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Every face Boehner and Biden made at the State of the Union last night
Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio listen as President Barack Obama gives his State of the Union address on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday Jan. 28, 2014. (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak). Sure, President Obama had the ...

Pete Wilson syndrome: Boehner and the GOP's last chance on immigration reform
Tick, tock, the clock has run out on John Boehner and his GOP cohort to present a credible immigration reform plan to the nation. And that doesn't mean just any set of “principles,” but a coherent, comprehensive bill that will pass the House, reconcile ...

John Boehner Is Orange — Shows Off Tan Skin For State Of The Union 2014
@TrueBlueLiberal posted: ”I'm not a fashion expert, but is the green tie John Boehner's wearing really the right shade to go with his fresh coat of orange face paint?” @LynnSosnoskie wrote: “Whether you are liberal or conservative, we can all agree ...

Boehner, unchained
Boehner publicly acknowledged that it was his party that caused the disastrous shutdown, joked about foreign governments spying on the United States, compared himself to the Gestapo and even entertained talk about his perpetually tanned skin tone.

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Who do you think had the unfortunate job of cleaning out the bucket filled with tears under Boehner's desk? by Ando Man Q: An intern or page? Would Boehner have likely forced a young Democratic intern to do that? A janitor?

A: Glenn Beck. He recycles them.

How much hate is America going to show toward Boehner after two years? by bobby Q: Knowing how much America hated Pelosi, and seeing how Boehner is actually worse than her, I wouldn't be surprised if he became more hated than even Pelosi after just a few months.

A: I'd tell him to quit going to the tanning salon ASAP. Real bad for his image.

Now that Boehner is Speaker of the House, what do you think it will do for Obama? by anonymous Q: Boehner has long been a thorn in the side of Obama and the Democrats. How do you think this will affect the remainder of Obama's term?

A: Boehner and the rest of the republican will continue to make things difficult for President Obama, Democrats and the american people.But every day that they are in power the american voters will get to see hypocrisies in action.Then in 2012 we will send them packing.

Why wont Boehner and the GOP bring the shutdown to a vote? by BigBubbaLove Q: As of Wednesday, there were enough Republicans to pass a CLEAN bill to re-open government There are enough sensible republicans, along with democrats, to simply put the government back to work. If Boehner put it to a straight vote right now, it would pass. Simply put, Boehner, and Boehner alone is keeping the government shut down. Why?

A: The BULLY-BRAT extremists within his own party are backed by insurance lobbyists with mighty deep pockets and the far-FAR-rightwing Heritage Foundation and Council on National Policy, so they are threatening Boehner (and all other Republicans who do not vote with them to keep the shutdown in place) with a primary challenge---running a teabagging evangelical opponent against them in gerrymandered (rigged) "red" districts. There may be other factors at work, but this has been a running threat by the out-of-control teabagger extremists that are now holding this nation HOSTAGE in a SNIT-FIT TEMPER TANTRUM to EXTORT their way into an usurpation of power. There can be no yielding on the part of the Democrats or the President of the United States because the TP extremists are DEAD WRONG and will only do this insanity again if they are not treated like the SPOILED-BRAT CHILDREN they have become.

What do you think about Boehner and Senate Bob Corker disagreeing on the prospect of a deal? by EEEEEE!!!!! Q: The key to any deal is getting Democrats to agree to structural changes to entitlement programs while Republicans agree to adding more revenue by closing tax loopholes. Senator Bob Corker today spoke positively of this; Boehner said any such deal would be impossible thus apparently leaving the issue open for the next President. Is Corker the one signaling that there is room for a deal while Boehner keeps the base from getting angry prematurely? Or what?

A: Boehner, by the law of tea, has to be against any further revenue increases. But if the Senate sends him a bill with balanced deficit reduction he just might have to allow a vote on it.

How many days will it take for John Boehner and Eric Cantor to cave on the payroll tax cut extension? by The Ladies Man Q: I think they will cave by Wednesday 28 December 2011. After getting an ear full from their constituents over the Christmas weekend. Right now Boehner is looking for a way to save face, and the Senate and President should not allow him to save face.

A: with politicians its hard to say. Could be in about 5 minutes or it could be a few days lol

Can you blame Boehner for not wanting to listen to the most untrustworthy man in politics? by Democrat Traitor Q: The "Let the Republicans go first" president without a plan has been the least trustworthy person ever to hold office. How could Boehner trust him with his track record of fear mongering, lies and deceit.

