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Big east tournament

UConn women entering Big East tournament in unusual position
By JIM FULLER HARTFORD — The streaky debut season of Geno Auriemma was mercifully winding to a close back in February of 1986 when the Huskies headed into the Big East tournament following a loss in the regular-season finale.

2012 Big East Tournament: Georgetown Finishes 5th In Big East, Opens ...
Georgetown's 83-69 loss to Marquette combined with other results on the final day of the Big East's regular season schedule to ensure that the Hoyas would not get one of the coveted double-bye spots given to the top-four finishers in the 16-team ...

WVU Advances to Quarterfinals of BIG EAST Tournament
The West Virginia women's basketball team's defensive efforts helped the Mountaineers to a 63-48 win over Syracuse in the second round of the BIG EAST Championships at the XL Center in Hartford, Conn., Saturday. “I thought it was a very physical game ...

Cincinnati Bearcats hold off Villanova in pursuit of Big East tournament ...
PHILADELPHIA – During his freshman year at the Big East tournament, University of Cincinnati forward Yancy Gates used to see the teams with a double-bye and wonder what it would be like to have a few days off to watch the bottom half of the league slug ...

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Duncapedia RT @theuconnblog: Since the Big East Tournament expanded to 16 teams, UConn has won both the BET and the National Championship every time it is the nine seed.

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song played during tonights espn broadcst of the big east tournament? by hollywoodwatch Q:

A: "Remember The Name" by Fort Minor

is cincinnati good enough to win the big east tournament? by nick i Q:

A: No. They have to get past Pittsburg first. Although I want UofL to win...my money is on Georgetown.

what teams will be the last two in the big east tournament? by Tim Zig Q: Pitt and somebody else college Big east college Big east

A: It's gonna Georgetown vs. Pitts in the Big East final. Georgetown the #1 team in the Big East, they won the regular season title and Pitts got some injuries early in the season but they're healthy now. So both of these teams gonna be in the final of the Big East tournament.

What are your thoughts on Notre Dame upsetting #16 Pittsburgh 50-45 in the Big East Quarterfinals? by King Of NJ(Backup) Q: wow just wow, 3 of the top 4 seeds and 3 Top 16 teams went down today at the Garden thoughts on this game? BQ- What are your thoughts on the plethera of upsets in the Big East tournament today? BQ2- Who wins Cincinnati or West Virginia and score?

A: WOW. That's what I thought as well. Syracuse,Nova,Pitt, all going down. Great win for Notre Dame, It's good to see the under dogs on top. BQ: I like them, its a change. BQ2: West Virginia - 70 - 72

Who will win the Big East Tournament? by luke t Q: 10 Points to the first person who gets it right. I will choose after the final game! Mens Basketball

A: This is a long shot but im gonna go with my team the Syracuse Orange. and how dumb is Mr.T saying UConn isnt in the Big East. haha he changed his answer

How can my husband watch the Big East Basketball Tournament on-line while we are in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico? by Q:

A: http://atdhe.net/ has many games available for your online viewing pleasure. Not just basket ball but all sports and shows. Enjoy

If Seton Hall knocks off Providence and Notre Dame in the Big East tournament can they make the NCAA Tourney? by King Of NJ Q: Seton Hall finished 18-11 and 9-9 in the Big East. They have wins over Pittsburgh,Louisville,Cornell as RIP top 50 and also wins over Notre Dame,and Cincinnati they haven't lost to a below 64 RPI team this year They got the 10 seed in the Big East tournament and draw Providence and if they win against Providence get Notre Dame. If they win those 2 games they get a shot at Pittsburgh So if Seton Hall wins against Providence and Notre Dame do you think they get in? BQ- If not do they need to get to the Quarterfinals and beat Pittsburgh to make it?

A: I think so. Personally I think Seton Hall are really underrated. They've had some great road wins this year, and Notre Dame and Providence aren't anything special. I don't see them getting too far in the Big East tourney, but they'll get a couple of wins for sure. They may even beat Pittsburgh.

