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Avery Johnson

Suddenly Reeling, the Nets Fire Their Coach
On Thursday, Avery Johnson became the first head coach fired by the Brooklyn Nets because he failed to reach Deron Williams and because the Nets had slipped to 14-14 after a promising 11-4 start — and these things were most certainly related.

Court Vision: Who will Nets hire to replace canned Johnson?
The Brooklyn Nets fired coach Avery Johnson on Thursday after a 14-14 start and will reportedly name assistant P.J. Carlesimo interim coach. Here's a roundup of the instant reaction to the firing and rumors regarding candidates to take the full-time gig.

Avery Johnson is out as Brooklyn Nets coach, as Deron Williams counts his alibis
Much in the same way incumbent top assistant coaches rarely act as a new-and-improved voice when they take over for fired head coaches, former Brooklyn Nets coach Avery Johnson never had a chance with his team. He had the stink of Old Nets on him ...

Net loss: Brooklyn fires coach Avery Johnson
Coach Avery Johnson was fired Thursday, his team having lost 10 of 13 games after a strong start to its first season in Brooklyn. "We don't have the same fire now than we did when we were 11-4," general manager Billy King said at a news conference in ...

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PlaneOlRalphy Avery johnson did not deserve that..

HNG_iPlay4Keepz Word? @BlessedTaft: Yoooo Avery Johnson got fired?"

MarkGilSCarcabu RT @ANCALERTS: Slumping Nets fire coach Avery Johnson http://t.co/Ew2DjzZV

JCSexon RT @fantasythieves: Did Deron Williams injure his wrist while throwing Avery Johnson under the bus? #ThingsToPonderAtNight

eduardoschell Los Nets despiden a Avery Johnson un mes después de ser nombrado mejor técnico del Este http://t.co/zhvZcDCm via @marca

wwMARCELLUSdo Man, I know Avery Johnson didn't watch a second of ESPN or TNT tonight

StayDaFuckMad Oh naw. RT @SportsCenter: Sources: Nets officials establish Phil Jackson as their top target after firing Avery Johnson

dpolk22 WTF!!!!!!!!! They Fired Avery Johnson!

TYMILLIE RT @itsNellz_: RT @cthagod: Hold up so Avery Johnson was NBA coach of the month in October and November and got fired? Naw something more to this.

Mrblueberrykush The Avery Johnson story lmao they make it sound worst

RunningRebel_24 The world may never know!! [email protected] WHY THE FUCK WOULD BROOKLYN FIRE AVERY JOHNSON FOR?”

phllyphotog RT @WalkerAntoine8: Another coach fired for no reason. Mike brown first and Avery Johnson .

jonnylo420 RT @SportsCenter: Sources: Nets officials establish Phil Jackson as their top target after firing Avery Johnson (via @ESPNSteinLine, @Chris_Broussard)

Mr_InCLEVERible RT @MotivatedGent: ESPN: New Jersey Nets seeking to get Phil Jackson to fill head coach vacancy after Avery Johnson firing.


What do you think about the Phoenix Suns? by kane Q: What do you think about the Phoenix Suns with the trade by getting rid of Raja Bell and Boris Diaw for Jason Richardon and Jared Dudley is this a good trade for the suns and should terry porter be fired as head coach and bring in a coach like Avery Johnson or Flip Saunders.

A: Bell and Diaw along with Barbosa round out the members of the Phoenix Suns that i respect. Getting rid of those two guys shows they have no intenetion on winning.

Can Avery Johnson do good with the Phoenix Suns? by Mark (Don't Be Green) Q: I mean, he can utilize Shaq more than D'Antoni. The Phoenix Suns could be like the Utah Jazz if Avery would coach them. Imagine if Nash and Stoudemire played defense, what would happen to this star-studded team?

A: What up Mark, i think based on who's available out there- Avery is a pretty good choice-- i also think Tom Thibedou (the assistant for the Celtics would be a good choice if they want to get more defensive minded). Personally i think: Shaq (is older) and Nash and Stoudemire have never been defensive minded. Some of the good things about hiring Avery would be: 1) Avery Johnson knows the Western Conference. 2) Having been a former assistant with the Spurs he's can give some insight (especially since the Spurs have been the ones to knock the Suns out the last 3 years). 3) Avery will know how to use Shaq more- especially when Shaq first demanded a trade the Mavs were trying really hard to trade for him- the Lakers ended up sending him to the East. But i'm sure Avery was preparing to include Shaq. 4) He's probably the best coach available. (Although i think Thibodeau and Brian Shaw of the Lakers are good coaching candidates from the available assistants as well). Nickster

Do you think the loss of Ben Gordon, will mean no playoffs for the Bulls? by Mohammad [Spurs/Bears/Tigers] Q: I was watching ESPN, and Avery Johnson said "The Bulls loss of Ben Gordon is too big for the team, Derrick Rose will get trapped in the backcourt and won't have anybody to throw it to, they won't make it to the playoffs". Do you think they will make it this year? I say they will still make it at the 7th or 8th seed, but not much better. Bonus Question: True or false: Two best PG's in the West are Chris Paul and Tony Parker? Have a great day! Thanks for answering.

