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Chris 'Birdman' Andersen under investigation
Denver -- Denver Nuggets reserve center Chris "Birdman" Andersen has been excused indefinitely from team-related activities after Douglas County sheriff's deputies searched his home Thursday as part of an investigation by the department's Internet ...

Nuggets' Chris 'Birdman' Andersen's home searched in relation to Internet ...
Sheriff's spokesman Ron Hanavan told the Associated Press that the colorfully-tattooed player nicknamed “Birdman” has been under investigation since February after the department received information for a law enforcement agency in California.

'Birdman' target of investigation, won't play
(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images) DENVER - Denver Nuggets center Chris "Birdman" Andersen is the target of an ongoing investigation in a suspected Internet criminal case, 9Wants to Know has learned. Douglas County Sheriff's Office Internet Crimes ...

'Birdman' target of Douglas County investigation, won't play
'Birdman' target of Douglas County investigation, won't play. Megan Fitzgerald, Matt Flener and Rod Mackey report. 9NEWS at 5 pm 05/10/12 http://www.firstcoastnews.com/video/1632841165001/1/Birdman-target-of-Douglas-County-investigation-wont-play ...

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SenorPrepotente *Birdman handrub* RT @IamCache Now following

YaBoyKyt My previous tweet is all I was hearing in Birdman ft Rick Ross

NiQue_Tii My favorite Hip-Hop song EVER :: Birdman feat Wayne, Tyga - Loyalty

D_Sutt27 RT @Korthmasterflex: Chris Birdman Anderson on some #Sanduskyshit

sophievbyrne The birdman stood at the 83 bus stop strikes again

therealSVEA RT @jaysean: Went to Birdman's house ystrday 2watch the game. These were hanging in his hallway. Made me proud. http://t.co/eMgqFfGN http://t.co/qIOQjq2r

Teeege The Birdman likes little boys just like the @the_ironsheik

RobotThomas RT @JohnGGalt: Birdman is the new Michael Jackson.

mmoroca Entrevista: Tony Hawk y los X Games en Barcelona - Los chicos de Trickon han podido charlar con Birdman... http://t.co/TwKopOxp

Alleyesonwho New Music: French Montana Feat. Wale, Birdman, Fabolous & Jadakiss “Everything’s A Go (Remix)” http://t.co/QH1fK7hb

gunju_JNR #np Y.U. Mad by Birdman Ft. Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne/www.mp3withlyrics.com on @bbtweetmedia

Tina_Harrison Chris 'Birdman' Andersen under investigation http://t.co/YJO4swMf

JoshWarrenYo Audio: Birdman brings in Rick Ross for his new track Born Stunna which will feature on his new album Bigger... http://t.co/WBlapEZK

Maybach_DemiG0 #NP #MMG Shit Go Get It http://t.co/D7DWBZ4L


Does Birdman write any of his own lyrics? by Shadow_of_the_sun Q: It seems like maybe he does, cuz the flow is always crap and so are the lyrics. But he has a feature on like EVERY song. bit much eh?

A: nope he just copies wayne and appers in every one of his video for being bald and ugly

what are the chances that JR Smith meet the real Birdman or Birdmen in jail? by The Turtle King Q: i bet his face would go ' whoaa ' like after making a 3 pt shot.

A: http://www.youjizz.com/videos/please-bang-my-wife-carolyn-reese-131047.html

Do you believe Birdman bought copies of Tha Carter IV to make it platinum in its first week? by trip m Q: I personally think he did.

A: No

Should i keep telling my stories of Lil Wayne and Birdman? by R. Killsbury 3000 Q: Or should i stop because i keep getting negative commets/ anwsers if i put a question should i stop? More yes equals yes more no's equals no

A: Hey man, do what you wanna do. Just dont start any rumors about the two because rumors are so damn annoying. Besides, you'll never meet these dudes on here ever in your life. Its America. Besides, Lil Wayne and Birdman suck.

Did the rapper Birdman kill anyone, he has a lot of teardrop tattoos? by Q: Did he kill someone or does his teardrops mean something else?

A: hes a triple og and 5 star blood general belee dat

What does Birdman mean by ''Getting money like a mothafuqking Cracka b*itch''? by Q: This line is from the song Y.U Mad

A: Cuz he a $tunna

Not hating on Birdman, but should he change his name to Bird brain instead? by Q: This guy purchased a 2.5 million dollar Bugatti. The maintenance alone on this car is $300,000 a year. I wonder how much he pays for insurance? Not to mention the fact that once this car was driven off the lot, it automatically depreciated; probably by 1 million! If you got the money might as well spend it? I guess.

