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Billy the exterminator

'Billy the Exterminator' faces La. drug charges
By STACEY PLAISANCE AP NEW ORLEANS -- William "Billy" Bretherton, star of the A&E reality TV show "Billy the Exterminator," was arrested on drug possession charges in his home state of Louisiana. Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale said Tuesday that a ...

Billy the Exterminator and wife arrested, possession of synthetic marijuana
Bossier City Police responded to a 911 hang up call from a room at the Courtyard by Marriott Hotel at the Louisiana Boardwalk on April 28, 2012 and found William Bretherton, aka Billy the Exterminator, and his wife Mary. Billy the Exterminator ...

'Billy the Exterminator' faces La. drug charges
AP NEW ORLEANS — William “Billy” Bretherton, star of the A&E reality TV show “Billy the Exterminator,” was arrested on drug possession charges in his home state of Louisiana. Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale said Tuesday that a warrant was issued ...

Reality star Billy the Exterminator arrested
Billy the Exterminator and his wife have been arrested by Bossier City police on two drug charges. William and Mary Bretherton of Benton were arrested Friday after surrendering themselves to police on a warrant charging each with one count each of ...

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Watch Billy the Exterminator s02e17 Online Summer Camp Gator? by Q: Where can I see it ?

A: Here you go http://WATCHBILLYTHE25.TK

I was watching this show on A&E, Billy the Exterminator?, is Louisiana really that infested? by Lyle Q: I find it hard to believe people would live in a place like that if its as bad as the show makes it look?

A: No, Its not. It does have a lot of marshes but not all of it is. I mean its true some people are just that lazy and not keep their house cleann. (I live in louisiana) We do have plenty of misquitos but its really nice is most parts.

Do you watch the show Billy the Exterminator? by Angel Q: I love that show, Billy and Ricky are pretty hot ;D

A: Yes. Billy is kind of a dork, lol. xD I like how they use the Black Jolly Roger as their logo. Pirates, not being the peg leg appearance their rewarded, used two types of Jolly Rogers (skull with crossbones). The Black one, and the Red one. They'd raise the black flag to tell the person they were approaching that they could surrender or fight, their choice. The red Jolly Roger meant blood was to be spilled, and that they would have to fight or die, regardless.

Are TV shows like Dog, the bounty hunter, Operation repo, Billy the exterminator, put on TV because? by pain and suffering!!! Q: Because the least intelligent of us need shows to watch? It's kind of scary thinking those people are out there.

A: i think they're mainly there for voyeuristic types who live vicariously.

Billy the exterminator birthday party? by piperpretty Q: So my son is turning six soon and he has told me he was a birthday party based on the tv show "Billy the Exterminator". He said he wants a vex con poster and an alligator cake, can anybody help me with more ideas?

A: You could have a bee hive pinata with toy bugs inside... Maybe some sunglasses like he wears for favors... Watching the show with this in mind might help you to be creative too. Good Luck!

What has happened to Billy the Exterminator? by missingora Q:

A: The show is kind of like a soap opera with Ricky & his overacting "ex- wife", fighting, going back, chasing bugs, embarrassing him...And there are lots of enemies that want to take over your house causing illness & pain (cockroaches, squirrels, raccoons, spiders, gators). There's drama, humor calls for help often echo in the air. Gee, I miss him too. Hope they're doing more episodes...even the repeats are better than some shows on in his time slot. I'll watch.

billy the exterminator in savannah GA? by Just wandering Q: Hey I a friend got a picture of Billy The Exterminator in Savannah Ga today any ideas why he is here? someone said he was in a movie with Jeff Foxworthy in "Crackerjack" can't find on IMDb or elsewhere on internet any ideas?

A: he is following around "trapper Jack" Douglas who is a licensed alligator trapper.