A: No, he was just a scorer for the Bulls, that's it. He didn't play defense, and was an average passer at all, the reason why the Bulls could forced the Celtics even to games 7 was because of the stamina advantages (Well Bulls' line up were younger than Celtics' at that point) Imo Hinrich is better than Gordon, because he can shot just as good as Gordon and play way better defense than him. Not to mention Gordon's shooting selection are usually bad. BQ: False, Imo Billups and D-Will are.

Would the nets have won last night if Brook Lopez played? by Nets 2012™ Q: Also do you agree with Avery Johnson for barely playing Marshon Brooks- An incredible scorer?

A: 1st off he played marshon 13 min. Next No. He would of just grabbed a couple of rebounds and scored a couple of points.

How much is a autographed Avery Johnson Dickies Backpack??????? by ame_rica0007 Q: I've met avery Johnson The dallas mavz coach and he signed my Dickie's backpack,badge and a binder and I want to sell the backpack. What would be the max and minimum amount of money. to the dallas mavericks fans

A: I'd pay 20$ for it :B

Why are most great coaches not the great ball players? by christophe Q: It seems that guys like Riley, Popovich, Phil Jackson, Larry Brown, Avery Johnson, etc....many of these guys were good players but often role players and not superstars. And many of the great players don't become very good coaches...Kareem tried to coach the Clippers and wasn't that great, Isiah Thomas is pretty crappy in New York now, and Larry Bird was starting to get fairly decent as a coach in Indiana after a few years, but quit and went to the front office. Why do you think it works this way?

A: In any field, you will have some good and some not so good. Don Nelson has 5 NBA rings and was a good NBA player, but no Hall of Famer, but I would consider Nelson to be good. Lenny Wilkins, a many time NBA All Star, was good at winning but not winning the whole thing frequently; although as I recall did coach several teams into to NBA Finals with at least one ring as a coach. You would be hard pressed to find a NBA coach with more career wins combined with an All Star NBA career. K.C. Jones, had 2 NCAA championships, a Gold Medal, and 8 NBA rings as a player and won two more as a head coach. Tom Heinsohn had 8 NBA rings as a player and won two more as a head coach. Riley was an All American in college and had some success as a NBA player before his successful NBA coaching career. Larry Brown was a great college player, a super star in the old ABA and quickly a great coach in the old ABA before the NBA merger. Avery Johnson was the heart and soul of the David Robinson era Spurs with Avery sinking the game closing shot in the 1999 NBA Finals, so I would call Avery Johnson's NBA playing career a little better than a role player as he was a constant starter as a point guard. Jerry Sloan was a very successful guard with the Chicago Bulls, but no Hall of Fame material, but always a starter and one of the Bulls better players of the era, and Sloan has coached 19 straight years at Utah which is the longest of any head coach or manager currently in MLB, the NBA, the NFL, or the NHL. I would say that the career of a NBA head coach is fairly short whether the player was a future Hall of Famer, an All Star, a NBA starter but not an All Star, or just a NBA role player as it takes someone unique to be a better than average NBA head coach. Most NBA head coaches will never make it, but a good percentage of those that do make it in the NBA have been NBA starters at something higher than I would call just a "role player".

If James told the Cavs he would go to the Nets would Cavs be willing to do a sign and trade? by Heat Fan Q: If the Nets were able to get Bosh and Lebron, I can see one of them preferably Lebron to save his skin do a sign and trade. I could see them trading expiring contract of Battie, Derrick Favors that Cavs would need to rebuild, and maybe 2 first round picks. Nets would not need these since they would have Bosh, Lebron, Lopez, Devin Harris, and Avery Johnson as coach.

A: Yep and by the way Real Class Act is an idiot.

Who do you think is going to go all the way this year in the NBA and who is the team to beat? by matt Allen Q: I think that all the Texas teams are the teams to beat because they have the best records. Does anyone else agree? At least I know that Dallas is the best team up to date and they are on a winning streak. Avery Johnson is the best coach and if you have a star player like Dirk Nowitzki there is no stopping them. Please Comment!!!