A: No I wouldn't even want to sit down in the same room with him

Does the look on Jon Boehners face say it all? Think Biden will take him down easy? by James L Q: I think he should reveal the cruel nature of boehner and expose him for the ruthless slave to big business he is.

A: honestly I gotta give SOME credit to Boehner on the debt deal and now this. He basically told his fellow party members, albeit too politely, that they need to man up and stop being @ssholes and put their egos aside to get the job done. Boycotting the Presidents speech, for any member of Congress, should be grounds for immediate termination. I don;t care if you hated George Bush or Obama, he's teh president and you're an elected official. GO DO YOUR JOB. I swear this whole congress is full of clowns just saving face for their parties. God forbid any Republican or democrat should think about their own constituents.

What group of citizens were Boehner and his pals trying to attract without their suits today? by Won't You Guess My Name Q: Boehner and his pals dressed like good old boys without suits during their Pledge to American announcement. Boehner sure looked like he needed a drink. But at least they didn't look like the elite that we all know they are.

A: Not sure, but he seemed to be backed by a younger looking group. Maybe that was why he looked like he needed a drink, trying to keep up a youthful appearance when you are a dinosaur must be difficult.

Is Boehner simply trying to get the attention of the republican party wanting to kill medicare by introducing? by mike Q: Is Boehner simply trying to get the attention of the republican party wanting to kill medicare by introducing a resolution to bar ground troops in Libya and or is this only after the Kucinich resolution which calls for an end to U.S. involvement in the campaign to overthrow Qadhafi within 15 days of enactment?

A: B0ner's a dove.

Why is it Clinton and Gingrich can agree but Boehner and Obama can't? by Andrew Q: Gingrich and Clinton got a surplus Obama and Boehner hate each others guts and can't agree on anything why is this? It wasn't like this in the 90s when republicans controlled both the house and senate.

A: boehner is NO Gingrich and Clinton is more moderate then obama

Does it look like Boehner and the Republicans are already backpedaling on a budget deal ? by magick Q: Before the pen could be put to paper Boehner is now demanding Obamacare be part of the negotiations . Pardon me for saying so , but , I told you so .... Fasten your seat belts the cliff approaches ... @ D.E.M. : I agree in principle but you and I have paid the hefty cost of those without insurance for too long now , along with billions in corporate welfare . The way that unions get the best price on insurance is because of the large pool . There are provisions for the truly needy . @ Jakob : Glad to hear the Republicans have people like you to spread their agenda . Reid has had 7 REPUBLICAN budgets on his desk and all have included the Bush tax cuts for the rich be made permanent . How many times and how many elections will it take for the Republicans to understand that is NOT an option ? No deal is better than a bad deal and unless there is a good deal the Republicans face being swept out of office en mass in the 2014 midterms . People are tired of the constant obstruction . Business people and workers alike . @ Jakob : If you need 2 sources you are going to have to turn on the news yourself . I am not responsible for you . Let me guess , if Fox doesn't cover it , it didn't happen , right ?

A: They don't want to make a deal, they never did, they just want to pretend to be trying to make one while digging in their heels and obstructing everything.

Why is John Boehner so attack focused on Obama? by Average College Student Q: Boehner derailed Obamas last plan to help small businesses and families. How can the economy work without major government funding??? Republicans have no clue at all. They ignore unions and their families and want big employers like the auot industry and AIG to fail. Is there going to be payback to the Orange faced man in terms of reelection?

