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Batman 3

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Ashwy_Puddy on friday, the teacher was talking about Batman in class. automatically thinks of andy biersack playing with his Batman toys :'3 #obssessed

Dj_CiM @RuthlessNL @kutski gears of war 3 as if u have a lot of time deff the new batman game.. I'm halfway thru that..

snanza Haven't seen Batman or heard of it. Will check it out... RT @ViGilanteSA: Get the Batman RT snanza: Battlefield 3 vs FIFA 12....tltltltltl

VideoGamesAZ #6: Batman: Arkham City http://t.co/i9EoM4Dh

Ryuuknoel played Battlefield 3 (360), Batman: Arkham City (360), and 2 other games in the last 24 hours. http://t.co/5tGsXu1r

TheRussMorris Uncharted 3 and Batman : Arkham City finished…

sergio_ruy @brunnoleonardo esses jogos são animais, o Btt 3 eu joguei o Beta e o Batman eu joguei na BGS, são mto bons msm, mas eu nem zerei o Gears

Nasentroll Schnäppchen: Nur bis Montag: Modern Warfare 3 für 49,00 mit Vorbestellboni inkl. USK-18-Gebühr! * Skyrim inkl. L... http://t.co/giVrW8hr

The_Real_EKClan Schnäppchen: Nur bis Montag: Modern Warfare 3 für 49,00 mit Vorbestellboni inkl. USK-18-Gebühr! * Skyrim inkl. L... http://t.co/NNq0htwd

VideoGamesAZ #3: Batman: Arkham City http://t.co/cPDxZVv1

neskaucomleithe quero uma camiseta do Batman :3

Earringopia RT @worldvintage: Just 3 hours left on this Batman & Joker Sheet Set--great for upcycling! On #ebay http://t.co/W7S5Iq1K #ssps

dimitris1395 Και τώρα τα καλά νέα. Uncharted 3 ΚΑΙ Batman:Arkham City στο PS3...Time is tight...

ViGilanteSA Get the Batman RT @snanza: Battlefield 3 vs FIFA 12....tltltltltl

Mike_Greenhill If this is 3/4 as good as Arkham Asylum, it will be second best game ever made #batman


Which villains would you like to see in Batman 3? by batmanthefallen Q: Which villains would you like to see appear in Batman 3? The Riddler HarleyQuin BlackMask The Mad Hatter Talia Al Ghul Catwoman the return of The Joker the return of TwoFace the return of Scarecrow the return of Rhas Al Ghul These are the likely villains to appear in the next Batman Film. Which one or two would you like to see?

A: The Riddler: Probable. HarleyQuin: Not going to happen. BlackMask: I'd like that. The Mad Hatter: He's never done anything significant. Talia Al Ghul: Never! Catwoman: Hiss! the return of The Joker: Yeah, but not gunna happen with this director. the return of TwoFace: Yeah, but not gunna happen with this director. the return of Scarecrow: Yeah, but I really doubt he'll use him. the return of Rhas Al Ghul: No! No Hush? Well, I guess he did come in pretty late in Batman's career & would actualy require Nolan to use comic continuity to base the movie on. & what about Poison Ivy? She wasn't always half plant.

Why has Christopher Nolan been living inside a cave for 5 or 6 months to get an amazing story for BATMAN 3? by jomc11 Q: Spoiler BATMAN 3. Is it true that Christopher Nolan has been inside a cave for nearly 5 months and has 5 writers hanging upside down to get an amazing story for the next Batman? jajajaja

A: probably to get a better understanding of the character....... but thanks for telling me this, now i'm sure Batman 3 is going to be just as awesome, or even more so then the other two movies :D

What do you think of this Batman 3 idea? by Sanjeev Q: Wouldn't it be cool if Don(SRK) was the villain of batman 3? It looks like they're trying to make cool characters like the joker. That would create a new American trend of film making. It could be Don vs. Batman. I know this is impossible but what do you think? This would be a Hollywood/Bollywood world blockbuster.

A: OMG, I can't believe you used Batman & Bollywood in the same paragraph. Think of what would happen if Bollywood made a Batman movie. lol! It would become an insainely popular musical crime comedy.

