee Tippee or Born Free bottles? by Ruth G Q: I am planning on breastfeeding but will be going back to school full time when the baby is 8 weeks old. I have previously used the Born free glass bottles and loved them!...now they sell the silicone shields which is an added plus. While browsing online I came upon the Tommee Tippee bottles, and wondering if I should give those a try instead since they claim they are closer to breastfeeding, the only bummer is they don't have them in glass. Any suggestions or experiences with either?

A: Well if you loved the ones you used the first time it might be a good idea to stick with them or you could order just a couple of each and see which one the baby likes better.

is To be born free is an accident; To live free a responsibility; To die free is an obligation a positive? by Q: is this a positive or negative saying?

A: People are born free first. Everything else is auxiliary and placed upon you later.

What do you think about born free bottles? by cynthia s Q: Do you think theyre good with gas? and spitting up?

A: I have used at the daycare where I worked the Born Free bottles-but to be honest I dont like them. They're hard to screw and if you wait too long to unscrew them they're almost impossible! And they're absolutely ridiculously overpriced!! And they dont help at all with colic. As for gas I recommend the Playtex Vent -Aire, or the Nuby vented bottom-or the curved ones. Those are the best to reduce colic and gas.

Do you think KID ROCK is trying to sound like Bob Seger in his new song "Born Free" ? by SECRET DESTROYER Q: * Do you think Kid Rock's new song "Born Free" sounds like a Bob Seger song ?

A: Probably, he said in an interview that this new album was going to be all rock n roll so I'm guessing he wants to be like one of his favorite rockers. Bob Seger is in one of the songs too.

If white American women were born free, why did they feel they had so much in common with the enslaved? by Q: What did white american woman who were born free felt that they had in common with the enslaved. As much I as research the answer isn't cleared yet. Thank best rating to the best answer as in back in the days before woman rights--- when black were not please lets be serious..

A: Women in general want to help other women no matter their color. This may be because they are nurturers. You may be born "free" but there is always inequality. This varies from country to country. Women bonding together can bring change. Oppression of anyone is wrong.

Where can I watch Business of being born Online and free? by avidmum Q: All morning I have been looking to find the business of being born online, but came with no luck!! I can't rent it around here and none of the stores carry it and I've wanted to see it for over a year now! I've looked at sites that claimed to have them and they didn't work.. anybody know where I can possibibly watch it free and online?

A: I just watched it yesterday, it was amazing and eye opening. I got it through netflix, I couldn't find it online either. They sell pretty inexpensive copies on amazon.

Did Immanuel Kant believe that every man is born free and that everything happens for a reason? by BeachBabe412 Q: What are his beliefs on these things?

A: Kant believed all individuals possess a "rational free will" and are capable of recognizing the three pillars of morality -- God, freedom, and immortality, he also believed that if a person to abandon the three moral virtues then punishment to be distributed to an individual based on the action undertaken. so freedom is not absolute according to Kant its more restricted and connected to morality.

Should i set the pet i have had ever since i was born free? Or should i give it to my neighbours to eat? by Abbey S Q: I have a snake that I have had since I was born. My family is going broke and I can't afford to keep it and nobody wants it. I have asked shelters, pet shops and friends and family. but the only people that want it is my neighbours who come from a country that eats snakes and they miss the tradition. or should i set the snake free but he doesn't know how to live in the wild and would probably die!!!!!!!

A: There is absolutly no need to do any of these things. If you go to a pet shop they will have it. Any pet shop would take it from you because they then could just sell it on. It wouldnt survive on its own. And any decent person wouldnt ever let anybody eat their pet instead of letting it go to a family that could look after it better xx

Anybody using born free bottles for their newborn? by Hannah Q: Do you find the level 1 nipples too slow? My baby is coming up to 5 weeks old and she seems to be getting frustrated with the level 1 but the level 2 nipples are for 3-6 months. Should I try the level 2 or would they be too fast for her? Thanks.

A: my daughter is 6 months old and still uses level 1 She hates level 2 and spits up everywhere... so it is basically just a guideline. you dont have to follow it exactly. but you could also do like a trial with it and just see how it goes

where can i buy replacement parts for my born free baby bottles? by Jennifer Q: a few of them are missing the little snap in piece that flow the milk, i just need to buy some replacement pieces for them. do you know where and how much i can get them for?

A: http://letmegooglethatforyou.com/?q=born+free+bottles http://www.newbornfree.com/Catalog.aspx?categoryid=8757

"Man is born free and yet everywhere he is in chains" could this quote by rousseau be related to law? by questioner Q: I can't figure out how this quote is related to law other then the idea of legal paternalism and (in Canada) the reasonable limits clause of the Charter. Any one have any other law related ideas that relate to this quote?

