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Bindi Irwin

Bindi Irwin, Robert Irwin Look All Grown Up, Reveal New SeaWorld Project
Steve Irwin's legacy lives on in his family. The late Crocodile Hunter's two kids, Bindi and Robert Irwin, along with their mom, Terri Irwin, stopped by Good Morning America on Thursday, March 6, to talk about Bindi's new partnership with SeaWorld ...

Bindi Irwin teams up with US SeaWorld
“I'm so excited to be carrying on in Dad's footsteps and making sure that everything he worked so hard for continues for the generations to come,” said Bindi, speaking of her father Steve Irwin, who died in 2006 from a stingray barb. “That's why I'm ...

Bindi Irwin faces US backlash over SeaWorld ties
Bindi Irwin, seen here with her brother Robert, has caused a backlash in the US over her association with SeaWorld. Photo / APN. Bindi Irwin is facing a backlash in the US after entering one of America's most heated public relations battles. The 15 ...

Bindi Irwin in hot water over SeaWorld gig
"The Irwin family has been exploiting animals for years, so it comes as no surprise that Bindi has agreed to become SeaWorld's latest shill," People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) senior vice president of communications Lisa Lange told AAP.

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Steve Irwin? by zacsgrl212 Q: Did u guys know that Steve Irwin (Croc Hunter) died because of a sting ray attack.....doesn't that suck?: (

A: He was very entertaining, with lots of enthusiam and a great passion for what he did. He loved animals of all kinds. He also cared a great deal about educating the world not only about the different animals but also the dangers each animal species faced in the wild. He wanted to help preserve endangered species. Mini biography Steve Irwin was born in 1962 to parents Lyn and Bob Irwin, who were animal naturalists. He has shared the love for animals all his life, stemming from being raised at the Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park. There, he partook in daily duties of animal feeding and care. He quickly established himself with the Queenland's government on the process of the country's Crocodile Relocation Program, in which the reptiles could be transferred and relocated to proper localties in the most absolute humane, non-tranquilizing manner. He frequently implements the non-tranquilizing factor in his televison show "Croc Files" (1999). To date, Steve can claim that he has never been bitten by a venomous snake, despite his bare-hand handling of some of the most deadliest snakes in the world. Steve has been married to fellow naturalist, Terri Irwin (Baines) since 1992. She joins him in his adventures and efforts in almost every episode of his show. They have one daughter Bindi Sue Irwin who was born July 24, 1998. Source(s): http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0410455/

What does everyone think about Bindi Irwin? by babykatdream099 Q: She wants to be like her dad . Only 8 yrs old and talks very well. Looks just like her dad . she will grow up to be a very pretty young lady and do what she loves best.

A: Those pictures of her speaking at his memorial were heartbreaking. Poor kids.

whats everyone think of bindi irwin? by christaluvs*DX* Q: i think shes the prettyest little thang ever whats everyone like about her?

A: I think shes wonderful. She makes me even more proud to be an Australian.

What do you think of Bindi Irwin?? by Madiez_xoxo Q: Is she a show off and stuck up or is she cute and brave...you decide

A: Poor kid. She has just lost her Dad and now the world will watch her every move. She is only eight years old and already sounds like a seasoned campaigner with adult speech patterns and characteristics. She will be burnt out in a few years time. Her mother should br ashamed. It looks like she sees her daughter as the next breadwinner in the family. I consider it to be a form of child abuse. Two hundred years ago her counterparts were sent up the chimneys to clean them !

What is your impression of Bindi Irwin? by *:•.♥.•:* Heartbeat *:•.♥.•:* Q: Stupidity Leak: sadly, I think you're right. It's a wonderful cause, but the way that little child has been primped and preened to front it is disgusting. Her childhood did not need to be sacrificed for it. Brooooooocey: !! That was deeply, darkly funny but absolutely evil!!

A: she would make good croc bait a very annoying kid

Are Bindeez Beads endorsed by Bindi Irwin? by L E Q:

A: Yes. Does it matter?

what are terri and bindi irwin up to these days since steve irwin's stingray tragic incident? by said g Q:

A: Yes, Bindi now has a show on Animal Planet with her mom. I haven't seen it yet, but would like to. Can you believe it's already been a year since his death? I know it must have been a tough one for them.

