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XS_Sports Another reason I refuse to fly US Airways!!! http://t.co/MImXwlvi via @YahooNews

Adriana_Banks INVESTOR NEWS: Investors drive the real-estate market in the Bay Area

chloedutch Bay Area Beer Magnate (1%) to pull his money out of B of A and encourages other to follow. http://t.co/rnarc4yA

staciapriscilla Extreme weather in the Bay Area through the years - Yahoo! News http://t.co/OAS2RRgm via @YahooNews

Qaddafi4ever Victories in Bay Area Occupy movements: http://t.co/GJqPfvxj via @AddThis #OccupyWallSt #OccupyOakland #OccupySF #Anticapitalism #Socialism

MovingToMontana @GregMitch @PhoenixWomanMN http://t.co/NiDN2Rx9 Billionaire Mike Fox Sr is pulling his money out of Bank of America in support of #ows

MovingToMontana http://t.co/NiDN2Rx9 Billionaire Mike Fox Sr is pulling his money out of Bank of America in support of #ows

txlindz US airways [email protected]:California woman trapped in airport for eight days for lack of a $60 baggage fee. http://t.co/IvPlLNzh

EmiDelgfour Bay Area weather: Rain, not looking so good for Occupy campers - San Jose Mercury News

concord_blogger Bay Area News: Oakland gang member sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing two in 2007 http://t.co/HVAdVv8I

FreeChildhood RT @NerdyTraveler: A 1%er is joining us for #banktransferday: Prominent Silicon Valley businessman to divest BofA funds http://t.co/tWE9KJse

smithj413 &there you have it. Another example of someone who identifies as "1%" acting with their heart&doing the right thing. http://t.co/oJhtLtcm

broken_baja Occupy Oakland spurs demand for gas masks - Inside Bay Area http://t.co/vz0P0SjI

FZtampabayarea Park Vista marching band pays tribute to two members who died this year (Palm Beach Post) http://t.co/JJ2IaPKi

OccupyAllentown http://t.co/r2Hpc09b Remember tomorrow is "Bank Transfer Day":... http://t.co/fxey3U2X


Are there a lot of national/world news reporting jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area? by Thomas J. S. Q: One city that has a lot of national/world news reporting jobs is Atlanta, since it's the unofficial "Capital of the South" and it's the world headquarters of CNN. I was wondering if San Francisco, California and/or the Bay Area has a lot of national/world news reporting jobs. Please be as specific as possible when you answer this question and include as many points of view as possible. Thank you.

A: SF has only one large newspaper, the Chron, and it's struggling. SF is about the 18th market in the US for TV and is not a large center for national or world news. In CA, the large center is LA.

NBC Bay Area: Seven glaucoma patients have been informed that they may have gone blind due to improper care? by TV Reporter Q: Two optometrists at the Palo Alto Veterans Health Care Facility have been disciplined. If anyone in Yahoo-verse personally knows any of the veteran patients, can you please reply back? NBC Bay Area News is doing a story and would like to interview one of the affected patients.

A: Sorry, I don't, but expect that kind of horror story to multiply by the thousands if the government takes over health care.

How do I get Fox News Sports/Bay Area on the PC?? by srplunker2 Q: I want to contact the FSN Sports People whoe Use the Bay Area . FSNBay Area.I can't contact the anousers, even .! Why ???

A: Sigh. IF you mean internet Tv, then you cant. Only why is to physically connect your cable to your pc using a video capture card. fox news sports is avaible online, but in text format with pictures and little video sample pics. btw i also live in the bay area ^^

This is NBC Bay Area News. This question is for people who live in East San Jose.? by TV Reporter Q: Last Friday, Santa Clara County Sheriff's deputies found the White Ford F-150 truck belonging to homicide suspect Huaichang Zhao somewhere in East San Jose. He left his truck there and fled to Southern California. Does anyone know where the deputies found the truck? What street? Maybe someone remembers a Ford F-150 truck being towed away? Sheriff's won't release info...so hopefully you the public will. They don't care if we find out from other sources. They just can't tell us. Thank you to anyone who can help NBC Bay Area News

A: I wish I could help you, but I live a long way from there. I'll star your question, maybe one of my contacts knows something.

NBC Bay Area News is looking for someone in the Bay Area who has eaten Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough? by TV Reporter Q: The FDA has recalled 47 different varieties after more than 60 people became sick after eating raw Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough. We are looking for someone who has eaten the dough. We are working this story for tonight's 11PM newscast.

A: where can we meet?

NBC News Bay Area. A plane crashed into the Hudson River. Does anyone have friends or family who were onboard? by TV Reporter Q: A US Airways plane has crashed into the Hudson River near Manhattan. We at NBC News in the San Francisco Bay Area want to know if anyone had family or friends on the plane. We would like to talk with you. We are hearing everyone on board survived. We don't expect to hear from anyone for several hours. But as a journalist...I will use every option available to me including Yahoo! Answers. Please answer this question if you are directly connected to this story. Thank you!