A: Miami Heat is the team to beat since they are the champs!

Who should the Bulls hire as there head coach? by knickknack7450 Q: D'antoni is gone and now we need a coach. I want avery Johnson perosnally. He would bring a lot of personality to the team and is a good coach. WHo should the Bulls hire. Also, I am almost sure that the suns will have there coach before the bulls, coause we cant make up our minds, or are too poor after we pay Nocioni all of our money

A: Michael Jordan

Do you think the Spurs are getting the shaft? by rockthepipeline Q: Do you think the Spurs are getting shafted by the refs? I honestly think Avery Johnson's got some sort of deal with them, it seems that everytime Spurs are up, phantom calls mysteriosuly appear. Also, who do you think will end up being the champs this year?

A: Every team gets bad call sometime, it just seems spurs are getting a few more than Dallas, but does Johnson have a deal with the ref no but maybe mark Cuban. I think the winner of this Siries will take it but Detroit has a Chance if Rashead will kept his mouth shut

Who will be the best coach to fill in for D'Antoni for the Suns? by christophe Q: Any ideas? I think run n gun is gone, especially because all the starters except Amare are over 30 now. Avery Johnson maybe?

A: Avery ain't bad, all I know is D'Antoni just destroyed his career by going to the Knicks.

Will Mike Brown ever get another job coaching in the NBA? by Jake Q: Same question applies to Avery Johnson, and no would be my answer to both of them!

A: obviouislly commen sense

Piston fans who do you want to coach next year? by fanodabuff Q: Count me as one who thought it was time for a new coach in Detroit (a year late). So the names in the article include Avery Johnson, Micheal Curry, and Terry Porter. I would also like to throw in Jeff Van Gundy and Bill Lambeer as possiblilities. Let me know who you would you like (please only coaches who are alive and available) and feel free to put multiple names in order of likeability. I would prefer Bill Lambeer, then Jeff Van Gundy. I would prefer Curry and/or Porter over Avery Johnson though.

A: Jeff Van Gundy would be my choice, then Lambeer. I'm not sure if Avery can handle a veteran team. I think he needs new talent and would serve a team like Chicago (job taken though) better. Who knows what the Piston organization have in mind though. Terry Porter would be interesting, but I'm not sure what that would mean for team.

Who is the best black coach of the NBA ever? by Barracuda Q: I think Avery Johnson, Sam Mitchell, Michael Curry, the Cleveland guy, Doc Rivers, pretty much most of them are affirmative action cases. I think Grant Hill is a smart guy that could be a decent coach. I don't know why the Admiral hasn't come back as a coach. IMO, I think the best black coaches ever were John Lucas and Lenny Wilkens, but I invite you to prove me wrong.

A: Lenny Wilkens. Winningest coach in the NBA. Special mention: Bill Russell for being the first black coach in a Major Pro sport. In 3 years as a Boston Celtic coach, he coached his team to back to back rings and at the same time played 40+ minutes on the hardwood.

Who do think the Pistons will hire next as their head coach? by Cantankerous Steve Q: I hope it's Avery Johnson...he led the Mavs to 3 successful seasons. Plus 1 Finals appearance. Wasn't Bill Lambier going to coach the T-Wolves?

A: I belive there are 3 possible candidates for the position: Cleveland Cavaliers assistant coach John Kuester, former Mavericks head coach Avery Johnson and current TNT analyst Doug Collins. Also, seeing as through Bill Laimbeer just resigned from his postition as the head coach for the Detriot Shock, I'm assuming he may be looking into getting the job as well.

If Lebron had a dominant big man and good coach would he have been in the NBA finals just like Kobe? by Derrick Q: Lebron is a better player. However, Kobe has a better coach in Phil Jackson and a better go to guy in Pau Gasol. Imagine how could Lebron would be if he had Bosh as a go to guy and Byron Scott or Avery Johnson as the coach in Cleveland.

A: Yea, I think he could, Imagine Lebron and Dwight together!

Is Manu Ginobili the main factor to win for the Spurs? by . Q: The other game against the Nets, the Spurs lost because he was absent as stated by Avery Johnson. Also, he has just scored 43 points in one game, amazing.

A: He is surly one of them hes a great player

Who do you think will be the new head coach for the NJ Nets? by Joey Q: New Jersey recently reached out to Avery Johnson about the Nets head coaching job, but he did not express any real interest. I think the Nets should try to get Jeff Van Gundy. He makes too much sense. He has experience coaching in NY and knows what it takes to be successful. Forget about coach K he stated he didn't want to come here and he is an overrated coach. Your a smart man Favre. You damn right Lebron is going to the Nets.