A: Boehner and the other loudmouths of the crackpot right only do ANYTHING for one reason: they're told to by the Koch brothers, AEI, the Freedom and Heritage Foundations, USCOC, the "Club for Growth" and a bunch of other slimy, crooked organizations whose agenda is to use propaganda to assure they pay no taxes at all, and defeat American labor and every principle of fairness through democracy. Notice one of the nincompoops even uses your question to stray totally off-topic, much like the loudmouth blowhards Beck and Limbaugh, to criticize higher education, obviously indicating a level of anti-intellectual stupidity somewhat below an infected slug. This is typical of ultra-right wing reactionary mentality, and it is reflected by the crazy rants in response to your query, which I suspect many of them are incapable of reading. They are INTENTIONALLY trying to degenerate civilization and destroy civility in the United States. Worse, they are succeeding. They know that by making the moderates in this country appear impotent, much like their philosophical forebears in Germany in the early 30's, they can frame a new narrative in which the principles of fairness, freedom, and equity which underpin democratic republics represent weakness. This is also why they insult and disparage government and government employees, except of course for the military. They'd attack the military, too, but the scum who own the neo-Nazi right wing in America are military contractors, and such attacks might cut down on their profits. This is the ancient "divide and conquer" strategy of previous criminal insurrections worldwide. They are not the party of "no" or "hell no!", they are the party and movement of destroying everything good in the United States. This is the Orwellian concept of encouraging and organizing hate, much as Hitler and other right wingers have done for over a century. Notice that "meh" erroneously and strangely accuses everyone of "racism", by which he is using the insane definition wherein only persons of color can be racist, the one foisted by the neo-Nazi right in the vast attack and hate campaign of which these disgusting, unprincipled cheerleaders are the agents of provocation and focus. Amazing that crackpots and dimwits actually believe that a minority of some 14% or so can put pressure on the majority, which is what real racism is about...but never let reality interfere with the crocodilian minds of the fascist right! They are only interested in doing that which is profitable for the maggots who own them. And this includes not merely Boehner, but Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, and the rest of the reactionary "pundits" on "Reich Broadcasting".

Why do Obama and Boehner want to get a debt deal done before the market opens? by [email protected] Q: I was just reading an article saying that Obama and Boehner want to get a debt deal done before the markets open Monday. Granted, the past few weeks on Monday there's been a huge sell-off, but it's rebounded every time. How would this time be any different?

A: Because the longer it takes to get the deal done, the more likely it is that credit rating agencies will downgrade the current AAA credit rating the US has. If that happens, the market will tank a ton and borrowing costs will go up. In addition, it will take a while to write any agreement into law.

How long will it take John Boehner to send Special forces to Kenya? by Q: During the campaign trail John Boehner promised a investigation and impeachment trial of president Obama. I was wondering How long will it be before he will be able to send the Green Berets, and the 3rd Infantry Division to Kenya to find his birth records and Impeach Obama?

A: john who,

How many knives will Boehner have in his back when he tries to become speaker? by Anita Bong Queen Polititroll Q: Or will he be shot down by the GOP's "Young Guns"? Boehner has three months to grow some eyes in the back of his head.

A: Don't you mean Weeper of The House.

Is John Boehner going to try and remain absolutely silent between now and election day? by Lefty48197 Q: We haven't seen or heard from John Boehner in quite awhile now. Is it Boehner's strategy to keep his mouth shut between now and election day, because everytime he opens his mouth he costs the Republicns more seats in the House?

A: yes its the only smart thing he has ever done, sobbing quietly

How will the upcoming NYTimes article detailing John Boehner's affair with a lobbyist affect the GOP Congress? by Q: Will Boehner's affair with Washington lobbyist Lisbeth Lyons affect his ability to lead the Congress? Do you think he'll step down? It's too bad because he seemed like a nice guy. Maddog, just google "Boehner affair" or something similar

A: Obama's fling with another woman and a man didn't affect his candidacy did it? If it's coming out of the NY Times it's probably a lie.

How easy will it be for Boehner to deal w/ Obama now that he's bseen as weak for working with the Muslim? by Steve Q: King: I think it’s clearly Boehner because he is the one that began to convince the 87 freshmen you shall have to vote for a debt ceiling increase, that started in the first week of their election too, and we are not going to have a government shutdown, all of those things along the way. I said we own the House Majority fuckhead!

A: Let's face it, the entire Legislative branch has lost a lot of credibility because of their failure to compromise on the Fiscal Cliff issue, Boehner's party is just healing its wounds after losing the presidential election and clearly voicing a mandate for a continuation of the Obama policy. The House Majority doesn't mean squat if the country has very little confidence in you.

Why did Boehner call the state of the union speech pathetic before actually hearing it? by nightowl1517 Q: How can anyone take Boehner seriously when he already made up his mind.

A: He will have already read a copy of it! But what else would you expect him to say? the fact that he is already condemning it means that it must be a very good speech, I really don't know why Boehner even bothers to come off the golf course for the zero amount of good he has done since 2010!!! Just like all Republicans he is an arrogant loud mouth, too engrossed in himself to genuinely care about this country!!!

Will the tea party target boehner for his seat if he refuses to do their bidding? by mike Q: The tea party seems to be inviting a debt ceiling default. Boehner seems to be more afraid of them then defaulting on the debt.