Is it just me or... does Bindi Irwin...? by FloridaGrown Q: Does Bindi Irwin look like a young Michelle Williams?? http://www.imdb.com/media/rm2616298496/tt1394329 http://www.imdb.com/media/rm3891366912/tt1394329 http://www.topnews.in/light/files/Michelle-Williams3.jpg http://www.topfloormusic.com/keywords/Michelle_Williams/Michelle_Williams_1.jpg

A: you got me on that one but it looks like a close similarity in a few ways.

If Paris Hilton was reincarnated, who was she in another life? by Gdog Q:

A: bindi irwin

What are you sick of? by Маsha_Resurrected Q:

A: bindi irwin...

Who would you not let dribble on you? by Frogme Q:

A: bindi irwin

SURVEY: If You Had A Chance To Spend ONE Weekend With ONE Celebrity Who Would You Pick? by Freya That AuSSie Girl Q: They can be in the past or present, anyone.....

A: Bindi Irwin

Will Bindi Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter's daughter) become bigger than the Olsen twins? by andycapp Q:

A: I think so, and she deserves it. She is a gorgeous little girl who is wise and level headed. She is a great role model for young girls out there and I don't think she will ever be any different. People need to lay off her and her Mum, they had a horrible thing happen to them and they are dealing with it in their own way. Bindi has never been any different, and if she wants to be in the spotlight and carry on her daddy's work then she should go right ahead and do it, and Australia will get behind her every step of the way. Good on Bindi for being so brave!!!

do you like bindi irwin? by Look how Pathetic i am ^^ Q: no i hate the little squirt shes too hooked on fame and shes only 10

A: Do you?

what wetsuit did bindi irwin? by Me. Q: Wear on Free Willy? Jw. Is their a website for them? Thankks.

A: It's a Coral ladies/kids full suit of some kind, but from their website it seems to be an old line no longer available.

what happened to Bindi Irwin? by Shossi Q: She started a show on Animal Planet, and then nothing. What is she doing?

A: She will star as Kirra in Free Willy 4: Escape from Pirate's Cove which is due to be released in 2010.[20]

Is it just me or is Bindi Irwin really really really really annoying??? by Maddi Q: Mann, shes annoying

A: I really respect Steve Irwin, BUT YES, she annoys even my children! You can tell she is a spoiled brat!

With respect to Bindi Irwin? by onemiamigringo Q: Is it possible even for the BRIEFEST of moments that Bindi & her mom know what's best for Bindi? I am SO sure that the Parasites at 20/20 and the other sales oriented parasites of the media are MUCH more qualified to know what is in Bindi's best interest. After all they have so much to gain at her expense. Perhaps if we boycotted the companies that pull their strings(advertisers) people like this would not be so grossly exploited by the news media. Remember when they actually reported the news? Anyway leave the girl alone and let her pursue her goals and ambitions. "I refuse to tiptoe through life only to arrive at the grave in a well preserved body" cheers and best wishes.

A: i still cant get it through my head that hes gone i mean he was the one who inspired me to save animals well most of us know hes in heaven

Who are Steve Irwin's children? by sum1......... Q:

A: steve and terry had two children, bindi sue irwin robert clarence irvin http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Irwin#Family

Who is your most hated celebratie? by Look how Pathetic i am ^^ Q: Mine is terri Irwin, you know with all the stuff she did like kick steves dad out of the buisness whos your most hated celebratie?

A: dont u mean BINDI irwin???? ya i hate her too. i was sooo close to throwing up after watching not even thirty seconds of her tv show. i was gagging up a storm. i HATE miley cyrus and her "BFF" Mandy. they r freakin ugly and worthless. they have no talent. mandy's just trying to get famous o and spencer and heidi frm the hills. they r sooo annoying. i cant stand them

Terri and Bindi Irwin...? by Noodles Q: Is anyone else sick of hearing about them, and wonder how much money they have made because of Steve's death? Are they just profiteering from his memory?

A: i check the news every day to see if bindi has been taken by a croc

Is Bindi Irwin is going to still get her show "Jungle Girl"? I hope so. She is just precious. Croc tears here! by firefly Q: I adore the Irwins and hope they find strength. I would love to see Bindi do a show as long as it is a positive experience for her. Any thoughts?

