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Betty broderick

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BrandisNatasha I feel like Betty Broderick right now! #womanscorn

StoliRoliOli Does anyone know if you can register for a birthday gift with Betty Broderick?

SweetDaydream_1 They even turned the Betty Broderick story into a lifetime movie #DeadlyWomen

chelleinmo65584 Anyone ever watch the Betty Broderick movie? Or any of the shows about her?

ChrisFierce Is that the lady who kilt her husband and his new wife? RT @SweetDaydream_1: I remember I wrote a paper about Betty Broderick #DeadlyWomen

SweetDaydream_1 I remember I wrote a paper about Betty Broderick #DeadlyWomen

VenusManTrap22 Ok, who let Betty Broderick out of prison? ---RT @weirdnews: Cheat at Monopoly? Get Stabbed by Your Girlfriend http://t.co/xlBdC2OA

HeyVid A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story 2/10 - http://t.co/H91BFzhH

weednation Have any of you ever seen "The Betty Broderick Story"? Fuckin crazy

LLbrucebruce SMFH!!!! RT @CamilleCrawford: Betty Broderick, Catherine Becker, Lorena Bobbitt, Lisa Lopez<------they're all normal to me

CamilleCrawford Betty Broderick, Catherine Becker, Lorena Bobbitt, Lisa Lopez<------they're all normal to me


A Woman Scorned, Betty Broderick, 1st Parole Hearing in March 2011, Will she be Paroled? by Angelica Q: The movie of her story & court case has been on for over 1 week, Retelling both stories... March 2011 will be her First Parole Hearing... I DO NOT THINK she will be let out... due to her In Prison Scandals & Severe Anger, Threats, Promises to kill everyone involved in the case & to everyone she feels 'did her wrong'... she will Hopefully, Never Get Out Of Prison... she's there & Should Stay In Prison, just like o.j. simpson!!! FOR MURDERS!!!! She's had several in prison interviews.. she's NOT STABLE & it's NOT Safe for her to leave...

A: She shouldn't be allowed to get out, the woman is not stable. She still doesn't feel no remorse for killing Dan and Linda.

does anyone else love the betty broderick story a woman scorned if so what is your favorite part? by loveme Q: mine is where she's in dan's house and starts smashing stuff and then calmly writes hi in spray paint i just love her despite the fact that she murdered 2 people hell the sob deserved it lol yes i know allie i loved the phone messages the coc.ksucker and the w.hore i think is what she says lol

A: I know what you mean. That lady is batty yet funny. I liked when she crashed the SUV through his front door. Also, the phone messages were pretty hilarious.

a update about betty broderick? by janit Q:

A: who is she?

who is betty broderick? by miss wright 05 Q:

A: An evil, spiteful woman. She killed her ex-husband and "the other woman". Many say it was the way her ex-husband treated her. He was one of California's top attorneys, and had made their divorce a virtual hell of humiliation, jail sentences and disgrace, but it would have been better to walk away with nothing, than to resort to killing two people. http://www.crimelibrary.com/classics2/broderick/

Anybody know anything about Betty Broderick? by jjrabbit30 Q: When is her date to be released? How is she acting in Prison?

A: What do you want to know. She is in prison for murdering he husband.

Did betty broderick get parole? by CanQ Q:

A: Thankfully, she did not.

You have heard of the Betty Broderick case...It was all over the news years ago.? by question? Q: Where her husband cheated on her for years with a young secretary...Later eventually married the young woman. This CAUSED Betty to go into a fury, which is understandable. She has put him through law school working as a waitress and other jobs. Then he DUMPED her. How many woman would take that? NONE. She was raised Catholic and thought marriage is forever. (sadly, now adays not anymore). She was UNABLE TO ACCEPT WHAT HE DID TO HER...and ultimately killed him and his wife. I do UNDERSTAND why she did it. BUT THE LAW is the law, we are NOT suppose to kill anyone. What is your take on this case.??? She still feels she is a VICTIM. I thought is was very, very sad and tragic. The kids of her marriage had to CHANGE their last name..so they wouldn't have people coming up to them asking them questions. They had to put it behind them, (I do not know how to do that????) and move on as difficult as it may be. Move out of the area and try to keep busy...