A: This will be a profiles in courage moment for Boehner. Put his leadership position first or the interests of the country! Given his past performance I am not hopeful that he will put country first!

How can John Boehner get fired? What does it take to find new speaker house of representative? by Luigi Q: How can John Boehner get fired? What does it take to find new speaker of house of representative? I don't what anyone thinks we need new speaker this one is too weak. We need tea party as speaker, what does it take? Who would you want as speaker of house?

Will the tea party target boehner for his seat if he refuses to do their bidding? by mike Q: The tea party seems to be inviting a debt ceiling default. Boehner seems to be more afraid of them then defaulting on the debt.

A: Boehner better be afraid of the Tea Party, but I believe the democrats are going to take control back of the House, so in a sense he will lose one of his jobs, whether he listens to them or not.

What would happen if Obama and Biden were both assassinated and Boehner became president? by Q and A Q: I'm curious on how elections work and what would happen if the Speaker of the House became president. Would he be running for reelection in 2012? What would happen to the current republican candidates? Would they run against Boehner? Would democrats have time to run a presidential election? Thank you for any answers. This is hypothetical. It is no way a threat and I do not with death upon any American politician.

A: First off, I'd be very careful about using that particular A-word, online or off. The FBI takes it very seriously. Second, Boehner would indeed become President. I would expect that the Democrats would quickly field Hillary Clinton as a candidate to run against Boehner in the primary.

Is Boehner using Libya as a smoke screen to hide the fact of "Where are the jobs republicans promised they? by mike Q: Is Boehner using Libya as a smoke screen to hide the fact of "Where are the jobs republicans promised they would create when they won control of the House? Instead he said if 770,000 people had to lose their job then so be it.

A: No, months ago they said government cannot create jobs. Besides, if Republicans can create jobs, there would not have been a net loss of jobs during the Bush Administration. The Republicans are only good at creating misery, especially for people who are unemployed and needing government help.

Is Boehner using Libya as a smoke screen to hide the fact of "Where are the jobs republicans promised they? by mike Q: Is Boehner using Libya as a smoke screen to hide the fact of "Where are the jobs republicans promised they would create when they won control of the House? Instead he said if 770,000 people had to lose their job then so be it.

A: yes,if not libya it would be something else

Will Boehner be forced to work with House Democrats if the Tea Party refuses to pass a bill? by Elliot Q: Boehner is rapidly running out of options. The radical wing of his party is painting him into a corner and we're running out of time. Will the Speaker be forced to work with House Democrats to pass a deal, or will the Tea Party meet him halfway?

A: Either way he will have to work with them. How much he will capitulate remains in his own hands regardless of the Tea Party.

When john boehner says Congress should freez all tax rates for two years is he saying give the wealthiest? by mike Q: When john boehner says Congress should freez all tax rates for two years is he saying give the wealthiest back their tax break and let the middle class pick up the rest? hey @Pfo, its exactly what im saying, he is saying keep the tax cuts for the wealthiest in America.What dont you understand ? He is saying it in a way to fool the people, and i see he has 1 already fooled, you.

A: Yes. Never mind that the tax cuts were unfunded at the start. Never mind that the GOP refused to extend UI benefits because they were unfunded. It's part of Boehner's trickle down approach. It is far better to restore the tax rates for those over $250,000 and reduce the deficit.

How much longer will Boehner let the tea party freshmen make him look not only like a fool but weak as well? by mike Q: Boehner was all for the Senate pay roll Extension but now he is against it. Dont go giving the talking points of ... its kicking the can down the road. Thats to easy for the repeat it answerers here, try thinking a little.

A: My guess id Boehner is on his way out and Eric Cantor is waiting in the wings (he just looks like greasy back stabbing used car salesman)

How did Obama's plan to demonize John Boehner work out for liberals? by Drunk Teddy's Ghost Q: Thanks to Obama, Boehner has been propelled to Speaker of the House How is that Hope and Change workin out for Obama?

A: I suppose it didn't work out. John Boehner is HOT. It's gonna be enjoyable watching him pound that gavel.

How will the tea party react to McConnell and Boehner going around them and raising the debt ceiling? by mike Q: McConnell and Boehner have cooked up a plan to go around the tea party republicans. They will join with Dem's in raising the debt ceiling. I believe they will join together and go after the republican establishment with a vengeance.