Big east tournament intro song? by jimmy z Q: Pretty much at the beginning of every big east tournament, there is a flashback of previous years, with a sort of dramatic orchestra piece in the background. If you watch providence vs. louiseville or notre dame vs. west virginia on espn 360, you will hear it at the very beginning. This is driving me crazy! I feel like it's from a movie I can't find a link from youtube showing the preview, if anyone had one it would help a lot in my search haha Contender's theme song sounds very close, but its not it :( I've emailed ESPN, no response yet. I have posted the song so people can hear it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwWoYRYXYWA

A: This is bugging me as well, the only song I know that sounds sort of like it is 'The Contender' theme song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KweG_amBBBs

What teams are remaining in the Big East tournament (NCAA Men Basketball)? by Rob T Q: And when is the Big East Championship?

A: The championship is sunday, check yahoo sports for the remaining teams.

Big East Tournament Remaining Predictions? by Rob K Q: Since I'm 100% correct on my predictions so far: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AjKKtpatboUHu.HPH5HROpLty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090309121145AAUBsWz&show=7#profile-info-HtYGxZcCaa I'd like to know what everyone else thinks the remaining outcomes will be in this so-far incredible and wildly exciting Big East Tournament. I'm staying with mine 4 Villanova over 1 Louisville(upset) 6 Syracuse over 7 West Virginia Finals 4 Villanova over 6 Syracuse Villanova wins Big East Conference Tournament

A: I think you are wrong on both ends. Louisville is the best team left. They win it all. I think West Virginia beats Syracuse because they are playing so good and so physical. Syracuse will be tired after their 3 hour marathon with UConn. So West Virginia will fall to Louisville the number one seed. BTW, if it were Nova/ Syracuse I believe Syracuse would win to avenge their regular season sweep at the hands of NOva.

How horrible of a tournament so far has this been for the Big East? by King Of NJ Q: they went 4-4 in the 1st Round and in this 2nd Round Villanova is gone already Georgetown and Villanova killed many teams brackets. I've backed the Big East as the best in America all year but they're just struggling now. It's been an embarassing and bad weekend for the Big East How horrible of a tournament so far has this been for the Big East?

A: Ridiculous. Nova will get it next year though! Yep. I had Nova going all the way. Agree. Big East only has basketball. I never get to see Nova play football. HORRIBLE. But we have a 5 star SF Brandon Bell comining in!!!

Which conference will get more teams into the NCAA tournament, the ACC or Big East? by tony96r Q: There's been a lot of talk about the Big East possibly getting 8 or 9 teams into the tournament but, with the fall of Georgetown and Notre Dame, does this still hold true. Plus, the ACC is out playing the Big East right now.

A: ACC for sure. ACC: north carolina duke wake forest clemson miami virginia tech Big East: UConn Pitt Marquette louisville villanova

Big East Tournament 2010? by #1skin91 Q: I am trying to find out the song that's played at the beginning of the 2010 Big East Tournament. It has a line that goes " New York City". It also has a stringy beat to it that is sick. If you watched the tournament you probably know what I'm talking about. Please help, thanks.

A: All the Right Moves by One Republic I think it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrOeGCJdZe4

Does West Virginia deserve a #1 seed, if they win the Big East Tournament? by Soul-Unleashed Q: If yes, why? If no, why?

A: no, i wish they would get it but therre not going to.unfortunately there are 4 better teams then them. 'cuse, duke Kentucky and kansas are gunna be the 4 #1 seeds. Go Lobo's

Where is the best place to purchase Mens BB Big East Tournament tickets for 3/11 and 3/12/11? by Q:

Who is the number 1 seed in the Men's Big East Basketball Tournament? by yadiermolina_lover Q: Also, could you include the site you found it at.

A: Louisville. Its probably on espn.com somewhere, I didn't "find it on a site", I just know who the #1 seed is. Kinda ironic, since Pitt and UConn were ranked higher in the polls, and are the 2 teams most consider a lock for #1 seeds in the NCAAs, yet Louisville gets #1 in the Big East.

what day will villanova play in the 2009 big east tournament? by NOVAFAN Q:

A: 3-12-09

2011 Big East Tournament Intro Song? by Q: ESPN's broadcasts of the Big East Tournament this yearfeatures a song that they play as the intro song for the intro of the game and after halftime. I really like the beat and I'm trying to find out what it is but I can't find it. Does anyone know what it is? There's always a possibility it could be an original beat.

A: "harder than you think" - Public Enemy

When do Big East Men's Tournament Tickets go on Sale? by thecelldepot Q: When do tickets for the men's Big East Basketball tournament go on sale?