A: I really really hope Bindi has her own show if that's what she wants. God bless the Irwins ... they're a precious family and I hope they never give up on what they're doing

Bindi Irwin, so cute? by Baby Julie due 5/12 Q: She has so much strength for a little girl. I truely think she is amazing. I feel bad that Bob wasnt able to really know his daddy. I know Bindi can tell him. Who else thinks she has amazing strenghth? Steve Irwin---R.I.P

A: I'm really glad to see someone who respects the work that Steve Irwin did. And yeah the kids sure are cute.

Terri Irwin? by Blue Ridge Q: Do you think Terri Irwin is over using Bindi to make money for the Australia Zoo and the Irwin family? Steve Irwin's dad, Bob, left the zoo a few months ago because he dislikes that Terri has turned the zoo into an adventure land. Your view?

A: My kids love the Bindi show. I myself like her better than Steve!! He just seemed a little too coo coo for me. He incorporate Steve alot into her show. I think it is a good thing what she is doing. As for Steves dad leaving, maybe he needs to deal with it in a different way. I don't think by any means has Terri put a disgrace to Steves name at all. If anything she is keeping him alive!! I say Kudos to Terri and Bindi. Bindi might grow up and do something great for animals.

I have crush on Bindi Irwin? by Rufus Harvey Q: For a long time, I have a crush on Bindi Irwin. She the daughter of the late Steve Irwin, who died from a sting ray accident. I have a an impression on her, and I think that she's a very pretty, intelligent, and down-to-earth girl. I live in North America and she lives in Australia, but if I meet her someday what can I do to get her to like me?

A: I doubt you will meet her properly. Problem solved! That's a bit creepy I mean she is only known for being a kid.

Bindi Irwin Vs Dakota Fanning? by gerbil31603 Q: If these two kids got into a scuffle who'd come out winning. I say Bindi A: She came from tough stock B: I just dont like Dakota Fanning

A: Definitely Bindi... she has been around wild animals all her life... she would hurt Dakota Fanning.

does anyone know when Bindi Irwin show starts? by Kam Q: in the usa

A: I think this coming Monday. The last show with Steve Irwin airs on Sunday on Animal Planet.

Do you think Bindi Irwin will follow in her dads footsteps? by lucky b Q:

A: I think she'll enjoy working at her dad's zoo, but it's up to her if she wants to pursue something further, like a TV series. I wouldn't put any pressure on her to do something like that, but on the other side, it is very dangerous work. We miss u Steve Irwin!

who do you hate more? Miley cyrus or Bindi irwin? by Look how Pathetic i am ^^ Q:

A: I hate bindi irwin with a passion, she is a fake little girl who thinks the whole world loves her when in fact it hates her. She already has her own doll for christs sake jeez shes only 10 she needs to get over herself

Do you think Bindi Irwin's music will make a comeback? by samsquanch Q: I think When the Hippo Moves Her Hips was ahead of its time. Do you think more people will begin to appreciate it?

A: Oh, for sure. I think Bindi Irwin is the next big pop star. I hope more people appreciate and love it the way I do. PS. Listening to 'Snake in the Grass' right now! It's on my jungle playlist on my iPod!

Does anyone else thing Bindi Erwin is being exploited? by I luv Pets Q: She seems over worked and underpaid. LOL seriously is it healthy to have this little girl doing all this stuff ??? I dont doubt she knows animals well but really thats alot of work for a kid. Steve Erwins daughter who has her own show on Nick called Bindi the jungle girl.... by the way dont answer the question if you dont know it. Its silly.

A: Her name is Bindi IRWIN- with an "I" not an "E"! And yes, I've been saying she's getting exploited since her father died- since then she has really been PUSHED into the public eye, I think when her father died so did her and her brothers chances at having proper childhoods. Her father let them be kids- I don't think her mother does!

Do you find Bindi Irwin is becoming more and more obnoxious? by diques1018 Q:

A: When Steve died, I told my sister that my biggest fear would be Bindi turning into some sort of child star like the Olsen Twins. Dear god, we don't need that. I know it's her trademark, but I want to steal and break her crimping irons!

Bindi Irwin and Overpopulation Concerns? by harpazo Q: Why is Hillary Clinton against Bindi Irwin, daughter of the famous Crocodile Hunter, for writing an essay about the reality of our current overpopulation problem? Bindi at just 14 is right in making known the fact that something must be done to control overpopulation. I do not understand Hillary's CONCERN in this regard. For those who are interested, watch the following clip by Bindi Irwin here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYbNbJG3-1k So, why is Hillary upset? Bindi spoke the truth. So, what's the problem?

