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Belgian malinois

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kringspycream On our way to tagaytay, I saw 2 Belgian Malinois riding at the back of a Strada. It brings back memories of Simba :')

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GudGirl_GonBadd I want a belgian malinois when I get older

pati_lara Belgian Malinois Doesn't Want To Fall Asleep. http://t.co/d4JHF6LJ via @youtube #cute #dog #sleep #video

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MTKelly1 @Gotbecks Novmber. Sun. Wish I could send you pictures of my dog, a Belgian Malinois, who competed today. Terry

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Laikavitch proud of my peoples: http://t.co/F6Puti2g

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angelinajulie33 The Belgian Malinois - A Breed Apart. The Belgian Malinois is a medium-sized dog that is often mistaken for a German Shepherd. On...

Petsply Open Question: DS: Belgian Malinois lines? http://t.co/m1naosGk #dogs#rimadyl


what is the difference of a sniffing belgian maliois to sporting line malinois? by cloak Q: i wanted to ask this kind of question because i will have my belgian malinois puppy and according to the owner, the dog is a tarro line or a sniffing dog. what's the difference between the sporting dog? will my sniffing dog, good as a guard dog? is it a good pet? thanks

A: I have owned malinois for over 30 years and have never heard or a "sniffing line" malinois. Could it be that the dog comes out of parents that were detection dogs? And what is a Tarro line, you have my curiocity peaked now. Please, provide more info if you could... EDIT: Whatever you do, DO NOT listen to the poster below me, Royal something, they have NO idea what they are talking about!

What to look for when choosing a Belgian Malinois? by aizirk Q: What should I look for when buying a Belgian Malinois puppy. Its will be our first time buying a Belgian Malinois. Suggestions please? In case you want to know... Our previous dog passed away a couple of months ago... :(

A: I'm going to you give links to information from the American Belgian Malinois Club. In addition to those once you get your puppy, enroll in a puppy class as soon as can, start training early, and socialize, socialize socialize. http://malinoisclub.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=category§ionid=10&id=38&Itemid=56 Malinois rescue http://malinoisrescue.org/ Is the Bel mal right for you? http://malinoisclub.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=34&Itemid=43 Frequently asked questions. http://malinoisclub.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=33&Itemid=43 Indentifying a reputable breeder. http://malinoisclub.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=36&Itemid=56 What the breeder should provide. http://malinoisclub.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=37&Itemid=56 ABMC breeder code of ethics. http://malinoisclub.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=89&Itemid=56 ABMC 2008 Breeder list. http://malinoisclub.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=88&Itemid=56 Mals are great dogs, they are an intense breed and not right for everyone. Good luck.

why do Belgian Malinois have more endurance than German Shepherds? by chilly1 Q: They are smaller but you would think since GSD have a bigger body they would have more room for bigger lungs. Also that they have more muscle mass. Maybe you can explain why the Belgian Malinois have more stamina.

A: Your thinking is backwards....bigger body = requires more oxygen. Bigger muscles = more heat retention. Bigger is the death of stamina. But it does help in the power department. And in cooler weather. -edit- Greek you need to put hands on some better GSDs! I've had dogs, and seen dogs (GSDs) collapse from heat exhaustion AFTER a hard days work...they hung in until the job was complete! But heart will only take you as far as your literal heart will take you. "Heart" can push your body to it's exact physical limitations, but it can't push a dead body! -edit- No not quite...In most Mals that's prey drive dancing...in some of the better NVBK/KNPV dogs I've seen the devil in there. But that same devil is in GOOD working line GSDs too. Not the west german "sport" lines, not the watered down DDR dogs, I'm talking hard, Czech/Dutch/Belgian dogs with no slow down in them. The structure is very different as well. The Malinois is built like the GSD of 100 years ago...Not the much heavier boned and muscled GSD of today. But again Amax wanted a heavier dog.

When should I start giving my German Shepherd-Belgian Malinois Mix Adult dog food? by Q: I have a 4 month old german shepherd-belgian malinois mixed dog and i was just wondering when should i start giving him adult dog food. and how much should i feed him at his present age? im currently giving him 1 cup of dog food and 1cup of rice..is that too much?