Would you care to bump uglies with Billy the Exterminator? by SweetElf Q:

A: as long as it was Billie; not Billy....lol

how to dress like billy the exterminator? by Q: where can i buy clothes similar billys to and what do i need (please dont just say hottopic)

A: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&xhr=t&q=billy+the+exterminator&cp=11&qe=QmlsbHkgdGhlIGU&qesig=iQqSPCUVCwU3U2qOj89-bA&pkc=AFgZ2tk242DEWnqe78lJnARN3E1nvem8or3Eodo5srJlfKa3u15OUOe97k-4FJP__GRTdeAFVxX2KMRh-WYmQFk2UnAp7SL41Q&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1366&bih=587&wrapid=tljp1310929668243014&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi You really want to look like that? Just buy black clothing at GAP or something and get piercings ズ丂╋乇レノイム

What does Billy the Exterminator use to kill roaches.? by Q:

A: Pyrethrin

Does someone know where one can watch Billy The Exterminator Season 2 and 3? by Q:

A: you can watch this show here http://www.edogo.com

Are Billy the Exterminator and Bret Michaels twin brothers? by Q:

A: No Billy the Exterminator is actually Ricki Rocket the drummer from Poison.

Watch Billy the Exterminator Season 2 Episode 18 Online Squirrel Gone Wild? by Q: Where can I see it ?

A: Here you go http://WATCHBILLYTHE33.TK

in what episode does billy the exterminator do the termite job at a trailer home? by xrawrwolfyx Q:

A: None that I've seen. There was one with a mobile home filled with roaches . . .

Who would win a fight between Dog the Bounty Hunter and Billy the Exterminator? by Q:

A: Billy he has chemicals and wit :D

Television show BILLY the EXTERMINATOR ,I think this show is cool,? by mrfrijo Q: I can not believe some of the things these guys do on there show,the snakes,the time he caught the rattle snake and it had no rattle,and the Gators,Bats,Bob Cats etc. When I first seen the ad on TV I did not watch it because the ad did not do the show justice then I became hooked these guys are off the wall. Tell me about the show you like best,I have watched some of his shows 4 times.

A: I love his show.. : ) I feel sorry for his brother tho. Hes Allergic to Bee's.

Are billy and mary from billy the exterminator still married? by Q:

A: they are still married and have one child.

Watch Billy the Exterminator Season 2 Episode 19 Online Sprayed by a Skunk? by Q: Where can I see it online after it airs on tv ?

A: You can see it here http://WATCHBILLYTHE41.TK

Who else loves the shows Billy the Exterminator and River Monsters? by Sweet Pea Q:

A: It totally makes my skin crawl sometimes, but I love Billy the Exterminator and his whole family

Watch Billy the Exterminator s02e18 Online Squirrel Gone Wild? by Q: Can It be watched online ?

A: Sure thing http://WATCHBILLYTHE32.TK

Watch Billy the Exterminator Season 2 Episode 20 Online Python on the Prowl? by Q: Do you guys know where I can watch it online ?

A: I know you can see it here http://WATCHBILLYTHE48.TK

Why did they change the name of the show Exterminators to Billy the Exterminator? by Q:

A: There is another exterminator show on the same channel (The Exterminators). Last year the two shows shared the time slot.

Who is the hot girl on billy the exterminator episode busy beaver extreme roaches? by Q:

A: i think its http://www.sitcums.net/galleries/charlies_angels_xxx/sunny_leone/

Watch Billy the Exterminator Season 2 Episode 4 Online Rattlesnake Combat? by Q: Do you guys know where I can watch this episode online ?

A: I know you can see it here http://WATCHBILLYTHE9.TK

Watch Billy the Exterminator Season 2 Episode 17 Online Summer Camp Gator? by Q: Where Can I Watch Billy the Exterminator Season 2 Episode 17 Online ?

A: You can watch it at http://WATCHBILLYTHE26.TK

Watch Billy the Exterminator s02e21 Online Billy Goes to The Gulf? by Q: Has it aired yet ?

A: Yes it has http://WATCHBILLYTHE54.TK

on the show billy the exterminator he used something to get rid of ants what was it? by Q: on the show billy the exterminator he used something to get rid of ants..what did he use cause we have black ants and cant get rid of them and nothing works

A: My son used gasoline. He tried ant eliminator products from the garden supply store but the ants were not killed off. He dug up the ant pile to reveal the queen, poured gas on the nest, and set fire to it. The ants are gone.

Watch Billy the Exterminator s02e20 Online Python on the Prowl? by Q: Do you guys know where I can see it online ?