A: Mike Brown him and LeBron will go ther

Who will be head coaches for the 2010-2011 season? by Rasheed Lateef Q: I'm not sure about the 76ers,Clippers,or possibly the Cavaliers,but Mike Woodson should still be the coach of the Hawks.He led the Hawks to a 50-win season but i guess the owner wants someone who can get them further in the playoffs than just the 2nd round. But i'm a Hornets Fan,and i want Avery Johnson to coach this Hornets team. So,who do you guys believe will be coaches for next season?

A: thats tough i think woodson will coach the 76ers and avery johnson will coach the hornets.

If Dallas Mavericks miss the playoffs who will be blamed (potentially fired or traded) and why? by BBFan88 Q: Avery Johnson the GM the Players Also Did they have a better team with the one man fast break Devin Harris?

A: I think they will squeeze in to the bottom two spots in the West and I don't think Avery will be fired. I think Cuban trusts him too much to do that. There will no doubt be some moving around of players: I've been a huge Mavs fan and it just seems to me like their mind/heart as a team is just not into the game anymore. I look at them play now and it just seems as though they're just 'going through the motions'. The fire that I saw when they went to the finals and even the year before is no longer there. I don't think they will get anywhere with the group of guys they have now. Did they have a better team with Devin and the other guys.... overall, I think they did. People underestimate what Diop meant to this team. When Dampier goes to the bench to rest, there is no one that brings what Diop brought. He took care of the paint far better than any of the guys they have backing up Damp and even Damp himself at times. Those are the two cents of a deeply concerned Mavs fan....

Why does the Golden State Warriors always let go of good players in their lineup, engages in bad trades? by TheRapist Q: Gilbert Arenas, Antawn Jamison, Jason Richardson, Vince Carter (draft pick), Larry Hughes, Mitch Richmond, Chris Webber, Tim Hardaway (for Bimbo Coles), even Chris Gatling, Avery Johnson, etc. Many of these players became a star after playing for the warriors. Imagine if the warriors only retained them in their lineup. Perhaps that also explains why it took them years before they were able to earn a playoff spot again. I just hope they won't let go of Baron Davis after a season or two.

A: to have salary space....... but they also sucks....

Where can I find video from after Game 5? by Red Q: I want to see video from after the game. I am looking for the response from Avery Johnson and Mark Cuban.

A: nba.com go 2 video's & snoop around

Is Lenny Wilkens the last African-American head coach to lead a team to a championship? by KrisMC Q: Over the past couple of years, there have been many African-American coaches that have lead a team to appear in the NBA Finals such Byron Scott of then-New Jersey Nets, Avery Johnson of the Dallas Mavericks, and Mike Brown of the Cleveland Cavaliers. I'm doing a story about Lenny Wilkens because I'm from the Bay Area and we have a coach who is behind his record for all time wins by a head coach. I only know a litte bit facts about Lenny Wilkens that he is winningest coach of all time and also he was the head coach of the Sonics and lead the team to a championship. But is he the last Afro-American to lead a basketball team to a championship? If you guys have any information from sources or articles, feel free to anawer this question. Thank you.

A: Hi CrisMC, No, Lenny Wilkens is not the last African-American head coach to lead a team to an NBA title. K.C. Jones did it with the Boston Celtics twice, 1984 and the last time an African-American coach won the NBA championship 1986.

What do you think about the cleveland cavaliers this year? by kyle v Q: i live in cleveland and i am a huge cavs fan. In the beginning of the season they where looking good to a mediocre eastern conference. They were and i mean were on a 8 game winning streak and all the critics starting saying they where going to make it to the nba finals. Then the drought started. It started by them losing to the Charlotte Bobcats then The Mavs, Then the next 9 games they started a win lose thing like they would win one then lose one win one then lose on ya know. Now the Critics are changing there minds. The cavs whent from 4th in the power rankings to 8th. I am a huge cavs fan but Mike Brown is made for this team for this defense, but offense i dont think so. Some of the plays he calls and no offense to mike brown over the past 2 years he had been great for them. Its just that he isnt another avery johnson. How far do you think they can get in the playoffs. In my opinion they have to step up no matter what espicially in the playoffs. I think they can get to the pistons.