A: The baggies will have to realize they don't control how everything is done. Maybe they should go crying to Fox or Rush and see what they should do next

How will the tea party react to McConnell and Boehner going around them and raising the debt ceiling? by mike Q: McConnell and Boehner have cooked up a plan to go around the tea party republicans. They will join with Dem's in raising the debt ceiling. I believe they will join together and go after the republican establishment with a vengeance.

A: they will dress up like colonial retards and carry signs of obama with a hitler mustache.

Why did Boehner feel the need to call Limbaugh before his speech last night? by Sassy One Q: The waa waas are complaining that Obama used what every president the last 50 years used. A teleprompter. Ohhhhhhhhhh nooooooooooooooo. But it is okay for Boehner to call a drug addicted radio host to get his okay before his speech?

A: Maybe he needed Limbaugh to remind him that he works for the people of this country and not just for the special interests and oil companies. Maybe he needed him to help him phrase his response so that it "looks" like the the Republicans care about seniors' survival and not just protecting their base of haves and have mores. Boehner and the Tea Party are going to help take this country down. Just add Palin in there with her screwey one line zingers and you have a really good mix of wingnuts. And by the way to the Einstein, letting tax cuts expire is NOT raising taxes. Giving massive tax cuts like that is the essence of stupidity and irresponsibility when you are in the midst of two wars.

When Boehner said When it comes to increasing the debt limit nothing is off the table, except raising taxes? by mike Q: .When Boehner said When it comes to increasing the debt limit nothing is off the table, except raising taxes did he actually mean we want to cut medicare but give the wealthiest 2% even more tax cuts?

A: Yep. Boehner will do whatever he is told to do by those who bought him.

What are Obama, Boehner, Reid and Pelosi eating for lunch today as they meet? by Cigar Monkey Q: I say crow for Obama, Reid and Pelosi whilst Boehner feasts on the sweet meat of victory. With the Dems having rejected the balanced budget law they have made their bed as the bad guys.

A: Speaker Boehner is having a feast as 0bama Pelosi and Reid beg for scraps with eyes lowered

Was John Boehner alive and awake during the recent Presidential election? by Chuck N Q: During the recent Presidential election President Obama spefically campaigned on raising taxes for the 2%. President Obama won the election decisively with a majority of the electorate supporting raising taxes on the 2%. Now, in the negotiations to avoid the fiscal cliff, President Obama is proposing such a tax increase and John Boehner says that he is "flabbergasted". Was he asleep during the election? Yes, the Republicans won the house -- making them responsible to negotiate responsibly with The President. Where is their proposal? The White House's is public.

A: It is called “epistemic closure” where conservatives living in their own bubble have nonsensical ideas that circulate with no contradiction. So here we are, post-election 2012. All the stupidity and closed-mindedness that right-wingers have displayed over the last 10 years has come back to haunt them. It is now widely understood that the nation may be center-left after all, not center-right as conservatives thought. Overwhelming losses by Republicans to all the nation’s nonwhite voters have created a Democratic coalition that will govern the nation for the foreseeable future. And Boehner has to go along with this naivety or loose his position. It must be maddening to be burdened with the crazy culture on the right now.

What do you think of Boehner's latest proposal in the Fiscal Cliff talks? by Andy F Q: Are the "no new taxes" Republicans starting to give way on the issue of slightly higher taxes for millionaires & billionaires? If so - is this a good thing? Should Obama have accepted Boehner's move -- assuming it was genuine? Or is everyone in YA Politics just uninterested in the economic future of the USA, and we'd all rather talk about race & sex instead of how the government will either help or hurt the economy, and vice versa?

A: It appears to me that Boehner is desperate to find a way to make Republicans look better and not get the blame for going over the "cliff". Obama appears to me to be willing to go off the "cliff" because Republicans, he thinks, will be blamed. PERSONALLY I DON'T THINK THERE IS A SOLUTION BETWEEN THEM THAT WILL SOLVE THE ECONOMIC PROBLEMS THE US FACES.

How will Boehner explain having to drop Ryan's Medicare overhaul in order for any deficit reduction deal? by mike Q: How will Boehner explain having to drop Ryan's Medicare overhaul in order for any deficit reduction deal to emerge to his base. We will have to find another way to kill medicare and social security because dems refuse to go along with us on that.

A: First he'll take him out for a drink.Prepare to cry into his beer and drop him like 3rd period French.It should be a piece of cake.These guys are so mixed up.Surely no one in their right mind would vote that way.

