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Bloody sunday

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SceneQueenBOTDF Oh shit.... Sunday, then bloody Monday v_v

garthy2008 Right I am off to bloody work, and on a Sunday to it should be BANNED!

ParamountSoho RT @Humphrette: @ParamountSoho. Bloody Mary's on a Sunday make everything just fine! http://t.co/MIn69quk

dianaarisagita Sunday bloody sunday nya paramore juara :|

Necessarystar U2의 Sunday Bloody Sunday How long? How long must we sing this song?

JuicyJozi Just as I was about 2 have a Sunday afternon nap my neighbours turned on their weed eater or sander not sure what it is besides bloody noisy

shawnpnpgh Are you ready for bloody Sunday Ravens Vs Steelers: http://t.co/QaEg6hCc

Rexhonk Is it true that U2 called "Sunday, Bloody Sunday" "Sunday Fuckin' Sunday You Bastard!" before their record label got worried? Don't think so

Louiseileen Bloody hell the trains are busy for a Sunday!!

Moish Sunday, bloody Sunday http://t.co/0qlkmMRW

elgregorycastro Sunday bloody sunday

DavidEhrhart Sunday Bloody Mary Sunday

Geminiladybird1 Bang, bang, bloody bang!!!...neighbours d.i.y is never ending. GIVE IT A REST, IT'S SUNDAY.

JonathanWreede Städar, plockar, bäddar & lagar mat... sunday, bloody sunday...


why did britain not use the police during bloody sunday? by Charlie L Q: During bloody sunday 1972, why did the british government use the army instead of police when the main aim was to 'police' the march?

A: Bloody Sunday was a major flash-point in 'The Troubles', and already by that point the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) was no longer able to contain the protests against what many Catholics saw as social and political discrimination. The Ulster govt saw it as a matter of civil disorder and requested the British Army be deployed in to keep order on the streets. Although the army was initially welcomed, they proved to be quite heavy handed in keeping the peace, and relations were already soured by several deaths due to action by the military. On 30/1/72 things turned into a bloodbath when the troops on duty believed they were under fire and began to fire into the crowd of marching protestors. After all the inquiries and investigations it still remains unclear if the troops were fired on (although no injuries of this sort were reported) but the fact that they fired apparently indiscriminately into the nationalist marchers was described in The Saville Report of 2010 as "unjustified and unjustifiable".

Why was there increased support for the IRA after Bloody Sunday? by emilyylime Q: After Bloody Sunday (1972) in Ireland, there was increased sympathy for the IRA but I don't understand why?

A: Because more people became aware of how strongly people felt about the independence cause. After a quick investigation of the history behind the Irish independence struggle people of character, conscience, and intellect recognize the inherent rights of man.

Why did it take so long for the Bloody Sunday inquiry to be completed? by Canadian777 Q: I just read about the Bloody Sunday inquiry and apology (finally) being published, why did it take so long for the British government to complete it? I mean, it's been almost 40 years since that horrible day, shouldn't the inquiry have been completed very long before this, like 5 years after the incident at the most.

A: It should never have taken 12 years , but it had to be done after the end to hostilities. The British did do a report on it released 11 weeks after and it cannot be described in any other way other then a complete and utter disgrace , it was all a propaganda war back then , the first report on it basically said everyone of the victims were armed and justifiably shot and the soldiers were squeaky clean , you couldn't trust any British report back then because essentially back then the British Government was full of shit.

Do you know any websites that has information about Bloody Sunday? by Lola Q: I need some websites for my class project, on Bloody Sunday that happened in 1965 at Alabama. Name some websites that has really good information. (:

A: wikipedia, encyclopedia Britannica, grolier

What was the significance of Bloody Sunday in Russia? by Simba Q: I have to fill out my study guide and I can't remember what happened on Bloody Sunday or the importance of it. Please help. forgot my book at home...

A: Bloody Sunday (Russian: Кровавое воскресенье) was an incident on January 22 [O.S. January 9] 1905 in St. Petersburg, Russia, where unarmed, peaceful demonstrators marching to present a petition to Tsar Nicholas II were gunned down by the Imperial Guard. The march was organized by Father Gapon, who had collaborated with Sergei Zubatov of the Okhrana, the Tsarist secret police, to create workers' organizations and thus considered by some to be its agent provocateur. Bloody Sunday was an event with grave consequences for the Tsarist regime, as the disregard for ordinary people shown by the massacre undermined support for the state.

What did Tsar Nicholas II do after Bloody Sunday to show the workers he was willing to share some of his power? by alicia Q: . What did Tsar Nicholas II do after Bloody Sunday to show the workers he was willing to share some of his power? (Points: 1) created a judicial branch of the government appointed a committee to begin drafting a constitution agreed to appoint a prime minister created an elected parliament

A: He created an elected parliament, the State Duma and appointed Count Witte Prime Minister. What he did not do was to appoint a committee to draught a constitution, or to create a judicial branch of the government. See: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/RUS1905.htm

What would you refer to if you were to write about Bloody Sunday (Ireland, 1972) and songs about it? by Spook Q: Do you know any books or articles about Bloody Sunday? I'm especially looking for information about Bloody Sunday and songs about it.

A: Start here: http://www.museumoffreederry.org/index02.html http://cain.ulst.ac.uk/events/bsunday/bs.htm John Lennon wrote a song about it at the time, Sunday Bloody Sunday, and then of course U2 did as well.

Information about Bloody Sunday and the Troubles in general? by Bye Q: Hi there, can someone give me a brief summary of the events/historical background that caused the "Bloody Sunday" in 1972? I am trying to expand my history knowledge and I've found out that I have a big gap when it comes to this topic. But the information in the internet are mostly too detailed, I just want a short summary of the reason for the conflict, the roots of it and the parties involved. Thank you.

A: There is no short summary for hundreds of years of occupation. If you want an understanding of this issue you really need to consider the entire history. If you insist on the short, quick Hollywood history version just rent the movie Michael Collins. This doesn't cover Bloody Sunday but it will give you a better insight on the history of the conflict and the early Irish Republican Army and Sinn Fein.

Why was bloody sunday important for the shaping of the Unionists and the Republicans? by Matt P Q: Why was bloody sunday important for the shaping of The Loyalists/Unionists/Protestants and the Republicans/Nationalists/Catholics ?

A: It was important because it inspired such strong emotions; the deaths of the 13 men and boys in the crowd fired up the populace on both sides. Whatever one's opinion on the justification for the 1st Para to open fire on the marchers, these deaths were beyond question; they happened to real people. Some on both sides reacted with rage and violence; most others reacted with distrust and bigotry toward the opposite community. Although I have my own opinions and sympathies regarding the events of Bloody Sunday, I have tried to give you as neutral an answer as I can.

Bloody Sunday? by Shannon Q: was Michael Collins to blame for bloody sunday? im just asking on you opinions


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