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scherfftrputt8 Aaron_Eyler agreed - Borders just went down so now we're out. I order my books and sometimes traipseneqjL

LowKei_ ...as Barnes & Noble and Borders continue to go out of business. RT [email protected]: I'm about to order so many books from Amazon. Forgive me.”

YoungNdRich Debating should I go to the library and check out random books orrr go to borders and get a good book...?

PrimaDivaBo Im still upset they close borders in hyde park down....where else can I vent && read good books for free

Paulobac I just finished reading "NO ME DIGAS QUE FUE UN SUEÑO - LINDA R. HERNÁNDEZ" AMAZING BOOK! @palibrio @Borders #books #romance

mapoqam Discount coupons borders books http://t.co/aoD24MPR

MrsLKeehn Books A Million opens in former Borders building in Rapid: http://t.co/eWN7KMCo

IfYou_wondErin Any good books out worth reading?? Gonna stop at borders or something before I go home. #ilovetoread #suchanerd #idontcare lol

MeliissaChew Watching Twilight makes me miss reading a lot. Too bad borders closed down. It's the best place to shop for books.

winniekepala @desmondngai What a coincidence. I just saw all his books on display at Borders & was thinking the same thing.

SCREAMyvette RT @CloseMinded_: I want to go to Borders. Read books & drink starbucks all day.

CloseMinded_ I want to go to Borders. Read books & drink starbucks all day.

cricketcalorie tony iommi is signing books at borders in upper darby ... what ?

jakepublic @2bg they closed the store in our area a couple of years ago. It was right next to the Borders Books

Allyheartselmo I haven't bought books since Borders closed. Gonna go find indie books stores.


What is the starting pay at Borders Books? by liveitup676 Q: I'm thinking of applying. If you could also tell me where you live, that would be helpful, since pay varies by location. Thanks!

A: Pay varies by minimum wage and location. It also varies on experience and what ever else the store manager can think of as in any job. I started at 7.25 (FL). It could be minimum wage and in could be rounded up to the nearest dollar. It really varies to greatly. You're better off just applying and not just think of it. Cause there's still the chance of you might not even get hired. So just try it anyway put in what you would like your starting wage to be or put in negotiable. Think of your experience in the bookseller field. Or in books in general as well as movies and Music if your borders store has it. Take in consideration the minimum wage of your area and be reasonable. You should apply non the less either way so that you get the chance of being hired. Once they take you into consideration and decide to hire you at any job the first week or two is more or less a trial period. The day of either being interviewed or first day on the job you will be told what your wage is if not ask (it should be done in the interview stages of the job). If you don't like it see if you can raise it a little (be reasonable) otherwise just walk away yourself. The trial period isn't only for them its for you as well. To see how much you like the job as well. I.E. Can you see yourself doing this everyday how they expect it to be done? Can you work with the people around you? (sorry for the long post)

Name of the artist 4 Borders Books who does the red-head fairy? by katnippy Q: Borders has a new "mascot" I guess that's a fairy with red hair. Who's the artist? How do I get contact info?

A: The artist is Sandy Malcavoir, isn't it?

I bought a computer from Borders Books when they closed. How do I completely wipe it? by Jessica Q: The computer will not go past the white screen saying "loading search page." Occasionally it turns red but reverts back. I want to wipe the hard drive so I can start over again using a completely "new" computer.

A: FIRST MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SYSTEM RESTORE DISCS, or OPERATING SYSTEM UP IS PART OF YOUR COMPUTERS FACTORY SETTINGS!!!!!!!!!! This will insure that when you do wipe your computer, you will be able to access your operating system (i.e. windows xp, vista, 7, or mac) When you first turn the computer on, there will be a screen that comes up before the main menu screen. IT WILL ONLY BE THERE A FEW SECONDS. On the bottom of that screen it will say something like F9 - Setup , F11 - System Restore , and probably a few other F# commands. Quickly press the F# button that brings you to the system restore option. Select which kind of system restore you want to perform. (Either complete to factory settings, or Restore to a previous point in time) Follow on screen instructions. Good luck

Is it possible to get banned from buying books at Borders or B&N because you keep returning the books you buy? by N Q: Is that even legal? After all, their own policy states that you can return books, so you're not doing anything illegal. Just to clarify, I return books in perfect condition (usually after I've finished reading them or if I don't enjoy them) and they accept them (their return policy does not state that the books have to be damaged to be returned back). People have told me to use the library, but sometimes I don't find the books I'm looking for at the library, which is why I use borders.

