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Berbatov is out in the cold
By MARTIN BLACKBURN MANCHESTER UNITED have just 10 days to thrash out Dimitar Berbatov's future — or risk losing him to another club. The Bulgarian's contract expires in the summer, although the champions have the option of a 12-month extension. ...

United thrash Fulham at Cottage
A rampant Manchester United thrashed Fulham 5-0 in the Premier League, with wonderful goals from Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov highlights of the night at Craven Cottage. First-half goals from Daniel Welbeck, Nani and Ryan Giggs put the visitors 3-0 ...

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Now here's another great off-field clip from Tuesday night's Chelsea-United game: Dimitar Berbatov hypnotising Ryan Giggs! 27) Remember that Labour Conference when Tony Blair sweated it up like Albert Brooks in Broadcast News? ...

Fulham vs Manchester United LIVE Commentary
And that's the England man's last involvement of the night, replaced by last season's top scorer Dimitar Berbatov, Welbeck can be pleased with his work tonight. Danny Welbeck with a glorious opportunity to dampen the Fulham revival, lovely team move ...

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schled RT @SkySports: Dimitar Berbatov puts down his French cigarette, finishes off his Cognac and then nets with a wonderful back-heeled finish. Class.

lightmagenta RT @SkySports: Dimitar Berbatov puts down his French cigarette, finishes off his Cognac and then nets with a wonderful back-heeled finish. Class.

Skinny_AOD Haha Berbatov and Wayne scored 2 stunning goals.!! Beautiful.

amrizachri RT @LauraKane89: 50th player to score 50 goals for Manchester United = Dimitar Berbatov. #mufc

fadly_google RT @FaktaUnitedIndo: Faktanya, gol cantik dari Berbatov tadi menjadi gol ke 50 nya untuk United.

ShaunForster In all seriousness if somebody got me a Berbatov Man Utd shirt I'd wear it #god

simufc RT @LauraKane89: 50th player to score 50 goals for Manchester United = Dimitar Berbatov. #mufc

James_Bessell RT @SkySports: Dimitar Berbatov puts down his French cigarette, finishes off his Cognac and then nets with a wonderful back-heeled finish. Class.

rynagiggs RT @IndoManUtd_BGR: Berbatov became the 50th Man Utd player to score 50 goals tonight. He scored to make it 5-0, too. Lots of 5's and 0's (via @FourFourTom)

PGoldin Berbatov became the 50th Man Utd player to score 50 goals tonight. He scored to make it 5-0, too. Lots of 5's and 0's #MUFC #MOTD

Awetemmy RT @nickcoppack: Berbatov backheel! What a man. What a man. What a man. What a mighty good man.

izzatshukri_ RT @ManUtdStuff: FT Fulham 0-5 Manchester United [Welbeck, Nani, Giggs, Rooney & Berbatov] #MUFC

ibrahim_mufc RT @ManUtd24: Berbatov is an immense human being. He's going to go tonight, sit and smoke a Cuban cigar, with an open robe in front of the fireplace.

KwincyKO RT @alexstitches: Dimatar Berbatov became the 50th Man Utd player to score 50 goals tonight. He scored to make it 5-0, too. Lots of 5's and 0's...


Is it funny that Andy Carroll cost More then Villa Or Berbatov? by Mighty-Tea Q: 2 years ago he would of been worth only 5million.

A: Yes, yes it is. But you can't just consider how good a player he is. NUFC have just sold a player they produced themselves, selling a homegrown players whos popular with the fans would be very unpopular if they didn't recieve such a massive fee. And Mike Ashley doesn't want to lose any popularity... He was over priced for a player who has played not even one season of top flight football, but I think he'll do well at Liverpool.

Does Berbatov feel stupid for choosing Man Utd and thereby destroying his career? by Vincent P Q: Not doing too well for 2 years is considered 'flop'.

A: berbatov would look average at Waltham Forest Rovers

Do you think Dimitar Berbatov will stay at the mighty yid army? by FortunesGift Q: Tbh i think he won't and united will rack up £28mill and buy him during January and oh my days what a bad start to the season, jeeze, but Tottenham always lose their first game but i think we have enought talent to bring it back. Thoughts and feelings on this subject?

