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Ben gazzara

Ben Gazzara, a tough-guy character actor, dead at 81
By Janon Fisher / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS John Cassavettes, Peter Falk, Gena Rowlands and Ben Gazzara attend the Annual Film Critics Awards at the Rainbow Grill at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in January 1969. Gazzara collaborated professionally with these ...

Goodbye to two greats : Ben Gazzara and Zalman King
Two of cinema's most proficient, actor Ben Gazzara and filmmaker/writer Zalman King have left us for the multiplex in the sky. Gazzara, 81, probably best known to readers as the villain in Swayze 'gem' “Roadhouse” (1989), succumbed to Pancreatic cancer ...

Farewell, Ben Gazzara
Ben Gazzara died this afternoon, on the anniversary of the death of John Cassavetes on February 3, 1989. Amanda Mae: Wish I was drnka with you, Unca Rick. Sheila Ryan: My ex-husband was hell-and-Jesus with a little old deep fat fryer his mom had picked ...

Popular character actor Ben Gazzara dies in NY
By CRISTIAN SALAZAR AP NEW YORK—Ben Gazzara, whose powerful dramatic performances brought an intensity to a variety of roles and made him a memorable presence in films, on television and on Broadway in the original "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof," has died at ...

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TerukiUEHARA べン・ギャザラ、亡くなったのか。享年81歳。盟友カサヴェテスが亡くなったのと同じ日に逝くなんて、最後まで凄いよ、この人たちは! http://t.co/UYxmlK8T

JoshuaSchuler Ben Gazzara was bad ass as the villain in Road House and as Jackie Treehorn in The Big Lebowski...sad to hear he passed.

VJDaViD Aw shit, Ben Gazzara. You starred in 2 of my favorite movies: The Killing of a Chinese Bookie & Paris je t'aime. Rest in peace #bengazzara

Todd_SimmonsNYC RT @ebertchicago: Ben Gazzara, 81, dies on the same day that his soulmate John Cassavetes died in 1989. http://t.co/vf8B4kzb

CinefabStudios RT @nytimesarts: Ben Gazzara, Actor of Stage and Screen, Dies at 81 http://t.co/eDy7SQ11

GeraldGraham RT @CTVNews: Ben Gazzara, method actor, dies in New York at 81 http://t.co/cXXFqitp

mspspeak RT @ebertchicago: In honor of Ben Gazzara, my Film of the Day on Hulu co-stars Gena Rowlands in Cassavetes' masterpiece "Opening Night." http://t.co/fCiNIlvl

christianacev A los 81 años falleció el gran actor Ben Gazzara.”

fyistargazing Popular character actor Ben Gazzara dies in NY http://t.co/Ey1OsmlT

philken7 RT @jgarzten3: Ben Gazzara, Actor of Stage and Screen, Dies at 81: http://t.co/kAEjfR24 RIP-Ben Gazzara, fare thee well.

rhapsodylife86 http://t.co/8Et54W3w rest well Mr. Gazzara

TonyaJ RT @thehighsign: Ben Gazzara and Gena Rowlands talk about working together on Cassavetes' Opening Night. Absolutely wonderful interview: http://t.co/0spoWOwZ

OneNoteMule RIP Ben Gazzara. Died at 81. u will be missed. Ossss

JosephDickerson RT @SarahThyre: I shall commemorate Ben Gazzara's passing by throwing a drink in my husband's face with a pair of high heels dangling from my other hand.


Have you seen the new movie "Paris je t'aime"? by insightfireiron Q: a new French movie that is a series of short films that take place in Paris... with directors like Cohen bros , A.Payne(?), G. Depardieu &?, and others.... w/ Maggie Gyllenhall (sp), Juliette Binoche, Steve Buscemi (sp), Gena Rowlands, Ben Gazzara, Elijah Wood, Natalie Portman, Rufus Sewell, Miranda Richardson....etc., etc. It just opened... was cool, interesting, different and not predictable.

A: I watched the movie and it surely is worth your time. Paris and its people have been very nicely depicted in the movie. Some stories are a bit abstract by generally it is worth your money and time...

does any one know the movie Believe ? by ™døηžkíê Q: does any one can tell me where can i watch or download the movie "BELIEVE" a 1999 horror movie starring Ben Gazzara ,Andrea Martin & eLisha cuthbert was aLso in this movie when she was still younger & this film was Directed by Robert Tinnell

A: Try find here...