A: pretty soon

What is the song espn has been using for the shots of NYC during the 2011 Big East basketball tournament? by Q: They use it primarily when they are showing images of NYC or Madison Square Garden. I don't hear any lyrics (usually just the instrumental) as they cut away as they show the teams/court.

A: Thats it. Harder Than You Think. Thank you. I thought it was a Morcheeba song and I spent an hour listening to every song, unsuccessfully.

Big east tournament 2010 bracket? by Q: Hi! Please give me direct link to the Big east tournament 2010 bracket. Thanks you. I FOUND Big east tournament 2010 online live stream. WATCH here: http://trunc.it/4gv8c Enjoy! HQ video.

A: http://www.bigeast.org/fls/19400/pdfs/mensbball/2010_tournament_bracket.pdf

who wins the Big East tournament in MSG? by Sean G Q: Uconn and Pitt are top 4 teams...and Louisville can beat anyone. Marquette was awesome before losing James. Who will win? And why?

A: I think Louisville has the skill and heart to take it all. I truly don't think that Rick Pitino is going to let this one go. No doubt that Pitt and UConn will be tough. It's going to be a great tournament to watch!

Who do you want to win the big east tournament? by Q: who do you want to win?

A: Saint Johns because they have upset so many great teams this season and finally got into the top 25 rankings. Saint Johns has gotten these wins at MSG which is where the tournament is so i think they will win it

What song did they play to Introduce Louisville at the Big East Tournament vs. Syracuse? by Just WonderingCard Q:

A: i cant remember which one exactly but i know it was a popular notorious big song

Do you think UCONN will still get a #1 seed if they don't win the Big East Tournament? by Darren S Q: If UCONN makes it to the final is that enough? Would they be sent West with Pitt and NC getting South and East #1s?

A: I'd say they have to get to the finals to get #1 seed.

Where can I get free live streaming for the big east tournament and for the ncaa tournament? by Sam Q:

A: http://www.watch-free.tv/watch-live-tv-sports-online/

how can I watch the big east tournament today on-line for free? by bluchip79 Q: any links?

A: www.Espn360.com here u go http://sports.espn.go.com/broadband/espn360/index tell me if it works or helped

Who do you thinks wins tonight's Big East tournament semifinal games? by King Of NJ(Backup) Q: Georgetown.vs.Marquette and Notre Dame.vs.West Virginia who do you think wins and what do you think the scores will be?

A: Georgetown 67 Marquette 56 West Virginia 84 Notre Dame 66 I dont think either game will be that competitive, maybe Marquette can pull an upset, but I like the favorites tonight.

Georgetown upsets Syracuse in the Big East tournament, thoughts? by WALTER! (Bleeding Green) Q: Will Syracuse maintain their #1 Seed? What does this say about Georgetown? Do you think Syracuse has a shot at the title if Onuaku is out?

A: G. Town was inconsistant in the regular seasona and underachieved. They are finally waking up and playing the way they are capable. They are a veteran team with a player that can take over a game in the crunch. Cuse defense is overrated.

What song is this, i heard it in the big east tournament? by jimmy z Q: It was featured in the Big East Tournament preview. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwWoYRYXYWA

A: Believe it or not i was just gonna ask that........i wanna know to.

Do you think Providence has a chance in the Big East Tournament? by cms93 Q: Even after being blown out by St. Johns Sunday and being only 8-8 in the conference, do you think they could surprise everyone at Madison Square Garden? The only reason why they are so bad in the conference is because they have lost close games to good teams- Marquette and Pitt by 6 or 7, and Notre Dame by 3 after they blew a 12 point lead. I think they have a chance with Herb Hill scoring 28 pts per game the past few games, and also, if Weyinmi Efejuku scores I think 15 points, they're 14-1. Do you think they have a chance? BTW, they would be playing #2 Louisville if they won tonight

A: they have a tough but winnable first-round game against west virginia, but then they will have to play georgetown even if they win...wvu is a team that's playing for its ncaa tourney life, so they will be motivated and it's tough to imagine a team as inconsistent as providence has been beating a motivated squad...and again, after that they would have to beat georgetown, then go through at least two of louisville, marquette, and pitt, so i say no

When is the final game of the Big East Tournament? by Gmen over Dallas Q: No... that is my damn question.

A: March 14th at Madison Square Garden

Where can I listen to the Big East Tournament Online? by Jon J Q: I am stuck at work and am looking for a place to watch or listen to the syracuse vs. villanova game at 12pm EST online. Please let me know if anyone has found a place. Thanks!

