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Reese Witherspoon appears in court over parents' bigamy case
Reese Witherspoon appeared in a Tennessee court on Friday in a reported emergency conservatorship case as her parents are embroiled in a bigamy lawsuit. Mary Elizabeth Witherspoon, known as Betty, filed a lawsuit in Davidson County, Tennessee on ...

Jason Sudeikis learns great-grandfather was a bigamist
The comedian says, "So, he had two families?... I mean, bigamy feels a little bid odd but I don't know what to make of it. I would hope that it was a mutual decision, I'd hate to think that he just hightailed it out of Chicago (and abandoned them)."

Man pleads guilty to bigamy in north Mississippi
(AP) - A man has pleaded guilty to one count of bigamy in north Mississippi. The Oxford Eagle reports (http://bit.ly/pgPsXp ) that 55-year-old David Mark Durham was sentenced to five years in prison, but all five were suspended.

Soldier's wife seeks justice in bigamy case
Now Zachariah Siemers, 39, has been charged with adultery, bigamy and forgery, among other military offenses. A hearing to determine whether there's sufficient evidence to try him is scheduled for May 21. The soldier couldn't be reached to comment for ...

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tacantrall :o RT @saraaq: King of the hill is the show I hate the most in the world! Even more than reality shows, even that one that is about bigamy!

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If Romoney wins, will the Federal Mandate against Bigamy finally be overturned? by Q: It has been a long march for the LSD Church toward freedom.

A: To answer your question; Do you know what Bigamy is?...lol. You can not be a Mormon and still commit bigamy...lol I think you have it confused with the old Mormon tradition of Polygamy, which was denounced by Mormons in 1890...LOL

what kind of trouble is my friend facing for bigamy? he's currently married to one in state n one out of state? by stlcc.edu Q: my friend married when he was in the military in 2002. he lost contact with his wife after he was discharged but never divorced. he later remarried in 2007 and he's currently going through a divorce with his second wife. what kind of consequences could he be faced with?

A: Two mothers in law. Isn't that punishment enough?

what is the range of punishment for bigamy in georgia? by astropirate Q: a man who is still legally married in georgia has married another in tenessee. There is no formal or informal separation agreement with the (first) wife. He has a history of adulterous affairs and has recently begun staying away from his wife and three children for weeks at a time. He continues to pay rent for the first wife and provide money for groceries and other necessary expencessince she doesn't work. Marriage licence from tennesee has been obtained and copied.

A: you should probably speak with a lawyer to determine where the crime actually occurred: it sounds like it would be the tennessee marriage, and not the georgia marriage, that would be bigamous. also, the lawyer can help you find out whether you might be able to challenge the marriage yourself, or whether one of the wives would have to.

How long does the state of Virginia have to file Bigamy charges on someone? by lisa m Q:

A: There is no statute of limitations for felonies in Virginia. Since bigamy is a class four felony there, the State of Virginia has FOREVER to file bigamy charges.

In the state of Texas, if a husband commit bigamy, can the lady her married be charge with an offense as well? by BJ Q: I am filing for a divorce after 12years and two children. I feel he should be held accountable, and well as ther person he married. Yes, I am upset and indifferent with the way he's handled the new marriage.

A: I'm not sure what you mean by "held accountable." But you can obtain a divorce without showing adultery. In the past, some standard of fault such as, adultery, cruelty, or abandonment, was required to obtain a divorce. Today, however, Texas is basically a "non-fault" divorce state. To obtain a divorce, you must simply show the marriage is "insupportable". You may do this by simply showing that you do not get along and do not want to be married. It is no longer necessary to prove either party did something wrong, or explain why you cannot remain married. That said, you can still proceed with a fault-based divorce if that is your intention. Typically, a fault-based divorce is pursued if the couple cannot reach a satisfactory settlement about property division, child support, or custody, and one party wants the court to consider the conduct of the other party when deciding the issue. Regarding the issue of bigamy, you should consult Chapter 25 of the Texas Penal Code regarding offenses against the family. In particular, section 25.01 of that Chapter covers bigamy. The link to the Texas Penal Code is below. http://tlo2.tlc.state.tx.us/statutes/pe.toc.htm Before divulging any more details in a public forum such as Yahoo Answers, you should speak confidentially with an attorney to discuss your options.

someone that is still married(in catholic church) get a muslim wedding blessing to someone else?is it bigamy? by Q: someone that was married and separated( process to be legally) nearly a year ago in a Catholic Church, get a muslim wedding blessing to someone else?she is a muslim now?is it bigamy in Ireland?