A: I know you can see it at http://WATCHBILLYTHE47.TK

Why does Billy the exterminator dress more like a Rock star then an exterminator in a uniform? by Dr. Feel Good Q:

A: It's good for the ratings for him to dress like that. There are only so many kinds of pests you can kill. It's kind of like L.A. Ink. There's only so many situations you'll encounter in a tattoo shop. Hence the soap opera dialogue begins. The same thing is starting to happen with Billy. Now his wife is on the scene. That's show biz. Round and round it goes.

no new episodes of billy the exterminator? by Q: billy the exterminator is my favorite show. i record every new episode on my DVR, but i managed my dvr and i didn't see any new episodes, did they cancel the show?

A: Nope the show is still on..they should have new episodes coming on real soon.I'm not sure exactly when..sorry..

Who else finds "Billy the Exterminator" and his brother Ricky sexy? by Alexandra Q: Who else finds this television exterminator sexy, not only for his looks but also for how he goes about giving animals safe and better homes as a full-time career choice and hobby? I'm a huge fan of the series, and whenever it comes on, I just can't stop watching Billy and how he makes the world a better place one rescue at a time.

A: They dress like idiots.. Billy needs to shave his mullet and get ride of the shoulder spikes.

What is your opinion on Billy the Exterminator? by Q: My grandmother watches that show constantly. I personally think He talks abit too loud and that his brother who has a sever possibly fatal reaction to stings shouldnt go on bee jobs... otherwise I rather enjoy the show for what it is..

A: I like it and I watch it once in a while, like today... To me the guys are very bad 'actors' as well as their family. I'm sure everything is scripted otherwise it would be a many hours show. Still is at time funny, and entertaining show though. Let her watch it, because is also educational when Billy explains (in his exaggerated ways) nature and why is that way. And, to be entertaining 'Drama' must be in it, so they let his brother go to kill bees and such...

Watch Billy the Exterminator Season 2 Episode 21 Online Billy Goes to The Gulf? by Q: Where can I see the latest episode from this tv show online ?

A: Here you go http://WATCHBILLYTHE55.TK

How many times have you seen Billy The Exterminator take care of a rowdy beaver? by Q:

A: None, I have a pesky beaver that's in my house. Can this guy help?

is billy the exterminator still married? by katie m Q: i have watched the show billy the exterminator the new episodes and they dont show his wife. is he still married?

A: Apparently he is but she resigned from the show. The program's opening credits have also been redone to better reflect Billy's attitude; the new credits omit Billy's wife, Mary, who resigned during the show's first season.

Where can I watch Billy the Exterminator s02e21? by Q: I find this to be a pretty fun show and have really been enjoying the season 2, I would love it if someone could show me where I can watch this episode online? Thank you!

Has anyone ever used Eugenia oil to kill insects like Billy the Exterminator does on TV? by Anna E Q: Just wondering. He uses this stuff all the time on his show, but I looked it up online and it is apparently nothing more than clove oil and everything I read shows it's use for alternative medicine or medicinal purposes, not as a pesticide? Does anyone out there know anything about this product and it's effectiveness on killing insects?

A: Clove oil is different than Eugenol, such as crude oil is different than gasoline. Clove oil can be broken down to a number of products with different uses, Eugenol just is one of them. It is just a contact kill, so it won't keep pests away. As with any insecticide following label directions and using care is needed when storing...around a 1/5 of an ounce swallowed can kill a toddler, less can cause severe liver damage

When Is Billy The Exterminator Coming back in 2011? by Q: I heard it came back in April but i haven't seen it on TV. the family loves the show and it makes us laugh. anyone know what time it is on if it is back? channel? day?

A: The 4th season will start in August.

Watch Billy the Exterminator s02e19 Online Sprayed by a Skunk? by Q: Where Can I See Billy the Exterminator s02e19 Online ?

A: I jsut watched it at http://WATCHBILLYTHE39.TK

Where can i watch billy the exterminator free online? by Q: Where can i watch it FREE? No surveys. Full episodes.

How come billy the exterminator is not on that much anymore? by Holly J Q: does anyone know? If anyone see it tell me what time please? i love that show 2 <3

A: Most likey it didn't get alot of views and went down hill. I love that show!

Does anybody like watching Billy the Exterminator? by Q: What do you think of the show and Billy and his family?

A: I am watching it right now. It's the one where the woman has a snake in her house and she also has a rabbit running free in the house too. I love this show. It's mindless entertainment.