A: Sorry to say, but about 95% of the answers you got are idiotic and should not be listened to. Large breeds prone to hip and joint problems should NEVER be fed puppy food longer then 6 months. Puppy food is too high in protein, and causes growth spurts. With a large breed dog, you don't want them to grow at a fast rate. The slower the growth, the healthier for the body. In the end, your dog will reach the same size, just a few months later. Growth spurts can not only cause serious long term damage, but painful short term diseases such as panosteitis, a disease which is very common in german shepherds, especially males. It usually occurs around 1 year old, and is caused when the long bones grow too fast and actually weaken. So, switch to adult food at around 5-6 months old (ANY knowledgable vet or decent breeder will tell you to do the same). People who say large breed dogs should eat puppy food until over a year old need to stop giving in to crappy feeding directions from crappy foods. As for amount, follow the amounts given on the bag. Stop feeding the rice, though. It is pointless. Dogs can't digest grains, and you are simply filling your dog up. It can be used as a nice treat every now and then, and even help settle a calm stomach, but dogs can hardly digest cooked food as it is like their dog food. So instead of a cup of food and a cup of rice, you should probably just give 2 cups of food. But again, the amount depends on the dog food. If you are feeding a premium food, which you should be, then you won't feed as much. My 90lb male only ate three cups of premium food a day. When you feed a crappy food, you need double that. BTW, stalkers are cowardly thiefs has proven himself to be an idiot on multiple occasions. It DOES matter the breed of dog. A german shepherd mix needs to go off puppy food long before a dachsund mix, for example. Each breed has certain genetic issues they are more prone to, and its ALWAY a good idea to know what to watch out for. German shepherds are prone to hip and sometimes eye problems. Malinois are usually disease free, as they aren't popular and over-bred. So, to sum it all up: *Switch to adult food in the next two months *Stop feeding rice *Buy a quality food (no corn, wheat, or by-products) *Follow feeding instructions on the bag

does a pure breed belgian malinois, is the same as the cross breed malinois? by cloak Q: my friend has a belgian malinois cross breed and he wanted to know if his cross breed can be intelligent as the pure one. i have also a belgian malinois but i do not know if my dog is a pure breed or cross. my dog has black mask on his face, an erect ears, mahogany brown in color and his nail color is black. the seller told me that my dog is half breed but as i browse the photos in the internet. my puppy really resembles the pure one. i do not know the distinct feature of a belgian malinois. that is why i seek help from the dog experts. thank you all.

A: looking to your description given yr dog seems to be of cross breed.

Why is my Belgian Malinois needs to be told to finish his food? by kit Q: My one year old Belgian Malinois recently is having this behavior to always remind him to finish his food. He will really eat all of it unless you watch and tell him to do so. I always give him the attention he needs. He doesn't have this when he was few months younger. What do you think should I do to get him to finish his food without doing this?

A: Place his food down for 15mins. Let him eat all he wants in those 15mins then take the food away and do the same thing in the next feeding schedule. This way your controlling how much time he has to eat and he will eat whats given when its given!

How is a Belgian Malinois groomed for comfermation? by madhatley Q: I have a 6 month old Belgian Malinois our first show is in a few weeks I need to know how she should be groomed for the ring.What type of blow drying and any trimming?

What training methods work for belgian malinois? by Q: I have a 4 month old Belgian Malinois. I am wanting to know (because of all the different training methods out there) if there is a certain training method that works best for this breed of dog. Is there any reputable literature out there for training this breed of dog?

A: www.leerburg.com

does all belgian malinois dogs are intelligent or possessed the same traits? by cloak Q: i have read articles and informations about the characteristics of belgian malinois dogs and it says that these dogs are intelligent. the person will think or comes to his mind that these dogs are incredible, so what if the dog that he purchased is dull. isn't it frustrating to know somehow? i am eager to know, if the information applies to all belgian malinois dogs, is there any guarantee that all belgian malinois possessed all the positive traits and characteristics as what encyclopedias or websites claimed.

A: Nope, there is not and I told you that the other day on another question you posted. It depends on where the dog came from, what bloodlines, what type of exposure the dog had as a puppy and what kind of training you are looking to do with one. There are some stupid malinois out there, I know, I have seen them. There are also some shy/sharp dogs too. Then you have the real working type of malinois that most people cannot handle because of their temperament. Which one is yours like? You seem to be looking for answers and hoping for something more then what you have, but, it is impossible for anyone here to tell you more about your dog without actually seeing it. What are you , specifically looking from this dog? Can you find out where he came from? What are his bloodlines?

Belgian Malinois? by Yeti Q: I am considering a Belgian Malinois as a companion and watch dog. I do have a large fenced yard for excercise and occassionally have small grand children over fo visits. I've read all of the AKC literature on-line in regards to this breed, but would like to hear from someone for advice that has actually owned and trained one. Thanks in advance.

A: Good morning. I have raised, imported and trained malinois for 27 years and I consider them to be the zenith of WORKING dogs. Having said that, I must warn you that a malinois, depending on bloodlines, does not make a good "companion" dog as they almost "require" a job and if they don't have one, they will find one and it may not be to your liking.. I have no idea where you plan on getting one from or what breeders and bloodlines you have looked at, but, do be careful. Most malinois are very high energy dogs and may not do well as a "pet". If you need more info, please email me and I will be happy to help you as much as I can. Hope I helped!!!

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