A: Overpopulation is caused by anybody who has more than two children. Bindi Irwin was correct, but remember that Hillary is a politician.

Do you like Bindi Irwin? by samp Q: I think she's a bit annoying, actually.

A: I can't stand her! I wish she would die so much!!! Grr! *Throws dart at Bindi's picture* I wish it was her instead of Steve.

Where can you buy clothes from Bindi Irwins clotes line? by R30 Q: I can't find a place on line and I live in Ohio

A: http://www.crocodilehunter.com.au/cart/bindi.html http://www.livevideo.com/video/HollywoodLive/D6C42C49E5FC41EDB6D26F0898E0D2BD/bindi-irwin-launches-clothing-.aspx

Bindi Erwin? by Merry Christmas♫ Q: Is it possible she could be on anti-pyschotic drugs? Ya im thinking so. She sounds like an adult.. ugh..

A: I think Bindi Irwin has too many responsibilities for a young child,and her mother she cut her a break from show business. I seen Bindi lip sync the other day on Good Morning America,and she was awful.lol It looks like her mother depends on her a little too much for money.

Is Bindi Irwin Being Used Too Much? by Blue Ridge Q: Is Bindi Irwin being used too much in the public eye? Do you think that Terri is trying to keep the fame of the zoo and the money coming in from all over the world through Bindi's talents? =============================== I read recently that Bob Irwin (Steve's dad) left Australia zoo because he is NOT HAPPY with the way Terri has converted the once family zoo into a place similar to Disney Land. Do you agree that Bob should have left the zoo?

A: Absolutely makes me sick the way that child is paraded and constantly talking about her Dad! I went to the zoo about 10 years ago and loved it - we returned recently and it was ridiculous - yes it's American styled but I have to say it was clean and the ammenities were very good - so the balance was there for me. But Bindi on the TV freaks me and the kids out - it's over the top and seeing Steve as much as we do it's just WAY too much. He's never been allowed to die. We can't miss him coz he's always on the TV... If Bob has left I don't blame him! I wish they would let her be a little girl. Sure she's happy now, but when she's 15/18/21 WHATever she will not be so happy and grateful... and I wonder what will happen to Terri then... but then there's Bob Junior isn't there?

Anyone else catch little Bindi Irwin on the Today show this morning? by everybody's got one Q: A question for you Aussies: Is she an obnoxious brat and overbearing showoff when she appears on TV in your country, too? Wow. This kid needs to be taught how to act like herself, instead of trying to become the next Steve Irwin. I know losing your dad in a tragic accident is terrible, but when a ten-year-old can upstage the likes of Cathie Lee Gifford, something's definitely awry. Someone needs to rein her in before she goes totally manic and releases a monitor lizard in a theater full of kids watching Disney's "earth". Star if you think her mom knows a cash cow when she sees one. Y/A sez: Society & Culture > Etiquette. A couple of lessons? It couldn't hurt...

A: Hello, Sorry, didn't see it today. I have always been an animal lover. Remember back in the day, Mutual of Omaha- Wild Kingdom? The narrator was about 5 miles away in an armoured truck, while they sent the younger one out to milk the bull or whatever. For a reason I could never quite grasp, I did not like Steve. Every other one is fine but him. When he suddenly passed, Cindy seemed genuinely grieved. Almost, a zombie. Bindi just kept going.. I had a 1940's musical feeling where she winks to the bandleader, wipes the fake tear and says "The show must go on!" I think it was managers and agents at that time. Cindy seemed drugged.I haven't seen her lately so I don't know who is pulling the strings but I think in Australia they would say "Crikey, she's a chip off the old block, she is" or as we say in the States" Shoot! She's annoying"

What is with Bindi Irwin (happy pills?)!!!!? by Jeremy H Q: Please please please would someone tell me why Bindi Irwin is getting away with all of this commercialised crap. She and unfortunately now Bob (cos he can speak I spose) have been thrust into all of this nonsense cos "the environment comes first and she'll do whatever she must". She's got her own show and was in a movie. I think that there is no way that her father would approve. I say this and it may seem harsh but come on she only rocketed to fame after her father died. But as long as she's doing work and some proceeds go to charity its all good. She's lost my respect as she sports the khaki like she needs it but what for? Pancake ads? Steve was wrestling crocadiles when he was six. And from something like that keeping up an "image" was nothing for him as he just did what he did. On the other hand rereiterating the khaki "costume" point she must keep up her "crikey" mate image but she should start thinking what shes gonna do for a career cos this cute image is fading. If shes the essence of her father then as an Australian I'm angry. After all of this I don't hate her I just think that she's been pushed in the wrong direction.