A: If you're willing to pay $3.95 just to listen to it.... I'm still trying to find a place to watch it though...go cuse!

How Many Teams Make the Big East tournament for mens basketball? by Anthony V Q:

A: 12 teams do the first day of the tournament, the games are like this: 5 seed against 12 seed 6 seed against 11 seed 7 seed against 10 seed 8 seed against 9 seed the top 4 seeds get byes first day second day it goes like this 1 seed aginst 8/9 seed winner 2 seed against 7/10 seed winner 3 seed against 6/11 seed winner 4 seed against 5/12 winner third day it is: 1 seed 8/9 seed winner vs. 4 seed 5/12 seed winner 2 seed 7/10 seed winner vs. 3 seed 6/11 seed winner Finals Remaining two teams face for the Big East championship and an automatic bid in the NCAA tournament Starting in 2009, the Big East tournament will expand to inlcude all 16 teams, so this will be the last year with the format i explained above

Who do you think has got the big east tournament in the bag this year this year? by Q: Im a big Syracuse fan. so of course i think they are. Wesley Johnson is on his game.tell me why yout think so.

A: Syarcuse wil win the big east tournemnet

What do you think of St.John's blowing UConn out 73-51 in the 1st Round of the Big East Tournament? by King Of NJ Q: Looks like UConn's NCAA Tournament hopes may be dead after getting smoked by St.John's at the Garden What are your thoughts on the game? BQ- Does this mean the end for UConn's NCAA Tournament chances?

A: I wasn't that surprised, because St. John's has played some teams tough this season, Duke, Georgetown, Louisville, Pitt. They certainly played the spoiler role imo. BQ: I think so. They needed this win desperately. There 7-11 in conference play, not that good.

WatcH Big East Tournament | Louisville vs Notre Dame Live | College Basketball online NCAAB where? by Q: WatcH Big East Tournament | Louisville vs Notre Dame Live | College Basketball online NCAAB where?

A: You don't have to miss another big game! If you抮e looking for online sports entertainment with thousands of channels, you抮e in luck. http://sports.watch-tvs-online.com/basketball/

What is the name of the rock song played in the 2011 Big East Tournament? by Q: I was watching and I tried to make it out and I couldn't cause the announcers kept talking; it was played during the Syracuse/St. Johns game before a commercial break. I really couldn't hear any of the lyrics, all I know is it was a rock type song.

A: there is no such song.

What is the song that plays during the intro/between commercials to the 2011 big east tournament? by Q: I heard the song during a transition from the commercial back to the game and i think it also played during the intro movie thing before the game. Whats the name?

A: Harder Than You Think - Public Enemy

What station is the Big East tournament on? by On My Own Q: I have Directv and can't find it on tv. What directv channel is it on? If you don't know the channel, can you tell me which station is carrying it? All I see is the Kentucky-Florida game on CBS, but I want to watch the Georgetown game coming up at 2. Thanks.

A: Today's action is only on-line at Bigeast.tv. Starting tomorrow and through the championship game, everything is on ESPN. Hopes this helps.

What is the dong on espn they play during the big east tournament? by Marchmaddness25 Q: It says something like new York city! Sort of a rap song but it's not jay-z

A: just some rap song..

What do you think of the two upsets in the Big East Tournament today? by King Of NJ(Backup) Q: 22 Georgetown knocked off #3 and Big East regular season champion Syracuse 91-84 and Marquette knocked off #10 Villanova 80-76 both thrilling games that came down to the wire thoughts on that? BQ- Who wins tommorow: Georgetown or Marquette?

A: I'm still pretty shattered, but it isn't the end of the world. Although the Hoya's are our rivals, good on them for a big win. Syracuse embarrassed them twice this season, so it was impressive to see them do it right back to us. Just sucks it was at such a bad time. Marquette was surprising, I though Nova would win, but Marquette is a surprise team. I've got them going far this year. BQ: Marquette.

Any way to watch Big East Bball Tournament online? by tjdrag1 Q: I know you can watch some of the NCAA tournament games online. Is there a website where you can watch the Big East Tournament live? I'm willing to pay for it if I have to...thanks!

A: ESPN360.com has the games. Log on, install the viewer and watch. I can't get the SU versus Villanova game, but the rest are there.