Will Boehner need a sedative before or after he hands over the speakers gavel? by mike Q: Everyone has already seen how Boehner cries about everything. Its going to have to be a very strong sedative and maybe they will have to put him under suicide watch.

A: John Boehner might need himself a supply of tissues and a weeper's bucket as tiny dynamo Nancy Pelosi, the Pisces with the heart of a LION, once again becomes our nation's Speaker of the House after the 2012 elections. Both C-SPAN News and the LA Times rated Speaker Pelosi's 111th Congress as the "most productive Congress in more than 60 years," having passed more than 360 nation-saving legislations despite ornery "say no to everything" obstinance from the Republicans en masse. Quite an achievement for a 72-year-old Pisces, I'd say! Compare the 111th Congress's successes with the "name a post-office" do-nothing Congress under FILIBUSTER-everything Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and the weep-prone John Boeher's 112th Congress, and you will discover that the Boehner-led House is now rated "the WORST CONGRESS since Herbert Hoover"! Not indicative of good leadership, I'd say...

Why does the Republican house leader John Boehner always look so uppity, and arrogant? by Lone butcher Spartan remembers ? Q: Also why does John Boehner seem to express disdain for the American middle class? IMO John Boehner looks like a little punk, and Karma is probably gonna get him.

A: John Boehner is a punk, he looks like a typical douche bag.

Why did Boehner turn down an offer to fly to the Tucson memorial, so he could go to a fundraiser instead? by The Equalist - OBAMA GOT OSAMA - Bush Failed Q: I wonder if Giffords were a Republican, if Boehner would attend. The man is so hyper-partisan and twisted that as House Speaker he can't attend a formal memorial because he wants to help raise money for a GOP candidate vying for the RNC position.

A: .... He's just showing us his true priorities. Just like when Obama wanted to talk with him about how they could work together to help the country, and Boehner blew him off saying he was too busy. Just like he only cries when talking about himself. Others don't matter to him.

What was so important that Republican leader John Boehner couldn't attend the memorial last night? by NONAME Q: Side note; when you type in John Boehner why does YA spell check suggest you change it to Boner?

A: Imagine the Head of the US House of Representatives doing this: The Ohio Republican is holding a 7 p.m. cocktail reception Wednesday night for 168 RNC members, who are in the Washington area for an annual meeting. The event is sponsored by Boehner’s political action committee and will take place at Maryland’s National Harbor resort. http://thinkprogress.org/2011/01/12/boehner-party-memorial-service/

What would Republican John Boehner be guilty of if Obama is not an American? by Growth vs Oil Q: When a candidate wants to be president they have to go through a vetting process from the opposing party. John Boehner is on that vetting team.

A: This was what could be defined as a "brilliant political strategy" by Boehner. Whether one accepts the credentials Obama has presented or disbelieve them, WHY should Boehner get involved either way. There are numerous "actions" coming in the next few months, that should provide hard evidence one way or the other. Boehner has far more serious issues to deal with than the Obama issue.

Do tea party republicans realize Boehner will just go around them to raise the debt ceiling? by mike Q: Boehner will call on the moderate republicans and the help of dems to get the debt ceiling raised.

A: He needs to. Tea party extremism is in full view. They need to be marginalized in order to get anything done to help our country. But Boehner is going to have to swallow some crow to get Democrats on board. They know he'll never get the tea party to help him get something done, so Dems can hold out for more concessions than he would like.

What are the chances Boehner becomes the next president? by Javert Q: If Obama is re-elected, but the GOP win the Senate and keep the House, they will be able to impeach and remove Obama and Biden. This would make Boehner president. I know none of like contemplating something so unpleasant as Obama being in office a few more months, but I'd like to be thorough and investigate all possibilities. Also this emphasizes the need to win more than just the White House.