A: Bindi was doing her own thing before Steve died. If I recall, he was filming something for her show when he died! She was always on Crocodile Hunter Dairies with her dad. She is a little kid. She's having fun. It's nice to see her smiling. She lost her dad and she is finding the courage to carry on his work and his beliefs. She knows what is right and she knows what needs changing in the world.

Terri And Bindi Irwin's Show Last Night.? by Bird lady Q: Did anyone out there watch the special last night with Terri and Bindi Irwin ? It moved me to tears. I am glad they are carrying on Steve's work. He truly loved what he did helping the crocs of the world. He would have been so proud to see his dad, daughter , wife and son all working together with the rest of the crew from Australia zoo. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Anyone else like it?

A: i didn't see the show but i adore the irwins and everything they do to try and save the animals a place in this world with humans. hopefully the show will air in my area soon. thanx for the update. steve-0 was and still is the greatest and kindest man this world has ever known !

Why is Bindi Irwin not a vegetarian? by kostar Q: Okay, yes, she's only 8 years old or whatever. But I saw her on the Ellen show and she actually said "I love all animals great and small" while she petted a reptile of some sort. Then she proceeded to tell Ellen that she had eaten most of the beef jerky in the green room.... How could someone so in tune with animals, especially such a wide variety of animals, have such a disconnect in their mind? Perhaps this question should be directed more to her mother, who also masquerades as an "animal lover"..... If only all you people who say you love animals but you eat them know how stupid you sound....

A: You pretty much answered your own question... For the most part she's probably not a vegetarian because... she's 8. Most vegetarians I would gather were either raised as a vegetarian by their parents from day one OR they came into their own at some point as a young teen/young adult and realized they wanted to make a conscious decision about their health/lifestyle. She wasnt raised as a vegetarian by her parents nor has she reached a point in her life yet where she realizes she doesn't necessarily *have* to eat what is placed in front of her at the dinner table. Bindi is no different than any of the rest of us in that respect... Lots of people love animals and still eat them... Bindi isn't an exception just because she's a well-known celebrity.

Do you think BINDI IRWIN would tell the little Palestinian girl that "BUTTERFLY" was...? by sexyaustraliangoddess Q: "A false creed in elaborate garb"?

A: Bindi Sue Irwin (born July 24, 1998 in Nambour, Queensland, Australia) is the daughter of late wildlife conservationist Steve Irwin ("the Crocodile Hunter") and Terri Irwin. According to her parents, when she was born Steve yelled out "Bindi" (the name of his favourite female crocodile at the Australia Zoo), and Terri yelled out "Sue" (the name of Steve Irwin's dog), thus giving her the name "Bindi Sue"

With respect to Bindi Irwin? by onemiamigringo Q: Is it possible even for the BRIEFEST of moments that Bindi & her mom know what's best for Bindi? I am SO sure that the Parasites at 20/20 and the other sales oriented parasites of the media are MUCH more qualified to know what is in Bindi's best interest. After all they have so much to gain at her expense. Perhaps if we boycotted the companies that pull their strings(advertisers) people like this would not be so grossly exploited by the news media. Remember when they actually reported the news? Anyway leave the girl alone and let her pursue her goals and ambitions. "I refuse to tiptoe through life only to arrive at the grave in a well preserved body" cheers and best wishes Bindi & Mum!

A: Love the Irwins and sure miss Steve Irwin here at our house. Repeats just are not the same. They should just leave them to live their lives. I can really see Bindi and her little bro being as interesting and entertaining as their dad when they get older and doing many wonderful things for wildlife conservation. He was a great man and sadly missed even in the US. One show I always knew was great, safe, and educational for my children. God bless the Irwin family.