A: Muslim rule are quite different ,,, I am Not sure about the women but men are allowed to have upto four wives at one time . and if you have to be separated all you have to do is say talak talak talak three time , and thats it, you are done ,( but i Think Only men have that right) Funny Isnt it? But if You want more insight of it go to a nearest mosque and find from them ... they will be best guide . there is a mosque in dublin , but you can search for the nearest one on google.

Bigamy: I am an American, If my legal husband who resides with me marries a Brazilian girl? by walkathisway Q: If my legal husband, who resides with me in the same household in the USA, under the same roof, and while he is still married to me, he marries a woman in Brazil (in a Brazilian courthouse or church) is he considered under US law a BIGAMIST? I know if he marries a woman in the USA while married to me he is a bigamist, but I just wondered if the US recognizes Brazilian marriage certificates.

A: Yes, he will be a bigamist...both in the U.S. and in Brazil. It sounds like the wife needs a good divorce lawyer. Good luck and God bless! ***** Addendum: If this does happen, AFTER hubby dearest has gone to Brazil to be with his honey, wifey should take a copy of her marriage license to the Brazilian consulate/embassy and let them know that her lawful husband has contracted a marriage with a Brazilian citizen in Brazil. He could find himself jailed for bigamy...Brazilian jails are not nice...and summarily deported for criminal behavior and banned from every returning to Brazil. Tsk tsk tsk.

Can a Muslim man who marries two consenting wives be prosecuted for Bigamy? by Jas Q:

A: If you marry the second wife only by Muslim ritual and if there is no civil marriage, then no (I think). It depends on the law of the country in which you reside. My husband (not a Muslim) took a second wife through a traditional African marriage ceremony (by the way this is not something I consented to at all, and we are now getting divorced). According to the law of that country, he has committed bigamy. The problem there, as with your hypothetical scenario, is the second 'wife' is not legally a wife at all, and any children born to marriage are not legitimate, with all the problems that entails with wills, citizenship, and so on.

How do I get my "husband" arrested for bigamy? by daniegirl917 Q: My husband and I seperated and he married another woman before our divorce papers were even started... he is no longer with her and I think he should pay for this... he is a criminal... he walked away from the military and never got arrested.... HELP!!!

A: i don't know if you are real or trolling. show proof of bigamy and you have a case. get copies of the application for marriage license and your seperation/divorce papers. those are court documents and admissable in court

should muslims who enter britain who have more than one wife be arrested for bigamy? by druncken c Q: If so , why is London full of Saudi's with their multiple wives in tow ?

A: Those who emigrate to the country with the intent of setting up permanent residency should comply with ALL local laws of the country. Unfortunately I would bet that the ones you speak of either have dual citizenship or retain their home country's citizenship. It's not fair but little can be done about it in the international world.

What is the concept of a bigamy? by Maria S Q: If a person is married in Brazil and marry another person in USA Massachussets, a foreigner. Take consideration that this person who is practicing bigamy is a US citizen? What can be done on this situation?

A: See a lawyer its too complex to answer on here.

Where and who to report about a bigamy? by neo_vampire_09 Q: My friend has been legally married for over 20 years. Few years ago her husband moved to a different country for business purpose and only recently (few months ago) she came to find out that he married someone over there. He hasnt sent her any divorce paper nor has he resolved/settled their marriage. Now who does she report this incident to?

A: that doesn't count as bigamy in the US to be bigamy in the US legal system i believe all mariges in question has to be in the USA because marriage in other countries is with that countries government and is not reconized by the US. so you could take your girlfriend and get married in mexico but that is the only place you will be legally married you would have to get remarried here as well on that note you could have a wife in every country and still only have one wife here in the american system

Is Bigamy for a relationship looked down upon and really weird? by Suprdud Q: haha this is gonna be weird but I've always wanted to be a part of a legitimate bigamy relationship with two other women. Im not like some sex fiend nor do i like to "get around" a lot. It just sounds really interesting. Is that weird? is it legal? :P

A: There is no such thing as a “legitimate bigamy relationship” as it is illegal and yes it is weird.

