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EthernetCabVagg Stocks to watch at opening bell-BIDU, SPLS, MYL, VMED, BRCD - Retirement Planning http://t.co/iRfWT1Of

lari_gon Mais tarde tem festinha de niver do pqueno Bidu. eu vou mais não vou comer o bolo do corinthians kkkk (até parece)

HeartSmilers @miley_seduction @FariapeloBieber @Jbiebermyair @IBieberSwag @SOSmcyrus @prideofmiley @11h23m @CupCakeDaMiles sou o bidu

AlanOrtega Vou pedir conselhos ao Joao Bidu

feccavalheiro @jusesaurin ja estudou que bidu, da aula?

meelzytah @Bidu_Zika nao sei bidu talvez depende se eu nao for sair com o raafa nem coisa assim..

jusesaurin nuosa, achei que ia demorar mais, já estudei os bidu aqui.

stockpulses $BIDU Here's the link to "Splitup at Kleiner China proves getting the right mix isn't easy"a href="http://ration... http://t.co/N8zx5z1q

vaniarodrigues Kkkk Artistaaaaaa [email protected]: @piunti O Bidú tá estouradooooo”

binazs eu to com vontade de chingar mas como eu não tem ninguém, eu faço isso com o Bidu '-'

mdeniis ei ta loco,o bidu do nada sai correndo,pqp

MaryanaArch yea I heard it, um.. Why? :)) RT @im_richmond: @MaryanaArch do u heard the sound effect "dubidu bidu ruffa dubidu bidu http://t.co/j0qPgPLs

BeaSorrentino - mmmano mmmano u.ú Saudades do mmmeu #Bidu . ''/ se ele estivesse aqq isso tuud iria passar !

BrunoBelutti @piunti O Bidú tá estouradooooo

joosi_rodrigues aé que foi o time do bidu que ganhou? ,o,


I had bought BIDU OCTOBER 130 CALLS AND LOST EVERYTHING? by Tim Q: I just can't believe it! I used my entire account to buy bidu october 130 calls because bidu kept going up and up and up but now realize that there is this expiration thing to options????? PLEASE TELL ME THAT I DID NOT LOSE 37k!!!!

What are some chinese stocks I should look at (besides BIDU)? by The Voice of Reason Q:

A: petro china....nuff said.

What do u think would happen with BIDU's stock after they announce earnings tomorrow? by zesty Q:

A: I think that todays dip is a great buying opportunity for this stock. The stock is still very bullish as far as fundementals are concerned. Today the market tumbled on worries about a prolonged housing slump and a new round of credit market jitters. Keep your eyes open during the day tomorrow to see which way the market is going. We may see this correction for a few more days, but I think in the long run Bidu is bullish. I think Bidu jumps back up in my opinion.

How much is BIDU offering for Yahoo? by skahhh Q:

A: I have not heard this news but the acquisition of Yahoo by either Baidu of Microsoft would be bad news. This would be a case of the Devil or the deep blue sea as users would be censored by either the Chinese or American governments. As China is slowly liberalising and the US is becoming sinisterly oppressive, let us hope that Baidu win the battle.

Do you think that BIDU is a good stock to buy? by . Q: http://www.google.com/finance?q=NASDAQ:BIDU I think it has alot more potential to explode than does google or yahoo. What do you think? ....and it is a Chinese stock.

A: Baidu is scheduled to relase earnings early next week. Some companies have reported great earnings and the stocks have increased 5-20%, while the ones that miss earnings are down 5-10%. I for one I'm betting that Baidu will beat earnings.

Is it true that Yahoo intends to buy a 15% stake in the Chinese Internet BIDU? by Hungry Wharf Rat Q: now that google is pulling out, does it make sense for yahoo to want to regain their old footing in China and to do this, they are buying into BIDU? How much do you think Yahoo is paying for this golden opportunity, a once in a life time chance? Honest answers please. Thanks

A: I don't think so. It's got something to do with Motorola android phones supporting yahoo search in chinese market. Again, this is my knowledge on this issue.

How big can Baidu (BIDU) stock ultimately get? by stephen Q: In terms of long term share price. Say 2012-2015. consider: GOOG market cap is 10x(and still growing) Baidu's market cap. Please no weak minded bear investor comments. In other words educated predictions with technical data and or advise please.

A: Any stock can grow & continue to grow. Predictions mean nothing. If you follow predictions, eventually you'll lose. Especially predictions from strangers. It's not just a question of growing. If Bidu grows but is less profitable... that can effect the stock price. There is only one way to invest. keep a stock while it's going up. Learn to recognize when it's no longer wise to hold. Will you be wrong at times? YES!... but it's better than losing 50% or more on the ones that go down. The key to investing is to manage your losses as you let the winners run.

How d'you think the BIDU stocks are gonna do today? by Andromeda Q: This is for Fantasy Stock Exchange...

A: Up up up.

Is BIDU a good stock to buy right now? by . Q: It has a very high price at $387.56 per share and its P/E is 76.59. Why would be the thought process of a person who bought this stock whether he did it for his self or whether he was the manager of a mutual fund.

A: In contrast to its direct competitors it appears a fairly good deal, and would make sense to buy if you had already decided you needed to take a position in the Chinese internet market. But if you hadn't, this would be an incredibly speculative investment that could win big, or vanish altogether... http://finance.yahoo.com/q/co?s=BIDU Based on those numbers, SOHU might make more sense, since they are actually making money...

What will a $155 November Call Option for BIDU be Worth Tomorrow? by biscayne55 Q: BIDU is currently trading at about $148 after earnings. What will the approximate value of a $155 November call be tomorrow morning at the open? Are you serious??? You don't know that as the stock gets closer to the strike, the value of the option increases?

A: I agree with the two answers you have already received, particularly if the one answer used "vol" as short for "volatility" instead of "volume". <<>> That is not always true, particularly when there is a significant event (such as an earnings announcement) shortly before expiration. Let me try to explain it another way. Everyone knows that certain events, such as a new product announcement or an earnings release, can have a big impact on the price of a stock. No one knows how big the impact on the stock price will be before the announcement, but after the stock price has reacted to the announcement everyone knows what the impact was. A lot of people probably thought there was a good chance the earnings would be good enough to drive the stock price over $155. Now that the stock has reacted without going over $155, many people will think it is much less likely that the stock price will end up over $155. Consequently it is very likely the price of the $155 call option will go down even though the stock price increased. The decrease in the amount of uncertainty may have a bigger impact on the price of an option than the change in the stock price. FYI, I do not follow BIDU so I am responding strictly on my options knowledge and experience.

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