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Bill doss

Olivia Tremor Control Founder Bill Doss Dead at 44
The Olivia Tremor Control singer Bill Doss has died at age 44, according to a post on the band's official site. "We are devastated by the loss of our brother Bill Doss," says the band's statement. "We are at a loss for words." No cause of death or ...

Muere Bill Doss de Olivia Tremor Control
Bill Doss de Olivia Tremor Control ha muerto a los 43 años de edad según confirma su web oficial. La causa de la muerte no se ha hecho pública. Además de haber formado Olivia Tremor Control en 1988 en compañía de Jeff Mangum -antes de que este ...

Olivia Tremor Control Embrace Their Inner Jellyfish for a Full-Scale Reunion
There i caught up with Bill Doss, John Fernandes, Will Hart, and AJ Griffin and talked to them about reconnecting as a group, the possibility of a new record, and what would make a great band mascot. You've been out of the public eye for a while now ...

Morre Bill Doss, da banda americana Olivia Tremor Control

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pkpatnaik :( One of the best. RT @urthstripe: No no no no no no... I can't believe it. RIP, Bill Doss: http://t.co/Rifcq0Ez

racheldemy Bill Doss, thank you so much for Olivia Tremor Control. I am so grateful.

PeepCheeks RT @RollingStone: Olivia Tremor Control founder Bill Doss has died at age 44: http://t.co/Mutor31y

bornrestless Bye Bill :( http://t.co/KaGlbbUv

jorgetcaride RT @radio3_rne: Ha muerto a los 43 años Bill Doss, miembro de Olivia Tremor Control y fundador de Elephant 6. La causa de la muerte no se ha hecho pública.

Ehaze123 RT @RollingStone: Olivia Tremor Control founder Bill Doss has died at age 44: http://t.co/Mutor31y

Store_4You Bill Doss #TodayDeals http://t.co/UtaVedCA Black CZ Owl Pendant/necklace in Sterling Silver with 18" Chain

NinjaSagaNews Bill Doss Northwestern Bell 2-Line Corded Phone http://t.co/6rmumwsp #dayligthsavings

ayetalian RT @RollingStone: Olivia Tremor Control founder Bill Doss has died at age 44: http://t.co/Mutor31y

Culver_Music RT @RollingStone: Olivia Tremor Control founder Bill Doss has died at age 44: http://t.co/Mutor31y

chrisnj2012 RT @RollingStone: Olivia Tremor Control founder Bill Doss has died at age 44: http://t.co/Mutor31y

LouiseBrown I can't believe The Bill Doss has died. The Olivias will always be the greatest to me. RIP man. http://t.co/FccK8Sun (via @DawnHFoster)

jessepayne I am saddened by the news of Bill Doss. He will be missed #oliviatremorcontrol I got the chance to watch him perform 4 days ago in Athens,GA

inuost Oh nooo [email protected]_A_Z_E_S: RIP Bill Doss. I don't know what more to say. OTC forever x”


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who's your favorite "linguistic acrobat"? by Q: what i mean by that is; who's your favorite lyricist who writes interesting or skillful or crazy lyrics that don't necessarily mean anything, but were written purely for the sake of clever wordplay..? my favorite would probably be bill doss. how about you? btw, i'm not sure if i made up the phrase "linguistic acrobat" but i like it and i sorta hope i did. http://therustyharmonics.bandcamp.com/track/caught-in-the-storm @equinox i recorded this one with the four-track too (and in the same room -- same acoustics, no less...). i recorded the acoustic guitar through a Chorus pedal though, which gives it a "warbly" sound; maybe that's what you're hearing. plus, i'm still working out how to use the four-tracks EQ, so there's bound to be quality differences. peace! actually, i also hear a lot of hiss on this one compared to the old one. hmm, it might be the microphone, but i'm not really sure... or maybe the high-end is too high.. i'll have to keep experimenting 'till i find something that works

A: That's a really nice song on your bandcamp. I like when you have the lyrics written for my tinnitus ears tend to not pick up different things. Some of my favorite lyracists: Tom Waits http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wfamPW3Eaw Frank Zappa http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ojX9oFr2kI Jim Croce http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO1rMeYnOmM Neil Young http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoA5cqDSasM Just wanted to add the comment that when you are recording the acoustics in the room matter in case you weren't noticing the difference between this last song you linked and the one you did on the 4-track experimental. The acoustics in the room sounded better on that one.

Friends Win - Bill Doss The Sunshine Fix - Digging to China The Olivia Tremor Control do 'NYC-25' Elephant Six Holiday Surprise - Can You Come Down With Us? (Live 3/9/2011) The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Holiday Surprise 1,2,3 The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Glue The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Karaoke Free The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Nothing's Going To Happen The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- To All Who Say Goodnight The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Spare The Dark Streets The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Majesty The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Mechanized Organ-Playing Tower Marbles - Athens Popfest 8/07 The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Spiral Stairs The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Two Skies The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- They Broke The Speed of Light & Rabbit's Ear The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Can You Come Down With Us? The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- I Have Been Floated The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Signal Morning NYC-25 snippet 10/18/2008 The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Days Remain The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Define A Transparent Dream The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- As Time Passed The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- A Place We Have Been To The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- John Fernandes on the violin The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Hide In The Light & Sail Beyond The Sunset The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Green Typewriters: Wake Up The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- My Honor The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Candy For Everyone The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- Temporary Arm Carvin Legacy amps - tone city A Sunshine Fix - The Olivia Tremor Control The Olivia Tremor Control - Marking Time The Olivia Tremor Control 'Fireplace' The Olivia Tremor Control - Green Typewriters X Sunshine Fix 2002 Houston Live Concert The Olivia Tremor Control The Sunshine Fix - A Better Way to Be The Sunshine Fix - Love Athena Another Set of Bees in the Museum Redux The Olivia Tremor Comtrol - Green Typewriters 9 The Olivia Tremor Control - 'Can You Come Down With Us?' (Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour) Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise March 15th, 2011 @ Lincoln Hall in Chicago, Il. The Olivia Tremor Control - A Sleepy Company (9/16/2011: Toronto, Canada) Elephant 6 Orchestra - Enlightenment (Sun Ra Cover) Live @ Le Poisson Rouge (NY) - March 23rd, 2011 The Olivia Tremor Control - Athena The Sunshine Fix Innerstates Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise March 15th, 2011 @ Lincoln Hall in Chicago, Il. Clip 3 The Olivia Tremor Control - NYC-25 (9/16/2011: Toronto, Canada) The Apples in Stereo - Sunday Sounds The Elephant 6 Orchestra -- When Father Was Away On Business & Separating Fault
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