How come bigamy is such a crime if so many married people commit adultery? by Nikki R Q:

A: Adultery simply involves a married individual having consensual sex with someone other than their spouse. Bigamy involves marrying someone while you are still married to someone else. So for example, if a man marries two women, that would be bigamy. In general, bigamy refers to a situation in which the two spouses (the wives in the above example) are each unaware of the others existence. Bigamy is considered to be more serious than adultery because of the responsibility inherent in marriage and the rights that one obtains as a result of marriage. For example, what happens if the bigamous spouse (e.g., the husband) dies - which wife gets his property if he has not left a will?

What's the name of the mayor/governor/senator who practices bigamy and he might be running for president? by Sam Q: I heard his name on NPR but I forgot his name. @ roshambObama. I don't like telling people that they're stupid, but you really need to take some time off the computer and reflect your idiotic statement and perhaps trace where that train of thought came out from. You are the one who needs a dictionary because you're hopelessly confused between the word bigamy and bigotry.Dumbass.

A: Wow you really need to get your facts straight. Based on his statements, I'd have to say Obama has already achieved that honor (Look up the definition of bigot.)

Can your sims commit bigamy in the sims 2? by R Q: Is there anyway you can marry a sim while still married to another sim in the sims 2? Also, can you make your sims fake their own deaths?

A: no to both.

I Have received an annulment due to bigamy in the state of North Carolina and am having trouble in getting the? by Q: having trouble getting the other persons lawyer to set up a date for the monetary mediation? The annulment was done in the family court? Does the monetary mediation have to go through the family court as well? Can I just sue?

How do I turn myself in for bigamy? by jeremy s Q: I feel somewhat guilty that me and my wife (who has a previous husband without a divorce) got married... How do i turn myself in for this?

A: You need to turn your wife in, she is the one who committed this crime.

What is the punishment for Bigamy in ontario (or canada)? by Q: I have a Law lab assignment for school and i have to find out if he's guilty or not, what the mistake the accused made and what his punishment is for bigamy.

A: Under Canadian criminal law bigamy is referred to as "offences against conjugal rights". The punishment is up to five years in prison (293(1)(b). http://legalrorke.tripod.com/CCC/293.htm

what is the punishment for bigamy in usa? by reena r Q: what is the punishment for bigamy in usa? a illegal alien who married for citizenship,leaving his wife n children back home in India. he is CAUGHT and is in jail in alabama.his bails got rejected.what is the punishment he will get?when will they deport him?WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE CITIZEN?SHE IS PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD?

A: if not for the pregnancy extradition. with the pregnancy there is no telling it depends on the judges mood (hope he ate a good breakfast and is not constipated)

What is the sentence for bigamy in California? by sparky slade Q: I am writing a a paper and i can not find the answer , also would it be different for a man or a women or would it be the same punishment

A: Bigamy can be punished as either a misdemeanor or a felony. As a misdemeanor, the maximum sentence is one year in jail. As a felony, the maximum sentence is three years in prison. (That is maximum, not likely, sentence.) There is no difference among the sexes. (Pen C 283.)

Can Two Americans who are married to others get married in Bermuda without committing bigamy? by MickeyMouse Q:

A: Sorry but I don't care where you are, where you go, you're BOTH already married & NO WHERE can you be married to two people at the same time. In ANY language it's still called "bigamy" & that's exactly what you'd be doing! Get your divorces first & do it the rite way then it will be legal anywhere/everywhere...best to you...:)

What sign(s) would want more then one wife or husband if bigamy was legal? by ♓I'M a pisces♓ Q: I know for a fact pisces would. We don't like to be tied down plus we love thrill to. The more excitement the better. I am not saying all pisces would love a 2nd husband or would cheat! I am also going with the scorpio & cancer to. Gemini to sense they have alot of different sides to them!

A: I wouldn't, but if cheating was allowed I would. Venus in aries.

Is being legally married and common law married considered bigamy? by Jack Rippings Q: I have a friend who is legally married in Virginia. For certain financial problems he has been unable to divorce his wife. He now lives in Texas and has been living with a woman for 7 months. I'm pretty sure that constitutes a common law marriage in Texas, so is my friend a bigamist?

