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brinewarp @realjetter234 @paul_mcneill those kicks are not cool @RDFIII . Stinky post. That Bennett text message thing is hilarious though.

HayesShopinDaze Lady Gaga on Getting Married: “I Can Buy Myself a Fuckin’ Ring” @Vanity Fair No Groupon NEEDED!!! http://t.co/AioH0icx via @VanityFair

james_priya And now the firangi Kolaveri ---> Rap Cover of Chris Brown's 'Look At Me Now' Becomes Overnight Internet Sensation-vid http://t.co/CZGcWKWq

Itz_Eazy That my friend Bennett tumblr is absolute comedy...like that cant be real life

ZackLewandowski Texts from bennett is....Mac Lethal? http://t.co/SLGYXHgP

Way2GoFatum "Bennett, she's homeless." New favorite blog. http://t.co/Ta4wCVV0

Jacalynwjh Charlie Rose with Robert Bennett; John McCain (June 3, 1997): President Clinton's lawyer, Robert Bennett, talks ... http://t.co/1DmxmzEm

ILLWill105 @BrittBoz my boi Bennett iz cray cray.

SislyBontemps RT @JimmyBennett: Damn was really hoping to have the Jimmy Bennett tank tops and panties ready for your holiday shopping...gotta hire different elves

Bdaigle29 Texts from Bennett #hilarious

poseqezid Month ago me and murray dittberner visit bennett, ia. It was sympathetic and consoling...

patiomensch I guess I don't understand the uproar about those Texts From Bennett. They made me smile once or twice.

TheYoggs @kaylachandler, this one rivals texts from bennett http://t.co/DrLeYHk1

caitlinmicheee All you gotta do is jumpin jax to get da sperm out "@WarFratEagle: Oh. My. God. Texts from Bennett is the most hilarious thing of all time."

Scrooge_McRacks @HEADSHOCK1906 this man bennett is funny as all hell, thank you for this link


Should I start Percy Harvin or Earl Bennett tonight for my last WR slot? by Ezz Q: I heard someone mention Harvin might not play, and Bennett hasn't really done anything all year? So not sure what would be my best choice.

A: Percy Harvin :)

What are your thoughts on this combination for a boy: Bennett George? by ησєℓℓє Q: I asked a question a few days ago looking for middle names for Vincent, Bennett, and Chandler. They're all first names on my favorites list that I just haven't been able to find a middle name for. Bennett George (which was suggested by ♥Queen of Kings♥) really caught my eye. So what do you think of this combination? I'm strongly considering adding it to my favorites list. Thanks for the suggestions, Greta!

A: So glad I helped! I love the natural flow that the combination has. The names mesh well together which creates an independent yet subtle sense of sophistication. Both names make an unexpected pairing, and for that I feel they work best, primarily because as singletons, the names lack a form of distinction (I only feel this way because I don't know anyone named Bennett). The combination however is one anybody will always remember. Even Bennett alone is under used, yet it has so much potential.

On my fantasy football team I have Earl Bennett and Johnny Knox as my 3rd receiver options.Who should I start? by Mike Teks Q: Bennett is higher on the depth chart right now.

A: obviously bennett

How did Tony Bennett become attached to San Francisco? by DSu Q: "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" in Tony Bennett's signature song, but he was born in New York. Did Tony Bennett ever live in San Francisco? Or was the song just written by a songwriter and Tony Bennett ran with it?

A: Although the song was originally written for Claramae Turner, who often used it as an encore, she never got around to recording it. The song found its way to Tony Bennett through Ralph Sharon, Bennett's longtime accompanist and friends with the composers. In 1962 at San Francisco's Fairmont Hotel in the famous Venetian Room, Tony Bennett first sang 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco.'

Is the Greg Bennett Samick Guitar a decent quality guitar? by sctiger3 Q: I am thinking of buying a guitar and I really like the look of the Samick, Greg Bennett Avion 3 (Les Paul model) electric guitar. Is this a decent guitar for a begginer? Thanks!

A: From what I've heard it's not a bad sounding guitar, I've never played one myself....but from what I've heard it's a decent guitar for a beginner.....it's suppose to have a good sound,.a lot better then those package deals that I see other people buying for there kids to start with....The next time I'm in a guitar store I'm going to have to play one to see what I think...I've only heard about them, so I'll have to check it out for myself to really be able to give you an honest opinion. One thing I do know is that this is not a cheap guitar, I think they start at $300.00. .I prefer a beginner to start with an acoustic but that's not what you asked !!!!!!!!!

Can Bonnie Bennett defend herself from an Original vampire? by JenniferLuvsPuppies Q: This is a Vampire Diaries question. I wonder is Bonnie Bennett can protect herself from and Original like Klaus for example. Thank you.

