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Big 10 championship game

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CollegeHockeyEx Good morning hockey world. We are back at it today. Pregame, campus tour, team meal, BBQ, game, big 10 championship #hockeyfans

Elaine_Barber Big 10 Championship Game Preview – Will The Wisconsin Badgers Have Their ... http://t.co/Os7f7lo3

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movieripper Big 10 championship game - news and pictures: Photos http://t.co/aZ4oN6kR

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Vernon_Porter Badgers blast Penn State to advance to Big 10 Championship Game http://t.co/u4W0Gapt

Garrett_Sam No Big 10 Championship Game for Iowa http://t.co/G9DOXcI0

pofpolice Big Ten cha.... http://t.co/aE8YcnFC

Ulagpljt RT @SuperKeyword: big 10 championship game Youtube video and Twitters think http:tcoQFhoRxjQ SuperWord

MekyeLumPhelps Headed to Indy for the Big 10 Championship game!! Go State, send me to the Rose Bowl!!

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Jenkins_Kim No Big 10 Championship Game for Iowa http://t.co/jfnk75yM


Why won't Notre Dame join the Big 10 and force the conference to play a conference championship game? by Frodisman Q: It's not fair that the other conferences like the SEC, Big 12, ACC, and even Conference USA and the Mid American play conference championship games while the Big 10 and Pac 10 sit back and watch after playing sub par schedules. The BCS should only allow conference teams to participate in the BCS games forcing Notre Dame to finally join the Big 10. Their NBC contract excuse is selfish and is hurting college football. First off The Big 10 does not play the entire conference, the main conference I was speaking of. As for the latest generation comment, I'm sure your one of those sucking on your thumb babies who were so thrilled that Ohio State last year lost to Illinois and was finished early in November while real conferences were still playing Real games. As for David E. He doesn't read well. I never said the Conference USA or Mid American were better than the Big 10 or Pac 10. I expected whining from those fans because they cling to their 20th century Rose Bowl instead of stepping up to the 21st Century. The SEC and Big 12 own college football right now. My comments were commending the ACC and the others for playing a championship game which Ohio State can't afford to play because of results like what happened in the last 2 boring BCS games. David E, me grow up? LOL. I won't even go there. I just want to mention to David E. that back in I believe the 95 season FSU upset Florida in the last regular season game. FSU back then in the ACC did not have a championship game to worry about. Lucky them right? But Florida DID have a championship game where they beat Arkansas. Nebraska who also had a championship game lost thus giving FSU a rematch with UF, a game FSU really didn't want to play again. Note that Arizona State was #2 but the Rose Bowl interfered with the #1 vs. #2 match. If there was no championship game then FSU would have played Nebraska for the title thus possibly giving them another title. So is the championship game noble? If it weren't for that game UF would not have won their first National Championship game. I know OSU fans and they even say they know it's a plus not having to play a championship game to risk loosing a chance to play for the National title. It helps ween out the 1 loss teams giving the nation a better look at who are the better teams.

A: Simple economics. They make a heck of alot more money as an independent.

Should Congress ban Big-10 from Nat'l Championship game? by KevinStud99 Q: I mean seriously, if the BCS can't figure out year after year that Crap-10 teams don't belong in the title game, is it time for some congressional action? Or do we just go for a constitutional amendment?

A: what are you talking about man? The team lost, so what.

Why dosent the Big 10 have a Championship game? Dont every other conference? by Joe Blow Q: Why dont the big 10 have a confrence championship?? It would only make sense. They have time, not like there doing anything while other conferences are having championships to pick off the weakest. And is big 10 the only one? Yea there is 11 teams in the big 10 because penn state joined lastly. There isent realy anyother teams that would help the big 10 if they joined, because most teams in other confrences want to stay in there confrence, except for low ranked confrences that coleges like Toledo are. If the big 10 added a weaker confrence team then more people would dawg the big 10 more than they do because the team wouldent be compition for them lol. Ohh well great answers tho.

