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Bad news bears

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PreciseQui23 Watching bad news bears for the time being

Im_TweetWalking Me & The House Dog Still Up Watching Bad News Bears Cause We Just Mobbing Like That

AlexaMrtnz Bad news bears

g_force19 It's. Bad news bears

XoXoBrigidXoXo Bad news bears

William_M_Lynch About to pass out to Bad News Bears. My head is pounding and Im about to have a very uncomfortable sleep. Worst way to spend a Saturday.

ianintimidation RT @DetraLynn: Bad news bears. I'm fucking drunk.

CHARismaaa RT @lovelylezzle: That FACE when Joce told him he owed $12 hahaha!! RT @CHARismaaa: "Bad News Bears" hahaha!! @greekxbebe215 @lovelylezzle

lovelylezzle That FACE when Joce told him he owed $12 hahaha!! RT @CHARismaaa: "Bad News Bears" hahaha!! @greekxbebe215 @lovelylezzle

CHARismaaa "Bad News Bears" hahaha!! @greekxbebe215 @lovelylezzle

emmyjones i just got sucked into 2 hours on pinterest. bad news bears.

DetraLynn Bad news bears. I'm fucking drunk.

ThatsSoTia RT @Realmccoy89: @thatssotia do not stop for red lights*none or bad news bears

tammywildfire Its really hard to put up shelves with aperson who is messed up.looks like the bad news bears!

Cassie_Conley @PiperWalters @posiJOE bad news bears terrible evening


what is the background music in the movie bad news bears? by romualdo m Q: the background music is not 1812 overture by tchaikovsky, it sounds like classical music, it is played during the bad news bears practice and games. Thanks

A: This site lists ALL the classical pieces played during the entire movie... Most are from Carmen http://www.soakingwetchild.net/thebadnewsbears/bnbmediaclips.html Your first post didn't specify which part of the movie and the 1812 Overture is the one most associated with The Bad News Bears...That is assuming you do mean the 1976 version and not the 2005 version.

Who would win the bad news bears or the chicago cubs? by jeffery k Q: They maybe fictonal But Atleast they played in a championship game since the 40s.

A: the cubs... as long as they're not in a pennant race.

Is it Bad news bears for the Lakers when Odom goes 0-7, Gasol cant even score ten and Artest only makes 1 shot? by s3xyy jamaican Q: Is it any wonder why Kobe gets pissed at his team and starts throwing up desperation shots?

A: They miss because they need to get into rhythm early in the game. Kobe jacking up shots takes that opportunity down. Just basic sense. 6-24.....who helped him?

who was the sponsor for the bad news bears? by DJ Q: in the bad news bears with billy bob thornton.. who was the sponsor for the bears?? what was in the back of their baseball uniforms??

A: an adult entertainment center .. that would never ever happen in a real little league

How can I download the song Wipeout by Phantom Planet? From Bad News Bears? by Brandon H Q: I heard the song on my favourite movie, and I have been searching for it for hours on end. If anybody knows how to get it, please let me know.

A: did u check Itunes and napster.

where can i buy a Bad News Bears baseball cap? by Ivan Q: Im located on San Diego, California, so stores, auctions, stores or internet shops. Could help. Thanks.

A: maybe you could look @ www.ebay.com www.marktplaats.nl www.bol.com but ebay is always good..

What are some great movies like The Sandlot or Bad News Bears? by Evan Q: I watched both and I love the fact that it shows the kids rise up into great ball players and has a little comedy in it also. Any suggestions?

A: Watch all the original BNB. Don'w atch and more Sandlots except for the first one. The Might Ducks-Awesome Little Giants that's all I can think of right now

What font is used on the Bad News Bears jerseys (new version, see link)? by MLB Scorekeeper Q: http://www.tribute.ca/tribute_objects/images/movies/bad_news_bears/badnewsbears9.jpg

A: Monotype Corsiva font

Is The Bad News Bears any good? by Doug Heffernan Q: I bought a double feature DVD today. I bought it for the movie Hardball, but the movie The Bad News Bears came with it and I want to know if it's any good before I bother watching it. By the way, it's not the one with Billy Bob Thornton, it's the older one with Walter Matthau.

A: yeah they are both adorable movies...and theres nothing like an original to a movie...unless ur like 15...then you dont appreciate it

where is the motorcycle from the movie the bad news bears? by Chris C Q: where is the motorcycle from the movie the bad news bears

A: Why would anyone care?

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