A: I remember that case, and did see the movie too. She really put her children through sheer terror, and then they had to take the stand against their own mother, in order to tell the truth. I can understand her rage and jealousy but there were other options such as counseling, moving, many things but she chose the absolutely wrong path for not only herself but her family. She did commit a horrifying, tragic and sad act. I have never felt sorry for her, just her family. I hope and pray her family has been able to move on and live fulfilling lives.

Familiar with the Betty Broderick story? Do you think she was guilty or not? by AtiaoftheJulii Q: I'm not sure if I would have found her guilty http://www.oprah.com/tows/vintage/past/vintage_past_20010810.jhtml

A: There's no question she shot her ex-husband and his new wife. The only question was her mental state at the time. The woman appears to be a classic narcissist whose personality could not stand the loss of her husband and the standing that went with her marriage to him. Yeah, she was guilty.

Does anyone remember the Betty Broderick story? by Miss Understood Q: Years ago I watched the Lifetime movie about the Broderick murders titled "A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story." After watching that flick I thought Betty was a foul mouthed, bitter woman who was driven to insanity by her "wandering" husband. About a year ago I picked up Bella Stumbo's book, "Until the Twelfth of Never: The Deadly Divorce of Dan & Betty Broderick." I couldn't put it down!! Stumbo thoroughly researched the entire history of the Broderick marriage, violent divorce, and the murder of Dan and Kathy Broderick. Turns out that Lifetime movie I saw back in the '90's was scripted by the sad woman who prosecuted Betty Broderick (twice), and furthered her career by doing so; the 'honorable' Superior Court Judge Kerry Wells. Wow! No wonder Betty Broderick was portrayed so harshly in the 'made for TV' movie. In Stumbo's book no one is innocent, and the court records show how horribly Betty was treated by her attorney husband and his new wife. Betty was no saint either after she discovered her husband's affair with a woman half her age, and amazingly enough, a woman who looked like she could have been Betty's identical twin twenty years previous. Same old story though...woman works to put husband through college so HE can provide well for the family, in Betty's case she worked to put him through college twice; once for Medical school and secondly Law school(of course his brothers deny this now but it is WELL documented by everyone who knew the couple early on in the marriage),...then, just when the husband's career becomes solid, he leaves the family for a beautiful gold digger. Nothing justifies murder. No 'but he deserved it.' Betty should have moved on because Dan clearly didn't deserve her. He deserved to marry the younger model. After 2-3 years of wedded bliss, the new wife would have become bored and taken Mr. Broderick to the cleaners leaving his ex-wife Betty with plenty of room to gloat. Sadly, every participant in this story lost; Dan and Linda lost their lives, Betty lost her freedom, and the kids lost their mom and dad. The only person who won was Superior Ct. Judge Kerry Wells, then prosecutor Kerry Wells, who went after Betty Broderick with a vengeance to earn her position. If I could ask this woman, Wells, one question, it would be "Did you ever feel the least little bit of compassion for Betty Broderick?" If anybody else has read the book...not seen the movie but actually read the unflattering tale of the entire 'Broderick cast,' do you have an opinion on the matter? After almost 20 years in prison Betty Broderick was denied parole in January 2010. She will not be up for parole again for 15 years! Dan Broderick's powerful friends continue to aid him in tormenting his ex wife 21 years after his death.

A: Oh yes. I actually went to the preliminary hearings of the first trial, which was an utter disaster. But let's not spit and shine it here. Murder is still murder, and the evidence eventually was quite conclusive. Dan Broderick was certainly a schmuck and is probably doing hard time somewhere else (meaning HELL), but at least Betty is still alive.

Do you know the Betty Broderick story? by Wisen Smart Q: Do you think her actions were justified and the rage drove her to the killings? If you would have been in her shoes, do you think there could have been a possibility you would have done the same thing?

A: Yes I do and I'm totally on her side. She did everything for her husband and how does he repay her? By throwing her to the wayside like garbage and replacing her with a look-a-like younger version. He got what he deserved.

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