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FerOsalde @AleeDepp ya estas beebe. Te amo mas:*

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information regarding Hyrum Beebe,convicted of a shooting in 1945,in Sanpete coutny,Utah? by stshell2003 Q: Beebe convicted of the shooting death of a Mt.Pleasant City,Utah marshall,Alonzo T. Larsen,in 1945. I am seeking any back ground information on Beebe's residence? who is was ? where he was from,ect.

A: Bebee was one of our more desperate bad guys. He was arrested by the Sanpete County Sheriff and posse in 1945 for shooting down and killing Mount Pleasant City Marshal Lon Larsen. Beebe was convicted and sent to Utah State Prison where he served until his Death. Bebee was known as fanatic and antisocial in the central Utah communities where he lived. Some believe that his true identity was Harry Longbaugh, the famous train and bankrobber also known as the Sundance Kid. This identity has never been proven and Longbaugh's family denies the possibility. Bebee was extremely fast and deadly with the pistols he always carried, and sort of looked like an older version of the Sundance Kid. http://www.sanpeteso.org/history.html

Do you approve of the job Mike Beebe is doing as governor of Arkansas? by bobbydennis352005 Q:

A: He seems to be trying to do something, I need more time to see if it is good thing or not.

do you think beebe public schools are going to be closed tomorrow because of the power outages? by Janine Burrow Q: they have been closed sicnce tuesday.

A: If there still isn't any power going to the school's then the possibility of them still being closed is good.

What is your opinion about the 5000 birds falling dead in Beebe, Arkansas, and Louisianna? by Shansta Q:

Why is Jacob Beebe a flaming homosexual? by Joshy D Q: This kid at my school is Gay. Why is he so gay?

A: Most likely genetics -- that is where the evidence points. But why do you care? I trust you aren't homophobic - that's just disgusting, and a dead issue almost everywhere now. Hermes

Where can I find a copy of Ginger Beebe's poem for Socks the cat? by Linhelen Q: She read it at the scattering of the cat's ashes in AK.

A: Cannot find anything online, why not contact Beebe personally and ask? Use this link: http://www.arkansasfirstlady.com/contacts.html

i have a small beebe size ball or pea size ball on my left peck i went to a PA she said not to worry? by Active Q: but it feels a little bigger that last time im a 25 male .. should i worry?

A: Could be a sebacious cyst, which is not a problem. Put a pic up here, maybe a genuine doc will see it.

How much would a mini Super Bowl XXXII football signed by Mike Shanahan and Don Beebe be worth? by it's me Q: Any ideas? I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get it authenticated (including shipping it probably would cost me about 50 bucks.)

A: Try going onto Ebay for something to compare it with. If no luck there call around or go to local sports memorabilia shops & see if they can help you.

William Beebe was sentenced to 18 months in prison Thursday.What do you think of the sentence? by mrkache Q: A man who sexually assaulted a University of Virginia student in 1984 and apologized to her two decades later as part of the Alcoholics Anonymous program was sentenced to 18 months in prison Thursday. William Beebe pleaded guilty in November to one count of aggravated sexual battery for his attack on Liz Seccuro.

A: I think he diserved it. It doesnt matter if he apologized that still doesnt take back the pain he caused this girl and the pain he caused her family. It wont change what he did to her.

Does Jim Keet stand a chance against governor Mike Beebe in the Arkansas governors race? by Polisheagle1980 Q: Since AR is pretty much a red state now, one of the few states McCain did really well in. Is Beebe very popular? The AR senate seat apperars to be a GOP pickup with Boozman beating Lincoln, could the wave sweep Beebe out of office?

A: Yes definitely! Jim Keet has a proven record of showing that as an experienced businessman, he can help Arkansas create jobs that will help economic development and growth in the private sector. Keet has a plan: he is going to work to keep taxes low and minimize government spending. While he served in the Arkansas House of Representatives and later in the Senate he worked on improving literacy rates and providing students with more educational opportunities. Keet can definitely take on Beebe in the race for governor!

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