A: 7 months is not common law anywhere. But if you don't get married by the state, you are not a bigamist.

Why are most occidental countries against bigamy? by Super Jesus Q: It may seem wrong for most people to practice it themselves, but if all parties involved are consenting, what is the problem? Is there a seepage of religion in the legal systems still?

A: Your right if its not hurting anyone it is ok and it should be like Islam with its stipulations. Ever wonder why only like 2 or 3% of Muslims are in a polygamous marriage? It is because the have to treat all there wives the same. That is something that is almost impossible to do. These Mormon CULTS NOT the TRUE LDS, do the multiple marriage thing but all of the wives do not have to be treated the same, not to mention many of the women do not enter into those of there own accord. If we are going to go with bigamy it has to follow the Muslim tradition or it will not work

Is there really a difference between arresting someone for bigamy and naming a teddy bear Muhammed? by Faesson Q: Assuming the people involved in the marriages don't object and are all of age. Both are religious based laws, neither really make much sense, yet one is accepted (here in the US and the other is considered 'barbaric') so, does that mean that if we want to take the moral high ground, we have to make bigamy/polygamy legal?

A: Hmm. As a muslim, I believe it is okay to be bigamous but not okay to make fun of the prophet. However I thought the arresting the teacher for naming a teddy bear muhammad was wrong. She did not do it maliciously, she just let her students, who were muslim, name it. But the justice system in Islamic countries sucks. Anyway I think you're right about the bigamous thing though. In times of war and need, women can't support themselves AND their children. If a man is able to treat two women equally (in the rare case that he can..) and the two women are happy with the arrangement, then its fine, in my personal and moral opinion.

If a person marries without completed filing of divorce from a prior marriage, can they B accused of bigamy ? by Keep'n it real Q: Without divorce papers and without questioning the process although the so-called divorcee helped others go through the process to get divorced, denies knowledge of his/her divorce being incomplete leaving it in the hands of someone else to take care of while in prison,can this person SLIDE the felony charge of bigamy because they state the THOUGHT it was taken care of?

A: no you cant just slide when breaking the law

What's wrong with bigamy other than the logistic nightmare? by pxn11 Q: The way I figure is that before you need only one income to feed a family. Now you need two so whos' going to stay at home taking care of the kids. 50% of kids drop out of schrool because nobody is taking care of them.

A: You make a good point but the correct term would be polygamy or polyandry. I don't think the declining value of the dollar is reason to have multiple marriage partners for the sake of children. Society has addressed this issued this with advent private daycare. In today's society the role of women are no longer limited to homemaker and caregiver. Women now have the opportunity to pursue financial, industrial and political achievements right along side men. If there was a substantial lack of men or women comparatively to the opposite sex the multiple mating could be justified. I don't think we will every go back to a one income household on a social scale. Business owners that are able to achieve a certain income can do this. People who are able to live modestly within their means can do this a well. As far as a 50% high school dropout rate nation wide I don't know. That is kind of stretching it a bit. I do agree that parental guidance plays a big part in dropout rate, however I think if you investigate you'll find that kids that are most likely to dropout are kids from low income single parent homes. Many time a parent is in the home in these cases. Education is often not a priority in these cases..Obtaining fast income is.

Whats the difference between Bigamy and Polygamy and is it a misdemeanor or felony? by AGNOSTIC PANTHEIST JIBBA ஜ۩∩۩ஜ Q: And the penalty? I dont have the ability for thumbs up or down

A: bigamy is when you have more than one wife and none of them know about the other and not apart of the same family, polygamy is a religious practice that permits a head of household to bring more than one wife into the same house (not a secret) and bringing all these people into one family to live together.

Being Bigamy as a public crime in the philippines, aside from the offended spouse, can anyone else file charge? by Q: There was a contention as to whoever aside from the offended spouse can file charges of bigamy it being a public crime. Distinction was even raised between adultery or concubinage as private crimes and bigamy is a public crime.