A: when was the last time spurs won thier opening fixture ?? dont worry about it bud if you win next week you will of collected more points than man united did last year in our first two games ?? and we still won the title.. just look at it as a blip .. i dunno whats gonna happen with berbatov ....

What are 5 words to sum up Dimitar Berbatov's first season at Manchester United? by LYCAN Q: Mine: Needs time. Work in progress.

A: still better than Liverpool's Lucas

Why does Berbatov have no goal scoring consistency? by Q: To start the season he was averaging a goal a game, then went 6 or 7 games without scoring any followed now by a record equaling 5 in todays match. So why can't he just get one in the back of the net each game instead?

A: A better question is why does everyone suddenly love wayne rooney against when all he has done since coming back is score a penalty? he couldnt even manage a goal today in a 7 - 1

Why has Sir Alex selected Danny Welbeck over Hernandez and Berbatov? by Ash F Q: I could understand against a smaller team such a Norwich or Wigan, but against Spurs surely a proven premier league goal scorer should be starting. What do you guys think?

A: Hernandez has just come back from injury, and i'm sure that SAF didn't wan't to play Hernandez for the whole 90 mins, But he's most likely to come on second half, and for Berbatov, i don't know about him. But anyways Danny Welbeck has done very well for Manchester united in his last couple of games, but i can see Hernandez coming on for him later in the 2nd half.

Even though he got a hat-trick past Liverpool does anyone agree with me Berbatov is just an average striker? by Q: Torres is much better but for me Drogba is one of the best strikers in the world when hes on form?

A: Have been saying this all week pal. He has been at the club over 2 years and only now after 1 hat-trick Utd fans saying he one of best in world...this is a bandwago way of looking at it...Fact is manu fans despised him last season and Now he has 1 good game he is a hero..Bandwagon supporters

Who is better Bulgarian human and player - Hristo Stoichkov or Dimitar Berbatov? by Марияна от България Q: For me second. First said:"Bulgaria gave nothing to me!" I'm not a child to read "Harry Poter"! I said "human" too. Borislave, blagodaria! Ama kato ne moga da govoria svobodno tuka , da si drunkam po A&Q. If I say this here, olele male!

A: Viktor Krum! No, sorry - I admit I don't know the blokes you're referring to.

Does Berbatov represent everything wrong with football in 2008? by step Q: I'm not a Spurs fan but I hate him. Talk about behaving like a spoilt teenager. You can see it in his nasty, selfish, snide little eyes. If I was a billionaire I'd pay Spurs to let him rot in the reserves. Horrible role model for children.

A: No, I think Arshavin is the worst role model for children or anyone aspiring to be a footballer. He plays in Zenit St. Petersburg, the current Russian League Champion as well as the current UEFA Cup champions. To describe Zenit, it is a strong team in a rather weaker league (Russian Premier League) Just because of an interest from Tottenham, which is a WEAK club in a stong league (EPL), he has lost interest in football, at least in Zenit and he refuses to even give 70% of his best to play for Zenit, this is evident in the bad run that Zenit is experiencing at the start of the current Russian season. I think he is one hell of a football mercenary. I dare say that Zenit's achievements were much much better than Tottenham's, or for that matter, I dare say that Zenit is a much stronger team compared to Tottenham. He would rather play in Tottenham, a weak and mediocre club in England who did not even qualify for any European competitions via the league and have no chance at all to win the title or even qualify for Europe rather than continue playing for Zenit and play in the Champions League and even having a chance to win it. But he has destroyed Zenit from inside out while crying like a spoiled brat and holding the whole Zenit as a form of hostage. The situation is, "If you don't transfer me to Tottenham, I will destroy Zenit from inside out!" This is not the way to thank a club which gave you the chance to win big things and to ignite interest from clubs such as Tottenham and Barcelona at the first place. Nobody knew about Arshavin before Zenit's victory in UEFA Cup and if you say that his reputation skyrocketed due to Euro 2008, I don't think he would have been called up or even if he was, he won't be able to play at his best as he does not have the confidence that he has now due to the UEFA cup victory. i think compared to Arshavin, Berbatov is still a good guy, and in this era where football is equal to money, mercenary mindset of players cannot be avoided... It is just the way it is, but taking your club as a hostage just like Arshavin, it is not acceptable, and he is the one who represents every dark side in football in 2008, and even for this decade! PS: It won't be long before a player would rather play in Hull and fight a messy relegation battle rather than playing in the Champions League or even winning it with Bayern Munich or Fenerbahce. Football is going haywire, and football is completely blinded by money.

