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Bonnie and clyde

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Macattack11 Bonnie and clyde was actually amazing. The music was incredible. Sort of in love with clyde..

Nickuhtine @jenandjuice_ text me if you need someone to talk to guuuurl. I gotcha. Bonnie and Clyde. I'll kill a nigga for ya, ヽ( ̄д ̄;)ノ

NajGorgeous Bonnie and Clyde. Put us together how you gon stop both us?

dezRcortez @Que_soo and I are on some bonnie & clyde isshh right now! #ridingdirty

Eat_My_Tweet_ @bravebirdd Edward and Bella <<<< Bonnie and Clyde!!! ....

GameBoyTYSON We were supposed tobe Bonnie&Clyde I stealyour heart& you steal mine but your the one with the criminalmind youkept yours and murdered mines

Vicious2500 @Jaymiller223 @just_in_l0ve @MinaMina85 futuristic Bonnie and Clyde here...get paid time...

___iloveSALIYAH down the ride at the very end is me and my boyfriend ♥ . . . (bonnie & clyde)

IDGAF__iLOVEYOU RT @VeteALaMierd_2x: Relationship like Bonnie n Clyde, sex like Jody n Yvette, argue like Ike and tina, live like martin and gina. THATS LOVE!.

Mikaela_dgaf RT @VeteALaMierd_2x: Relationship like Bonnie n Clyde, sex like Jody n Yvette, argue like Ike and tina, live like martin and gina. THATS LOVE!.

ImChelseaaa RT @VeteALaMierd_2x: Relationship like Bonnie n Clyde, sex like Jody n Yvette, argue like Ike and tina, live like martin and gina. THATS LOVE!.

MyNiggaWHITEtho RT @VeteALaMierd_2x: Relationship like Bonnie n Clyde, sex like Jody n Yvette, argue like Ike and tina, live like martin and gina. THATS LOVE!.

simplyfancy_ In time.. Very good movie.. Bonnie and clyde tyype shoit

Lilah86 In Time is the futuristic Bonnie and Clyde but I still enjoyed it!!

TavySmiley i could go from otis to lost one to even bonnie and clyde to prove how much of a poet jay is But...I got so much homework. lol whatever


If Bonnie & Clyde were alive today would they have sold sub-prime mortages bundled and into AAA rated? by ms_wheedler Q: securities to unsuspecting investors?

A: This is your best question yet! :) They weren't very well educated so I doubt that they would be mortgage brokers but many of them are modern bank robbers so who knows? Maybe Clyde would have studied harder with so much money ready to be stolen.

What made Bonnie and Clyde different from the other criminals in the public enemy era? by ekb11293 Q: What made Bonnie and Clyde different from the other "folk heroes" in the 1930s like Dillinger, Baby Face Nelson, Pretty Boy Floyd, a lot like the western out laws Frank and Jessie James?

A: they were a couple, at that time it was unheard of for a woman to participate is the type of crime that Bonnie did much less a couple

How did the public view Bonnie and Clyde in the thirties? by cooterpie02 Q: I was looking up information on them and was wondering how the public viewed them. Some sites say people feared them because they were of course murders. Police, I know, would have wanted to catch them. However, some sites make it sound as though people liked following the story and saw Bonnie and Clyde as romantic heroes. I have never seen the film but have read that the movie also makes them likeable to the audience. So... How did people in the thirties actual feel about Bonnie and Clyde from their first crime to their death.

A: I saw a documentery about them. At Clyde's funeral 5,000 showed up there, for many reasons. because he was famous ,infamous, some idolized him some glad hes dead. The ones who admired him because the times were in the depression. sort of get back at the system.

Witch Song Was Made First Kim Or 97 bonnie & Clyde eminem ? by Felipe Q: I Know That 97 bonnie & clyde continues after Kim but In The Album Slim Shady LP 1999 97 bonnie and clyde was made & in The Marshal Mathers Album 2000 Kim the song was made ?

Is there a listing of how many movies and the years for Bonnie & Clyde? by Donna Q: I am trying to find a site that lists all the different movies that have been made about Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and the years in which they were released

A: 12 movies with Bonnie no way of knowing if that includes all tv movies, or movies from other countries 13 for Clyde http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0011265/ might be a few less some of the ones listed are episodes on tv

What are songs like 97 Bonnie & Clyde by Eminem? by gangsta of the year Q: I only want songs by Eminem or D12 Like 97 Bonnie & Clyde, I have Kim, and 3:A.M. So any others?

A: Tupac-Me & My Girlfriend

Which song is better?: '03 Bonnie and Clyde (jay-z) or '97 Bonnie and Clyde (eminem)? by Britney Q: Eminem for me. Gay-Z ain't got nothing on Shady.

What Is A Nickname For 2 Best Friends, Somethinqq Like Bonnie && Clyde? by Megan Q: Me And My BVestfriend Need Nicknames Like Bonnie And Clyde,? Or Thinqq One && Thinqq 2.?

A: thelma and louise! they were there for eachother thick and thin!

Would a 1934 postal News Clip of Bonnie and Clyde be worth selling? by askme Q: I have a news article that was posted in the Dallas Time Herald dated 1934 of Bonnie & Clyde. How would I find information if the poster would be worth having it auction?

A: Yes. It can go for quite a bit of money to a collector.

What do you think Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow would think of the today's banking system? by Jackie Q: I have to write a letter in history class pretending to be a person from modern society (who are dead now). I thought Bonnie & Clyde would fit the bill for this assignment.

A: What with silent alarms, self locking doors and vaults, exploding dye packs, cameras and fast police cars, I'm sure Bonnie and Clyde would hate today's banking system

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