A: I'd like to see the Big 10 plus 1 have a championship game, simply because they don't all play each other every year. Two teams can end up 8-0 in conference play. Expansion to a 12th team is possible, but they could have a 6 team division and a 5 team division. They're missing out on a big pay day by not adding a championship game. But that's up to the colleges to decide. The PAC 10 and the other conferences that don't have championship games don't need them because all teams do play each other. I'm not one of those that blame the Big 10 and the PAC 10 for having an easier time getting high rankings at the end of the year because they don't have to play a conference championship game. The SEC and Big 12 chose to configure their teams into divisions, the Big 10 and PAC 10 had nothing to do with those decisions. I remember Tom Osborne being against divisions and having a conference championship game back when the Big 12 was formed. He argued that it would make it more difficult for a team to be ranked #1 at the end of the year. (This was back before the BCS and 2 polls picked the "mythical champion", sometimes different teams). ,

Big 10 having a championship game? by Lee--OSH Q: Why doesnt the big 10 have a championship game? Why is the pac10 vs big 10 always in the rose bowl? If they are gonna have the BCS stuff, it seems unfair that the big 10 kinda gets an automatic bid to a major bowl game. Explain please...

A: they still need to get another team to get divisions and then they can have a championship game and I think the Big Ten Commissioner isn't even trying to do that yet. I think they should for the extra game, not every conference has it. They are set up for the Rose Bowl long time ago it's the winner of those two conferences before there was like 15 bowls, it's a tradition. Why is it fair that the Pac Ten gets an automatic bid or that it's a home game when USC is in it?

Is it fair that Ohio St. gets to play to the title even though the Big 10 does not a championship game? by Zorro Q: Should college football make every confenece play a championship game regarless of who many team are in their conference? ( Yes I know you need 12 teams but that needs to change. ) That extra game makes a huge diffenece. Just ask Missouri.

A: People saying yes, Im not going to say anything disrespectful..But seorously OSU played nobody there quality win was vs. Michigan... App State had the same quality win....There are5 teams that deserve it more.GA, OU, USC, Hawaii(same amount of quality wins 1), VT. All more or same quality wins. Notice how teams with conference champ. are 3 out 5 those teams no accident... Big 10 is a joke, OSU is a joke u lost to a SEC reject Ron Zook and some guy named Juice. OSU was rewarded for playing nobody at least have confernce champ. or are u worried bout Juice.

Why doesn't the Big 10 have a championship game? by Tyler Q: Just wondering, I think its stupid that 3 teams (Ohio State, Michigan State, and Wisconsin) are going to have to share the title. Why not just have a championship game? Of course only 2 of those 3 teams would be in it (I would base it on coference record and rank).

A: They don't have enough teams. The NCAA says that there must be a minimum of 12 teams and the Big 10 only has 11. The addition of Nebraska solves this problem, and there will be one next year.

Is the Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game an unofficial Big 10 championship? by Ranto Q: The winner of that game will claim the conference championship and will most likely play LSU for the Big Dance.

A: Pretty much. If Ok. St. wins they still lose to LSU.....

who will win the big 10 championship game? by Bret Q:

A: Right now, too tough to tell. Unlike other conferences, there isn't 1 or 2 great teams in the Big 10, but there are about 7 or 8 good teams, that seem to be pretty equal. But if I had to choose, I would go with Penn State.

BIG 10 Championship game? by West Coast Bias Q: If the Big 10 had a championship game it would just be OSU and Michigan again and apparently no one wants to see them play back to back because the the BIG 10 is terrible, right?

A: Those two teams are basically the best in the Big 10 to begin with, so if it came down to those 2 teams, who ever won the first game should be the champion

big 10 championship game? by Donnie Darko™ Q: what are the chances of there ever being a big 10 championship game. everyone seems to hold it against the big 10 for not having one. however, they are not allowed by ncaa rules to hold a championship game. a conference must have at least 12 members and 2 divisions to qualify. so do they add another team to make 12? doesnt that change all of the classic rivalries that the big 10 fans have come to expect. and i dont hear anyone whining about usc not having to play a championship game. is there any team that should be moved to the big 10 to create the possibility of a championship game.

A: I think West Virginia would be a good team to have in the Big 10. Pitt isn't a bad choice, either. I don't think it would change the rivalries. Here's how it can be set up: West Division: Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Northwestern, Indiana East Division: Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, West Virginia, Purdue The only big rivalry that would be separated by the division would be IU-Purdue, but they could still play every year. Same with Illinois-OSU. It could work.

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