A: No you won't get banned. Plus there's a million borders, your set ;)

What happens to the books in the closing borders locations? by Sarah Q: What will come of the books in the Borders locations that are closing? What will be the outcome of the sales of the books and how will it affect the authors of the books in Borders?

A: I'm not sure..but in my mall one has already closed and they didn't have a closing sale or anything. I'm wondering if it might get sent back to another store..

where is Barnes and noble and Borders books store near university of bridgeport? by HANABI- Q: I'm from New York and im going to attend University of Bridgeport this year. so basically im new to Connecticut. so i want to know where and how can i get to barnes and noble or borders book stores, or any book stores. Direction Please Thank YOU!!!!

A: Wow. If you're going to college, it's time you learned to find your way around the internet on your own. Go to BarnesandNoble.com and use their store finder. Go to Borders.com and do the same. Google "Bridgeport, CT" and look at the various sites that come up. A lot of them will include maps. Browse the University's website and see what information the offer about the surrounding area. You can't get through college by relying on Yahoo Answers to find things for you.

How many interviews does it take, to get hired at Borders books? by Comic B Q: The manager at borders said that they were considering me for a second interview. I'm wondering how many interviews it takes to get hired.

A: Most of the time it is two interviews for retail and restaurants. If the first interview is good then you get an interview with another manager. After that they will call and make you an offer if you get the job.

Can I get borders books for my nook? by Dani:) Q: Hey guys. I just wanted to know if I could get borders books onto my nook. A librarian at Borders told me I could download some borders app to my nook. Is that true and how could I get the app? And I wanted to know if the app worked, could I use my borders gift cards to pay for the book?

A: As far as I know, you can't get borders books for your nook. This is mostly because Barnes and Noble doesn't let you install apps. However, I can be wrong. Check Barnes and Noble website...

What books should I get at Borders book store? by Mist Q: Okay I just happen to be going to Borders to night .. and coincidentally they are having a twilight kick-off party -___- ? Anyway .. what books should I buy?

A: Here is a great list of awesome books :) * means it's a series Girly: Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen Gossip Girl* by Cecily Von Siegesar The Private Series* by Kate Brian Pretty Little Liars* by Sara Shepard The Shopaholic Series* by Sophie Kinsella Can You Keep A Secret? by Sophie Kinsella The Clique Series* by Lisi Harrison The Luxe* by Anna Godbersan The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty 13 Blue Enveloppes by Maureen Johnson Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants* by Ann Brashares Princess Diaries* by Meg Cabot Airhead by Meg Cabot Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen Peaches* by Jodie Lynn Anderson Sea Girl by Maureen Johnson Gingerbread* by Rachel Cohn Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin Keeping the Moon by Sarah Dessen The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin Earth, My Butt and Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler Stargirl* by Jerry Spinelli Vegan Virgin Valentine by Carolyn Mackler Bermudez Triangle by Maureen Johnson A Great and Terrible Beauty* by Libba Bray The Au Pairs* by Melissa de la Cruz Just Listen by Sarah Dessen Twilight* by Stephenie Meyer Sci-fi-ish/fantasy: Maximum Ride* by James Patterson The Anubis Gate by Tim Powers Artemis Fowl* by Eoin Colfer Eragon* by Christopher Paolini Lud-In-The-Mist by Hope Mirrlees The Uglies Series* by Scott Westerfeld Molly Moon* by Georgia Byng Harry Potter* by J.K. Rowling Thin Ice by Jamie Bastedo Horror/Weird to explain: The da Vinci code by Dan Brown Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (sequel to the da Vinci code) Crank*by Ellen Hopkins Glass* by Ellen Hopkins (sequel to Crank) Burned by Ellen Hopkins Impulse by Hopkins Lisey's Story by Stephen King The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Desperation by Stephen King Deception Point by Dan Brown Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger Red Jericho* by Joshua Mowll Vampires (if you read Twilight or you just really ♥ vampires): Blue Blood* by Melissa de la Cruz House of Night* by P.C Cast & Kristen Cast Vampire Diaries* by L.J Smith Diary of a Vampire by S.M Royston The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice Vampire Kisses by Schreiber (?) Vampire Nation by Arlene Russo Happy Reading! Hope this helped

What can I buy with $40 dollars at Borders books store? by I Love Twilight! Q: I have $40.00 dollars and I don't know what to buy. I love Borders Store. I like Twilight and Harry Potter. Also I want the members card but I don't know if I should. Recommend me or advice me something I have the first Twilight book only. I have all harry potter books except the 6 and 7 book. (I don't want to get the 7 book because its hard back)

A: buy the chronicles of thomas covenant by stephen r. donaldson the sword of shannara by terry brooks the dresden files by jim butcher

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