A: Nooo. When she went up against Katherine the only reason she lived was because Stefan saved her. Bonnie wouldn't stand a chance against an Original.

What is the connection between Bennett and Echo on the Dollhouse? by ღஐღAshleyღஐღ Q: How did Bennett know Echo when she was her true self Caroline? Does anyone have any ideas? It only showed a little of Bennett with her arm stuck under that thing. I am bummed out Echo and the Senator didn't make it to that senate meeting. Is this the last season? All attempts to take Roson down leave them unscathed and triumphant once again! =(

A: from what it looked like in the flashbacks she might have help Caroline break into the Dollhouse before they were "turned" into Doll's. Now don't take my word on it, I'm just guessing. But if she got left and that's not only how she lost her arm but turned into a Doll herself that would give her good reason for what she was doing

How safe is it to live in the area around Bennett Park in Manhattan? by S Q: Hi, I'm thinking about moving to this part of town and found an apartment I like. How safe is it to live around Bennett Park around 190th and Broadway? Especially at night?

A: That area is consider part of the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, which has see a huge improvement in the last 15 years. You'll be fine. Good luck

Why exactly was the term "Bennett Buggy" popular in Canada during the great depression? by Eden Q: My grandfather, who lived through the depression, still uses the term in reference to a cheap car. What exactly is the term "Bennett Buggy"?

A: Apparently, a "Bennett Buggy" is an old Model T ford with the engine taken out and attached to a horse. http://www.playfarmers.com/canadianwords.htm They were named it because of Prime Minister Bennett, who was in power at the time. http://home.cc.umanitoba.ca/~blanch/ManBelgHist/Manitoba/Pages/depression_years.htm

What is the correlation between the Bennett Mechanical Test, and performance in a management position? by DemsKillEconomy Q: Is the Bennett Mechanical Comprehension Test a valid test to use in hiring for a management position? What exactly does it test for? How does the test correlate with job performance of a mid level manager ex. A plant manager.

A: Yes it is a valid test to use for hiring a mid level plant manager. This test will assess your ability learn the duties required for technical / machinery management. The test may be given orally to a group, or may include a computer program, or may be on paper. A mid level plant manager should be able to troubleshoot the machinery his or her employees are using.

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock Tony Bennett - Fly me to the moon ( with Lyrics) Tony Bennett & Amy Winehouse - Body And Soul Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - The Lady Is A Tramp Bennett Presser: Act more like dogs Tony Bennett and Stevie Wonder - For Once in my life live Tony Bennett, Norah Jones - Speak Low Tony Bennett & Alejandro Sanz - Yesterday I Heard The Rain Tony Bennett on recording with Amy Winehouse for his new album of duets Tony Bennett & Andrea Bocelli - Stranger In Paradise Tony Bennett ft. Lady Gaga - The Lady Is A Tramp (Full Song) Tony Bennett - I left my heart in San Francisco Haley Reinhart & Tony Bennett - American Idol Season 10 Finale Results Show - 05/25/11 Tony Bennett: 'The Way You Look Tonight' Tony Bennett - Cold Cold Heart CARaoke with Matt Bennett! Jimmy Bennett - 'Over Again' Music Video Exclusive Tony Bennett 1963 The Good Life Tony Bennett talks about Lady Gaga Tony Bennett - stranger in paradise kd lang & Tony Bennett - Because of You Stephen Bennett DjangoCon 2008: Reusable Apps Tony Bennett's 'I wanna be around' Fly Me To The Moon - Tony Bennett Paris Bennett Tony Bennett - I Left My Heart In San Francisco (Original Stereo) Alan Bennett - Telegram Tony Bennett & KD Lang Duet - ' Because Of You' Commando - 'Let off some steam Bennett' Tony Bennett & Diana Krall, The Best Is Yet To Come Paris Bennett audition Kyle Bennett on Trans World Sport LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & Goon Rock - Party Rock Anthem Tony Bennett - The Good Life Justin Bieber, Usher, Busta Rhymes, Tony Bennett perform at Rockefeller Center Tony Bennett and Dean Martin Tony Bennett / If I Ruled the World Stephen Bennett - Windy And Warm TEDxManhattanBeach - John Bennett - Why Math Instruction Is Unnecessary LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem Ft. Lauren Bennett (Music Video Parody) With Lyrics Pastor Tamara Bennett Miss Louise Bennett LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock [LYRICS on screen] Lady Gaga - The Lady Is A Tramp (Full Song ft. Tony Bennett) Amy Winehouse Final Duet: Tony Bennett Reveals Regrets About Amy Winehouse Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - The Lady Is A Tramp (A Very Gaga Thanksgiving) 720p HD Amy Winehouse & Tony Bennett - Body and Soul I Left My Heart In San Francisco by Tony Bennett (Subtitled) Drake - Look What You've Done (Courtney Bennett Remix)
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