How much does billy the exterminator charge ? by goVickgo7 Q: I want a price .. is it the same as most exterminators ?

A: You'll probably have to contact them for a quote. I should imagine that they're in line with their competitors or they wouldn't stay in business. Don't expect to be on the TV show, they must have many more clients than ever appear on there.

where can i get the pestisides that billy the exterminator uses? by Q: where can i get Eugenol oil, and pyreathren oil? i want to get rid of a bug problem on my own. is it in stoes, and if so what ones.

A: You can't. Pesticide use is strictly regulated by state government. You must be licensed to use them because if mixed improperly (laypeople ALWAYS think more is better) can cause an environmental disaster and injure or kill someone. If you think the pesticides that you can buy over the counter are 'safe', think again. People buying OTC pesticides rarely read the labels. Indiscriminate pesticide use is one likely cause of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) plaguing honeybees right now. If we lose the honeybees, we lose our food. Honeybees pollinate a large portion of our food.

What kind of mask does Billy the Exterminator wears when he does the termite jobs? by TWiZTiD KiD Q: I wanted to know what kind fo mask it was and if any one knows were to find them would be great. I just think it looks cool and thought i might get one to wear on halloween.

A: The other guy answered lied. Dont ask why I know this but Billy the Exterminator does not wear masks when doing termite jobs because he uses products that are not harmful to humans. Most of his products have natural oils that suck moisture out of the insects thereby killing them. Now the mask you are referring to is when there are bad infestations of bee's or wasps or hornets and he does not want to get stung in the face. Typically they are never that bad I have only seen one or two episodes where he does wear a mask. Here is a line from one of the episodes where he is wearing the mask that I got from the a&e website: So I use a neoprene face mask with some protective goggles. So go to your local holloween store and find a neoprene face mask that looks like a skull or grim reaper or something to that effect. There are pictures on the A&E site under his show --> go to photos - and view the "Bee Relocation" photo album. Then you can have a picture of it to take with you to the store. I hope this helps and I can't believe anyone else watches that show to even know he wore a mask. ha ha good luck finding the mask! take it easy!

Will There be a Billy the Exterminator Season 4? Also, is there a Billy the Exterminator World Tour? by Q: I want to know. Also, I see "Billy the Exterminator WORLD TOUR" Stuff on their website, but I don't know what's going on...? Lol, thanks.

A: They haven't said yet one way or the other.

Billy the exterminator veterinarian or a place similar? by Q: What's the name of the veterinarian place Billy brings the animals that need help or a place safer then the wild to live? If you can tell me the name and if they have a website that would be great! Or a place like it even. Where they can heal & help, and also take in animals (like the albino raccoon) who cant survive very long in the wild, that would be fantastic. Thank you in advance!

A: He calls her Doc Morgan. And I'm pretty sure he said she's at the Cypress Petting Zoo.

Does billy the exterminator do drugs this year? by Q: Last night my mom was watching the new season of billy the exterminator and she said that his face is all sunken in and his eyes were all black underneath and same with his brother. She says it looks like they are doing drugs. Is it true?

A: I don't have the answer but I feel the same way- he looks like a drug using person to me as well. I would think some type of cocaine product. I know everyone on the show will say no- but wow he looks so much more sweating and shrunken than before.

Who thinks Billy The Exterminator is the corniest show ever? by Wulfdog Q: From the stupid looking bee suits that are actually some kind of motor cycle leathers to looking under bushes and in attics with sunglasses on, to making stupid yelling sounds and really cheesy acting. The one on the marathon tonight that has people calling Billy to remove a nuisance alligator, when LA has a state operated Nuisance Alligator Program. Come on get real. This show just makes a mockery of the real people who exterminate.

A: really stupid

Where can I get the sunglasses that Billy wears in the TV show "Billy the Exterminator"? by masterpapa2256 Q: In the newest season, Billy and his brother both wear very thing black sunglasses. So far, I cannot find these sunglasses anywhere online. Where can I find these sunglasses? Please provided a link if possible, thanks!

A: Hey, I don't know where you can buy the glasses but I checked his website and the model wearing his shirt is pretty cute. http://shop.history.com/detail.php?p=267645&v=aetv_show_the-exterminators&pagemax=all

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