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iingeeeee @sssylvesterr haha yes i sleep late and i just wake up now. Haha you like to costume? Its a schmink with blacklight, you know that?

itislord 고등부 Blacklight @ 새로남교회 http://t.co/DqpSrCPs

itislord 고등부 Blacklight @ 새로남교회 http://t.co/ZvWulpKc

Brooklyn4553535 Drip Candles~ Fluorescent Red~ Drip'n Decorate~24 candles~ Reacts To Blacklight!!~ Great For All Occasions!: Box... http://t.co/hHlnatBO

koolskuh @xcathelijnn haha, da was wel grappig hoor, alleen je kreeg koppijn van die blacklight :p maar zag er wel vet uit http://t.co/cnXZK0Zd

Sandeeuyw American DJ UV LED Bar 16 Led Powered High Output Blacklight Wash: American DJ UV LED Bar 16 High Output LED UV ... http://t.co/0tkcWizJ

IxMaGiKkz I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/fsk7TRRp Puppets Performing I Turn To God (BlackLight)

juicethemovie The Boondock Saints Movie Group Blacklight Poster Print Review http://t.co/WLgro65l #boondocksaints

lynnadambrook 1602 16x2 Characters LCD Display Module Blue Blacklight: http://t.co/9g1SIUY4

LaVitaMorti this blacklight is trippin me out

ltstonerrants Blacklight, #starwars & #kush decent nite to lay back & chill ~ #fuckinstoners

securenet Blacklight Fantasy - Freaky Chakra

MMJohnson1017 Blacklight. I'm hot. And white snow flakes. #dying

ShoesFrog Nik reviews http://t.co/EulWbitl

Wave96 #NowPlaying Chris Black - Blacklight http://t.co/BwyFrmWZ


How would you get invisible ink to show up without a blacklight? by My sweet & labyrinthine. Q: I have one of those invisible ink journals from a little while back, but a) the blacklight pen's battery ran out; and then b) I lost it. I think I might have read somewhere of something you could make to get invisible ink to show up without a blacklight, but I'm not sure. Does anyone know?

A: Some invisible inks show up when you apply small amounts of lemon juice to them.Others will appear when heated.There are many types so try the heat first ,if that doesn't work dip a cotton swab in lemon juice and try on a few letters to see if that will work.If all else fails go to Wal Mart and spend $6.00 on a cheap black light or just get a black light bulb for about a $1,and put it in a lamp to read by..

Would a blacklight bulb work for a reptile moonlight bulb? by darkprincesscrow Q: My gecko's moonlight bulb burnt out but I have a blacklight bulb. Would that work until I can get to the pet store? Do blacklight bulbs emit UV rays?

A: Blacklight bulbs do not emit UV. In fact the blacklight bulb doesn't emit a whole lot of heat, and could possibly even damage the reptile's eyes.

What is the difference between a Compact Fluorescent Blacklight Twist Bulb and a regular black light bulb? by Ben Avanzato Q: I am looking into buying a black light. But I cannot hook up a black light fixtue, so I am going to buy black light bulb to fit into my lamp. I was wondering What is the difference between a Compact Fluorescent Blacklight Twist Bulb and a regular black light bulb? And what do volts mean in this instance as well as watts? Will these bulbs light up my whole room with black light?

A: The bulbs will have the same voltage, but the florescent bulb will use less wattage for the same amount of light. The fluorescent bulbs are more efficient, than the incandescent ones. As far as lighting your room that depends on the size of the room and wattage of the bulb.

How long does it take for a blacklight bulb to burn out? by caomicc Q: Last night I got a linkable 2ft blacklight from Spencer's and I was wonder how long until it will burn out??? Like could I leave it on overnight or not a good idea? Well, say I just got it and decided to not turn it off until it burn out. How long would it be on?

A: it depends on how often you us it. it is just like a regular light bulb, just coated inside differently...

How long can a blacklight be on my glofish? by Bernese Q: I'll have a regular fish tank light on during the day. Also, can I just put a blacklight on the outside of the tank? How do people normally do it, do they remove their normal light every time they want to put the black light on? I thought the whole point of having glofish is to watch them light up?

A: Most just have the blacklight as a strip light they lay on the lid ... sort of like the one you buy for blacklight posters that attaches to the wall. Blacklight really doesn't affect the circadian rhythm of a tank,but its use should be limited because of health-related issues to the fish.That spectrum isn't conducive to proper functioning of the metabolism.It is UV and is more electromagnetic radiation than "light". Generally an hour or two of exposure is no problem. "Lighting up" can also be done under other forms of lighting (although it isn't as "cool") such as actinic light. Some video of GloFish under 3 forms of lighting http://www.glofish.com/video.asp

Will a blacklight work to grow a plant without outside light\? by aaron_williams100 Q: Im trying to grow a "plant" in my room and I have heard that a blacklight will work to give it enough light to live. Its going to be growing in my closet so it will probley get no outside light. Will a blacklight work for its light?

A: Get a subscription to High Times

What types of jellyfish glow in blacklight? by Sillyjellybean Q: I thought it would be a good idea to get my boyfriend a jellyfish that glows in blacklight along with aquarium and ect. Any good places I could get a blacklight - cool aquarium - blacklight accesories for aquarium - and jellyfish that glow in blacklight? All for a good price!

A: How about you get him some glofish instead. Glo danios are genetically altered with a phosphorescent gene from jellyfish and coral, and are much easier to care for. There's red, yellow, orange, blue, and purple, and they glow stronger under a black light. A simple ten gallon setup is enough to house a small group of glo fish. Real jellyfish are not only hard to come by in the trade, but they require special round aquariums and special care to do well--even then, they do not live long in general. Also, if you're on a budget, this type of setup probably isn't for you.

Blacklight? by Serena SS Q: What glows in blacklight besides paper and highlighters?

A: glow in the dark paints from a hobby store are wild crayola paints makes a glow in the dark paint that i use on some murals sometimes it also is very reactive to a black light. some medical and dental substances for certain tests do a blacklight glow i used to have a starched white shirt that glowed in blacklight i never did figure that one out if it was something in the kind of starch, or the material because i bought it in greece in 67...

BLACKLIGHt!!!? by Candace L Q: I am thinking about buying some blacklight posers(3d posters when using a blacklight) and i wanted to know if you can just buy 1 blacklight to light up ur room,or more than one for every poster.I dont know if you need the blacklight right near the poster or can it still work from a little distance.please help. i really need to know.thanks sooo much.

A: it depends on the wattage of the bulb you buy. some of the stronger ones can light up every poster in ur room while the weaker ones will only work a short distance away.

blacklight? by Candace L Q: i am thinking about buying some blacklight posers(3d posters when using a blacklight) and i wanted to know if you can just buy 1 blacklight to light up ur room,or more than one for every poster.I dont know if you need the blacklight right near the poster or can it still work from a little distance.please help. i really need to know.thanks sooo much.

A: Hi, I still have my black lights.The light bulbs are from 1970. They work better than any of the new ones do. They really look quite different. But yes ,they are sold as eaches. You can buy as many as you need,but one or two is good for a whole room. I love em. Bye

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