A: Birdman is an idiot and on top of that, he can't rap. He shouldn't blow his money like that because. When people realize Wayne sucks, he wouldn't be able to buy a pack of Raman noodles, let alone a multimillion dollar car.

Is it fair to say that Birdman is the most accepted stan? by Q: I don't know why but I always laugh when I see "belee dat". I think everyone else likes him to. haha BQ: What would you think if I told you I was a Kid Named Cudi's 2nd account? *suspense builds* Nah, I'm not his second account. I'm just f*cking around.

A: uptown soldier you have been blinded belee dat

Is there anything more embarrassing than getting BANGED on like what happened to Birdman last night? by M.V.P Q: I would seriously consider retiring from Basketball,l and going into politics or something.........Ouch.

A: http://www.brickcityboxing.com/media/C%20card.jpg lmao at JC41

What is a better superhero name Birdman or Black Hawk? by IDK Q: I need to to know for my novella.

A: Birdman seems kinda lame, but Black Hawk sounds like it would be more of a villain. I'd go with Black Hawk

Are Birdman and Lil Wayne really bloods? by truly_thankful Q: For some reason I'm curious about this because from time to time you'll see Birdman flaming red and claiming blood and Lil Wayne does the same in his songs. Me personally, I think they're posers because I ain't never heard of any bloods from New Orleans. It seems to me that ever since The Game came out and acknowledges that he's a blood from Compton, all of a sudden Birdman started doing it. Anybody wanna give some insight?

A: No not anymore. Birdman was at one time, but not anymore (he doesn't have enough time)............... But they say once a blood always one so YES. But I'm not sure about Wayne.

What are the three last muscle cars in the birdman 100 million video? by Q:

A: 1 week ago. Subscribers: 25. Country: Bahamas. Recent Activity. Successfully removed. ... Murk u plus the muscle that u bringing is nothing to me ... Over cars and clothes man am talking petty hoes. Ask ma feddi grow ... dimaggio15 uploaded a new video (4 months ago). birdman 100 million dollars ...#

What kind of hair gel does the Birdman use? by Congo Cash Q: Chris Andersen of the Nuggets. Ozawa: Is he using Carmelo's?

A: The same kind Cameron Diaz wore in "There's Something About Mary"

Does Birdman ever rap about anything besides money? by Mr. Swagadocious Q: It seems like every single song by Birdman always has the phrase "I get money," "Gettin money," or just "money." The song doesn't even have to be about money, it could be about family or something and out of nowhere the word "money" will just somehow find it's way into the song. It doesn't even have to be his song, he could just be featured in it and will still rap about money. No originality whatsoever. Has anyone heard a song with birdman in which the word money hasn't come up in one of his verses?

A: Nope. Moneyy, moneyyy man.. How can you consider him an actual rapper.?

What does "fire flame" mean in the song by birdman and lil wayne? by baruaa1 Q: i tried listening to the lyrics and that song has no meaning. all they say is that they have alot of money.

A: welcome to $tunna island son plz be careful or you might drown in the money

Is The Birdman of the Pulaski Skyway dead? by Coyote Q: The Birdman of the Pulaski Skyway, or 'Pops,' used to sit on a milk crate at the southbound entrance ramp to the skyway from the Tonnele Avenue circle with messages to motorists like "smile" and "stay cool." I haven't seen him in almost a year. Is he okay?

A: Yes he is.

Should I buy volume one of Harvey Birdman or season one of Archer? by Q: I've seen both but I'm wondering which would be the best to own.

A: go with archer

Birdman has a million down on Mayweather to win tonight, your thoughts? by [Syphilis ♥ Beans] Q: What people do with money, ay?

A: He is about to be rich :D Mayweather will destroy Ortiz :D

Is lil wayne gay cause he kissed birdman? by Charles Q: That picture of him kissing birdman lol. Sorry...Just cause thats his dad (which he really isn't his dad) doesn't make it okay to kiss him on the lips LOL I've never kissed my dad on the lips even when I was a child. That's just gay. Do you think so?

A: Why are you still on something that happened almost TWO years ago? Obviously, he's not gay. Unless he has some type of exclusive relationship with a guy, I don't see anything gay or bi with it.

What is the name of the Harvey Birdman episode with the Sopranos spoof? by Fan Of Shinoda Q: I remember watching an episode of Harvey Birdman: Attornye At Law and the episode started with a spoof of The Sopranos. It had Fred Flintstone at the beginning. What is the name or number of this episode?