A: I don't know about the Philippines, but in the U.S. it is considered a crime against society so the District Attorney is the one to file charges in the interest of protecting the public. Adultery used to be in the same category but has been removed in most places. The reason that bigamy is a public crime is because of the public license to marry. Marriage is a public contract between the husband and wife to form a new unit within society and it is in the best interest of society to regulate those licenses for the orderly function of society. It is thought that if marriages were contracted without order or consideration for the other marriages already in existence, then chaos would ensue and destroy the orderly functioning of society.

What are the state guidelines on bigamy in Colorado Springs Colo? by lunaticloonytoon Q: How is it possible for a man to be married to 2 women at the same time in the same state

A: The man can not be married to two women at once. He is only legally married to the first woman that he signed the marriage certificate with. He may have signed another marriage certificate but the second one would not be legally binding.

What happens to someone who comitts bigamy with someone who is in the military? by Q: this girl married someone in the military while still married to the father of her child. she became pregnant with the military mans child and married for the benifits. Before her divorse was finalized to the first man. Will the military do anything when they find out? Its about to all go down in court at a custody hearing with the first man, and will be brought up. Does anyone know?

A: If they are found out, the least the military will do is recoup the benefits given, BAS, BAH, etc. Depending what he knew, the soldier could also face corrective action for committing fraud.

How do you do a records check for bigamy? Is it expensive or free? by Q: This is in response to the last Q&A. I could not find a list of recent marriages at the County Clerk's office, just instructions on how to obtain a marriage license.

A: You have to know where the suspected marriage would have taken place. Then you go to the courthouse records and fill out the form listing the name (or names) with as much info as you have and they will check the records for you and provide you a copy of the marriage license for a copying fee. If you don't know the county where you suspect the marriage took place, you can hire a private detective for a nominal fee to get the info for you. Or you can go online and find a search group who will do it for you for about $25.

if a man commits bigamy.Can his new spouse be charged with bigamy charges? by lee c Q: If your husband marries some one at the same time he is still married to you can the new spouse be charged with bigamy?

A: If she knows he is already married and consents to another marriage, she is an equal partner in crime.

What is the punishment for bigamy in Canada? by Q: I was wondering whats the punishment for bigamy and sham marriages in Canada?

A: Under Canadian criminal law bigamy is referred to as "offenses against conjugal rights". The punishment is up to five years in prison (293(1)(b). http://legalrorke.tripod.com/CCC/293.htm

What is The Latest Legal Ruling On Bigamy in The State if OKlahoma & Who Is Required to Enforce it ? by MoMoney Q: Also when was the last time Anyone Got Prosecuted in Oklahoma for The Act of Bigamy ? Please Cite Circumstances w/details. Thank You !!

A: Bigamy is a felony in the State of Oklahoma. Oklahoma Revised Laws §21-883: "Any person guilty of bigamy shall be guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary not exceeding five (5) years." Bigamy, like all felonies, is enforced only by the local District Attorney. In fact, the bigamy laws are almost never enforced, because most prosecutors are overworked and bigamy is not regarded as a particularly serious crime warranting the expenditure of time by prosecutors. About the only time the bigamy laws are criminally enforced is if someone has used multiple marriages to do something else illegal, e.g., to defraud a putative spouse out of money or to defraud the immigration authorities by a sham marriage.

Can an American be charged with bigamy in the Philippines? by vick Q: I know a guy who married a Filpina in the Philippines. She said she wasn't annulled yet but she could get her marriage deleted and he believed her. So she got a lawyer that said he could delete her marriage. The guy asked her when can they get married and she said in 4 weeks when the lawyer did his thing. The guy found out that it was unlawful to do this but it was too late because he already married her. Can he be charged with bigamy?

A: Only the woman can be charged with bigamy, since it was she who entered multiple marriages, not your friend. But, the woman committed adultery, and by extension, the guy. (Adultery cannot be filed against a single party, always against both offending parties) From: Revised Penal Code: Chapter One ADULTERY AND CONCUBINAGE Art. 333. Who are guilty of adultery. — Adultery is committed by any married woman who shall have sexual intercourse with a man not her husband and by the man who has carnal knowledge of her knowing her to be married, even if the marriage be subsequently declared void. Adultery shall be punished by prision correccional in its medium and maximum periods.

can a man be convicted with bigamy even the ex wife had someone and have two chidren with her present? by tekya Q: my friend married a married guy..her husband was not legally seperated and its been 14 years.and they have 2 children.The first wife wants to sue the guy with bigamy.Can she do that eventhough the first wife has someone and has two kids as well.

