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Madman_85 aria sulla quarta corda - Bach http://t.co/dVi0etBz

BrokenCH @ClauSoftWhisper yo ya estoy en la facultad de bbaa xD aunque hice bach de ciencias y un año de ingenieria quimica xD

athirtya BGMなう:J.S.Bach - Sarabanda con Partite BWV.990 - Matthew Halls (cembalo) 2007 食後の一曲。 #bach

VejaSP Portugueses do grupo 3 Pianos tocam Bach, Villa-Lobos e Pixinguinha na Sala São Paulo http://t.co/tSUpzqp8

kumi4210bakasan あと、前奏が聖書の箇所にちなんでか「目覚めよと呼ぶ声が聞こえ」だった。私でも知ってるBach。

MayMe91 Mira tú apuntes de historia de 2 bach. El profesor era = de cabr** que el de geriatria. Con eso de que son hermanos...lo que se come se cria

TheFilmDon @JoeMcNulty @GdaHicks If by Bach you secretly mean Erasure then Yes

dinadoudi Vous pouvez avoir l’occasion de gagner des billets pour assister au 'Concert Mo'. Répondez alors aux questions... http://t.co/lk2q0ETR

EnriqueGarciaV Traducciones legales Esp.-Ing. de documentos, Notas Certif., Actas de Nac., Títulos Univ. y de Bach., etc. 04244324424

FrancalanciaH I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/3UQ5aWdq Bach Cantata BWV 119 Part 2 Harnoncourt

________rxxxurk @Kiki_Keita I practiced the piano. Chopin and Bach!!

toootle Listening to - Wilhelm Kempff Plays Bach ~~ Prelude and fugue BWV 893- prelude #nowplaying

Dinorahkyr CIVITAS Map of New York City - Men's Silk Necktie in Blue/Taupe: CIVITAS City neckties by Josh Bach are designed... http://t.co/D2MIqGHA

ClauSoftWhisper @BrokenCH de burgos, hago 1o de bach :)

arpul_m_genious Waz tellin junglee logo se bach kr rhana chaiea....!!:p @Jungleee_Billi


How is Johann Sebastian Bach considered math, scence, and physics? by nikki083754632 Q: I have a 3 page paper on Jonann Sebastian Bach, and one page has to be dedicated to equations and math contributions. I need to somehow link his music to math, and physics. Could anyone help me out here?

A: To be really honest, I don't think there is a connection. Nonetheless, someone wrote a famous book which tried to connect all this: "Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid", by Hofstadter. I don't think it's particularly meaningful, but it's kind of fun to read.

How to choose bach remedies for myself? by bluewolfski Q: HI ,im a bach remedy practitioner and i find it very difficult to chose a remedy for myself. Can anyone give me ideas how i can choose the remedies i need all alone?

A: I know the feeling... This is what I did. I was going to mix 4 remedies in my bottle, but could not decide which ones. I went through my checklist chart, and wrote down all of the symptoms which I thought applied to me. After that, I went back through the list, and eliminated 2 which I thought were not as important as the others. I kept repeating the process until I had my 4 basic remedies to mix. Hope this helps you decide! http://www.reikispirithealer.com

How did Bach's works become a legacy or influenced others? by ????? ? Q: I know all that Bach did was compose better than others did, so what exactly makes his pieces so special?

A: If you take the trouble to listen to Bach's music, you will hear what makes his music so very special. There are plenty of examples on YouTube, like this one, for example....... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNMYHy8B7KU&feature=related

I play on a 3C bach trumpet mouthpiece would it be good to switch to a gold bach 3D & will it help my range? by smw27 Q: I have been playing since 6th grade & I am currently a freshman in high school playing on a size 3C. I am planning on switching to a size gold bach 3D mouthpiece. I was just wondering if i should switch and will a 3D help my range?

A: I wouldn't suggest it. Changing mouthpieces to improve range should only be done if you already have a good range and need the boost for something in particular, like jazz. Yes, the D cup of a mouthpiece somewhat facilitates higher range than a C cup, but ask any trumpet pedagogist, playing on a C cup is far and away the best thing for a developing player. If anything, your goal should be to hit the extreme high register cleanly with the C cup, and then move to a B cup. It will be hard to play high on the new B cup but your sound dramatically improves and with enough practice it will come. Do lip slurs, scales, arpeggios and long tones higher than you are able to play. Only thing that might be acceptable is to practice mostly on a C cup and use that for symphonic works (never use anything shallower than a C cup in concert band/wind ensembles) and look into lead player mouthpieces if you need to do some screaming in jazz or marching band. Hint: Playing high is about 60% air support and proper breathing and 40% embouchure strength.

What was that famous book by Bach where he writes about piano technic? by GeniusDot Q: I don't remember if it was Bach or his son C.P.E, or it could even be another son of his.

A: You will be thinking of C.P.E Bach's "Versuch über die wahre Art, das Clavier zu spielen." (Berlin, 1753 & 1762) All the best,

How would I date a Bach trombone with an incorrect serial number? by Tubatasm Q: The lead-pipe area where the serial number is usually located on a Bach has been replaced at some point, and the serial number on it is probably not the correct one. Is there any other way to date the trombone?