A: They're a solid playoff club because they have a matchup advantage with LeBron and Larry Hughes, a stout frontline, and they're an above average defensive team. But they have many flaws, probably too many to make it very deep into the playoffs, especially if the seeds stay as they are, and they play Miami in the 1st round. Their frontcourt players are either getting old (Ilgauskas and Marshall), inconsistent (Gooden), or limited offensively (Varejao and Pollard). Point guard is still a problem. They've been successful since moving Hughes to the point, but this is not a long term answer. Larry is turnover prone and better at creating shots for himself than he is for others. But, their biggest problem is a lack of offensive ingenuity and an inability to close out games. Although Mike Brown is much to blame for this, LeBron has to accept some of the blame as well. Other teams know that he's going to have the ball late in games, and they're crowding him, and forcing him into difficult shots. They need to use some more ball and player movement to get LeBron the ball where he has more options and better matchups - like the low post, and LeBron needs to get better at recognizing what the defense is doing, and become more patient and / or willing to give the ball up. He's pressing and forcing too often. When he gets the ball out on the wing, its too easy to close off his driving lanes with help. But the wing is almost always where you see him start his offense. He's too shaky of an outside shooter for this philosophy to work consistently. If LeBron received the ball on the low post it would put much more pressure on the defense because (1) he's closer to the basket where he's more likely to draw fouls, and (2) the floor would open up more for his teammates when defenders move to double him. How many times this year have you seen the Cavs lose a game where LeBron took, and missed the last shot after starting with the ball on the wing? For the Cavs to be a more serious contender next year, they need to (1) get younger and faster in the frontcourt to facilitate more of a running game. With LeBron, Larry Hughes, Pavlovic, Gibson, and Shannon Brown, they need to be running more. (2) They need Gibson to become more of an Eric Snow type point guard; ie - defender / distributor. Snow is the type they need, but he just can't keep up anymore. And, (3) they need to change their offensive game plan to take better advantage of the matchup problems a player like LeBron gives them.

Since the Warriors are obviously suppose to be the Number 8 seed? by JóHñÑÿ B®ÀvÔ [LJHC] Q: How come we are not? I would blame it on injuries. I mean Moped Ellis is an idiot. Don Nelson is an idiot I hate the coach I want Avery Johnson to coach us some Defense. Woah Woah Woah! Don't ever say get rid of Stephen Jackson he my favorite player.

A: First get ty lawson to run the offense, trade crawford and bieldrins for david lee and 1 or 2 draft picks New lineup PG: Lawson SG: Monte SF: Jackson PF: Wright C: David lee(most double doubles) 6th man: Magette

Where do you think Lebron will end up next year? by Q: I would say New Jersey if Cavs are unable to get a quality coach such as Avery Johnson or Byron Scott. If Cavs cannot get a quality coach and Nets are able to get #1 round pick, Amare Stoudemire or Chris Bosh, and a solid coach Lebron will surely go New Jersey Nets where he could win 5-6 championships in next 10 years.

A: Cleveland, and if not, I don't G.A.F

How does the Western Conference playoff race play out? by Stizzle Soolya Boy Q: I see Golden State finishing 51-31 to grab a 7 seed, Dallas & Denver finishing 50-32 but Denver getting an 8 seed because they own the tiebreaker. Looks like Dallas gets knocked out of the playoffs for the second year in a row! And then Avery Johnson probably gets tanked. Golden State also has 4 home games to the 3 that Dallas & Denver have.

A: I would rather have Golden State make it to the playoffs. They were so exciting last year probably their series against the Mavs and the Suns Spurs series were the only good things about last years playoffs. This year the West will be more exciting anyway. I think their game with NO will be huge

Which of the big cap teams will be the biggest loser in this free agency period? by Ziggy Q: Id say Heat they may only have Beasley and Chalmers on the roster. Therefore Riley may have to add 10 atrocious players because no star will be there if Wade leaves. I expect New York to get Lebron. And I expect Chicago to get Bosh and Wade because they seem close. Even though New Jersey will not get any star they will win 30 plus games do to Avery Johnson and addition of Derrick Favors who will be their 3rd option.

A: The NY Knicks...............

How much do you hate the San Antonio Spurs? by FWREDE Q: I mean who wants to see a Finals where you know they are going to win...winning the last 4 of their NBA finals and possibly more. you can't even consider this team a dyasty because they had David Robinson in their first 2 titles and other key players like Avery Johnson and mario and elliot...its a completely different team 9 years ago then it is today with the exception of Tim Duncan.

A: I hate the spurs with my heart and soul. the spurs are too damn good. only 1 team can really challenged the spurs which is my team, the dallas mavs. If the spurs make it to the finals as long as tim duncan is still playin, they are goin to be the favorite to win the title, becuz no team in the east is good enough to challenge the spurs. ps the spurs will not repeat next season.