A: DaBa Don, like yahbahdahbadoo

What type of birds does birdman have and own? by Q: For having the name birdman I never see him with birds exotic or not

What are the top lil wayne and birdman songs? by arjunsihota Q: I like the songs YOU aint know and stunning like my daddy. Can u pls help and list some more songs? TA

A: I Run This Pop Bottles

How do u feel about the kiss on the lips between Birdman and Lil wayne? by Kiana Clarke Q: tell me what yall think and ALSO DO YOU THING WAYNE WAS STUPID FOR LEAVIN TOYA especially for some chinese chick?

A: I'm torn between being unable to care any less and just not giving a sh*t.

Is Chris the Birdman Anderson one of the most underrated ballers in the NBA? by Michael Aubury Q: The man almost single handily handed the fakers azz to them.

A: Hes the white Dennis Rodman

What makes Sachin so much better than don birdman? by Sachin is the Greatest ∑V∑RR!! Q: oops, bradman. I think one of the reasons is that Tendulkar played in an era of professionalism and dedicated over 20 years of his life to this game.

A: No one knew cricket at that time and was not so popular in any part of the world. Only some so called wealthies use to play who had loads of money and did not know how to play. In that era, Bradman evolved as the finest batsman and scored 29 centuries with an average of 94.94 just because there were no quality bowlers. If any player of Tendulkar,s caliber had been born at that time, then his average would have been more than 400 and would have scored more than 100 centuries in no time. If Bradman was born in this age, he would not have been able to make even for the club cricket, leave aside international cricket.

Chris Brown. Is there truth to the Lil Wayne and Birdman rumor? by Ivory Q: Chris Brown is gay - he's been in a 3-way relationship with Wayne and Birdman for years. He made Rihanna cut her hair short because he's attracted to men. Anyway, she saw a text message he got from Wayne that talked about how he wanted to do something to him that I cant mention here. Like any normal girl would, Rihanna got mad, and Chris beat her. Then his idiot fans stood up for him. The point is, Chris is a gay dude who waxes his eyebrows and "grooms" himself.

A: LMAO.. that's news to me!

Is that guy in the rap battle scene at the start of the Film Notorious Birdman? by Q:

A: actually no it isn't

How does the Birdman keep taking all these screamers? by saintsfan Q: He averages like 2 a game. lol. The best at taking speckies in the whole league.

A: I have no idea. Its like he has trampolines under him. What a freak

What did Birdman pick up and drop on my head? by Q: It wasn't the world, there was 2 of 'em, but they were round!

A: "And Ima pick the balls up and ima drop them on your f*ckin head! Motherf*cker I'll come, I'll come..."

How is birdman feeling right now after his $5 million bet on the patriots? by Q: You think lil Wayne will help him pay?

A: He'll probably be depressed for years.

Were Lil Wayne and Birdman the first two black men to kiss? by Q: The first two non gay black men to ever kiss cause when I was growing up in the 1990's you would never see two black boys kissing,wearing pink,skinny jeans that sh t wasn't cool none of it.These rappers got these young boys today so messed up and I would never kiss a girl thats nasty two people of the same sex shouldn't kiss.Games like gay chicken are disturning.

A: No definately not. I think people should be able to be with whichever sex they, no one has the right to say otherwise. Even though it makes me cringe when 2 guys kiss, doesnt make it wrong, we've just been taught by society that homosexuality is bad because of religion and various other misinformed and outdated sources. So yeah we just have to get used to it and let people live their lives. In like 20 years its probably gonna be totally normal and acceptable to be gay.

How Hairy was the anos of birdman when Lil wayne performed tongue insertion into it? by Q: my guess is hair, curly hairs, and lil wayne got one stuck on his tongue

A: Digusting nigga you digusting

Can you give me some good lil wayne, drake, trey songz, birdman songs or anything similar please? by chewysweet Q: If you could please tell me the names of some good lil wayne, drake, trey songz, birdman or any similar artists songs then it would be greatly appreciated!! <3 Thanks

A: We Be Steady Mobin - Lil Wayne ft. Gucci Over - Drake For My Town - Birdman ft. Drake Oh Let`z Do it - Lil Wayne Roger That - Young Money Where`z Lil Wayne - Young Money Knock out - YOung Money (Lil Wayne &.Nicki Minaj] Panty Droppa - Trey SOng`z Neighbor`z Know My Name - Trey Song`z DownLoad Any Song Off Of No CeiLing`z Mixtape - Lil Wayne &.* Any Nicki Minaj Songg

Birdman's hat and white rimmed glasses in the music video fire flame? by Tosin Q: Can someone help me out by id-ing the glasses and hat worn by birdman in the video fireflame? Thanks.