A: I found this quote and it seems plausible. "He was saying that 'man' is born good and society, as opposed to keeping our evil impulses in check, is the very thing that corrupts us." Perhaps meaning that society stokes negative impulses such as greed.

men are born free and equal in rights social distinctions may be based only on common utility? by Q: i want to know, what does this mean. the farthest i can translate is everyone has freedom and have natural born rights.

A: It means that fundamentally all people have the same standing as human beings before the law, but even so, society will value some people more than others

Why is it that everywhere people are born free, yet everywhere live in chains? by Q: Who is more free, the master or the slave? I am paraphrasing a philosopher whose influences appears in our founding documents. sean: western philosopher. french. he was a major influence on the founding fathers. cheyenne: you got it!

A: 'Who is more free, the master or the slave.' I've read that somewhere before, Lao Tzu possibly?

Which is better: Born Free baby bottles or Nuby baby bottles? by sharra Q: I'm looking for a BPA-free non-glass baby bottle. I've heard a lot about born free but they are awfully expensive. I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with that or other BPA-free bottles so I can make a decision about whether it's worth the money.

A: I've never tried Born Free, but I love the Nuby Non Drip bottles. I've never had them leak. I went out and got them after reading about BPA and they are SO much cheaper than Born Free's ($20.00 for 2 bottles vs. $8.00 for 3). There are 3 things that can be a little annoying with them. The nipples they come with are weird and, like the other poster said, are for kids who are hard suckers. I just replaced them with a different nipple (Walmart sells a 3 pack of nipples under the "parents choice" label that are actually Nuby's). It can also be kinda hard to see the ozs lines - the bottles are not clear (BPA free) so everything is the same color. Also, they tip over at the drop of a hat. They are kinda hourglass shaped and just love to topple over. All in all, they are great. Having a cheap, BPA free bottle far outweighs the few minuscule annoyances.

Is rapper MIA in jail for her video born free? by Pretty Girly Q: The video is a whole bunch of gingers dieing, its not even a song all she says is born free. Is she in jail how can I make her get in jail? This video is beyond horrible and a disgrace, as well as disgusting.

A: Its just a video, so No. She is not in jail. MTV described it as "unflinchingly, unapologetically real" depicting "the kind of things that most nations — including the U.S., which is portrayed as the aggressor in the clip — often pretend don't happen: the rounding-up of ethnic minorities, the trampling of personal liberties, the bullying of the powerless by those with authority

Who agrees, we are born free and equal? We should live and die free and equal? Is this worth be leaving? by g4justice Q: If those with good brains agree . We each, as human beings are born free and equal. When we die, are we not, once again free and equal. While we are alive, and can think and see. I feel it is our human duty to confront those that covet, way be hound the scope of free and equal. Lets demand clarification for definition of FREE and EQUAL. In order to claim or inheritance. The value of free and equal. My question, is it worth defending? The right to be free.

A: I disagree. We are not born equal, we are all different. People are born with advantages and disadvantages. No one, born healthy, has an inherit advantage but factors such as environment, political and racial populations and popular concepts of attractiveness are just a few of the more obvious ways in which some people are favored and some not. We are not born free. We are not born consenting to the circumstances of our parents, countries or the state of the world. We can become free but we are not born that way. Freedom, what ever it is, is a struggle, not a destination. It will never be something we have, only something we continue to build or let decay. It is not stagnant. Yes, it's worth defending the right to be free. But, with our own freedom comes responsibility and with others freedoms comes compromise. It's not the right that is important as much as the act of not only being free yourselves but allowing other to be free even when it compromises our own.

Does anyone know if Nuk wideneck bottle nipples fit into Born Free wideneck glass bottles? by Lisa G Q: I can't find any Nuk wideneck glass bottles that are sold or shipped to the U.S., all I can find is Born Free bottles. I am trying to make the switch to glass bottles, but my daughter is a fan of the Nuk wideneck nipples. Thanks for any help on the matter. :) Or if there are any glass bottles that fit the Nuk nipple?

A: It is not good to use any nipple on a bottle it wasn't designed to go with. It can create suction in the bottle or difficulties for the baby to feed. You can buy 3 bottles for around $13 online or in retail stores. http://www.target.com/Gerber-NUK-Orthodontic-10-oz-Bottles/dp/B000KWDYRE/qid=1234950786/ref=br_1_11/185-6392350-6133201?ie=UTF8&node=1194774&frombrowse=1&pricerange=&index=tgt-mf-mv&field-browse=1194774&rank=pmrank&rh=&page=2 http://www.drugstore.com/qxp165748_333181_sespider/gerber_nuk/orthodontic_bottles_0_months_10_oz_assorted_colors.htm I've also seen them at walmart and some pharmacies.

if I am using a medela breast pump, can i use born free bottles for feedings? by JMC Q: I'm a new mom and about to begin pumping milk for my newborn. Do I only have to use medela products with the medela breast pump? I really want to use born free bottles to feed my baby....