Why do Dimitar Berbatov wear gloves while playing? by Antas17 Q: And a long sleave shirt.

A: he's a wimp

What are the odds of Berbatov scoring a goal in a BIG game? by ƒestive ƒacepalm Q: compared to say Torres or Drogba over compensating there, captain glory hunter.

A: Very bleak.. Maybe he'll just laze around.. God, y can't he step it up for Utd's sake? Odds of Torres scoring is also as bleak though.. He'll probably wind up getting injured.. Berba will save himself that pain...

Do you agree with Terry Venables about Berbatov? by rainfallshard Q: In The Sun this morning Venables blames Berbatov for Spurs' terrible start. Surely the fact he played superbly for them for two seasons and they made a huge profit on his transfer means he's paid them back for their "faith" in him. Or do you think his disruption and sulking messed up the team's concentration on the pitch? Any opinions?

A: i agree that the fact he was still there at the beginning of the season probably affected them but thats not his fault Spurs knew right from the beginning that he wanted to leave and they were always going to sell him but they wanted as much as they possibly could for him (fair enough) but the only way to do that was to drag it out untill the last minute so Man Utd would be forced to pay whatever they wanted also they cleverly told the press about the bid from City even though they had no intention of selling to them because of this they didn't have adequate time to bring in a replacement with the money so they have no-one to blame but themselves!

Should Wenger help SAF out and accept Berbatov on a free transfer? by mj Q: Of the top 4 clubs (gtfo liverpool, hello ugh ugh Spurs bastards from hell).... Where would Berbatov be best? Yes you can say back at shit Spurs. FQ: doo doo dooo doo beeep beep beeeep *shazam* kablammo neville? Excuse me King Tut, I am an arsenal fan and Bendtner is ace.

A: Yes he should. Berbatov is a player who would rather set up goals with his neat touches and little flicks rather than score them. And is similar to Van piesi a couple of years ago (when he use to play on the flanks.) Arsenal care about passing and setting up goals and he would be perfect to play just behind RVP to set up him.

Is Dimitar Berbatov a natural goal scorer? by Pete Q: When Man Utd bought Berbatov, was the point of buying him because he's supposed to be a natural goal scorer? If he is supposed to be, then in goal scoring terms, he hasnt been that great to say the least. I mean he plays well interms of his team play, but is he really a better goalscorer than Rooney and Tevez? (obviously not as good as Ronaldo) Should they have gone after Benzema instead?

A: he is a gud player thats all

Fellow Manchester United supporters, in your opinion, who should start against Barcelona, Chico or Berbatov? by Q: I say Hernandez should.

A: I would say Alex has to start with Berbatov and hope he brings his A game. It's a gamble worth taking because even if doesn't play as well as he can, he still has a better football brain than Hernandez (who's a bit green). You need someone with his experience in that sort of game. I can see where you might be coming from with Hernandez. Barca won't necessarily know how to cope with him being less familiar - and he's a lively little player. Tactically it would be worth bringing him on to stretch some tired Barca legs near the end of the game.

Do you think dimitar berbatov will leave Manchester United? by Q: He might do, even tho he is one of the top scorers, Sir alex, don't play him as much. What do you think will he leave if so what club? I'd say Juventus only because I read something about them in Yahoo saying they might buy him but I don't think so.

A: Nope don't think it will happen. People think that just because he isn't getting game time ALL the time that he wants to leave. I honestly don't think so. That happened with Tevez because he wanted to play and wanted to earn money. That's fair enough for him, also at his age he deserved the opportunity. But Berba is close to 30 now, he has years left with us and he's the kind of player who can keep playing well into his 30's so I think he still has a lot to offer for us. He is a technical player and if anything, that gets better with age. Having his experience and depth will also be an asset to us so for that I really do hope he stays. BUT, maybe now would be the best to time to cash in on him if Sir Alex was planning to do so. Reason being that if left too late his value will drop due to his age. Also we currently have a great stream of young talented strikers coming through the club with Chicharito, Diouf, Welbeck, Macheda and Joshua King.. so the options for his replacement are there, but they will be NOWHERE close to replicating Berba's ability.