Is Bindi Irwin Under to much Pressure? by camshaft Q: I think Bindi Irwin has been brought up by two great parents and her father taught her well about animals and died loving what he did and his wife terri is the only person that can say what her child can or can't handle in their life right now. I think all you that wrote in and left unnessasary comments should be ashamed of your selves and stay out of good peoples lives so they live theirs without you picking on a 8 year old girl who just lost a father who taught her everything and showed her the world.

A: Absolutely not!. Wildlife is Bindi's life. She was born into it. Bindi is a smart, articulate child who loves what she is doing and the doubters are completely clueless of the Irwin's way of life. Bindi's new wildlife conservation show as she is appropriately nicknamed "Bindi the Jungle Girl" will carry on her dad's legacy for many years to come. Closing in on the ripe old age of 9, Bindi Irwin has just begun.

What are the updates on Bindi Irwin and her series? by babykatdream099 Q: Bindi's series was suppose to start in january what happen, i was looking forward to watch her new series

A: Despite Steve's untimely death, Bindi and her mom Terri, with the support of their family, friends and staff at Australia Zoo, decided to carry on Steve's legacy and finish filming the series. Discovery Kids Channel is proud to announce that BINDI: THE JUNGLE GIRL premieres Saturday, June 9, at 5 PM ET/PT as a weekly series. In addition, the night before Bindi's new series premieres on Discovery Kids Channel, Animal Planet presents MY DADDY THE CROC HUNTER, in which Bindi, with her mom's help, hosts her very first special and shares her personal look at growing up with her famous dad, The Crocodile Hunter. Bindi shows clips from her early childhood and goes behind the scenes of some of Steve's most exciting TV shows and movies. http://hardware.broadcastnewsroom.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=119047 So it WILL be on.... you just have to wait a litle bit longer. Isn't she a fantastic kid ?? I met her at the Australia Zoo, and she's simply amazing, and sooo sweet ! Steve would be proud ! :o)

Do you think Bindi Irwin...........? by tongue-tied & starry-eyed Q: will follow in her dad's footsteps and protect wildlife like he did? I think she is an amazing young lady and she will accomplish a lot and change the world.

A: Of course she’s already really doing it. She even has her own TV show Bindi the jungle girl. In interviews she has been very vocal about continuing to help animals, preserve land for them and teach people about them just like Steve. Bindi’s been helping take care of the zoo animals since she was like 2 years old, one of her first charges was an old Tortoise that was over 200 and passed in June 2006. She is so bright, outgoing, and animated and just really shines on screen she defiantly has Steve’s touch and I don’t think she will put that to waste. Steve said before he died that Bindi would go on to be a bigger star then him and I think he is absolutely right. she's being called the Crocodile Princess.

Do you think Bindi Irwin is an old soul? by Sara Q:

A: I just love Bindi Irwin...what a little trooper! I truely think that little girl is an old soul and Im glad that Im not the only one... She is doing remarkably well for a little girl who has just lost her hero... I saw the Australian Story piece they did with Terri and the kids and it was just beautiful to see that little girl with that same spark in her eye that she had before her dad passed away... I still cry every time I hear "True Blue" or "Home Among The Gum Trees", but my daughter is insisting on learning Australian folk songs and "Steve's songs"...she's two! Well done to everyone associated with Steve and Australia Zoo, the production teams and especially John Stantion and Terri Irwin...you keep that little girl doing what ever it is that she wants to do...I have a feeling that we will be hearing of Bindi Irwin for years to come!

Bindi & Terry Irwin? by Bird lady Q: Does anyone else think Bindi & Terry Irwin are great as the host ot the animal planet show Planets Best? Bindi is so well adjusted and is following in her dads footsteps.He would be so proud of her! I am glad they are still in the limelight after Steves death.Most of the time the death of a star like Steve Irwin would make the family go into seclusion.I am glad they are carrying on his work. Rock on Irwin family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A: I think they are a lovely family. I thought Steve was great and miss him being around on tv. I think its great that Bindi wants to be just like her dad. I just think that its in her and no matter what she will be just like her dad. Good luck to them and I look forward to more animal conservation work from the Irwin family. Great that we have them someones got to do it.

