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Aww louis

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Reveals -- I've Measured My Member
Read Article ▻ 12 · Jun05 One Direction's Louis Tomlinson: How My… One Direction's Louis Tomlinson: How My Girlfriend & I Keep Long Distance Love Alive Aww — Louis is such a devoted boyfriend. Despite having millions of female fans, he told…

Niall gets his biceps out for Demi and the rest of One Direction look scared
Aww. Look at their cute little scared faces. WireImage. Just when you thought that the One Direction boys were all grown up (OK, we admit it - we never ... We're not sure where Liam and Zayn were ( probably snogging their girlfriends over Skype ), but ...

TOWIE's Mario Falcone gets tattoo dedicated to Lucy Mecklenburgh, aww
Read 'TOWIE's Mario Falcone gets tattoo dedicated to Lucy Mecklenburgh, aww' from our blog the juice on Yahoo! omg! UK. Mario Falcone ... 5 hours ago. Louis Tomlinson proves he's no Harry Styles as would rather watch TV than … the juice - 7 hours ago ...

One Direction Goes Shirtless At Fan-Filled Pool Party
One Direction hung out poolside in Ft. Lauderdale on July 1st -- without their shirts on! The boys also set aside time to hang out with their fans! Aww! T. ... One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Reveals — I've Measured My Member During a concert in ...

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kellyjmead Aww Louis ! You and your mom are adorable ! @Louis_Tomlinson

KiaraCordero RT @vickystylinson: AWW LOUIS IS SOOO CUTE :3 <3

ThePotterSaga pq Aww Louis tá nos tt's ? vamos stalkear

KarlhyGonzalez Aww Louis on TT !!!

Tayler_1DMyLife RT @katieatkinsxo: aww louis http://t.co/Zncegovb

LouLovesColgate Aww Louis Youre a sweet heart

KamanaPande Aww Louis... omg EMOTIONS


How to tell if a guy isn't interested anymore? by youresoscene_xxx Q: So I've been dating a guy for almost 3 weeks now and I don't know if it's just a coincidence that he's doing this and it means nothing or if he is actually not interested anymore. I hadn't seen him since Tuesday. Because Wednesday I was sick and then yesterday he decided he wanted to play Halo and there not be any distractions, which is cool by me. So I told him maybe I could see him on Friday, then he was like, maybe, if you're not sick anymore. Then like a minute later he was like, oh wait, you might not get to come over, because I might have company. I was like, oh? He mentioned that his best friend might be coming from St. Louis and he hasn't seen him in like a year, so they have to hang. Thing is, my bday (today) is the same day me and him were going to do something; same day as his friend being in town. We never set anything in stone, but we said we'd probably do something day of or the next day. So I told him I thought me and him were going to do something. he was like, I thought I said something to you. I was like, no. He hasn't been acting strange the past couple days prior or anything. He im'ed me the day I was sick and told me to feel better and all. I would think if he wasn't interested, he'd avoid me altogether. Although I did tell him I wouldn't get to see him til Sunday and he was like, aww, it's okay. I don't know if I'm analyzing too much, but it didn't seem like he was that concerned, then again.. he did tell me he has trouble reciprocating his feelings and stuff. Am I thinking too much into this? Does it sound like I have anything to worry about? Is there anything I can do to see how he does truly feel about me? We told each other on a few occasions we liked each other, so I can't imagine it would had changed that dramatically or anything. I thought about just kind of denying doing something with him over the next couple days and see what he does, if he doesn't seem to care or if he does care. I don't think he's using me, as we spend a great deal of time together. He even blew off a weekend at a lake a few weeks ago to go on a date with me. I can understand him wanting to hang out with his best friend since he hasn't seen him in a year and me and him just met like a month ago. He has done plenty of things for me. I would say he's probably seen more of me in the past 2 weeks than he has his friends, besides seeing them at work or when he goes skating. so I don't think he's using me to his advantage.

A: Its tough to say because it has only been 3 weeks. Its too early to say. But I would not stress over it too much. Just try not to be too much after him, or calling him, give it sometime to see if he tries to call you and contact you, this way you will see, if he is putting any effort into trying to contact you and get together with you. In the mean time go out with the girls to keep your mind off him. If a week goes by and there has been so little effort or none at all to contact you, then i would say he might not be that interested. Time will tell.

if you have net the jonas brothers... what did you think of them?? by Andrea Q: they were sooo sweet when i met them. i asked kevin if i could have a hug, he's like SURE!!! it was really funny! but nick was sick and i know this may sound wierd but i think he got me sick too! i swear! then joe was just his ah-mazing self! i love all of them!! oh, and of course i saw big rob!! i love him.. he's my home boy! and i saw my future mom-in-law Denise Jonas there and i saw Frankie (frank the tank, "the man", franklin nathaniel). he is sooo cute!! aww... i just wanted to eat him up!! if you go to jbconcerts.com and go to st. louis, missouri then go to the third pic, thats me and my sis. of course, i stood between nick and joe.... i gave all of them a hug!! but i wanted more than one hug!! i mean mey not net! hehe i mean met not mey! haha...

A: Pretty girly. .

Comedian Poll: Who are your favorite comedians? by deideiblueeyez Q: They can be stand-up or TV/Movie personalities that use comedy to bring in the dough... But I'd appreciate if you'd name some stand-up comedians, cuz they need loves! Stand-up comedians I ♥ forevers!: Jim Gaffigan; George Carlin; Christian Finnegan; Bill Engvall; Doug Benson; Frank Caliendo; Pablo Francisco; Mitch Hedberg; Louis C.K.; Patton Oswalt; Paul F. Tompkins; Daniel Tosh (as much as I hate to admit it); Hal Sparks; Billy Gardell; Michael Loftus; Steve Byrne; Mike Birbiglia, and Louis Black BQ: How would you describe your favorite comedians' overall style? What seems to be a trend? I like stuff that is absurd and a little off, like Mitch Hedberg's; impressions and voices like Frank Caliendo and Pablo Francisco; acidic and sharp and sarcastic like George Carlin and Daniel Tosh; silly like Jim Gaffigan and Doug Benson; self-assured self-aware like Christian Finnegan and Paul F. Tompkins, which is part of their hilarity...breaking the fourth wall and making jokes about what they're doing... lol ; and very offensive at times with sex and just crazy shit like Patton Oswalt and Louis C.K. BQ2: Pick one of your listed comedians. When is their birthday? How old are they... BQ 2 pt 2: Are they dead? When did they die? George Carlin : Born: May 12, 1937 (Taurus :3 ) Died: June 22, 2008 (Aww D: )

A: Christy Murphy is my favorite comedian she's pretty good,cute,awesome and hilarious http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LVb4XseDXdU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MHMsBIa4YU&feature=share http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_73LgtVHok&feature=player_embedded

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