What do Cavs need to do to keep my boy Lebron in Cleveland? by Demarcus Q: I think we need to get Bosh and Calderon in a sign and trade. I think if we offered Jamison, Mo Williams, Hickson, and West we could get these two. Then use the mid-level exception to get a great defensive Center like Chandler and hopefully Avery Johnson or Byron Scott.

A: pray im a die hard c town fan born & raised but i do think hes leaving

Is there any chance that either of these coaches will come to the Knicks? by Jeremy E Q: Avery Johnson just got fired, and Mike D'antoni either just got fired or is about to resign or something like that. What are the chances that either of them would come to coach the Knicks?

A: knicks are gonna be stuck with thomas

How many wins do you think the New Jersey nets will get? by Lakers2k10 Q: With Avery Johnson, their draft pick, and ehh I guess their starting line up, I would say at least 20-25. What do you guys think?

A: 24

Do you think Lebron only wants to play for a black coach? by Jake Q: I think it's kind of strange that the Nets aggressively pursued and retained Avery Johnson, and have now added Sam Mitchell to an assistant coaching position. When Lebron was with Cleveland, even when it was clear Mike Brown wasn't a good coach, he continued to be retained, when there were plenty of good coaches available that could take Lebron to the next level. Does he have some sort of hangup about playing for a black coach? I don't know if anyone has heard anything about this.

A: LeBron is a racist if that answers your question.

Which key players can Cleveland get in a trade for their trade exception? by Mikey Q: I think they need either Devin Harris or Igoudala but unless Melo is traded I doubt New Jersey is getting rid of Devin Harrs because he is Avery Johnson's best buddy. Igoudala a a top 25-30 player can help this team at least win close to 40% of their games.

A: they should sell the team. There is no hope for them, because if they say they will win a ring before Lebron and they are in last place I think they are hopeless

How do you feel about Don Nelson? by (KellyBee)™ Q: Trained Avery Johnson, turned the coaching job at Dallas over to him, (to have surgery and supposedly retire), then come back as coach with the Warriors and kick our butts. I know he is a great coach, why couldn't he do that at Dallas? We hardly felt "silly", we were crushed! we also traded out Findley, Jamieson, Roger Bell,Najara, we had to trade to get new players some not the best decisions, but we have good players now.

A: he is a great coach, i think if he was coaching dallas we would of won a championship by now. he is a better coach than avery johnson. everyone says avery turned dallas into a defensive team but he was handed some key defensive players like howard dampier and diop. when nelson was coach his center was shawn bradley....and howard was too young to be significant. nelson had steve nash and dirk who both play minimal defense. nelson in his first season turned golden state around, and they can play some defense. he needs some more parts to make golden state a champion but i think he can do it. he is GREAT

Who are coaches or GMs that were taught under Greg Popovich? by 4 Time Champ Q: I know that Cleveland's coach is, he was on his coaching staff and now a great coach. Avery Johnson PJ. Carlisimo Steve Kerr There are more, and just cant think of them. Who else?

A: GM/Front Office Kevin Pritchard (Portland) Sam Presti (OKC) Danny Ferry (Cleveland) Steve Kerr (Phoenix) Joe Prunty (Dallas) Coach Avery Johnson (Dallas) Vinny Del Negro (Chicago) Mike Brown (Cleveland) Terry Porter (Phoenix) PJ Carlisimo (OKC) Mario Elie (Dallas) Hank Egan (Cleveland) Alvin Gentry (Phoenix) More Former Spurs (not necessarily with Popovich) George Karl (Denver) Mike D'Antoni (NY) Maurice Cheeks (Philadelphia) Mike Dunleavy (LA Clippers) Mark Iavaroni (Phoenix/Memphis) Doc Rivers (Boston)

What will be the most interesting storyline of the NBA finals this year? by rimorchione Q: Rookie coach (Avery Johnson) versus old veteran (Pat Riley)? Shaq getting a ring with another team? Old veterans like Gary Payton and Alonzo Mourning finally getting a ring? The emergence of Dwayne Wade as a legitimate superstar? The antics of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban? What do you think will be the most entertaining parts of the series?