A: you can use any bottle to feed your baby with or teat as they all prefer something different but some pumps will only fit a particular style of bottle but its fine to pump and transfer

Can we still say we are born free in the United States? by sound_of_the_silenced3 Q: Every child born has a 50,000 dollar stone around their neck........................Seeing how they are being born into debt can you say we are born free in the united states?

Are BORN FREE glass bottles compatible with the Philips Avent Microwave Sterilizer? by sbk Q: I am a first time mom and am expecting my baby in March. I plan to use the BORN FREE glass bottles for storing breast milk. I already have a Philips Avent Microwave Sterilizer from my friend. Does anyone know if these are compatible? Would appreciate some advise.... thanks!

A: According to this site they can be boiled: http://www.greatbeginningsonline.com/manufacturer/index.asp?MANUFACTURER_ID=385 So would probably withstand the heat from steam sterilising, but in all honesty you need to call the manufacturers and ask them.

What is the little animal in the movie "Born Free"? by Verbena Q: In the movie "Born Free" there is a little gray animal named Patty. What sort of animal is she?

A: She is a rock hyrax. They look rather like rodents, but are actually more closely related to elephants! I've seen them in the wild, they are somtimes called 'dassies' in South Africa. Here's a picture of one: http://www.marietta.edu/~biol/biomes/images/desert/rock_hyrax_7042.jpg

Which bottle do you prefer tommee tippee or Born Free? by cynthia s Q: My first daughter seem to like born free better, but im expecting my second child and born free is expensive.

Can someone please send me a link of the Born Free Secret life of the american teenager full episode? by bailey b Q: I cant find a link or anything to watch the season 2 episode five Born Free show of Secret Life of the American Teenager if someone could please send me a link of the full episode that'd be great :) thanks!

A: Try watchsecretlife.net

Has anyone had any suction problems with the born free bottle? by Q: My daughter is a month old and doesn't seem to get good suction on the born free nipples. I think she might be sucking in air.

A: OMG I had that happen to me to with my twins. So i ended up buying Medela and Nuk bottles because the babies weren't gaining weight but now they're healthy weight

Can I use AVENT microwave sterilizer with Born Free Plastic bottles? by Jonesy Q: I've decided to switch from using the Avent bottles I got at my shower (all, like, 180 of them :T) to the plastic Born Free ones cause they are BPA-free. I decided to skip the Born Free sterilizer since they only really need to be sterilized once but I was wonder if anyone knew if it was possible to use my Avent microwave sterilizer steamer thingie for these bottles.

A: As long as they fit inside well and you can snap it shut you should be fine. The only other ting is to confirm they can be steam steralized and by your description it sounds okay

Are we born free and end up enchained? Or are we born chained and must free ourselves? by Q: Voltaire and Rosseau disliked each other and, it's funny, they seemed to have opposing ideas on this subject. I know, I'm reading a bit into it, too. Voltaire - “It is hard to free fools from the chains they revere.” Rousseau - “Men are born free, but everywhere they are in chains" == @fractal - if you're reading this, it stems from the earlier question @justsaidit - Well put. So when we crave to be young again, is it because we wish to rechoose our chains?

A: We are chained simply by being human bodies. (Yes, I meant to say "being human bodies.") So, we are born with some chains. We love those so much, it seems, that we then chain ourselves with more chains, or allow ourselves to be chained with other chains, as we accept the ideas inherent in being a part of human society. Religion, for one thing, could be energizing and liberating, but usually ends up being one of the biggest chains of them all. Perhaps the most disguised chain is the chain of belief in free will - that even what drives and motivates us in fulfilling ways is freely chosen. What the most successful of us do is find out what he or she is "here to do" - how their programming has set them up to function. When that is found and may be employed within society in a way that is harmonious to themselves and their surroundings, that is a successful human life. >> Howdy, fractal! >> Thanks, frou!

How much water do you use to sterilize bottles in a Born Free Microwave Sterilizer? by Oh baby... Q: I have a Born Free Microwave Sterilizer, but I misplaced the directions. I know you're supposed to microwave it for 4 minutes, but how much water are you supposed to use? Thanks! I found the directions! :-) 6.5oz (200mL). Hope that helps anyone else who was in my boat!

A: doesnt the package say?

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