Are other fans going to finally start believing Berbatov will start firing on all cylinders now? by ƒestive ƒacepalm Q: He has been linked to a move to the Bundesliga...

A: dont know about others but i definitely wont if he really doesnt score 30

Does Berbatov have the best first touch in the current soccer? by Q: If not who has it? How do you know?

A: He's definitely improved, but he doesn't have the best first touch (yet). I would say Messi is killer at controlling the ball when he gets it, followed by Berbatov's old teammate Ronaldo...but Berbatov is moving up quickly and I can see him getting the EPL player of the year if he keeps at it.

MU Fans: Confess if you wanted Berbatov to leave during the transfer window? by Q: Scores from headers, scissor kicks - not on free kicks or penalties - so he's surprised many. Personally I'd say yes, I wanted to see if he could still do better at another club but no need now.

A: I'd say yes .. I did want him .. And still do .. That is if Rooney doesn't leave .. If Roo does leave , then I want Berba to stay ...

What is the probability of Berbatov being top scorer this season? by 加護♥亜依 Q: You must show your working, no conferring, you have four hours

A: If you were to bet a quid on him you'd be a millionaire if he was top scorer

Berbatov is surely the greatest striker in the world at the moment? by Q: Yay or Nay ? What a player !! very similar to King Cantona Torres the ladyboy is not a patch on him.

A: It is hard to argue with that but have you seen Eto'o lately. Cavani, Messi (not a striker I know) could be in the discussion as well.

At what price would Berbatov sell given his current form? by Ricky Pollard Q: I hope Man Utd sells him.What club would want him and how much would they pay?

A: 20 million

How many seconds would berbatov do in a 100m relay? by Mighty-Tea Q: . Not seconds i mean minutes.

A: 50 seconds

Is it true that Berbatov will be at Tottenham next season? by Fantail Flycatcher Q: With him tottenham can surely aim for top 5 spot. I am not their fan but I accept that they are playing fantastic football. But are the rumours over now? Berbatov has pledged his interest to be with spurs earlier. Regards

A: tottenham are not playing fantastic football ??? berbatov should be at spurs next season if he isnt then he is a very stupid man because why would you leave a club that is on the up... and yes they should be in the top 6 next season maybe even 4th...?

What is the best team to use to be able to defeat Berbatov in the air, and mark Cristiano Ronaldo, for FIFA 09? by Jad S Q: i need a team good in the air, yet with a good offense, for example a team good against man united in particular. Thank You!

A: Just try using another 5-star team, like Barcelona, Chelsea, Milan, Inter (dont pick Juventus, Arsenal). If you want to mark Ronaldo, at the start up screen before you enter the game, go to custom tactics and lower your defence's pressure (lower will obviously make them much more defensive). also make sure your playing cover and not the offside trap. On Inter, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is almost as good as Ronaldo and a few inches taller, so i like to use Inter. But w,e, try that stuff.

Who is more likely to go to Man U? Berbatov or Huntelaar? by Football addict Q: Or will they buy both?! I keep hearing about these transfers, just wondering which one is more likely to eventuate. I guess if they bought Berbatov and Liverpool bought Keane, and Sunderland bought Bent then Spurs have still got some serious shopping to do! Hannah- Bent hasn't even had a decent chance to prove himself. I doubt there would be higher offers for Berbatov abroad as EPL is where the money is at. Italians are skint!

A: I would prefer Huntelaar! He is younger and a better player for the future!! More than likely it will be Berba though! Hehe and your right Spurs would be panick shopping then!!

Will Berbatov have a good game tonight because he wont be playin in direct sunlight? by The Zapper Q: I've heard his kind have issues with the sun and it sucks all his energy when playing in the day.

A: LOL maybe - I think the sun is the reason why Van Persie gets so many injuries as well, i will go and get my garlic - and my tickling stick in case Berbatov scores so he can crack a smile.

What's the difference between Dimitar Berbatov and Robbie Keane ? by DAVE Q: Clue: ............do you really need one ?

A: Size. *ahem *

Has Ronaldo cost Man United the loss of Berbatov ? by DAVE Q: Over the last few weeks all SAF's attention has been on retaining Ronaldo and in doing so little effort has been made in securing new players. Should more attention have been made to purchase Berbatov ?