A: Let me tell you about Boehner. In June 1995, Boehner distributed campaign contributions (Bribes) from tobacco industry lobbyists on the House floor as House members were weighing how to vote on tobacco subsidies. In a 1996 documentary by PBS called The People and the Power Game, Boehner said "They asked me to give out a half dozen checks quickly before we got to the end of the month and I complied. And I did it on the House floor, which I regret. I should not have done. It's not a violation of the House rules, but it's a practice that‘s gone on here for a long time that we're trying to stop and I know I'll never do it again."Boehner eventually led the effort to change House rules and prohibit campaign contributions from being distributed on the House floor. But didn't stop them from being given off the senate floor A September 2010 New York Times story said Boehner was "Tightly Bound to Lobbyists" and "He maintains especially tight ties with a circle of lobbyists and former aides representing some of the nation’s biggest businesses, including Goldman Sachs, Google, Citigroup, R.J. Reynolds, MillerCoors and UPS.". Boehner is bought and sold just another political whore

If Obama is not an American why did Republican Boehner pass Obama during the vetting process? by Growth vs Oil Q: Will Boehner see criminal charges if Obama is not a US born citizen? Is this why Boehner says Obama is a US born citizen?

A: Boehner and Obama smoke cigarettes together in the bathroom off the oval office, and made a pact that Obama would spin to the left, and Boehner would spin to the right, and together they dance and spin for Oil, Insurance, Banks, Defense and Pharmaceuticals and no one is the wiser.

Why is Boehner wasting time voting on a bill when knowing it cant pass the Senate? by mike Q: Boehner and the GOP are voting on a bill that has no chance of passing the Senate just as they wasted tax dollars voting on repealing the Affordable Care Act. Didn't they run on getting things done and creating jobs when they ran for the House? Me personally im glad they are doing this. It makes it all the easier to take the House back and take it back we dem's will in 2014. @andy, Most here will say , you cant be serious? When in fact I can say yes you are serious. The way you think is whats going to help take the house back. Republicans have said no to everything, including infrastructure. They have tried their best to stall and obstruct the economy. They have failed. Now that failure is going to bite them in their %%$#. Just as I predicted an Obama win , Im predicting a dem house in 2014. @Justin Thyme, You couldn't be more wrong, but then again you can. You probably even think the GOP will hold the house in 2014 too. Boehner is going to be held responsible for going over the cliff if that's what happens. He is just doing what the GOP has done for the last 4 years, stall and obstruct. Only this time around Obama has nothing to lose and everything to gain. See, Boehner is just angry that Obama isn't cutting him any slack.

A: By doing so, Boehner is acting out in the best traditions of political theater. He knows full well he has to cave. The country would never forgive his party for those draconian cuts to the military. It could cost them everything for years. So he floats every oddball, half-baked scenario he can, just to build legitimacy with the oddballs and the half-baked in his political base. We tried this, "they" said no. The we tried THIS, and "they" said no. Finally, to save our troops, we had to ______. We just couldn't bear to see those who serve so proudly get stepped on. (yadda-yadda-yadda, wave the flag, wrap yourself in bunting, etc.) Then he'll cave, as he knew all along he was going to.

How long before we see Boehner and House Republicans complete surrender? by HyLandMocasan Q: Boehner ,Ted Cruz , Mike Lee and House TeaRepublicnas have fail at defunding delaying or repealing the Affordable care law aka Obamacare .So how long befor we see them completely Surrender to president Obama demands to pass a clean CR that will reopen the Government and raise the Debt limit ?

A: I don't see it happening soon. The TeaPublicans/New Confederates are bragging about how they are bringing the USA to its knees. That kind of people will NOT let Boehner strike a deal and if he does they will sabotage it so that it can't work! Oh, and have you noticed how a group that comprises 1/10 of 1% of the American people are out on web sites at 50% of the comments and questions and answers. They will do anything to destroy the USA!

Why would Boehner and Cantor want to raise the debt ceiling when their portfolio will gain without it raised? by Growth vs Oil Q: That`s right if the debt ceiling is not raised Eric Cantor and John Boehner`s personal portfolio will gain. Or in short they will make money off the ceiling not being raised.

A: That doesn't surprise me. About like Goldman Sachs profiting from the housing collapse in 08, gobbling up other brokerages and then getting taxpayer funded bailout. Where did you get the info on Boehner's portfolio? (out of curiosity)

How many more times will Boehner's Congress repeal the ACA and ban abortion before they start working on jobs? by Blue_MiDnights Q: Boehner promised his focus would be "jobs, jobs, jobs," yet it seems every bill that comes out of his Congress either repeals Obamacare, bans abortion, or is some resolution that misquotes the Constitution. All of which go right into the trash bin. Isn't it getting a little ridiculous? Mr. Speaker - Where are the jobs?

A: Boehner wouldn't know a jobs bill if it bit him in the $## I think he's still crying about the ACA SCOTUS decision

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