A: I'm looking it up, try and find you something, it's cool though! :D

Which Harvey Birdman episode is it where he gets all those new bird assistants? by Miaow Q: The one where he gets all the new bird assistants because Avenger left or something, and there's an emu and stuff.

A: Birdboy: This episode sees the introduction of Harvey's new clerk, known simply as Peanut. ... introduced to Peanut who earns a job as Harvey's assistant. ... www.tv.com/episode/80369/summary.html - * Have a Good Day * ~ Don ~ np

I anyone else surprised that the Birdman is actually play pretty good for the Nuggets? by Jon G Q: I never thought he was that great with the hornets and after being gone for a season with drug trouble. Its good to see him play well.

A: Yeah i enjoy watching the birdman play ball..he is very underrated and well as long as he seems underrated than the nuggets have a hidden weapon because you can gameplan around Chauncy and Melo but well what are ya going to do about the birdman? he can be the ultimate X-Factor in the Playoffs this year.

What does it mean when Birdman / Baby shouts out bdrrraaaakkk? by Q: I just wondered if there was a meaning behind it? Maybe he's saying something else, I'm not sure. He shouts it out every once in a while.

A: Well, a crow makes that caliber of sound, so I felt he was imitating a bord of some ilk

Where can I find the theme song for Harvey Birdman Attorney at law? by miss_darkshadow Q: I have no clue where to find it... Or the original theme song. I would love to have both of them.

A: you can download the theme song at http://www.huntmymusic.com I searched it for you and here's the direct link http://www.huntmymusic.com/search/harvey--birdman-attorney-at-law/1/mp3 You can preview it to see if it's the right one, then download

What flavor of vitamin water was Steve Nash drinking in the birdman commercial? by Q: Not the connect flavor but the one he was drinking.

A: Eric, you made me laugh. That was an amazing response :) Love it.

How and where do Birdman and Lil Wayne get these huge stacks of cash money from? by Chief Fink Q: My dad's an accountant and he don't have stacks that big

A: Monopoly

What jacket is Tyga wearing in the music video Loyalty with Birdman? by Q: I have looked all over the net for this jacket, or even just the brand and can't any info on it! It is the black leather jacket Tyga is wearing in this video with Birdman and Lil Wayne: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8oOLnC6P4c Any info would help, thanks in advance!

A: quin ching tij chung pui te chu cha

Why is it that almost in every Lil Wayne song Birdman is in the video just standing there? by Q: Im not a Lil Wayne fan i personally hate him i just think its retarded how in all of his videos you see Birdman there just standing around looking dumb.

A: I do not like Birdman. And Lil Wayne is getting a little annoying. Eminem all the way :D

Did the rapper Birdman make an oil company? by Q: Im a business student who is hoping to get into the energy business one day. I was browsing and searching for companies that I could potentially work for, and all of a sudden i see something called "Bronald Oil" Started by "Bryan Williams and Ronald Williams" The only Bryan Williams I know of is Birdman whos a rapper. Is there any chance its him? If so, why would a rapper go into the oil business?

A: Yes, at one point he did but he no longer is affiliated with it. He had a tattoo of an oil rig on his head, which was later covered up. He got into the oil business for money, the "black gold". Much like asking why 50 cent ever got into vitamin water :P

Who actually likes Birdman enough to go out, and buy one of his albums? by Q: I never really met anyone who even mentions Birdman when they talk about their favorite rappers.. i just cant believe people really go out there and buy that mans album haha i never met anyone who liked him that much!


Has Birdman done any crimes or anything illegal? by nolookpass26 Q: The rapper Birdman. You hear about all the other rappers and drug issues, guns, etc. Has Birdman done any of that stuff that you know of?

A: Made his music, that should be illegal.

What are the lyrics to Swag Flu by soulja boy feat. Birdman and gucci mane? by Hanna M Q: I can't find them anywhere online! All I can find is either just soulja boy or soulja boy and birdman... But I really want the lyrics to gucci's part. Please help! Thanks!

A: http://www.google.com/search?q=swag+flu&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

what are the name of the sunglasses birdman had on in the bet awards? by GEE Q: birdman had on some nice sunglasses in the bet awards. it haves a white frame only across the topwith a lil gold on the sides. who are they by? every rapper haves these.. even p diddy r&b group day 26.

A: Sounds like the Louis Vuitton Evidence. Originally only released in black, now comes in white and I believe brown.

What is that song by Birdman where he is cooing like a pigeon? by nermal509 Q: Just heard this song recently so I don't know if it's new or not. I'm pretty positive that it is by Birdman, and throughout the song he "coos" like a pigeon. Anyone? Please?

