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nunu_santana @98FMNatal Olá *-* gostaria de pedir a música NEGA do Luan Santana , muito obg ! Núbia Batista

marciely_jv Vendo o melhor do brasil na batista

LucaasAnjos RT @GurkWolf: Triste é saber que o Amado Batista é mais famoso e tem mais dinheiro do que eu, cantando aquelas músicas de corno.

LucasRonsi1 pqp eike batista poderia gastar 3 milhões por dia durante 40 anos -.-

DanielBrito_ I'm at Amazonas Shopping (Av. Djalma Batista, 482, Av. Darcy Vagas, Manaus) w/ 8 others http://t.co/mevG9z2O

cesinhacaio RT @its: se eu ganhasse dinheiro na mesma proporção com que eu me apego às pessoas, olha, eu era mais rico que o eike batista

claireevil4 RT @GurkWolf: Triste é saber que o Amado Batista é mais famoso e tem mais dinheiro do que eu, cantando aquelas músicas de corno.

AnaMohr_ olhei o nome da escola e adivinha que nome tinha no meio #batista haha ja lembrei do meu lindinho *--*

AlannDiego Amadão Batista hoje (: (b)

AnaP_trindade Triste é saber que o Amado Batista é mais famoso e tem mais dinheiro do que eu, cantando aquelas músicas de corno.

keytyluyse13 I'm at Amazonas Shopping (Av. Djalma Batista, 482, Av. Darcy Vagas, Manaus) w/ 7 others http://t.co/b4JTSgPd

hyanmurillo Naa PraÇa Batista Campos , ! ;D

chrislainee_v RT @MaeCitou: RT @GurkWolf: Triste é saber que o Amado Batista é mais famoso e tem mais dinheiro do que eu, cantando aquelas músicas de corn

Niik3 Triste é saber que o Amado Batista é mais famoso e tem mais dinheiro do que eu, cantando aquelas músicas de corno.

gabizinha_k Hoje eu fui lá na casa da #Raissa & a mãe dela tava ouvindo AMADO BATISTA,aff deu até dor de cabeça..Como pode ? u.ú


How long will Batista be out of action for due to his hamstring surgery? by I <3 Cena! Q: I was just wandering how long Batista will be out of the ring for due to his upcomming hamstring surgery?

A: it has been confirmed for his surgery this Friday by wwe injury expert Dr Jeffrey Dugas. He has managed to help many superstars with injuries in the past. Sadly he will miss wrestlemania 25 but there is no exact comeback time. The cover story is the orton punted him, knocked a couple of teeth out and damaged his head but people wont buy it.they say it happened in the european tour but has got worsty. i wish dave a quick recovery.

What will Batista do the moment fast food joints refuse to keep putting steroids in his burgers and shakes? by sob_151 Q: I bet there will be hell to pay. I'd love to be there to see what Batista would do to those pimply teenagers and managers. What wrestling moves would he specifically put on the clerk, the manager, and what would he do to that kid serving the customers in drive-thru? Also, what would he do to the guy in grill? "Legend champ" come on, what kind of answer is that? "Legend champ" come on, what kind of answer is that?

A: he will batista bomb Ronald McDonald.

How come batista takes a bad rap for cheating on his wife with cancer? by Y2J and RKO rule the wwe Q: but stone cold is praised and he's a wife beater. not a fan of batista just trying to be fair.

A: actually Batista's wife just accused him of cheating and there was no proof of him cheating. That's what he said in his book

What if the Rock were to wrestle Batista at the next Wrestlemania? by hescooljess Q: Lets discuss this possiblity and scenario. If the Rock were to take a brief hiatus from acting, get off his high horse and sign on to wrestle Batista At Wrestlemania 24 March / April 2008. Who would the fans side with? Would would be the outcome of the match. Do you think it would sell alot of tickets etc?

A: The fans would welcome back the Rock to whoop Batistas candy a$$. No way they boo the Rock. It is in his hometown, so don't forget that. Remember anything is possible. Rock would win with Peoples Elbow and Rock Bottom.

Who believes that Batista should have won the world heavyweight championship? by superme45 Q: I'm not a massive Batista fan but I believe he should have taken the world heavyweight championship from the Undertaker. I mean this isn't the first match where a referee didn't see what was happening and the opponent took advantage of it. I believe Teddy Long had no right to restart the match. What are your opinions?

A: You're absolutely right. Dave was robbed.

What if Batista knock on your door and asked you is your mom home? by White_Adam Q: He enters your house having a humongous crap in your toilet smiles at you than making love with ur mom at the couch. Your dad comes in and hes shocked yells at batista putting his hands on batista than batista spears ur dad and batista bomb on your coffee table. What would you do what will your reaction be would u mess with the animal or stay quiet?

A: I'll call the police...

What would Batista do to the cop that pulled him over and gave him a speeding ticket? by sob_151 Q: What would "The Animal" Batista say? What would "The Animal" Batista do? And what would happen to him later on after all that was said and done? When I got my first speeding ticket a month, I was all nice and normal about it, but I do wonder how Batista or HHH would've handled it. A month ago.

A: In kayfabe: What #1 said and are you really going to give me a f'n ticket!? Then he gets out of the car and Batista Bomb's him into the concrete or on the top of the cop car. IRL: What #1 said and are you really gonna give me a f'n ticket!? Then he procedes to being a total ass with the officer. Kayfabe penalty: 10-15 years in jail, IRL penalty a speeding ticket. I think HHH would handle it calmly and cooly like a man.

BATiSTA??? by HYPHY101 Q: why is everyone sayin batista is 1-0 at wm...beacuse he has beatin hhh and he beat the rock nd mick foley with ric flair and randy orton at wm so he is 2-0

A: Maybee people mean that he is 1-0 in singles competition. If you count tag matches hes 2-0. Also let me say this all these wrestlers talk about how there undefeated at wm. (Who cares.) undertaker, edge, batista. Is that supposed to mean something. It means nothing to me. Hey go ahead and count goldberg in there he was in one wm against brock and he beat him. goldberg undefeated at wm. yeahhh woohoooo. lol Hey guys also mr t wrestled at one wm and he is also undefeated I wonder if he will ever loose. lol Its just another marketing gimmick to get people to watch. So many people actually care about an old undertaker v a completley over rated batista because hes undefeated at wm. lol This is just my opinion any agree with that. Michael

batista!!!? by veronica Q: is there any pictures of batistas wife!!! or i think its his ex wife(angie batista)

A: Who Batistaroids?

Batista??? by New World Order Q: I know this. Does anybody know how Batista started in the WWE. I need the person he "managed" and what show it was on. NO, Hillary in 2008 * NO HILLARY IN 2008

A: Batista first showed up on Smackdown as a protege of Devon Dudley when Devon was posing as a reverend. Batista was supposed to be a deacon.

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