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metroforum Open Question: Has ZNZ One been approved by the Better Business Bureau? http://t.co/HaGZOe8Z

pepebee The Better Business Bureau advises consumers to check online retailers out before buying. Visit www.bbb.... http://t.co/DlYbzEo6

callmeKELZ All Jordan heel sightings should be reported to the Better Business Bureau

fivestarplumber Five Star Plumbing Services has an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

CAPCards808 CAP stands for Community Assistance Program. CAP is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a A+ rating. http://t.co/UHgLI6DI

FaBulous_Ziante Lol RT @FlexxedUpShawty If u have a complaint about your weed man can you report him to the Better Business Bureau ?

CraigHinn Better Business Bureau: Bogus StubHub email causes hubbub ... http://t.co/bDh0ItOZ

RvRayBates Better Business Bureau: Bogus StubHub email causes hubbub ... http://t.co/QJkYFLRQ

mattnelson I wonder if filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau would do anything when it comes to #verizonwireless

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GoAirRoyale Does your air #charter services company have an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau? http://t.co/HPraWtED Call 310.289.9800

markdacoron Beachbody gets an A+ from the Better Business Bureau http://t.co/MOrSEPjC

22inspired Wondering what is #London or #UK equivalent of Better Business Bureau. Who protects consumer rights? Please send response if you know. #fb

charter_jets Does your air #charter services company have an A + rating from the Better Business Bureau? http://t.co/gzno7xRQ Call 310.289.9800


What is it called in England the Better Business Bureau ? by colordrome Q: Does anyone know what is the name of the organization in England that has the same functions of the Better Business Bureau in the United States?

A: The consumers' association in the UK goes by the name of Which? Here's an excerpt from their website (address given below): Today, we are the largest consumer body in the UK, with over 650,000 members. We are a registered charity and we plough everything back into consumer interests and services for our members. Which? is completely independent - we have no owners, shareholders or Government departments on our back: we work on behalf of you, the consumer, and nobody else so you're assured you're getting the very best advice that's available. At Which?, we're known for testing household products like washing machines and digital cameras. But that's not all we do. Confronting important consumer issues is also a key part of our work. Tackling everything from mis-selling to hospital food, our commitment to providing unbiased advice to consumers is still at the heart of everything we do, including some great new initiatives such as our Best Buy Icon and the inaugural Which? Awards.

How do I sign up with the Better Business Bureau ? by Shawn M Q: I have a small business and I want to know how can I get a rating from the Better Business Bureau.

A: Actually it is quite simple...dependant on your location visit the website: http://welcome.bbb.org/ Enter for Canada or for the United States. You will see at the top a bar for "Membership" which you can click to get further details on each type of membership. (National, Local etc) Here are the basic requirements: http://www.ccbbb.ca/membership_standards.cfm And in Canada (Similar in America): Potential National Members must be actively engaged in business in Canada for not less than 36 consecutive months or such longer period of time as necessary to evaluate the applicant's record. URL for application page: http://us.bbb.org/WWWRoot/SitePage.aspx?site=113&id=d30d0ad2-4f6f-4a6b-bec6-594a441b25fe Should be about all you need.. most of the information is right on their website.

Did anyone ever have an experience contacting the better business bureau for a lemon law case with their car? by Yogi Q: I am in the first stage of trying to resolve a dispute with Ford regarding my 2 year old van. It has been repaired for traction control issues 6 times and is still not fixed. We have submitted paperwork to the better business bureau automotive department and are waiting for a reply from Ford. I am not sure what I should expect from their offer. Anyone have any experiences with this type of issue?

A: The better business bureau will be of no help, they will merely notify the dealer that there is a problem with a customer, and give them a chance to reply. They have no power whatsoever. http://www.carlemon.com/ Go there, pick your state, and be armed with information as to the next step.

I thought every business has to register with the better business bureau.? by elliekat Q: I thought every business has to register with the Better Business Bureau-wether they have had a complaint or not. Is this not true? I need a painter and a landscaper and I couldn't find any of the 3 I've gotten quotes from. Why is that?

A: The BBB is just an independent reference source for businesses, nothing more. A good, ethical business is under no obligation whatsoever to register with the BBB and it is not an indicator that a business is unethical if they are not registered with the BBB. I run a very ethical business and I received a call from a BBB sales person who wanted me to register with the BBB for a price of $400.00. I asked her what she knew about my business and she said 'nothing'. However, she stated that I could register my business with the BBB for $400.00 and be listed as a company in good standing with the BBB. This didn't seem like a value added service to me so I declined. Many building departments of city governments have vendors like painters, landscapers, and construction companies register with them and maintain a list of good companies to work with. Try calling the Building Department at your City Hall to see if they have a similar program that can provide approved vendors.

If you get cheated by the Better Business Bureau, who do you complain to? by Glenn Quagmire Q: If you get cheated by the Better Business Bureau, who do you complain to?

A: i read that in George Carlins "Brain droppings".

What are the advantages of joining the Better Business Bureau? by The Lady Mermaid Q: I have a small retail business. I have been invited to join the Better Business Bureau. I am familiar with the BBB but before I join would like to get some opinions on the advantages of becoming a member. Are there any disadvantages to joining?

A: Their are plenty of advantages of joining the BBB; however make sure your business meets the criteria. The advantages to having a membership is to be updated on good business practices and updates to new business laws/regulations. It also helps resolve possible disputes with your customers/clients by using a form of mediation instead of tying up the busy court systems. It also allows your clients to research your business before contacting you for their needs. Some disadvantages are meeting the eligibility to join, having to follow up with monthly readings and updating your business profile. It can become very time consuming, but verses the pros's and con's I would say their are more pros's and you should definitely join.

How does a business get listed with the Better Business Bureau? by Tre Michaels Q: Are companies listed with the Better Business Bureau automatically? Do they have to fill out applications? Just curious...thank you!

A: To get listed with the BBB you need to apply and once they've looked over you submission you get accredited. The link below has more information

How can I find if someone has been reported to the better business bureau? by kimberly w Q: I am about to buy a trailer and another dealer told me look on the internet he has been reported to the better business bureau. How can I look to find this?

A: go to www.bbb.org. search the company name. thats all you need to do

what affect does the better business bureau have on crooked car dealerships? by danny Q: when a used car dealership scams someone,what affect does the better business bureau have on them?does the car dealership take it seriously? are car dealerships scared or worried at all about the better business bureau?

A: If the dealer is a member of the BBB, it will probably do whatever it can to make sure your complaint ends up in the garbage can. The BBB has no authority to regulate business practices and has no authority to punish companies that scam you. If you have been scammed, call the police and then consider a lawsuit. If you can recover all or most of what you lost, and if you can prove your allegation(s), small claims court is the way to go. The limit in most states is $10,000. Make sure to notify both the dealer and the BBB that you are going to call your local radio stations and newspapers to voice your complaints. That said, many small claims court judges are not worth the powder it would take to blow them away.

How can I get a report from the Better Business Bureau without a fee? by gram0102 Q: I want to check the status of a company with the Better Business Bureau.I used to be able to do this, but now it appears on their website that their is a substanial fee. Am I in the wrong place?

A: As a long standing member, the BBB does not charge consumers for a business status report. You might be on a third party website that is selling something you can get for free.

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