A: If they are not legally divorced ? Yes. He can be arrested too. Peace.

What is the difference between bigamy and monogamy? by Q: I thought bigamy was having one to many wives, but so is monogamy.

A: The difference? In this country, one is legal and the other isn't.

Are you considered married if bigamy was envolved? by Shellz Q: Married in Vegas, bride was not divorced from former husband yet, but told groom she did. Found out she didn't divorce him before marrying other guy. When married in Vegas, do you need to file in your home state when you get there for it to be legal too? Guy is now in process of getting an annulment from this women on the lines of bigamy. Is it really needed if she wasn't divorced from other husband yet, and they didn't ever file anything for marriage in own state?

Is Bigamy usually prosecuted and punishable by law? by zherizz Q: If a party knows that the person he/she married is still married to another person is that bigamy for both parties, or just the party that is still legally married to someone else? What is the statutory max for bigamy?

A: The party who was previously married would be the criminal, though the second party could face conspiracy charges. Statutory max would depend on the jurisdiction, as it varies from state to state, and from country to country.

Would my husbands ex wife receive everything if he died, being that he committed bigamy? by Q: I didn't know he was still married when we got married. And never filed the papers for a marriage certificate until he had finalized his divorce. I am married to him, but I believe that it is void because he committed bigamy, so does that mean even tho that he is divorced from this woman would she still be the one who would inherit his will? As, obviously our marriage could not stand up in court as being legal.

What is the punishment for bigamy in Turkey? by Sasha M Q: I know of a woman who is married legally in the U.S. and just went to Turkey to marry another man, not having divorced her current husband. I know from reading that bigamy is illegal, and that, if found out, the second marriage is null and void. I also know that there is a punishment for lying to the police. What are the punishments for lying to authorities and bigamy?

A: Prison, but not sure how many years.

What is the punishment for bigamy in usa for an illegal Alien ? by reena r Q: what is the punishment for bigamy in usa? a illegal alien who married for citizenship,leaving his wife n children back home in India. he is CAUGHT and is in jail in alabama.his bails got rejected.what is the punishment he will get?when will they deport him?WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO THE CITIZEN?SHE IS PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD?

A: How did they find out?

what is the punishment for bigamy in usa for an illegal Alien who is in jail ? by reena r Q: what is the punishment for bigamy in usa? a illegal alien who married for citizenship,leaving his wife n children back home in India. he is in jail in georgia or alabama.his bail got rejected.what is the punishment he will get?when will they deport him?

A: Obama will give him twice as big a welfare check when he gets out of jail. Richard

Why was the practice of bigamy/polygamy so important to the US Federal government in the 1800s? by mumriah Q: If in the Constitution we're granted freedom of religion, why was the Morrill Anti-Bigamy Act of 1862 established? PLEASE help!

A: It was aimed at the Mormons, but not enforced. This was in return for them not becoming involved in the Civil War. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morrill_Anti-Bigamy_Act

How do you get away with bigamy in Fable 3? by Q: Like having two families where neither finds out. Posting I don't know,I'm not sure,or protesting the morality of bigamy will be reported.

A: sorry idk.....

Can someone explain the difference between bigamy and polygamy? by jd77 Q: I have looked them both up in the dictionary and I do not see much of a difference. And the olny thing I can assume is that bigamy is done secretly and polygamy is done openly? Am I correct? I am not sure I am putting this is the right category so sorry if I didn't!

A: Two wives and many wives.

What is the difference between monogany bigamy and polygamy? by Q: i think monogamy is where a person only one spouse at a time ... And bigamy and Polygamy i know "sorta" what they mean and i know one is meaning man and one is meaning woman but i dont know what one ? any help ???

A: The "difference" is one wife/husband for bigamy and more than one wife/husband for polygamy. As in 2 minus 1 the difference is 1, and >2 minus 1 is a difference of >1 And since we are talking about people, the answers have to be positive numbers. Simple math.

bigamy ? by Yes...you could be pregnant! Q: if you could marry more than one person at the same time....would u even want to? why or why not

A: One woman bitching at me is enough

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