Is anyone out there old enough to remember Nineteen Sixties t.v. and weird enough to remember two very...? by Q: ...similar dramas - The Cassandra Man and Blue Light? Cassandra Man was about a man who was involved in an accident,lost his memory and all he could recall was the name Cassandra.Blue Light was similar,but in this case all the guy could remember before he went unconscious was a blue light. If I remember correctly,one of those series starred Ben Gazzara. Anybody out there weird like me?

A: I remember a show called "Coronet Blue" about a man who has amnesia and someone is trying to kill him but he has no idea who or why. Plot Summary for "Coronet Blue" (1967) More at IMDbPro » advertisementMike is running from some men when he falls into the harbour. He climbs out remembering only that he was running and the phrase 'coronet blue'. As the show continues from week to week, Mike tries to piece together clues as to his identity as individuals he refers to as Greybeards seem to be intent on killing him. Written by John Vogel [email protected]}

Where can I find the movie "Fireball Forward" on the internet? by sarge97844 Q: Starring Ben Gazzara>

A: ovguide.com is great for everything and try watchmoviesonline.net

how famous is Ben Gazzara? by filmmaker Q:

Is actor Ben Gazzara gay, or has he ever been linked publicly to anyone that is? by Ben C Q: I saw on one of his an on-line bios that he has never married. The bio did list Elaine Stritch as a "companion." So I just wondered about his personal orientation.

A: WHO's that and WHY is it important to you or anybody else for that matter to know who's gay and who's not! Get a Hobby!

Ben Gazzara 1930-2012 News for Ben Gazzara 1930-2012 ben gazzara Ben Gazzara on The Killing of a Chinese Bookie and the re-cut Ben Gazzara as Charles Bukowski explains 'Style' Kim Darby & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life TV show Kirk Douglas Lauren Bacall Paul Newman Lee Remick Ben Gazzara Janice Rule Malibu 1965 Ben Gazzara 2/2 - Fellini Satyricon 1969 1/2 Ben Gazzara VS Henry Silva VS Harold J. Stone Ben Gazzara Interview at John Cassavetes Festival Part 1 - Opening Night - Ben Gazzara & Gena Rowlands Dana Wynter & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life TV show In Memoriam: Biagio Anthony 'Ben' Gazzara, 1930-2012 Actor Ben Gazzara dead at 81 Obituary: Actor, Ben Gazzara: 1930 -- 2012 -- Living in Cinema We Can't Stop the Dancing Chicken: Ben Gazzara 1930-2012 Scene from Killing of a Chinese Bookie. Ben Gazzara, 1930-2012, RIP. Ben Gazzara (1930 - 2012) - Find A Grave Memorial One of my favourite actors has passed away at the age of 81. Ben Gazzara made waves Ben Gazzara 1930-2012. I've only mentioned it in passing five million times Farewell, Ben Gazzara (1930-2012) | clusterflock Ben Gazzara: 1930-2012 - Rotten Tomatoes OMG!! Ben Gazzara Dead at 81 - 'Big Lebowski' Actor VIDEO Ben Gazzara Dead: Actor Dies At 81 (REPORT) Elaine Stritch having a crush on Rock Hudson over Ben Gazzara.flv Look! Stage and Screen Actor Ben Gazzara died at 81 years Ben Gazzara at the Greek Tavern Ben Gazzara - tough guy character actor, dies at 81 years Part 2 - Opening Night - Ben Gazzara & Gena Rowlands Judy Carne & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life Jan Sterling & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life Brenda Scott & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life Anatomy Of A Murder (1959) Tippi Hedren & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life THE MAKING OF JOHN CASSAVETES'S 'HUSBANDS' #BBC DOCCO# #FULL MOVIE# Rita Moreno and Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life Jack Albertson & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life TROIS CAMARADES Peter FALK John CASSAVETES Ben GAZZARA Anne Baxter & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life Janice Rule & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life TV series Peter Lawford & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life Sal Mineo, Ben Gazzara, Harry Guardino in Run For Your Life TV series BEN GAZZARA Y SUS INVITADAS...wmv Lesley Ann Warren & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life Assassinio di un allibratore cinese, di John Cassavetes. Con Ben Gazzara. 1976 Rossano Brazzii & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life Manny Lopez and Fernando Troncoso perform La Bamba Road House (1989) Sh-Boom Felicia Farr & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life Katherine Ross & Ben Gazzara in Run For Your Life TV series
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