Where do I buy tickets for the Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden? by kbarnes924 Q: I am looking for tickets for the Big East Tournament, but I don't know who sells them! I can find plenty on the scalper sites, but I was interested in buying tickets from MSG directly, and can't find any information on how to do so. Any help would be much appreciated!!

A: HERE is a site for the ticket department of each Big East member school. You could contact one of them. I believe that having season tickets to one of these schools would be a big help in securing Big East Tournament tickets... http://www.bigeast.org/tickets/bige-tickets.html HERE is the site for Madison Square Garden... http://www.thegarden.com/index.jsp HERE are two sites for private ticket companies... http://www.selectaticket.com/SPO/EventSearch.asp?By=Event&searchkey=big%20east&aid=google&kid=big+east+tournament http://www.tickco.com/venue_schedules/madison_square_garden.htm

How does one purchase tickets for the Men's Big East tournament at Madison Square Garden? by Jacob B Q: How does one purchase tickets for the Men's Big East tournament at Madison Square Garden?

A: Vertex Tickets

Do you think that Georgetown still has a chance of making the NCAA tournament without winning the Big East? by Respect The Big Man Code!!! Q: They beat Villanova, but they still need to finish up winning their last 2 and then go far in the Big East tournament.

A: Probably not, they've lost too many games. Even if they win out the regular season, they would probably have to also win the Big East Tournament in order to go to the NCAA tournament.

Why is there only a big east tournament not one for each direction? by lisahass897 Q: Why is there a BIG EAST tournament but there is no north, west or south tournament, shouldn't there be a tournament for each direction and then an overall winner?

A: Its the name of the division. West coast has the Pac-10, South has SEC, etc.

How many teams do you think the Big East will get in the NCAA tournament? by ULooKWeiRD Q: The teams that are already in are Pitt, Marquette, Notre Dame, Georgetown, Louisville. The teams on the bubble are Villanova, West Virginia, Syracuse. Are the bubble teams all going to get in or do they need to win a couple in the Big East Tournament? Do you think UCONN has a shot if they get to the Big East Finals?

A: They will get 7 teams. The ones you mentioned are obviously gonna get in no matter how they fare in the tournament.(WOOHOO GO IRISH!) Of the three teams you mentioned, I actually believe Syracuse is a lock as well because while they did start off slow in conference play, they heated up plus they had that great win against the Hoyas. I think the other team to get in is West Virginia. They are very talented and have a great player and leader in Frank Young. Their first game is against Providence which I belive they will win. Their next game is against Louisville. That game will be down to the wire but I think if that Mountaineer 3-point shooting comes on and Young and Butler have good games, they will win. After that, who knows but they'd probably play Pitt and I believe they cannot win game. Villanova I leave out because they have to at least get to the semifinals I believe because they are a 9 seed and their first game is against number 8 seed DePaul. People sleep on DePaul but they very good with Mejia, Chandler, Smith...they're good. The only reason though I don't see DePaul getting in either is because they lost 3 games to teams not in the Big East Tournament. Besides, whoever wins between Nova/DePaul would have to play G'Town, tough team to beat. And to everyone who responded before me...SU and WVU have way better resumes then Nova...also Nova is a 9 seed while SU is 5 and WVU is 7. Look up the facts if you wanna really talk basketball. I think they get 7...the 5 you mentioned, WVU, and Syracuse Sorry, but unless UCONN wins the tourney they are out. Not many quality wins, too many losses to bad teams, and the fact they got so much coverage for being so bad early on this year. But don't worry, they are young and will be atop the Big East standings in 2-3 years.

How many teams do you think the BIg East will get in the NCAA Tournament? by negativex83 Q: Right now there are 9 Big East teams in the top 25 with Villanova just dropping out. I'm sure most of us believe Villanova will make it. That makes 10 teams. Do you think any of the Big east teams in the top 25 are in danger if they lose their first Big East tournament game? Do you guys think Marquette has a shot if they win a couple of games in the Big east tournament?

A: 11 i think marquette will make it

What was the song played during Big East tournament player introductions? by jadamwar Q: This year (2010) at the Big East Tournament @ Madison Square Garden, they played some wicked music during player intros. One song I am wondering about they played last night for Marquette v Georgetown, and tonight they played it during WV intros in the WV-Georgetown game. Does anyone know the name of this song?

A: hypnotize! amazing song.

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