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Biggest loser

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trtla Last seasons Biggest Loser sisters and @ApoloOhno before the race! http://t.co/ONU3fqfy

PaddyCunningham This weekend last year we recorded our final bootcamp episode of The Biggest Loser, after our week in Cyprus ! #biggestloseruk #fb

trtla Last seasons winning sisters of Biggest Loser super nice people! http://t.co/FJE0lIEU

dennis_cortes RT @MicoArguelles: Naiinggit ako sa mga pumayat dito sa The Biggest Loser! :| #RatedK

betchayK @jiecueto uo, kagulat eh, kla ko nga biggest loser sa ibang bansa siya eh! Lezzdudiz mamajie! Nkkinspire!

dennis_cortes RT @molina_carla: Watching #RatedK biggest loser topic :))) natatamaan ako Ang taba ko na kc ehh hahah :DD

TySherwood Biggest Loser Challenge is to Lose Weight, God's biggest loser challenge is to Lose Yourself in Him. God make me the Biggest Loser Campion.

almannajar RT @heyimawes0me: grabe. gusto kong sumali sa biggest loser. hoho! - ayaw na. makayug da kaw haha.

dennis_cortes RT @maachikoo: I'm in serious state of shock with these ex-biggest loser contestants. Holy cow. From 256 down to 134pounds. ZOMG. #RatedK

SharronStimson Biggest Loser # 7334 400 Pound Memory Scale - http://t.co/yB2OYD1g

dennis_cortes RT @jeshrespes: HAHA! K. "@MicoArguelles: Naiinggit ako sa mga pumayat dito sa The Biggest Loser! :| #RatedK"

dennis_cortes RT @MyronParinas: Ayos yung Biggest Loser part ng #RatedK. Malinaw ang story ng bawat ng contestants.

gaebramirez Biggest Loser :'(

bigdee03 @Eboydeleon BIGGEST LOSER!

iamLOuisL Bat kya biggest loser tawag sa biggest loser?


How can the contestents on the Biggest Loser drop so much weight? by Q: I watched the biggest loser last night and a contestent had lost 14 kilos in one week. How is this possible?

A: Building muscle mass while doing cardio will cause more weight loss than anything else. Plus they are on a very strict diet. They work out many hours every day. Anybody who did that would lose huge amounts of weight.

What should I get, Biggest Loser, Wii fit, or both? by jess_loves_rocky Q: I am planning to buy the Wii Fit, but I now just discovered the Biggest Loser game for the Wii. I am a huge fan of the Biggest Loser. I was wondering which one I should get, or should I get both. The Wii fit comes with the balance board, which i will need for both games. Also, how much weight have you lost using the wii fit/biggest loser games? Do you actually lose weight? Does it actually work?

A: Both, but if you had to chose, Wii Fit. I have it and it tells you your balence, weight, if your overweight, in risk, normal, too skinny, there are super fun games, theres yoga,streaching, all kinds of stuff. I have not tried the BL one but I bet its also OK

How do I organize a Biggest Loser competition at work when not everyone needs to lose weight? by Q: I’m in charge of implementing a Biggest Loser competition in my department at work. There are 15 of us, and I want everyone to be able to participate, but some people don’t need to lose weight, or only need to lose about 5 or 10 pounds while some could easily lose 50. How can I modify it so everyone can participate? I was thinking of making everyone set goals and then whoever reaches their goals or something, but I don’t even know where to begin. Ideas?

A: I am currently in a local biggest loser contest, and there are a couple overweight people, and a couple people who just want to lose 5 lbs so we are doing it or percentage of weightloss. For example, I am 200 lbs and losing 10% of my weight would mean I would have tot lose 20 lbs, where as a person weighing only 100 lbs would only need to lose 10 lbs to lose 10% of their body weight.

Is a week on biggest loser actually a week of training for the contestants? by sfetaz1 Q: I have heard conflicting things about this. I have heard an episode of biggest loser is actually 7 days worth of training, but I have also heard that some former contestants have stated that a week on the biggest loser is actually 10 to 12 days. Anyone have a source to confirm one or the other?

A: Yes I believe so

How long are the Biggest Loser contestants on the show? by victoria Q: I am curious to know how long it is from the first day the Biggest Loser contestants arrive at the Ranch to the winner being announced? Do they tape for weeks or months?

A: For couples (this year's show that just ended), finalists stayed at the ranch for 17 weeks...then train from home for 30 days......totalling about 21 weeks or 5 months.

What does biggest loser do with the food from temptations? by Q: On biggest loser they do food temptation challanges and they have all of theese pies, cakes, pizza, mac and cheese, fried chicken and all that. My question is what do they do with this? They are partners with feed america and all that so it seems pretty crazy to throw it away and yet im sure it does not hold up for travel.

A: They probly have the crew eat it

BIggest Loser???? by *~Tyler <3's the Cure ~* Q: When is the next season on biggest loser coming out???

A: October 2008 according to it's official site. BTW, this season is The Biggest Loser: Families. Then in January/February, The Biggest Loser: Couples 2 will air.

Biggest loser? ...................? by Q: okay, so i live in Canada, and was wondering two things -if you have to live in the US to be on the biggest loser - and what are the hints nad tips to get on it -and do you have to be really big to be on it?

A: you probably have to live in America so you can be fat as hell that's why im afraid to go on roller coaster cause i think they'll bust and ill like get squished

Biggest Loser? by PaisleyJane Q: I missed The Biggest Loser tonight. What happened? What were the challenges (temptation, physical, whatever), what were the rewards, and who was voted off? Any amazing weigh ins or horrible weigh ins? Any other juicy details that I missed? Most complete synopsis wins best answer :)

A: ok genius was a little wrong. Dan was really upset about being lied to and Bob tried to get him to get his head in the game. Jillian kept running into issues from the past with her team so she had her mom come in for therapy sessions since she is a therapist. The black team was really upset about the blue team's choice of sending Jackie home last week. Dan finally went to the guys and sort of made up. He kept telling the camera that he had to do this for the game. Bernie had won the biggest loser last week so he got the prize which helped him in the first team challenge. The teams were balancing over water holding weight between two members. Bernie got to hold less weight. The black team won so they got to pick immunity for one of their members and one of the blue team members. The whole time I thought they were going to pick Dan because they were trying to save him. The black team drew names and one of the younger girls won the immunity. They announced at weigh in that they would let Jay, the younger of the brothers, have immunity. The black team weighed in and did well till the last few girls. Kelli got worried that she would be kicked off. Then in amazement the blue team didn't lose enough weight. The black team won by one pound. Bob was upset because he felt like no matter how his team did it wasn't good enough. Then the blue team met and decided Trevor?? would leave. He was the football player that had the knee injury. Dan got nervous that they were lying to him, but Trevor really did get kicked off. Paul from Black team was biggest loser. They announced that everyone was going home for the next show...

biggest loser? by SlvrLining Q: Okay, so of course my new years resolution is to lose weight- i have a lot to lose im 165 and 5'2. My job has decided to play the biggest loser, the pot is up to $400 that I could really use. It will be for 11 weeks and we start monday. I will be going to curves 3 days a week and doind dance dance revolution for at least an hour 2 days a week. What diet and supplements and supplemental excercise would be the best to add to this? My goal is to lose 33 lbs (20% of my weight).

A: Go running, elliptical machine, lift weights, play DDR, eat HEALTHY, no crap....you know, fruits, veggies, whole wheat, salads, yogurts, nuts, etc...Drink lots of water, a glass before every meal (it will you fill you up a little). When you get discouraged think.."400 bucks would be nice, and so would a nice body!" Good luck! I hope you win.

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