A: No, but you can quote me saying that I will NEVER fly anywhere again. As a journalist, don't you think family/friends are on the phone or at the airport now instead of calmly answering questions on Yahoo??? ETA: My sister works at KTVU.

Where do I find NBC 11 News: Bay Area news clip? by Lola Q: On 11/7, I was moved by a little girl (about 3 yrs old) greeting her daddy, who was returning from Irak. She was soooo happy to see him that it made me cry with her. I'd like to see the news clip again. The next day, I went online to NBC 11 News Bay Area, but it only has the clips of today. How can I find the news clip I'm interested in?

A: It is probably not available, however you could contact NBC news 11 directly, and ask them, if it is they will give you a link, however It is doubtful that it is.

Best way to stream San Francisco Bay Area news? by Jacqueline Q: What's the best way to stream SF Bay Area news online? Ideally, the news would include both local, national, and international stories, and would provide a steadily updating stream of video, with minimal advertising. http://www.ktvu.com/video/index.html, http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/ and http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/video#global all require you to click between videos, and have pretty poor international coverage.

A: http://www.sfgate.com/ http://www.kteh.org/video-audio/audio.jsp

Does anyone know any good Twitters for CA bay area news? by cophmaster Q: I have seen Twitters for CNN and MSNBC and similar news sources. But I was wondering if anyone knew of something like the Chronical or maybe KGO had a news based twitter? Thanks in advance!

A: KTVU contact 36

are there any bay area news channels that are non-biased? by Tess Q: my grampa watches a republican news channel....and i know some newspapers are biased, but i just want a news channel in the bay area that isnt biased.

A: You're referring to the SF Bay Area? The closest you'll come would be NPR or other publicly funded news. Fox is way out there, and the other networks are very mainstream and overall conservative. Even the SF Chron. is very conservative, a Hearst paper with a couple of token liberal columnists.

EOS on NBC Bay Area - February 20, 2011 News, from Bay area,News of April, 2011 by motherland Nepal. NBC Bay Area News Open Jeremy Lin - NBC Bay Area News (July 25th, 2010) Part #1 - The buzz from Asian Americans Jeremy Lin - NBC Bay Area News (July 25th, 2010) Part #2 - Interview with Laura Behnke ADAP Protest San Francisco (NBC Bay Area News at 6 Coverage) Breaking News - Tsunami Hits Bay Area California(Earthquake Tsunami) 3/11/11 Anton Schwartz interviewed by Henry Tenenbaum BAY AREA NEWS REPORTS EARTHQUAKE '84 LOOKOUT MOBILE SECURITY ON NBC BAY AREA NEWS Twinkie Chan on NBC News - Bay Area Pulse Featured on NBC Bay Area Evening News NBC Bay Area News Close API and YouTube, featuring 'Legaci' on NBC Bay Area News ABC News:Solyndra - Failed Obama Energy Loan a Half Billion Dollar Hit to Taxpayers Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe - Uptown Oakland BAY AREA SHOOTINGS 3VR Featured on Bay Area's ABC Channel 7 News Mariah Carey & Dream Rip Off Preston Marshall (Bay Area NBC News Bite) (MY WORLD EXCLUSIVE) Mars on WCCO CBS 4 news talking about horrorcore. Motherland Nepal news of August.mov NEW 49ER COACH: Jim Harbaugh And Trent Baalke Take Questions From Bay Area Press Part 1 RAW REPORT NEWS: Zaytoven talks with his mentor Bay Area Tycoon JT The Bigga Figga Hill Shooting witness Melyssa Jo Kelly interviewed at 'Anonymous' BART protest - August 15, 2011 NBC Bay Area, Best Places to Live - Vacaville, April 22, 2010.mov Sankranti celebrations by Bay Area Telugu Association (BATA) Bart Police shooting in Oakland KTVU report Bay Area Custom T-Shirts CHEER SF - NBC Bay Area Gay Games VIII Story on 24 Feb 2010 CBS Evening News - Olive Crest's Safe Families for Children program featured on May 11, 2010 A Punk - Justin and Jeremy Tackable: your local newspaper on a map Human Trafficking in California (NBC Bay Area) News clip on Maverick competition on Feb 13, 2010 WOD Bay Area 2011 - Academy of Villains Laser May Help Patients Keep Teeth | NBC Bay Area.flv LOGGY and Big Red featured on CBS News Obama Joker Contest Winning Entry!! -- San Francisco Bay Area Secret Underground Bunker - San Francisco Bay Area CB News - Cool Out Urban Explorer story on CBS 5 bay area Breaking: Occupy Oakland First US General Strike In 65 Years Loma Prieta Earthquake Live - KXTV News 10 The Sideshow On MSNBC MotherLand Nepal Youtube News and business 'My Deaf Family' story on NBC Bay Area Juice in the City on NBC Chris Brown 'For Ur Love' Music Video on ABC 7 News -- Cal Men's Soccer Team Les Twins - World of Dance Bay Area 2010 by YAK Films Startup Weekend - Bay Area 5/10
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