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Can bestbuy switch the memory from a 32g 4th gen to a 8g 1st gen ipod touch? by Emma Q: I have a 32g 4th gen Ipod touch that I really hate, and an 8g Ipod touch that is my baby but I need more memory. Can I go into Bestbuy or some other technology store to have them switch the memory cards? Is that possible at all?

A: like everyone else said, its not possible. what did u need transfered? itunes can do all of that for you. music,pictures,contacts,calendars,mail accounts,bookmarks,notes,apps and movies. any questions feel free to ask.

is buying a phone from bestbuy different from buying from the network dealer? by Yosemite Sam Q: I want to upgrade my phone, but I want to use my bestbuy credit card so i can get rewards.

A: not really but they usually dont have all the phones for that carrier and they might not no as much

What is the average time for people to wait outside of bestbuy before black Friday starts? by briceman100 Q: When is the best time to get to Bestbuy on black Friday to get in the front of the line?

A: Depends on where you are. In Southern California, people start lining up at 9:00 PM Thursday. In Mason City, Iowa I didn't see a line forming until about 1:30 AM

What to wear in a bestbuy interview? by Lhan R Q: I'm a guy and I'm just wondering, 1) what is an appropriate attire to wear in a bestbuy interview? I'm planning on wearing a polo shirt, jeans and sneakers, is this alright? 2) I'm wearing an earing do I need to take it off or keep it on? 3) and is it ok if I don't bring a resume. I'm applying for a merchandise position.

A: Bring a resume, even if it's short. Bring references, too, in case they ask. As far as what to wear, go into BB and look at what the employees are wearing. Go with something similar or just one step above it. I'd definitely recommend taking out the earring. You never know if the interviewer might be biased against guys wearing them. There might also be a dress code against it.

What does the Bestbuy 2 year replacement plan for an ipod cover? by David Q: I have an ipod 3rd generation and i have gotten tired of it, i want to upgrade to a new one. I have the 2 year replacement plan from bestbuy. So can i get a new one or must it be broken? Also, how do I do it? Can I just go to the store and tell them or do i have to do it online?

A: Certainly Best Buy is the best source for an accurate answer. Best Buy's warranties are spelled out in detail on the receipt. In my experience, replacement warranties are only for broken units, not merely because the owner is "tired" of it, and the replacement is a refurbished unit of the same model. Nobody insures against perceived obsolescence.

How long does it take to process a payment online at Bestbuy? by counterozo Q: I made a paid for a payment online at bestbuy in the morning, the payment is due today. I checked the statusrecently and it hasn’t changed from Schedule. Does anyone know how long it takes to process the payment? Because if it takes longer than today I’ll just go to Bestbuy and pay for it there. Thank you so much..

A: Best Buy is soooo notorious for oopsy! forgetting to process a payment, if you are worried, call them. I hope you printed out a receipt or have proof that you paid, so you can throw it in their face.

How long does it take Bestbuy to ship a computer? by paramore.love Q: I live in Canada and have ordered from the Canadian Bestbuy store online. How long will it take to get here? I live in Ontario. The order has been processed already.

A: should not be more than 3 days

BestBuy??? by NolanBuck Q: if i take my MacBook into a BestBuy Store will the be able to upgrade the RAM and Hard Drive

A: RAM yes, geeksquad will do it. It is easy to install yourself though and cheaper. Just unscrew the plate by the battery and push it in. Once done reboot the "P-RAM" - clear the NVRAM. This will work with the Macbook http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2000260381+1309221136+1309121117&name=2GB+(2+x+1GB) For 4GB (only on newer Santa Rosa Macbooks) http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList.aspx?Submit=ENE&N=2000260381+1309221136+1309121118&name=4GB+(2+x+2GB) HDD no. OS X is pre-installed onto the HDD. If you want a new internal drive, you will also need to purchase OS X for $130. Best buy/GeekSquad will not do this for you, but I may be wrong. You need a 2.5" SATA hdd.

Bestbuy??? by Katie Q: I've been looking for a nintendo ds lite online for a week or so now, and I've noticed that circuitcity and toysrus both have the nintendo ds lite back in stock after the cristmas rush, but bestbuy does not, SO I was wondering if anyone knew when they were going to have them available online again??? and why are they the only ones taking so long?

A: about 1/29/08

bestbuy?????????? by danr_95 Q: how long do u think it will take for my cd i ordered from bestbuy

A: most purchase online for items take anywhere form 3 days to 3 weeks depending on the shipping plan and the location rates.

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