Who is casting Batman 3 extras in chicago? by Samson Mcdonald Q: Who is casting Batman 3 extras in chicago? Does anyone know any info about any extra casting companies for BATMAN 3?

A: Right now, there is barely any info concerning the sequel to The Dark Knight. I'm an Illinoisan not far from Chicago, but it is pretty secretive and the filming isn't expected to begin until April 2011, which means the film might not come out for a few years. So, my answer really isn't of all that much help to you. But if I do figure out anything on my frequent trips to Chicago, I will message you with any info. I myself wouldn't mind being an extra in such a highly-anticipated movie.

If Spiderman 4 and Batman 3 were going to be premiered on the same time, who'll have a bigger audience ? by The Clown Prince of Crime Q: Batman 3 is the sequel of The Dark Knight, I called it Batman 3 since I don't know the real title yet. What's your opinion ?

A: Batman 3 will likely have a larger audience because of the success of the Dark Knight (however many people believe it can't possibly be as successful). Plus, the Spiderman films haven't been very good so far. It was cool for me when the first one came out in 6th or 7th grade but I didn't see the other two in theaters.

How to be an extra on batman 3 in chicago? by samanthab Q: I ran into someone at transformer 3 set and they said I could apply to be an extra on Batman 3. Does anyone know where I can apply for this casting?

A: keep looking on message boards and read the Red Eye or the Trib i am sure they will have an open casting call for Batman 3. ALL my friends were in batman 2 because they just showed up. but its a LOOOONG day of doing nothing, and chances are, if they dont like your "look" you may be wedged in the back

What is the Profit for Batman 3 and how many academy awards did they win? by .->Z!mmy<-. Q: Okay, one of my friends said that it cost the makers of Batman 3 to spend $100 million on the movie. How much did the movie sell for and what profit did they make? Also, how many Academy Awards did they win? Several people on the internet told me different answers. And I only watched part of the Academy awards. Help? please?

A: There's no third Batman film in the Nolan series - "The Dark Knight" was the second film (there will most definitely be a third, given the huge draw). "The Dark Knight" cost $185 million to make and made over $1 billion ($500 million domestic), making it one of the most profitable films in the past decade. It was nominated for 8 Oscars, mostly technical awards, and won two: one for sound editing and one posthumous award for Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker. There is a third film in the old 'Batman' series called "Batman Forever"; it was only nominated for 3 Oscars (made $300 million) and was a very campy movie.

batman 3 ??????????????????????????????????? by hellas Q: first of all i think the riddler will be the bad guy but who will play him. also who to u think should play the joker or do u think there should be a joker. my question is what do u think should happen in batman 3 and what have you heard pls tell

A: I heard that they had a ton of archived footage of heath ledger that they'll be using. This could be terrible, or it could be incredible. Hope it's the latter.

Batman 3?????????????????????????? by Adam917 Q: 1. Will Robin be in it? I think they need the right actor to play him but they may be able to pull it off. 2. Villains? I would like to see Poison Ivy or Cat woman. 3. Plot? 4. Batman 4 for do you think they could pull off all of the villains braking out of the jail or wacky shack? 5. Will bat-girl be in it? 6. Joker? What will happen to him? 7. Two-Face isn't dead will he be in the forth?

A: IMDB says: 'Dark Knight' Sequel Not in Pre-Production 3 October 2008 3:04 AM, PDT "Our position on the next Batman movie has been the same since whenever the rumors started: Don't put much stock in anything you hear." .

batman 3?? by wanna be burn! Q: wouldn't it be cool, if joker came back for batman 3?

A: I feel like you're evil for asking this question. Lol. & Not really for me, I'm more interested on how they progress with the addition of Two Face! :) I'm sure if they make a third one it will focus more on him... plus.. It's so upsetting that heath ledger died that Im just not interested in seeing the charecter change because a new actor would have to be used. ooo. also, I just like to tell people this... my dad is batman. Lol. Well not really... but his first name is Bruce, and middle name is Wayne. Haha. Anyway.. that's all I have to say. :P

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