A: The Berbatov issue is dragging on thanks to Spurs, what makes you think if we've started the chase at the beginning of the transfer season, we'd have gotten him now?? @M4rky: short on what, I'm sure you don't mean short on cash, cus we've got plenty of that...

Who is the most miserable player after scoring a goal Berbatov or Anelka? by LYCAN Q: OQ. What kind of celebration should they do?

A: berba altough i dont know why it matters

Who will be the two main strikers at United now Berbatov has arrived? by suck my penguin Q: Rooney/ Tevez, Rooney/ Berbatov, Tevez/ Berbatov?

A: Probably Rooney / Tevez but I think it should be Tevez / Berbatov

Is Berbatov the most miserable player in the premiership ? by Hannah- life is a goldfish bowl Q: He needs a tickling stick for Christmas , I mean even when he scores a goal he looks as though someones died - is there any other premiership footballer who looks more miserable than him ?

A: He's such a vampire look alike

Why do people suddenly think Berbatov is Pele after his miracle goal against Celtic? by Kezza Q: He hasnt scored in months untill now and suddenly he's Pele? Typical dumb united fans i say.

A: coz they is dumb

How many goals would Berbatov have scored had he played tonight? by DanglyBits Q: And don't forget that this is the same chump that scores every 20 games or something.

A: None, we played poorly as a team I don't think our first team would have won last night.

How can SAF motivate Dimitar Berbatov into becoming the player he is supposed to be ? by LYCAN Q: He has the skills, experience and knowledge. Why isn't he performing ?

A: By sending him on-loan to Newcastle United! YEAH! He isn't under pressure to perform. Under Tottenham he was at second tier team and that was about all.

Is Berbatov really injured or are United making excuses to the fans for Ferguson leaving him out of the squad? by Q: last week they said he had a groin strain the week before he was ill. Is Berbatov being frozen out before an imminent move away from Old Trafford in the summer

A: On one perspective, this may just be one of Ferguson's tricks being played so that his tactics are unpredictable. Then again, it's no secret that Ferguson prefers to nurture his young talent than play with an already proven striker. It's understandable though, as Hernandez and Rooney sound like a great combination for the future. But if he is really injured, it doesn't make much of a difference; I wasn't expecting him to start anyway.

Is it worth United giving Berbatov another years contract? by Q: It seems United will sign Berbatov for another year, seems like a lot of money to pay out each week for a player who does not play for them that often Apologies for the football question!

A: No.

Who would you start for Man U Berbatov or Hernandez? by Jose R Q: Sir Alex is probably having a hard time to choose Berbatov or Hernandez after the Chicharitos display in the champions. he should probably use one in the primear and the other in the champions. Who do you think should be next to rooney Berbatov or hernandez?

A: Berbatov and Hernandez Bench Roon-Roon.

How much damage will Berbatov do to Liverpool? by Q: If he plays, maybe Hodgson left in fearful anticipation of Berbatov. (it's possible)

A: if Berbatov plays in good form like in previous game he could score second hat-trick.

What do you think about Berbatov and why plays in a weak team? by Some Prince Q: Well, I think Berbatov should play in much stronger team such as Liverpool at least...

A: He is good but not that good. I think Bellamy is much better and he plays in Liverpool. GO ARSENAL.

Should we all shed a tear for Juande Ramos? Seeing as he didnt have time to find a replacment for berbatov? by Nice Shot Oswald Q: Tottenham boss Juande Ramos says Dimitar Berbatov's last-gasp move to Manchester United was their biggest blow as it left them no time to sign a replacement. Aww bless him, Does this explain why they are bottom of the table?

A: No. those greedy wankers at Spurs chose to hold out for more money, now they find themselves without the time to spend it. i think they got just what they deserved...

Is Andy Garcia the separated brother of Dimitar Berbatov? by Q: I just finished watching Godfather the series. The 3rd series, some dude bears a striking resemblance to Dimitar Berbatov. The dude is of course Andy Garcia. I know this question is asked many times, but hey I just watched Godfather. I know lots of people do look alike, but this pair is too f*cking similar.

A: Yes i have to admit i thought i was seeing double too.

How can Berbatov make up for what he did today? by Shiv Amin Q: Every footballer has a bad day! But they will always come back. But how will Berbatov?