I have MASSIVE hatred for bindi irwin!? by Look how Pathetic i am ^^ Q: I just hate the little girl,i am sick of seeing her on tv thinking she is some sort of national icon or something. She is 10yrs old she should act her age and acting like an adual. Anyone agree By the way yes i Like Steve irwin R.I.P yes i thought i was he only one... n guess what now bob irwin 4 yrs old wants his own show come'on what the hell is going on to the 'irish' woman no: 6 answerer, bindi is 10 at 10 yrs old we dont have numerous tv shows, start fashion and thinking we are so great and everybody loves us...jeez she hasnt hit puberty yet and she thinks shes god

A: I defiantely agree. i am australian and i saw the 60minutes preview of bob irwin calling himself " mr indipendent" I think the young irwins are getting a little carried away with fame. I also hate bindi she thinks shes so great i mean com on shes 10 and she also has a bindi doll coming out. Yeah so she was cute at first but now shes lame she has to get over herself fast cheers and up urs bindi

where can i find a good biography on bindi irwin? by Arianna Q: i have to do a book on bindi irwin so i am trying to find as much info. as i can. can anybody help me?

A: Bindi Sue Irwin (born 24 July 1998 in Nambour, Queensland, Australia) is the daughter of Terri Irwin and Steve Irwin. Bindi is a child celebrity, who has tried her hand at acting, singing, dancing, and rapping. She espouses the same conservationist philosophy as her parents. Her first name comes from the name of her father's favourite female crocodile at the Australia Zoo, and her middle name is from the family's dog Sui, Sue; in addition, Bindi is an Australian Aboriginal word that means little girl according to her father. Irwin began appearing on television shows as early as age two. She appeared regularly in her father's television shows, including The Crocodile Hunter Diaries, and also appeared in the 2002 film The Wiggles: Wiggly Safari in a credited cast role. Irwin was the presenter of a 26-part wildlife documentary kids show called Bindi the Jungle Girl, a production of the Discovery Kids television network. Her father was filmed in many of the early shows before his death in 2006, when production was temporarily put on hold. The series premiered in June 2007 on Discovery Kids. She hosted a special about her father called My Daddy the Crocodile Hunter. She also starred in a child fitness DVD in which she sang and danced with a group called Bindi Kidfitness. She made a hip-hop album called Trouble In The Jungle. Bindi and The Crocmen sang "Trouble In The Jungle" on The Today Show in November 2007. Bindi is currently learning how to play the piano. In September 2006, at age 8, Bindi Irwin appeared on the cover of the Australian magazine New Idea, the youngest person to have done so in the magazine's 104-year history. In early January 2007, she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. At that time, she was also scheduled for appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and in attendance with Russell Crowe at a major dinner. She was promoting her new video, Bindi Kidfitness, and fulfilling her role as a newly-appointed "tourism ambassador" for Australia. Irwin appeared on Larry King Live on 11 January 2007. She said that creative writing was her favourite subject and math is her least favourite. She also said that she enjoys being homeschooled because she and her teachers were such good friends. At the 2007 Kids' Choice Awards, Irwin presented the award for "Favorite Male Singer", with help from George Lopez and Tyler James Williams, which was won by Justin Timberlake. She also presented at the TV Week Logies Awards 2007, with help from Glenn Robbins for 'Most Outstanding Children's Show' which was won by The Upside Down Show. On 22 November 2007, Bindi appeared with her mother Terri in the 81st Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and performed songs from her album Trouble in the Jungle with The Crocmen on their jungle animal float. In 2008 Irwin won a Daytime Emmy Award as Outstanding Performer in a Children's Series. At age nine, she became the youngest performer ever to win a Daytime Emmy, beating the previous record held by Camryn Grimes, who won a Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series at age ten for The Young and the Restless. On 26th December 2009 Bindi appeared live on stage at Australia Zoo with new backup singers / dancers The Jungle Girls. Bindi commits 10% of her wage to Wildlife Warriors, the charity founded by her family in 2002. She will star as Kirra in Free Willy 4: Escape from Pirate's Cove which is due to be released in 2010. Bindi's father, Steve Irwin, was killed by a stingray on 4 September 2006 while setting up to shoot ocean reef footage for a show that would include segments with Bindi, because weather prevented him from filming footage for a different show. It has been reported by various international media that Bindi will continue her late father's conservation and television work. Steve Irwin had previously made it clear that he supported Bindi's rise to fame, claiming "I just want to be co-star to my daughter". Her family will continue the show by going on a tour in America, stopping at Los Angeles and New York. Check her Wiki page to continue reading.

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