A: Here's the thing. If you look at the stat sheet for this season, I'm supposed to pick Dallas mavericks because 5 players average in double figures for this team with Dirk leading the way with 28 a game. On the other hand, if you look at the Heat's line-up, with the exception of Wade and Haslem, this team is a championship team when they were in their prime. Most of this players were franchise players from their old teams so you cannot count their heart out even if they have aged a bit. But like what I said, Miami without Wade and Haslem is already capable of winning a championship, so with them in the mix pretty much sums up my answer. Its the MIAMI HEAT who will emerge as the NBA CHAMPs this year because of this 2 guys. Nobody can guard D.Wade and U. Haslem can make life miserable for Dirk. These 2 things plus Miami's Veterans equals another ring for Shaq and the first ones for GP, Walker, ZO, D Wade and Company. HEAT in 6 and Dwayne Wade is MVP

Would you be surprised if Pop hands the Spurs over to Avery? by DMAN Q: Let's just assume that the Spurs will repeat as champions, would you be surprised if Greg Popovich hires Avery Johnson as head coach while he (Pop) keeps his GM role? It would be a funny "IN YOUR FACE" for Mark Cuban. Why did Red Auerbach step down when the Celtics are on top?

A: That would be as likely as Larry Brown retiring and staying retired. Coaches like to coach, specially the great ones. So although its not likely, I like the thought, it would be funny, if he is an assitant like he was before and they beat the Mavs.

Why don't the Suns want to hire Avery Johnson? by Cliff Q: I heard the Suns aren't interested in hiring Avery Johnson as their coach. To me, Johnson would be able to address their biggest void, defense. Avery Johnson is not unfamiliar with fast-paced offenses, and let the Mavs run this year (Jason Kidd) and also last year (for example, in last year's Playoffs). Plus, the Suns offense arguably should be slowed down a little anyways, since they have Shaq now. Why don't the Suns want to hire Avery Johnson?

A: no idea, if you compare the regular season records and their playoff records he has a better record than D'Antoni did over the last few seasons, even made it to the finals.

What are some sports team franchises that the locals could care less about? by Jake Q: I went onto a New Orleans Hornets message board on a popular website that shall remain unnamed. I was trying to find out what people thought of the team possibly hiring Avery Johnson in the area. The board was dead. It had been days since people responded to certain threads. It's not like this on other boards. I had heard that the Hornets weren't doing well in New Orleans and might move, from certain people. Are the Saints popular? I had heard Atlanta and Miami are other bad sports cities too.

A: KC Chiefs. Buffalo Bills

What is a good last name to go with Avery? by GremoidGirl Q: Hi, my friend and I are writing a story and can't think of a last name to go along with the guy's name. We've tried things like Avery Johnson, and Avery Andrews which we really didn't like, so would you mind helping us out?

A: Avery Hawthorne Avery Westbrook Avery McNeely Avery Santana Avery Delgado Avery Mitchell Avery Manning

What moves will Cleveland need to make to keep Lebron there? by John Q: 1. I suggest bringing in Avery Johnson or Byron Scott since Phil Jackson is a longshot. 2. I suggest trading with Raptors possibly trading Mo Williams, Jamison, Hickson, and a first round pick for Bosh and Jose Calderon. 3. Resigning Shaq for 2-3 mil or using a mid-level exception to get a great defensive center such as Tyson Chandler.

A: Sign and trade with toronto to get bosh for williams,west and a draft pick with cash, bring in Avery Johnson, and get david lee from New York.

How long do you think that Joe Dumars will fire Michael Curry? by Big Ben's back Q: He does not know how to do anything. Why can't we just hire someone like Avery Johnson whose a discipline guy, and keeps his players in control. Because we're so outta sinc. AI is not the problem, the problem is we don't know how to use the bench anymore.

A: I agree with Avery Johnson being the Pistons' coach. He brings discipline and preaches defense. Look at what he did to a Mavs team, 67-15. He doesn't dictate plays, he offers freedom for the point guards to do whatever play they want. He teaches and preaches. Another would be PJ Carlesimo. This guy is a veteran coach, a seasoned one. Right now, it's not about Iverson, it's not his fault. There's something going on in that Detroit locker room that's withholding them to be at par with the best teams in the NBA. Curry is not a good coach, never knows what he's doing. Remember once he let Iverson be on the bench in the 4th quarter because he felt Iverson is ineffective? It was a close game, and the Pistons lost. I tell you, guys like him would be kind of having an off-night but great players like him don't think about their last shot. A.I. would have made it when it counted the most.

If Gregg Popovich & Avery Johnson switched places, who would win more championships? by B Q: If Gregg Popovich & Avery Johnson switched places, who would win more championships starting from this year? Lets say Avery Johnson is the head coach of the Spurs, and Gregg Poppovich goes to the Dallas Mavericks !!! Who would win the championship first? , if the coaches traded teams this year and beyond? With the team rosters staying intact!!! Same Roster and diffrent coaches!

