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Blackberry messenger activation

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BB messenger problem.? by L.G Q: Hi. i bought this "irritating" device of BlackBerry Curve 8520 from a dealer for my wife to chat with her BB friends. sure its new and not binded with a package with any provider. we inserted the SIM she has, and it can be used as a mobile phone. we have two issues: 1 - we found the BB PIN for the device, went on this HOTSPOT "something" activation, there is a word EDGE on the top near the signal bar. we tried adding her friends by adding contact PIN, and they never received anything, they tried adding ours and its the same. We cant figure out what need to be done. 2 - WiFi connection status shows connected to our home WiFi, browser is working, but anything else on the device "such as applications" that require internet says there is no connection, when we check the network details, there is no IP or DNS.(my iPhone and her iPod works perfectly fine) please advise on these, the only reason we bought it is for the free BB chat, i hope its not binded with a data monthly payment package cause that would mean its wrongly advertised among people. "the service provider in the country (UAE) support BB network"

How do I set up E-mail on my BlackBerry Curve? by Lg Q: I have a BlackBerry Curve 8900. It is unlocked to Orange and the plan I am on is Dolphin with free texts and internet. 1. I've been to setup and there is no 'email setup' there. 2. I've clicked on the envelope on the screen which is email and it then says: 'No message service configured. You will only be able to Save Draft.' 3. I have been to Options > Advanced Options > Applications AND Enterprise Activation where there are NO email settings and no activated status. 4. I have tried to compose emails but they do not send and are saved to drafts. I have tried to log into Windows Live Messenger and it says: ' Service not enabled for this hand held.' I am so confused! I have even been on the Orange site to set up email (http://www.blackberry.orange.co.uk/) with my IMEI and PIN codes but it then refuses and says: 'Your account is not accessible via HTML browser. Please use your device to access BlackBerry Internet Service.' And of course, I end up going through the above steps again! Someone please help me! What do I have to do? Yes, I have been on BlackBerry Support and it does not help at all. Anyone else have this issue too?

A: Dolphin on Orange does include data but obviously your service has not been set up properly Try this: Options icon - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table Press the Menu key and select Register Now If that doesn't work skip the website and call them for help

Help me with my Blackberry 9700? by Elaine C Q: I can't get anything to work. I want to use the blackberry messenger... but it does nothing... tried to add a contact.. it just says pending (waiting for authorization) Downloaded twitter app... it wont work. it just says, "service not enabled for this handheld" its the same for yahoo messenger as well. Also the mail, i try to configure it but it says it needs the enterprise activation password. where do i get that? What is the blackberry enterprise server? What must i do to make all these work? I just got my blackberry a few days ago so I'm a bit confused. Thanks. by the way, I'm in the philippines. Also, how could i watch videos on the net? i open my browser then go to youtube. then open a video, it won't play...

A: BBM, apps and e-mail all require data service. Call your provider to add data to your wireless plan.

Im having problems with the "BlackBerry Curve 8520"? by mike Q: I need help activating my blackberry pin so that i can use the blackberry messenger, also i need help with using the internet because when i try using the internet in school as it says wifi so which basically means i can use internet anywhere but i cant. and i also want to know how to download the app world for my blackberry because i dont know how and i dont know what are the requirements and i dont even know what my blackberry software is on.. its my first blackberry information: my blackberry is on orange (£20 topup) i dont know my activation server address also when i try download the blackberry app world to my blackberry it says " sorry, your device does not meet the system requirements that are needed to support blackberry app world", my friend has the same phone and she can do anything on it, she even has the blackberry app world.. never mind now... i got it#!!

A: You need to use your provider's mobile network to use apps To use the mobile network you need to have a wireless data plan If you want to use AppWorld and applications you have to add data to your wireless plan Wi-fi does not mean that you can use the internet anywhere. In order to use wi-fi there must be a wi-fi signal available and apps will not work using wi-fi without a data plan

blackberry downloads? by Gia Q: I bought a Blackberry 8320, unlocked, so i don't have everything on it. I downloaded Yahoo messenger, but it doesn't allow me to use it, it says "service not enabled with this handheld" i can't download blackberry messenger, from blackberry.com. I can't setup my email for some reason, it wants me to have "activation server address" and it asks me for blackberry enterprise server. I am using now At&t cingular. Can you tell me what exactly will i need on my blackberry and how i can set everything up? And if i set it up, now, i want to use it with other network after that not in the US, is this possible? Thank you. I already have a blackberry, so i am not interested in bouying other one!

A: Hi Gia, The issue here is that you need to get a data plan separate from a phone plan. A data plan (BIS Blackberry Internet Service) is needed to connect to the Internet so that you may download/surf/chat or what not. Now if you have WiFi, you may be able to connect for free to a place that offers wireless connections. Such as a cafe, hotels, home wireless, schools. Good Luck XGoz Blackberry Support.

Found blackberry 8520 help? by ashis Q: Hi ,, I found a Blackberry curve 8520 during a festival. It had a T-mobile sim on it but the label on the phone had Virgin mobile logo. I tried to open it but seemed to be password protected with 10 tries. I did use up all the tries and it seems to have erased all the context of the phone. Later, I found out that the sim was not provisioned,SOS, the owner could have shut down his contract or something. I thought I could use the phone by using a new sim. So I ordered a t-mobile sim-pay as you go which had a offer of 6 moths free internet with a e-top card and seemed to be working fine for making calls and texting with the 10 pound top up I put on the e-top up card. The only problem is that I couldn't use the blackberry messenger. I was successful in making up account but when i tried to add email address, it said it required email setup. I tried to set up email and now it seems to require a activation password from a blackberry enterprise server. Is there anyway to get the activation password. Would be a great helped if anyone could helped

A: bet it would, the phone is nicked by you or how about handling stolen goods. when you lose or get a phone nicked you`ll understand.

Blackberry messenger helpp? by KINGKONGBIGFOOT Q: i recently brought the Blackberry internet service data plan or BIS and when i got to Menu>Options>Advance Options>Enterprise activation i see my bb pin and it says not activated ? what do i doo???

Were to find blackberry enterprise actiation code? by Bentley Boy Q: Hi, i purchased a blackberry curve 8520 about a year ago. I cannot have any apps or blackberry messenger because i havent got a enterprise activation code. i use it as a personal phone and was wondering how to get one? thanks

A: ask your provider

Blackberry O2, enterprise activation password? by choco123 Q: I have a blackberry 8900 curve. O2 pay as you go. I have just added the blackberry bolton for O2 (unlimited internet usage) and it will take up to 24 hours to start working. I wanted to ask, do I need an enterprise activation password to use my Blackberry messenger? if yes then where can I find the password? Will O2 provide me with it?

A: Hi You dont need any passwords to use the blackberry messenger you just need to make sure the latest version is downloaded onto your handset. You may need to create a username and password for the messenger service but you do that yourself not from O2. I work for O2, hope that helps.

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