A: Yes there is a way but it does cost a little money. What you do is take it into a Reputable repair facility and talk to the most experienced technician that you can find there. Do this 2-3 times. You will not get a definitive year but you will get a 5-10 year range. They look at the workmanship, finish and other areas that are present on the horn. They will then give you their best "guess". I have found that they are usually in the ball park. They usually also agree on the same period of time. 5-10 years in the life of a horn is not that big of deal.

What is Bach and Mozart's most famous pieces and compositions that every listener should know? by pink_memories Q: Make the list as long as you like, but i only want the most famous ones which everyone should know. Like Mozart's 40th symphony and Bach's Air on a G string, Toccata & Fugue and Partitia in E.

A: So you're looking for a "greates hits" list type o' thing, eh? Mozart Symphonies #40 and #41 "Jupiter" -- I think 35, 38 should be added Overture to "Le Nozze de Figaro", overture to "Don Giovanni" Piano concerto in C #21 (with the famous "Elvira Madigan" theme in the second mvt.) "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" Piano sonata K545 "Sonata Facile" "Lacrimosa" from the Requiem (Ithink the whole thing should be a greatest hit) "Rondo alla Turka" from the A major sonata K 331 Bach: The 3rd and 4th Brandenburg conertos "Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring" Prelude #1 from the Well Tempered Clavier Book 1 Prelude and Fugue #2 from the same Prelude from Cello suite #1 Chaconne from Violin partita #5 Goldberg Variations Now in my opinion what you should have is a much longer list -- but I'm limiting myself to the "greatest hits" category. Others will add things that I overlooked I am sure. Glinzek

How long bach flower remedies are to be continued? by ashramam Q: Can someone help me about "How long Bach flower remedies are to be taken". Is it that the medicines are to be continued till cure is permanent ? What will happen if they are taken for a longer period?

A: Until Mozart stops playing "Fur Elise" on his armpit...

What are some good Bach piano pieces that I can start with? by Nick Q: My piano teacher thinks the next piece I should work on should be by Bach. I've never played Bach before, so what are some good pieces by him that I can start out with?

A: Typically: The Notebook for Anna Magdalena The inventions The two and three part sinfonias Best regards.

Bach........................? by (◕‿◕✿) Q: Lol.. i love how it suggests i put this is mental health

A: Yep, the fugue master.

Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ Rostropovich plays the Prelude from Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 Bach - Cello Suite No.1 i-Prelude Bach - Brandenburg Concertos No.3 - i: Allegro Moderato Toccata & Fugue in d minor (BACH, JS) Bach, Air on the G string (Air on a G string, string orchestra) Bach - Harpsichord Concerto No.1 in D Minor BWV 1052 - 1/3 Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major BWV1007 - Mov. 1-3/6 Bach Double (Concerto for Two Violins in D minor) Bach - Double Violin Concerto in D minor 2nd movement, Largo Bach, JS - 'Air' Orchestral Suite N° 3 in D Major_BWV 1068 Yo-Yo Ma plays the prelude from Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 Bach, 'Little' Fugue (G minor, BWV 578) JSBach-Toccata e Fuga BWV 565-Karl Richter Glenn Gould plays Bach Bach - Cantata BWV 140 - Peter Schreier - Sleepers wake Bach - Goldberg Variations: Aria (Glenn Gould) JS Bach: Air (Classical guitar) Bach Air JS BACH: AIR Vienna Philharmonic Women´s Orchestra pianist(5years old girl): Bach minuet Bach - Bwv1067 Orchestral Suite - 07 - Badinerie bach brandenburg concerto 5 by leonhardt Bach Under The Stars: Air on the G String BWV 1068 Bach: Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 Bach, Double Violin Concerto in D Minor, 1st mvt. BWV 1043 JS Bach - Crab Canon on a Möbius Strip Bach - Brandenburg Concertos No.4 - i: Allegro JSBach - Organ Toccata Itzhak Perlman and Isaac Stern play Bach Double Concerto (1) Bach - Cello Suite No.3 vi-Gigue Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ Glass harp-Toccata and fugue in D minor-Bach-BWV 565 JS Bach - 'Jesus bleibet meine Freude' BWV 147 Bach, JS Partita No. 3 in E, BWV 1006 Steven Sharp Nelson - The Cello Song - Bach is back (with 7 more cellos) The Piano Guys Bach - Matthaeus Passion - 01 Bach duo Relaxing Classical Bach music pianist (5years old girl):Bach Gigue Martha Argerich - Bach Partita No. 2 - Verbier Festival 2008 JS Bach - Christmas Oratorio BWV 248 - Part I 'For the First Day of Christmas' - Mvt. I JS Bach - Johannes Passion (1) Dinu Lipatti plays JS Bach - Cantata BWV 147 (1950) JS Bach: Bourree in e-minor Bach 's Chaconne for Solo Violin / Itzhak Perlman (Part 1/2) JS Bach: Mass in B minor 'Agnus Dei' - Andreas Scholl Glenn Gould - Bach Concerto in D minor (1 of 3) Sebastian Bach - Kicking And Screaming (Official Video) Bach, Brandenburg Concerto #3, First Movement, Allegro
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