A: Gregg Popovich He's more technical and game savvy. Look at what happened to Avery Johnson last season: He allowed Don Nelson to get into his head and mess with it. Nelson started a small line up in the first game and instead of Avery to just play his regular guys and regular game, he also switched his roster in response to Nelson and the Mavs lost that game...they never recovered. Gregg P would not have given in to such mind games. If they swapped places right now, GP would win by a mile, he'll probably make a good center out of Nowitzki,not a big tall guy that likes to hang around the perimeter and shoot treys that he is right now. AP won't have to tinker with the current Spurs roster. Why mess with a winning combination?

Would Avery Johnson be a great fit for the Warriors? by Jericho ( old account ) Q: I heard somewhere on the website fans are considering firing Nelson and hiring former Mavs coach Avery Johnson. I think Avery can develop our rookies even better, and actually play all our rookies once in a while without thinking about his certain coaching record. BONUS: Warriors and Lakers final score?

A: Love the picture. As a former Mavs fan and an Avery fan and someone who got in reaching distance of Avery after a win (shouldnt have added that haa), I love Avery Johnson. The problem was the team didn't. And multiple (talking at least 5) said they would want out of Dallas if Avery stayed. And Avery also had Devin Harris on a leash, a tight one, that landed the future STAR on the east coast. Anywho, he is tough guy. And is a COMPLETELY differnet coach then Nelson, (who he would be taking over for again lol)...but the WArriors need a coach that is tough, and was a point guard, considering they have 47 of them. I like the move. BQ: Warriors 128, Lakers 73 just kidding Lakers win ..maybe 113-102

what is the pre order code for the sgt avery johnson halo odst firefight charecter? by John Q: i need to know this i bought my 360 2 months ago and i now love avery johnson i really want to know this code please tell me.

Should the Phoenix Suns sign Avery Johnson? by mcl1196 Q: Should Phoenix go after Avery Johnson as the new head coach? Dallas played a somewhat fast paced style, but with a hell of alot better defense. I know Kerr wants a regular slow-paced offense, but if the suns abandon the run-and-gun altogether I'm gonna puke lol.

A: I don't know how it would work out with Avery in Phoenix. He has a strong record... but is known to ride his players pretty hard. I don't know if Phoenix has the players that can take out the verbal onslaught of Avery. WAhen you have a roster of people who don't mind speaking their minds (Shaq, Stoudemire in particular) Avery as coach could be a problem

Was Avery Johnson the second best point guard who played at least 8 years of 1990's except Jason Kidd? by Ian Q: I think beside Magic Johnson Jason Kidd was the 2nd best point guard to play (Due to fact of being a great passer, great rebounder for a guard, and a great defender). However I think Avery Johnson is the second best point guard. He was probably the best or 2nd best leader on the spurs who could dish for assists. He also hit the game winning dagger against knicks which ensured the spurs their first championship in team history.

A: Payton? John Stockton maybe? How the heck can you consider AJ for any kind of "best point guard" award when he never went to a single all-star game? Look at how many times he was traded, or outright released. That doesn't happen to great players. Avery was a decent passer, but that's about it. He was a good fit for the Spurs at the turn of the century because he brought some grit to a team that was a little too passive. There's no way, however, you can consider him a great point guard.

Was Avery Johnson the best point guard who played in the NBA for a period of 8 years? by NBA Man Q: Avery johnson is the only starting point guard who played at least 8 seasons in the 1990's who won an NBA championship? He brought leadership and determination to the spurs team. Is he best point guard in this regard?

A: Are you kidding? Avery Jonson wasn't even one of the top 5 point guards in the league at any time during his career. Good guy. Great passer. Not one of the best. Winning a championship does not mean a player is the best at his position. Is Oberto the best center in the league because the Spurs won this year? Uh, no!

Should Pop fire himself from coaching to hire Avery Johnson? by DMAN Q: Pop would retain the control of the team as GM, but let Avery Johnson coach and build for the future. Any team that has Avery Johnson would cause a lot of havoc for the Spurs. You can't blame Avery this season because the Jason Kidd trade was retarded. Dallas was the top team before the trade. So Avery is a great coach, and he coaches the Spurs system - having been Pop's understudy. Not to mention, he used to be Don Nelson's assistant - which is why they lost to Golden State last year. I would grab him before other teams take him!

A: good point,but i doubt it will happen since pop just signed a extension. bball is my life-stop being a phil jackson nutthugger. he is a good coach but hardly the best. look at his teams,he has come into a organization with the all star players already on the team. he has NEVER built a team from the ground up. lets see him coach the atlanta hawks and see if he can really coach.

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