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lilbill4 Only I would wake up at six thirty for no reason. I've been laying in my bed wide awake for two hours.

simpson612 Why am I awake lol. Well atleast this hangover isn't to bad

_SnickerLover_ well kept goin bac and forth but im def wide awake now...and not in the best mood

Manderlinaa why am i awake ..

Gilly2Cool @Just2Much757 i know that fool. im up wide awake like its noon.

HulkSmash21 RT @RealJimmySmith: Awake... 12 hours till kickoff

NurseRae Eeeeeh. I'm awake at 6:50 am on my vacation. This is not ok. Daylight Savings has done me SO wrong.

Stephaniewankwo This turning the clocks back has me all messed since...awake before the sun came up!

diwadolord I'll stay awake til I dream my mistakes so they fade away.

AtomicHamster listening to "Secondhand Serenade - Awake (Lyrics)" ♫ http://t.co/iPVNAcCT

TehMana Twitter it's 5 am and I'm still awake for some reason

Ms_Jones24 Wide awake an hour earlier than usual #daylightsavings

riyatirana HahahahaRT @asliBuleleng: Rejekiku dari silitmu (rejeki awake di jitt caine ). --> tulisan di truk sedot tinja di jawa, wkwkwk

Dan_Hudeck This hour ahead is killing me. I'm wide awake and went to bed 4 hrs ago!


When does a newborn start being awake more? by Blake & Kayla's mom Q: I've heard that newborns right when they're born will sleep most of the day but then the older they get the more they'll be awake during the day. At what age do most new babies start being awake more during the day?

A: Newborns sleep on average of 16 to 20 hours a day in the beginning and with each day they become more and more aware of their surroundings, your voice and things around them. After a few weeks they start looking around more checking out their new world. It's a constant progression... My 5 month old started waking up to the world more at around 2 months and by 3 months she was smiling and cooing. Sleeping maybe 12 to 14 hrs about of a 24 hr period at that time. Now she is awake most of the day and takes only an hour to two hour naps. I hope that helps.. I'm a mom of 3 expecting #4 in Dec =)

How to stay awake all day without sleep the night before? by Hugo Q: Just stayed up all night finishing a project and am going in to work today, I need to stay awake until at least 5. Thanks to everyone who answers and be as quick as you can, I need to leave in an hour.

A: Take 5 hour energy! It works longer than 5 hours. And it doesn't get u sleepy afterwards. You can buy it at 7-11. Trust me it really works! Good luck =)

How to stay awake in the class while the teacher explains boring things? by evan_jb Q: Currently, i am at high school, and i find some of the lessons are boring especially the social studies like economics and sociology and also history, what should i do to stay awake and focus on the lessons? Sorry i add this a bit too late, i don't like drinking coffee, it may help me stay awake in class, but it makes me can't sleep during the night.

A: try to listen a bit what the teacher says in the intro. then ask a question. trust me if u try to get involved u may not even find it boring :) but yeah if the teacher is reaaaaaaalllly boring! then i guess u gotta find another way

What are ways to stay awake without caffeine? by ange904 Q: I'm a college student so as normal I have a lot of studying to do and staying awake is challengeing sometimes. The problem is I can't have caffeine, is there anything I can do to help me stay awake and study. I can't have caffeine so there for I can't have most teas, energy drinks, or anything that contains caffeine like pops

A: Apples, they work better than coffee.

How do i keep myself awake at night? by trupti d Q: I need to stay awake a lot more these days since it is coming nearer to my deadlines and exams - i really need to make use of my day properly. I need suggestions on how i can keep myself focused all day as well as awake....! Help!

A: If you must, drink a shot or two of Cuban coffee! My best advice would be to study during the day and get a good night's rest.

How do you keep awake when you need to do something important? by Cuoco Q: I'm not doing anything important right now. However I find it hard to keep awake when I have to finish something important like homework or projects. I don't really like coffee, and apples don't work for me. I'm still in school but even for those with work, how do you keep awake even if you feel like sleeping?

A: I work until I can't stay awake anymore I set the alarm clock for say 3 -4 AM and I get some sleep and continue on. Or I drink lots of tea, have movies on in the back ground ...work out...

How can I stay awake at work when the air conditioner is broken? by Gәo Q: I always get extremely sleepy when it's hot out. Normally, the movie theatre where I work is always very cool because of the air conditioner. However, the air conditioner is broken. Thus, I find it extremely difficult to stay awake. How can I stay awake at work when it's extremely hot outside? All answers appreciated.

A: Hey Geo :] Well, as you know I am from Australia and we get EXTREMELY hot summers but even I become really irritated in the heat. Try and stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. Put half a bottle in the freezer and when it is frozen, add another half water. Sometimes I take up to three bottles like that to school. If you able to splash or wipe some on your face when you start feeling sluggish that also helps. I'm guessing that you don't choose what you wear...so I don't think that would help. Just think of the cool shower you can have when you get home, that's another thing that gets me through the day. To make sure you don't get TOO tired, get as much sleep as you can but that mightn't be easy with your baby! Even if you have .. not energy drinks.. those sport drinks. I don't know if you have it, Gatorade or Powerade? I wouldn't resort to Red Bull and V drinks since they aren't really good for you. Also eat a healthy breakfast and remember to keep hydrated! The heat effects me a lot and I walk to school for 30 minutes and I've had a few scares where I have nearly passed out so I definately feel your pain of the heat. I hope that the air condition isn't broken for too long!

How to feel look awake and fresh in the morning with makeup and skincare? by Thecookie Monster Q: How to feel awake and look awake in the morning? skincare products (green tea mist spray) any other beauty tips to make you look and feel great in the morning with the least amount of makeup possible.

A: Hi there :), I have lots of ways that will answer your question and work for me! :D: So first of all, have a good nights sleep the night before. This will make you look fresh and awake, as well as making you feel a lot more livelier in the morning. Then have a good healthy breakfast to make you feel full but healthy. Get some fresh air too, to brighten your skin and make you feel more awake. While getting, some fresh air, why not do a bit of exercise to perk you up for the day ahead? Maybe going for a jog outside before school/work, or maybe a quick bike ride? When you get back, drink lots of water to rehydrate your skin and body. For skincare, cleanse your face with a gentle wash and use plenty of moisturiser to brighten up your complexion. The only make-up I suggest you use is (if you need it,) concealer. Just apply a little under your eyes to cover up dark circles/bags to make you look more awake, and maybe a bit on blemishes or spots. I really hope this helps and good luck! :D x

Awake????? by kvfkvfirvf Q: Has anyone seen the new movie "Awake"? Was it any good? Thanks

A: It was REALLY good...the previews didn't give away anything at all...and thats what I liked about it--it had a few unexpected twists :D I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

AwaKe !?!!!...? by _Hera_ Q: have you ever watched "awake"?? i think,it's really perfect.what do you think about it? (jessica alba & hayden christensen)

A: I liked it a lot. I was suprised. I thought it was going to be predictable from watching the previews. You're like ok he's obviously awake during surgery & something's going on, but when the story takes a turn it was GOOD! I also liked Jessica Alba & Hayden Christensen as a couple. They did really good in this part, as well as Terrence Howard

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