A: What Happened to That Boy - Clipse feat. Birdman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MX6rC1krGp0

How much is the house worth in the 'Fireflame' video by Birdman? by Brandon Q: In the original fireflame video by birdman, the one video without lil Wayne, how much is the house worth that birdman shoots the video in? Also how much is the red bugatti worth? Property value? How much money is in the walls when he is sitting at the table with money all around him?

A: it's all fake, so it's worth close to nothing. it is a well known fact that birdman uses fake props in all of his videos.

How much money does birdman really have? by Matthew Q: I question the Legitimacy of a lot of rappers in the game to day regarding how much money they really have. How come Birdman is never on the Forbes List for top earners in rap but I always see him everywhere buying the most outrages things ever how much is this guy really worth.

A: A b-b-bird, bird, bird, the bird's the word. Have you heard? A b-b-bird bird bird, the bird's the word. Everybody knows that the bird's the word.

Birdman - Fire Flame Birdman - Born Stunna (Ft. Rick Ross) Birdman & Mack Maine - B Boyz feat Kendrick Lamar & Ace Hood [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Birdman - YU MAD ft. Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne Birdman Cops Two 2012 Bentley Coupes For Him & Lil Wayne And A Rolls Royce Ghost For Mack Maine! Mystikal feat. Birdman & Lil Wayne - Original (Official Video) Birdman Talks Retirement and Hot Boyz Reunion Birdman - Money To Blow ft. Lil Wayne, Drake Mystikal ft. Lil Wayne & Birdman - Original - Behind The Scenes Birdman - 100 Million ft. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne Bird man admits its a hoax Birdman Betting 5 Million Dollars On Patriots Birdman Cops His Big Brother Slim A $600000 2012 Maybach! Birdman Speaks On Drake & Common Beef Money Talks: Behind Birdman's Empire Who Will Birdman Sign Next? Chaka Khan? Prince? Chris Brown? Mystikal feat. Birdman & Lil Wayne - Original (Official Video) HD Silent Hill Downpour - BIRDMAN - Gameplay Walkthrough - Part 51 (Xbox 360/PS3) [HD] BIRDMAN ' TAKES DROC25 ON TOUR WITH YMCMB!!! Mystikal feat Birdman and Lil Wayne - Original (uncut) Birdman/Mack Maine (Feat. Kendrick Lamar, Ace Hood Dj Khaled) - B Boy Birdman - Neck Of The Woods (Explicit) Ft. Lil Wayne Rick Ross Feat. Birdman - 10 Bricks (Official Video) HD BIRDMAN 2012 Super Humans: Bird Man Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill & Birdman - Last Breath - Hip Hop 2012 Nicki Minaj gets a new gift from Birdman on the set of 'YU Mad' Birdman Betting 5 Million Dollars On Patriots to Win Super Bowl Drake- We'll Be Fine (feat.Birdman) Jay Sean - Like This, Like That ft. Birdman Lil Wayne - Ft. Birdman Stuntin Like My Daddy ~DJF~ French Montana 'Everythings A Go [Remix] ft Birdman, Wale, Fabolous & Jadakiss Mystikal - Original (Explicit) ft. Birdman, Lil Wayne Mystikal - Original featuring Lil Wayne & Birdman NEWS: Mystikal signs with YMCMB! BIRDMAN 43rd BIRTHDAY PARTY AT LIV 2012 PSA FROM BIRDMAN & JAY SEAN IN THE STUDIO Lil Wayne, Birdman, Nikki Minaj on MTV Cribs (HQ) 2 Chainz Feat. Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, BirdMan - Slangin Birds Mystikal Talks Lil Wayne, Birdman & Going From Six Years In Jail To A 'Cash Money Lifestyle' Original (Feat. Birdman & Lil' Wayne) (Explicit Version) Cash Money Records CEOs Baby aka Birdman and Slim In Court For Rape Part. 2 Birdman Buys 2 2012 Bentley Coupes For Lil Wayne And A Rolls Royce Ghost For Mack Maine Mystikal - Original (Ft. Lil Wayne & Birdman)(Lyrics On Screen + Download Link)(HD) Birdman Lil Wayne N YMCMB in Australia Birdman Feat. Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne - YU Mad (Video On Trial) STREET LIFE FEAT BIRDMAN '' COUNT THE JACKSONS'' DIRTY VERSION Birdman buys His Big Brother Slim A $600000 2012 Maybach Birdman Feat Rick Ross - Born Stunna Birdman - Pop Bottles ft. Lil Wayne Birdman and Lil Wayne 10
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