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Baby names and meanings

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Codyiac The Best-Ever Christian Baby Name Book: Thousands of Names and Their Meanings: A name is usually the first impo... http://t.co/dfc92L2c

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Know_Is_Power native american names and meanings……An American History Degree Can Teach You Many Things………..Reviews…..The Every... http://t.co/k3v7SdAF

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What are some cute Greek baby names and their meanings? by NakiaM Q: Iam about three months pregnant but don't know if the baby is a boy or girl yet. I want my baby to have a name that means something uplifting. My name is Nakia and it means unconquerable in Greek. I thought that it would be cute if my child had a name that means something in the same origin as mine (Greek of corse). Any suggestions?

A: Cora - Heart, Maiden Daphne - Laurel Tree Alyssa - Noble Chloe - Young Shoot Callista - Most Beautiful Daria - Maintain well Helena/Elena - Wicker, reed, shoot; torch; basket Karis - Grace Kyra - Lady Melina - Honey Penelope - Weaver; Duck Zoe - Life Thalia - To Flourish; Bloom I like Cora, Thalia, Daphne, Penelope & Helena the best. Andrew - Man, Warrior Evander - Archer Gregory - Wather Jason - Healer Leander - Lion Man Lucas - Man From Lucania Linus - Flax Colored Nicholas - Victory of the People Orion - Dweller on the Mountain Theodore - Gift of God Timothy - To Honor God I like Andrew, Evander, Leander, Lucas, Linus, Nicholas, Orion & Timothy the best.

Where can I find baby names with meanings and pronunciation's? by MRS.O Q:

A: http://www.babynames.com/

What are the best baby names and there meanings? by spawny45 Q: My gf and I might be having a baby but were not sure what the name should be. She wants it to have meaning so im just asking which ones are good. Well if its a boy she wants it to be Damien Ramon Olvera an i think Dominic Olvera, an if its a girl were not really sure.

A: I really like names that aren't too common, but not too eccentric at the same time. Here's a list of my favorites Girls- Caroline, Carly, Mariana, Autumn, Carolynn, Marlena, Audrianna, Angelina Boys- David, John, Alex, Nicholas, James, Christopher Hoped that this helped! Thanks!

Cute Native American Baby names and meanings? by Val&Sonny Q: Boy and girl names please. Preferably Ojibwa and Cherokee but its fine as long as you have the meaning. Please help!!!

A: BOYS:Adahy: Lives in the woods (Cherokee)and middle name Bemidii: (Ojibwa) name meaning river by a lake next Hakan: Fireand middle name Elan: Friendly GIRLS:Ayita: First to dance (Cherokee) and middle name Cheyanna: Form of Cheyanne - an Algonquian tribe of the Great Plains and Capital city of Wyoming next Dakota: Friend; ally and middle name Flo: Arrow

Do you like these baby names? (meanings too)? by ~S~ is for Stephanie! Q: I really adore these names. What do you think? Natalie Elisabeth- (Natalie) Latin means Christmas day. (Elisabeth) Hebrew means my God is a vow. Veronica Keira- (Veronica) Greek means triumph. (Keira) Gaelic means dark. William Hayden- (Will) German means helmet of determination. (Hayden) English means regardful. Owen Robert- (Owen) Gaelic means wellborn and brave. (Robert) English means bright fame.

A: I like Owen Robert the best. It has a ring to it and I like the meanings especially when you put it together.

Guess these baby names meanings? by You Know You Love Me ~ xoxo GG Q: Ok so obviously I wont be able to tell if you look these up for not, but just for fun with out looking them up, try and guess the meanings of these names. I'll choose on whoever i think is the most honest and whoever gets the most. I made some of these easy and some hard, also if it gets too hard there will be two names in the set that mean pretty much the same thing. Also I did ones that dont have multiple meanings. So enjoy! Girls: Madeline Marie Arabella Gabrielle Mia Amy Laura Bianca Jessica Gwen Boys: Blake Kai Andrew Brendan Keiran Kevin Cameron Anthony LOL Em yes theres trillions of jessicas. i tried to do some common names to make it not too hard

A: I know what most of these mean, but I pinky swear I won't cheat :) (Some I don't know, so I'll probably make up something ridiculous. Girls: Madeline - woman from Magdala Marie - this one means like, sour or bitter ... it always confused me why people use it so much. Arabella - not sure, but Bella always means beautiful - so somethingbeautiful. Gabrielle - something to do with angels; angelic? Mia - me? Amy - I always thought this had something to do with love - from amor.. Laura - my middle name. means laurel - or from the laurel bush. Bianca - I know this one :) white. Jessica - "there's a million trillion babillion of me?" Gwen - isn't this 'white' also? Blake - haven't got a clue. Kai - ocean. Andrew - STRONG AND MANLY - it's my fave boys name meaning :) Brendan - always thought it was royal? That might have been Bradon.. Keiran - another fave name, dark one. Kevin - don't know Cameron - crooked nose. weird meaning. Anthony - again, don't know :) cool game/thing :) :)

what is the best site to find baby names and their meanings? by bouffe Q: I need a name for our son. He's due in 3 weeks. I want somethig different but not stupid. where is the best site to find baby names and their meanings?

A: Once I find a baby name with a meaning I like, I usually cross-check different baby name websites, just to make sure! :o) But the one I use the most is www.babynamesworld.com. I find that one pretty accurate and helpful (and you can search by meaning, origin, by name, or just browse the various names, which is neat!). :o) Hope that helps!!

Good Japanese baby Names And Meanings For girls? by Q: Does Anyone know Good Japanese Baby names for girls? Preferably Ones About Love, And Goddess Of Love And What Not Thanks!

A: Aiko: Aiko is of Japanese origin, and its meaning is "little loved one". My favourite Japanese name Keiko (pronounced KAY-koh): Its meaning is "be glad; rejoicing child".

baby names....? by no name no name Q: wuts a good website to find baby names, meanings, and origins?

A: www.babynames.com

What is a good site to find baby names and meanings? by Green-eyed Nikki Q: A few of my coworkers are planning on having kids soon, and want to know if there are any good sites to find baby names, because they haven't found a decent baby name book. They just want some ideas, that's all. Or if you have any personal suggestions (first names along with a middle name that sounds good) that would be so awesome!!! Thanks!

A: I hope this helps you.

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