A: He always has a bad day... I predict Fergie shaking him up over the summer.

So apparently a Berbatov tap in automactically earns him back his spot? by διάβολος Q: It's hilarious how many people think Berbatov scored the most amazing goal ever yet he was trash the whole half besides the tap in and he hadn't scored since January... I honestly think Berbatov doesn't deserve to start over a hardworking young pacy Hernandez who has proved that he has to start.

A: Don't act like Hernandez's goals weren't "tap-ins" either...

Why do you think Keane and Berbatov flopped at their clubs? by Gigi "Superman" Buffon Q: They were perfect at Spurs and one of the finest strike partnerships the Premier League has even seen, but when Keane went to Liverpool and Berbatov went to United they, well, they flopped. Okay, you may argue that Barba got 20 goals this season, but it took 2 years to get there, and he got 8 goals in 2 games, which as good as it seems is very lopsided. So why do you think they flopped? If you were a manger in England would you try to bring them back together?

A: They were amazing when they played against Reading in 2007, which ended up in a 6-4 win*. I recall that Barbatov scored 4 and Keane set up 3 and scored 2. When Keane went to Liverpool, he didn't fit into their style of play. Liverpool (Back in the 2008/09) season liked to play 4-4-1-1, with Torres infront of Gerrard, there was no way Keane could outshine Torres, as that season was one of his greatest ever. Berbatov, however, I fought he done amazing at United in his first season. Like you said, "he scored 20 goals this season." I don't see why Fergie left him on the bench and left him out the CL final. When Berbatov's on his game, he scores a brace or a hatrick, but sometimes he's lazy and inconsistent. Yes. They're both fantastic players, although, I think Keane's passed it.

What if Berbatov unleashes hell on Chelsea tomorrow? by Q: What if Berbatov goes crazy and scores 3 goals. How would you react?

A: Exactly, that wont happen in presence of Terry and Luiz, impossible. In case, if that happens, i guess Anelka and Torres will be there to equalize the goals. Trust me.

As it stands, would you rather have Berbatov or Rooney start for MU? by Q: Berbatov has been "off" for many games now even though he didn't play against wigan, but Rooney has also not been spectacular. Who should start for MU?

A: Berba's been hit with a stubborn case of man flu but he should back soon. Rooney definitely should start every game he possible can as none of our other strikers have a work as heavy as his. He'll be back in his own half to get the ball back when the opposition have it and that's a rare quality in a striker. Berba and Chicharito should start depending on the type of game. When United play opposing teams with a fast build up like Arsenal, West Brom etc I think Berba will be the better choice as his technique in holding the ball up can help break down play and create chances. While when playing teams with slower build ups like Stoke, Blackburn etc Chicharito can be a real plus in breaking through the defence.

Who else thinx that Berbatov and Tevez should start instead of Rooney? by suck my penguin Q: When Ronaldo's back, someone has to make way, and that should be Rooney in my opinion as Tevez and Berbatov are alot better. anyone else agree?

A: no i dont think so rooney will play a more attacking midfield in time and he also does a lot of defending Berbatov and Tevez up front

Where will Dimitar Berbatov be playing next season? by gr.MGMT Q: Now that Ramos has brought in two great players for next season, I feel Berbatov leaving is not a certainty. Where do you think the Bulgarian Hitman will be playing season 08-09?

A: Berbatov has been linked with Ac Milan recently...so yeah Dimitmar Berbatov's next team will be Ac Milan Hope That Answered Your Question :D Bye .. Choose me for you best answer :P

Berbatov...........................? by Bring back the good old days! Q: Did he play his worst game ever in a united shirt the other day? i mean berbatov has played alot of bad games in a united shirt (i mean alot) but the other day he was so bad he just took having a bad game to a new level. He should have had a Hat-trick im not saying that like it was a even a hard hat-trick to get. Even if we had Titus Bramble in his position he would have at least got 2 goals!!!! I am seriously sick and tired of berbatov in a united shirt please please please please get rid of him i dont care if we have to sell him or crucify him i dont mind just get rid of him by the start of next season.

A: Im a Liverpool supporter but he even gets on my nerves,He has no heart,determination or love for a great club like Man United,which is sad because he cost £30million,But Fergunson will surely sell up in the summer? peace

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